A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 10 Part 1

We go back to the first night that Tian was in Pha Pun Dao and we see that it was Phupha that left the lunchbox for him. In the present Tian is eating out of the same lunchbox while wearing Phupha’s coat.

He looks at the calendar and tries not to cry as he realizes that soon he must leave the village. Tian starts leaving sticky notes everywhere for the next teacher. Tian even fixes that faulty set of stairs that somehow never got fixed.

Soon Tian is all packed up and ready to leave. He takes a last picture of himself in front of the house before he leaves.

Roll those opening credits!

All the villagers came to the school to see Tian off. Kalae and Khaneung made Tian some fried chicken and sticky rice in case he gets hungry. Tian thanks them then gets a hug. Inta knitted Tian a scarf herself after her Grandma showed her how, another hug.

Ayi and Meejoo come to give Tian a drawing, Ayi tells him that his father told him that Tian is a part of the their family now, more hugs.

Khama grabs Meejoo as she’s not willing to let go. Khama tells her that they talked about this and that they wouldn’t make it any harder on Tian. Meejoo says that she wants to be a teacher like him when she grows up.

Tian then asks her to check everyone’s homework for him then. Khama says that whenever a teacher leaves, the kids act like this. However this is the first time that not only the kids are sad but the rest of the villagers as well, since they don’t want to see Tian leave either.

Khama says that when Tian craves traditional Northern food, he should think of the village. Khama also tells Tian that he is always welcome there. Khama says to tell them in advance though so he can prepare an omelette for Tian.

Tian thanks Khama and everyone is in tears now. Longtae gives Tian a shirt saying that it might not be as good as his designer clothes. Tian tells him that the shirt is priceless, then reminds him that they dodged bullets together.

Tian then looks around but it’s Rang that tells him if he’s looking for the Chief, he hasn’t seen him since this morning. Yod comes up from behind Tian raising his hopes as he thought it might be Phupha. Yod tells him that the Chief is busy so he’s the one that’s going to see Tian off.

Yod says that the Chief wanted to Tian to keep this, then hands over Torfun’s notebook to him. Tian then takes a picture with everyone in the village and has a big group hug.

Finally it’s time for Tian to go as the van has come for him. Tian cries alone in the van then opens up Torfun’s notebook. He sees that her wish was for someone to open up the green giant’s heart. (Tian did that).

Phupha writes in the notebook that it doesn’t matter if Tian counted all the stars that night because he had already fulfilled Torfun’s wish. Phupha tells him that he wants their story to end here and for Tian to go live his life for his own sake while leaving the village behind.

Phupha watches the van leave from the cliff.

That’s the end of Episode 10 Part 1!