Ingredients: Episode 4 Neighbour

This episode starts off with the house being a mess so the two play a game of rock, paper, scissors to determine which one will do the clean up today. Marwin loses with paper to Tops scissors, Tops makes a cute snip snip sound as he wins.

Marwin complains that he always loses, Tops says how could he win, when he always chooses paper? Marwin begs to try one more time and this time if he loses he will also clean all the bathrooms in the house.

Tops can’t resist that of course so they play again only Marwin.. doesn’t make a recognizable symbol so Tops asks what he was trying to play. Marwin says it’s love and that loves wins every time, Tops says he’ll cut it with his scissors.

So they go for another round this time seriously, of course Marwin chooses paper and loses again.. Tops makes more cute snip snip sounds as he cuts the paper. Marwin begs for help with at least one room however Tops says no, since he agreed to the deal.

Marwin goes to clean the bathroom while Tops actually does help to clean the other room. Tops calls him a loser for always picking paper. Marwin is cleaning the bathroom while complaining that he’s tired and why can’t Tops just help him a bit (He is).

While Marwin is cleaning the shower he accidentally turns it on and jumps back after getting wet. He throws his sponge down on the floor saying that he’s not going to do it anymore. He comes out of the bathroom to call out for Tops, he’s also wondering why Tops is so quiet. He calls out for Tops again before going downstairs.

Meanwhile Tops is actually outside taking out the garbage. The neighbour dropped an orange while trying to take things out of his vehicle because his one arm is in a sling and Tops picks it up.

Marwin comes downstairs asking if Tops can bring him the bathroom cleaner. However Tops still isn’t there so Marwin is left to try and find it on his own. He’s looking in the cupboard when he yells for Tops again.

Tops brings the orange over to the neighbour after the neighbour puts his mask on. (Safety first!) The guy thanks him, Tops says it must be hard to carry so much when one arm is injured. Tops offers a helping a hand but the guy says he’s got it.

Marwin hasn’t given up looking for Tops though when he finally comes outside to notice that Tops is with someone, he doesn’t know.

The guy tells Tops that he had some visitors and they left a ton of gifts. He offers to share some with Tops. Tops asks him if he’s sure, the guy says that he lives alone and won’t be able to eat it all. He tells Tops to take it as a thank you gift for helping him out.

Tops heads back inside to start making some fish salad thing.

Apparently it’s Spicy Mackerel salad with Quinoa which is what he tells Marwin after he finishes cleaning. Marwin complains about the cleaning but Tops says that it wasn’t that much yet Marwin complains.

Marwin comments that he hasn’t seen it before. Tops says that you can use Quinoa instead of rice as it has less carbs. Marwin says that’s enough and Tops can just serve it to him right now. Marwin goes to wash his hands first. He then asks if Tops has been making it awhile.

Marwin then asks Tops if it’s ready. Tops says it will be in a second. Marwin goes on to say that he’s so glad that Tops was already preparing food because he’s starving.. Tops left while Marwin wasn’t paying attention.

Tops went over to the neighbour’s house to deliver the food he just made. Marwin sees him with the neighbour and wonders when they got so close (someone is jealous!).

Tops asks the neighbour if he’s okay to eat spicy food. The neighbour says that he can. Tops then asks when his arm will be healed. The neighbour says that the doctor said it should be two weeks. Tops tells him that the shallot will help his arm recover from inflammation faster.

The neighbour says that it also contains fish so it should be good. Tops tells him to get well soon and they both smile before Tops leaves.

When Tops returns to the house, Marwin says that he hurts a lot. Tops concerned asks what’s wrong. Marwin says that he fell down the stairs and his arm might be broken or maybe the muscles just inflamed. Tops goes over to get the food for him.

Marwin gets up pretty quickly and grabs it with both hands, Tops asks if his arm feels better now. Marwin tries to cover by saying that the smell of Tops’s food is so good his arm feels better. He tells Tops that the food looks really good too.

Tops pulls up a chair while Marwin begins to the eat the food. He tells Marwin that he made food for the neighbour because his arm is injured and the neighbour had given him a lot of fruit. Tops then asks if Marwin is seriously sick. Marwin says that he’s just overworked from cleaning the bathrooms.

Tops says that he’s sick in the mind. Tops says that next time Marwin wants to eat something, he should just say so, he didn’t have to do this. Marwin asks why Tops just didn’t tell him in the first place. Marwin was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to get to eat Tops’s food. Tops says that he will always cook for Marwin no matter what.

That ends Episode 4!