A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 9 Part 4

Phupha is alone in his room staring longingly at his Green Giant tea sachet. We then get a flashback to when Phupha was talking to Tian’s dad.

Tian’s dad thanks him for taking care of his son so well. Phupha apologizes to him for the incident and that he had to fly there himself. He says that it’s not Phupha’s fault, he knows his son well. Phupha quickly tells him that Tian is loved by the villagers.

Phupha says that he adapted to living there quite well and that there’s nothing to worry about. Tian’s father says that’s not what he’s worried about though. Phupha tells him that he gets the feeling there’s something else on his mind.

Tian’s father say that he hopes this is enough for Tian to learn his life. Phupha asks him for clarification as he’s confused. Tian’s father says that his wife hasn’t seen her son for a long time. He wants Tian to come home and spend the new year with his mother. Phupha says that for something like this, Tian’s father should tell Tian himself.

Tian’s father repeats that he knows his son well. He says that Tian is as headstrong as his father. He asks for Phupha to help him send Tian home. The man asks Phupha if he can do that and Phupha responds with yes sir.

Back in the present, Phupha sits outside by the fire looking all depressed. Tian did decide to check in on him though as he comes over to ask Phupha why he’s like this? Tian tells him that he’s making people worried for him.

Phupha says that he’s fine, but Tian says that he’s the one that should be looking all torn up like that. Tian then tells him that if he really wanted Tian to just go home, he could have said so nicely.

Phupha says that if he did that, he knew that Tian wouldn’t leave. Tian says that Phupha seems to know him too well. Phupha tells him that his parents are really worried for him. Tian says that’s why they got Phupha to keep an eye on him.

Tian says that he knows his parents are worried about him but he cares more about what’s between them. Tian stares at Phupha waiting for him to say something. Phupha says that it’s impossible. Tian asks Phupha if he doesn’t want him to stay anymore.

Phupha says that everything happens for a reason. Tian tells him to leave the reason aside, he just wants to know how Phupha feels about him. Phupha says that Tian should just trust him as it will make things harder if he knows. Tian says that just one word from Phupha and he will stay.

Tian says that he will take care of everything else. Phupha says that Tian still doesn’t understand. Tian says that he does understand, it’s just that he doesn’t care. He tells Phupha that he doesn’t care about anyone else. Tian says that all he cares about is Phupha telling him how he feels about Tian.

Phupha tells Tian to listen to him carefully as he asks him for one thing. He says that if Tian wants him to be happy then Tian has to go back and live his life as it should be rather than give everything up to be with him. Phupha says that Tian still has a bright future ahead of him.

Phupha tells him that it’s the best way for him to know that Tian truly returns the feeling Phupha has for him. Tian says that since the reason is for his own sake then he can’t really say no then can he?

Later Tian is celebrating New Year’s with the everyone in the school. Dr. Nam even brings a fancy chocolate cake to the party. Tian goest to thank Khama privately. Khama says that everyone helped to put together the party for Tian. Tian tells him that it’s the best new year’s party he’s ever had.

Khama says that honestly he thought that Tian would be staying longer. Khama tells Tian that the children hate to say goodbye to people as they often never see them again. Khama says that every time a new teacher comes to the village they do their best for the kids and makes the children love and attach to them. But the teachers have to leave one day.

The cycle continues this way. Tian looks around and says that he wishes he could stay longer. Tian apologizes to Khama but Khama tells him that it’s okay as everyone has to leave sooner or later. Khama says that when the children are adults they will understand.

They then go back to the party to eat. After the party Tian gives the kids a big hug before leaving them to the forest rangers to be looked after.

Tian is outside the school by himself when Longtae comes up to him. Tian asks where his father is but Longtae says that Khama is walking home drunk. Longtae asks if Tian still plans on going to Pha Pun Dao cliff? Tian says that he’s been waiting for this day so of course he’s going to go.

Longtae produces a flashlight and offers to go with him, but Tian declines the offer saying that he’ll be okay. Longtae asks if Tian is going to go alone and Tian says that he will as he will feel better if he does it on his own.

Tian thanks Longtae though. Longtae smiles then hands him the flashlight. Longtae then heads home with Tian yelling at him to take care on his way back. Tian then makes his way up to the cliff.

Once there he thanks Torfun for everything. He thanks her for his new life. Tian says that he’s done everything that she wanted to do except this one thing. Tian tells her that he doesn’t know what her wish was but he will count to 1,000 stars then wish for her wish to be granted.

Tian’s starts to count the stars but loses track, so he has to start over again. We do get a brief flashback of Torfun writing in her notebook on the cliff with Phupha, before returning to the present.

He remembers when he first saw Torfun just after he died and got his transplant. He then remembers when he read about her wish to go to the cliff and make her own wish. This is why he keeps losing count.

He’s also pretty cold and the memories of what Phupha and Khama just told him recently also play in his mind. Tian starts to get frustrated because he got to 957 then lost count again and had to start over. Phupha runs up to him on the cliff and tells him that he can stop now.

Tian starts to cry that he can’t do it for Torfun. Phupha tells Tian that he doesn’t have to do this for Torfun, he’s done enough. Tian says that if he fails how will he ever get rid of this guilty feeling in his heart? Tian asks how can he repay Torfun then?

Phupha tells Tian that no one should use their whole life to repay anyone else’s life. Phupha says that he knows Tian has done his best and that he’s sure Torfun knows and forgives him too. Phupha tells him that he should do things for himself and not anyone else.

Phupha tells him it’s okay and that he should do things for his own sake. He holds him tight and comforts him.

We then get a montage of Tian and Torfun’s time in the village.

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Some time later Phupha asks if Tian knew that he had promised to bring Torfun here on the last day of the year. Tian says that Torfun didn’t get the chance though. Phupha says that Tian brought her heart though.

Tian tells Phupha that he wants their story to have a happy ending like a fairy tale. Phupha says that Tian has made their story the happiest one. Phupha says that every story has to end though. Tian says that he doesn’t want theirs to end like this though.

Phupha tells Tian that whatever the ending is, they must accept it, as it’s reality. Tian says that the reality is that they never meet again? Phupha gives Tian the ring that he always wears on his necklace, it was from his mother and Phupha tells him that the inscription reads “Phupha’s Heart” on it.

Phupha tells Tian that he will always be with him. Tian asks Phupha if he will forget him? Phupha promises Tian that he won’t ever forget about him. Phupha asks Tian to promise him that he will value his own life, and live it on his own terms.


Tian is shaving Phupha’s beard for him after checking up on him. Tian tells Phupha that he’s just looking for attention. Phupha says that he doesn’t have any right to. Tian tells him that it’s good that he knows that.

Tian tells him that Phupha hurt his feelings. Tian says that it still hurts, so Phupha apologizes to him. Tian says that he should apologize too for speaking harshly to him.

Tian tells Phupha that making a wish on Pha Pun Dao cliff is the last thing that he can do for Torfun. Tian tells him that on the last night of the year, he will be waiting for Phupha there.

Tian then says that Phupha’s face is clean now, and Phupha thanks him. There’s an awful lot of facing touching by Tian though with his fingers lingering on Phupha’s lips.

That’s the end of Episode 9!! One episode left to recap!