A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 9 Part 3

Tian is back teaching at the school, he is reminding everyone to bring banana leaves and stems for tomorrow as they will be learning stamping art tomorrow. Tian then looks at the clock and tells the children that they can go home now.

Meejoo says she would like to stay and hear a story. The kids of course want to hear about the kind Green Giant. Phupha has just arrived at the school.

They remind Tian that he left off at the part where the Green Giant put out a fire and saved the village. Tian notices that Phupha is there so he tells the kids that in today’s story the kind Green Giant that guarded the village and was loved by the villagers became a mean giant.

The kids of course want to know why. Tian says that the giant originally took care of everyone in the village out of love and sincerity. But one day an eagle came to him and asked to trade his wings for the giant’s heart.

Ayi asks if the giant gave away his heart and Tian says that he did. Tian says that the giant didn’t mind giving away his heart in exchange for the eagle’s wings, so that he could fly. The kids ask why the giant wanted to fly and Tian tells them it’s because the giant didn’t sincerely love the villagers.

Tian says the giant only wished to stay in a beautiful castle, even though he had to give up his heart to the eagle. Tian says that the giant only wanted the eagle’s wings so he could fly away and live his life happily and let the villagers be attacked by the eagle. Meejoo says that the giant became a bad guy and she doesn’t like him anymore. The boys are quick to agree with her.

Phupha tells the kids that it’s time to go home and reminds them not to forget a gift for the new year’s party gift exchange. Phupha says the party will also be a farewell party for Mr. Tian. The kids are upset because they didn’t want Tian to leave. Phupha goes outside and Tian tells the kids that he will be right back.

Tian goes out to talk to Phupha and asks what he means. Phupha says that there will be a new teacher to replace Tian. Tian asks Phupha if he really had to go that far. Tian wonders how much money his father offered to pay him for looking after Tian. He then asks Phupha if he was offered a promotion instead.

Phupha says that Tian shouldn’t look down on his father, Tian shoots back that Phupha doesn’t know what his family is like. Tian says that his family uses money to get everything. Tian says that even his heart was purchased by using money to jump the queue.

Phupha tells Tian to pull himself together. Tian tells Phupha just to be honest with him and asks if Phupha only takes care of him for duty and nothing else? Tian says that Phupha doesn’t feel anything at all, right? Tian says his father must have offered him a lot of money for him to do his duty so well.

Phupha says to stop insulting him. Tian wonders if maybe his father offered to get Phupha ahead instead? Phupha says what’s wrong with a poor state officer like him wanting to get ahead with his career. He says that it’s good Tian knows.

Phupha leaves and Tian can’t hold back the tears anymore as his heart breaks completely.

Phupha himself heads back over to the forest ranger base where he’s upset by how things turned out. However he did it to himself so he gets no sympathy from me.

Tian is sitting at home when Longtae comes over to ask him if he’s really leaving after the new year. Tian wonders who told him and of course it was Chief Phupha. Longtae says that everyone else probably knows too. Longtae says that they are planning a farewell party for him.

Tian says that if Chief Phupha said it then that’s that. Longtae says that it’s such a pity since he thought that he would take Tian to the other side of the border after his exam. The wild Himalayan Cherry trees aren’t in full bloom yet. Longtae says that when they are, he’s sure that Tian will like it.

Longtae asks if the kids know about it and Tian just sort of nods. Longtae wonders what Tian will do about his trip to Pha Pun Dao cliff? Longtae tries to comfort Tian by saying that if there is anything he can do to help, Tian just has to ask.

Later Tian goes into his room and reminds himself what he came here for.

Tian then throws himself completely into teaching and village life ignoring his broken heart. He teaches the kids about planes, they then create a nice garden, even cooking classes.

Tian even rigs a bike so that the kids can produce their own electricity. Now that they have electricity the forest rangers were able to bring out a small tv to the school. Later that night Tian tells Dr. Nam that it reminds him of when he got his first cellphone.

Dr. Nam says so many things are advanced down there but the kids just got a television. Tian says that they can’t just rely on textbooks anymore. Tian says that he wants the children to catch up with what’s going on in the world.

Dr. Nam says that the kids don’t just need temporary volunteer teachers. Dr. Nam says it makes him stressed every time he talks about it, so he’ll just thank Tian on behalf of the kids. Tian says that he should be thanking Dr. Nam instead since he’s the main supporter.

Dr. Nam says that the old tv is actually from Phupha. Tian goes all quiet and gets really uncomfortable. Dr. Nam watches intently knowing that he was right and that Tian still loves Phupha. Dr. Nam asks Tian if he wants to know how Phupha is doing.

Tian says that they both have their own separate duties. Dr. Nam asks Tian if he’s still mad at him. Tian asks Dr. Nam to imagine someone caring for you just because of an order. Then in the end that same person chases you home heartlessly.

Tian asks Dr. Nam how he would feel if it were him. Dr. Nam says that if he was Phupha, he would have done the same thing because if they asked nicely, Tian wouldn’t have agreed to leave. Dr. Nam asks Tian if he really couldn’t tell what Phupha said was designed to make Tian hate him?

Dr. Nam asks Tian if he can forget about those mean words that hurt his feelings. Dr. Nam says that Tian should know well enough what Phupha has done and said. More importantly Tian should know how Phupha feels about him and which is more truthful.

Tian asks what Dr. Nam is trying to tell him. Dr. Nam says that Phupha is every bit as devastated as Tian (he chose to be that way though!) Dr. Nam asks Tian to cut Phupha a break and go check on him. Tian asks what’s wrong with him. Dr. Nam says that Phupha is heartsick and refuses to eat.

Tian says that Phupha is a strong guy though and this won’t affect him. Dr. Nam says that if Tian doesn’t help Phupha then it will only get worse. Tian says that Dr. Nam is a doctor, he can help Phupha. Dr. Nam says that if he was physically ill, he could do something but since it’s a mental issue there is nothing he can do.

Dr. Nam asks Tian to do him this favour.

That’s the end of episode 9 part 3!