Ingredients: Episode 5 Inspire

Marwin is checking himself out in the mirror while flexing his muscles.

Marwin then goes into the kitchen where he starts cook. He’s not very good at it though as he fumbles the tongs. H

e also has to go consult his phone as he cooks. However he doesn’t know what 1 tsp. Is so he guesses which looks more like pinch of powder. He then checks to see if what he’s been making is cooked yet. (I’m going to say no)

He then goes to do a few push ups. A few moments later he’s checking on the food again to see if it’s cooked. It looks like he tried boiling it this time.

Judging by the look on his face when he goes to smell it, I’m guessing it’s still not cooked. Marwin goes to work out some more. It looks like he finally managed to cobble together a meal though.

Tops returns from getting groceries and asks Marwin if he really has to go through with all of this. Marwin says that he has to eat chicken breast Monday to Friday. He says that it’s Friday and it should be a happy day but he still has to eat the chicken breast even though it doesn’t taste very good.

Tops wonders why he has to eat chicken breast everyday when there is a lot of other food in the fridge. Marwin says it’s to gain muscle.. we get a brief flashback of the neighbour and his reasons become all too clear, jealousy. Tops says he thought Marwin was exercising so he would have more power to sing.

Marwin can’t seem to bring himself to eat the chicken though. A little while later Marwin is practicing the guitar while Tops starts cooking some avocado dish.

Tops tells Marwin to try his new dish.

Marwin says that he’s on a diet how could he possibly eat that when he’s trying to build muscle.

Tops says that he knows, that’s why he made this specific dish for him. However Marwin says he won’t eat it. Tops tells Marwin that he should trust his Tops Chef and give it a try. However once Marwin starts to eat he goes full force into it. Tops tells him to slow down and to drink some soy milk so the food doesn’t get stuck in his throat.

Marwin says that it’s really delicious and he’s not sure if it’s because of the fact that he’s been eating chicken breast for so long. Tops tells him that this menu choice is also good for people trying to build muscle. Tops says that the salmon and eggs are rich in protein. He also says that the avocado contains healthy fats and is low in protein.

Tops says that this meal won’t make Marwin fat but will help him gain muscle. Marwin says that his Tops Chef knows everything.

Marwin asks Tops what’s for dinner then. Tops can’t resist teasing him by saying chicken breast.

Marwin asks if he can make something else instead. Tops admits that he was just joking. Tops says that he can make something else for him. He then admits to Marwin that he likes him exactly the way he is though. Tops tries to hide his embarrassed smile, but Marwin sees it anyway.

Marwin says that he likes it too, Tops asks what Marwin likes and Marwin responds with avocado. They both smile and laugh before Marwin asks Tops what did he think Marwin meant?

That’s the end of Episode 5!