A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 10 Part 2

Tian is at home reading the inscription on the ring Phupha gave him which reads “Phupha’s Heart”. He then puts the ring on his finger to admire it before he begins to write.

Tian is writing to Chief Phupha telling him that he’s been home for weeks. He tells Phupha that his life at home is so different that it makes it hard for him to believe that he dared to live up there by himself. Tian says that here he doesn’t have a mosquito net to set up, he has a maid that makes the bed for him. (Tian is shown making his own bed).

Tian says that when he wants something to eat, he doesn’t’ have to ask, he can just cook it without having to start a fire. Tian says that he can live quietly without any kids around (he is literally playing with his sister’s kids and kites).

Tian then gives the letter to his maid to mail for him. Tian tells Phupha that the best part is not having an grouchy giant to watch over him.. even when he has a bath. Tian says that’s pretty much his life and he’s living it for his own sake like Phupha told him to.

Tian says that somehow he misses the difficult village life more. Tian hangs up the kite Phupha made for him outside. Tian constantly checks the mail in case Phupha sends him a letter.

Tul is still trying to get used to the fact that Tian doesn’t visit fancy restaurants anymore, preferring Northern Thai food places instead. Tian says that he was up there for several months so it’s only natural that he would miss the food.

Tul asks if he’s missing the food or a person. Tian says that he just misses the food and will swear on it. Tul much like Dr. Nam knows when their friends are lying.

Back in the village Phupha sneezes and Dr. Nam teases him about someone thinking about him. Phupha wants Dr. Nam that he’s getting married soon and should stop fooling around in town. Dr. Nam tells him that he only went there to buy wedding gifts.

Khama can’t help but think of Tian when his favourite dish comes out. Khama says that Tian was reluctant to eat it at first, but later he always finished it by himself. Phupha smiles as he gets lost in that memory but he’s caught by Dr. Nam. Phupha claims that he was thinking about work but no one believes him and they tease him about thinking of Tian.

Tul asks Tian what he plans on doing next. Tian says they can just go home if Tul is done eating. Tul says that’s not what he meant. He asks Tian what he plans on doing with his life now? Is he just going to stay home? Tian says that he doesn’t know.

Tul says that he can do whatever he wants since he has time now. Tian says that it’s odd as he used to think that he didn’t have much time left. So he never thought about what he wanted to do. Tian says that when he was in the village he found his happiness there.

Tian says that his parents dragged him from there though and told him that he couldn’t have that life. So now Tian has no idea what he wants to do. Tul tells him that he should go back to school and finish his degree.

Tian asks Tul if his mother told him to say that. Tul says that his mom is just worried about him. Tian says that he knows that he should finish his degree, he’s just not sure that he wants to continue in engineering. Tian says that he only chose engineering because it’s what his mother wanted. Tul calls him strange.

Tian says that whatever he does it will NOT be engineering. Tul tells him to do whatever he wants since he’ll still have to take over his family’s business anyway.

After leaving Tul, Tian goes to the foundation. When he first arrives the Director isn’t paying attention so he tells Tian that they are closed and to come back on Monday. Tian tells him that it’s him, the Director turns around and enthusiastically greets Tian.

Tian even brought him a souvenir from the village. The two sit together to have tea that was brought from the village and that Tian helped to pluck the tea leaves.

The director asks Tian if he found what he was looking for up there. Tian says that he’s not sure. He originally went there because he thought he could give the villagers something. In the end it was Tian that got something from the villagers.

The director suggests that maybe it was Torfun that wanted Tian to get that. Tian says that originally he just thought about giving back to Torfun, now that he’s done that though, he doesn’t know what to do now. The director says that’s what most people ask these days and the answer is usually to follow their passion.

The director points to a plant and Tian recognizes it as the one he helped him to move when he first came months ago. The director says that he thought the original spot was too hot, so he moved it to the shade and it started to wither. Once he placed the plant back in the sun and rain, it bloomed constantly.

The director says that sometimes you just hav to find the place that fits you. Tian asks the director how he will know which place suits him best? The director says that the best place for him is the one that makes him grow.

Later that night Tian tells his mother that he’s going to go back and study. He tells his mom that he’s not going back to study engineering though. He wants to study something that will help people. His mom promptly suggests med school.

Tian flat out tells her that he’s not smart enough to study at a med school. He tells his mom that he wants to study to become a teacher. His mom says that she can’t believe that he still thinks about that. Tian asks why does he have to stop thinking about it? Teaching the kids made him really happy.

His mom tells him that studying teaching won’t be as fun as what he did up there in the village. Tian tells her that what he experienced up there wasn’t fun either. Tian wonders why everyone keeps thinking that he does things for fun.

His mom says that if he knows it will be difficult then why does he insist on doing it instead of something.. He finishes her sentence by saying that he could be doing something that she could show off to other people.

His mom is going to argue with him but Tian stops her by saying that being born into this family, he always has to think of their reputation before doing anything. Tian says that all his life he’s done what they wanted, can’t they just let him do what he wants for a change?

That’s the end of Episode 10 Part 2!