Psych Hunter: Episode 30

This episode starts off with Yi Heng going into his brother’s room to find him out of bed. Yi Heng asks him how come he’s out of bed. His brother just says that he did something, then asks Yi Heng to forgive him. He says that he did it for the Qin family, Yi Heng asks him what did he do?

Their father comes in and says killing Jiang Shuo. Yi Heng asks him why. His father says that it’s nothing and that it’s already been done, he then tells Yi Heng to look. Yi Heng looks behind him and there is Jiang Shuo on the floor bleeding out from a wound on his chest.

Roll those opening credits!

We go back to the gambling den and the other Jiang Shuo being confronted by the casino boss. The other Jiang Shuo asks what the man wants. The man says that he wants two way traffic and a chance for others to win back their money. The man asks him for a round of game, but the thugs make it obvious that it’s not a choice.

Yi Heng, Jiang Shuo and Mu Qing watch the game of the other Jiang Shuo. They watch him lose everything he has in one gamble. The man tells the thugs to drag him away when Yi Heng stops them. The man caters to Young Master Yi Heng, Mu Qing offended asks if he didn’t bother to notice her.

The boss then quickly greets Ms. Yuan. Yi Heng says that the other Jiang Shuo gave the man a chance to win back his money, so the man should reciprocate the kindness since the other Jiang Shuo only lost one round, yet the man is chasing him away. Yi Heng says that’s against the rules. The man embarrassed offers to play another round with the other Jiang Shuo. Yi Heng then says that the other Jiang Shuo can play against him and that if he loses, it will be on Yi Heng’s tab.

The other Jiang Shuo says that he won’t play and that they are not together. Our Jiang Shuo comments that if the other Jiang Shuo won’t play then.. he goes to grab something and Yi Heng panicked grabbing his arm thinking that he was going to use the coins. However our Jiang Shuo was just grabbing the jade pendant, then tells the other Jiang Shuo that if he doesn’t play then he can’t get it back.

They are then taken to a private gambling room. The other Jiang Shuo asks what game Yi Heng wants to play. Yi Heng says that he’s actually a doctor and he’s leading the Liu Zhi investigation team. Yi Heng says that he’s asking him to stay not gamble with him. Yi Heng says that he just has a question to ask him, if he answers it then he can have his pendant back.

The other Jiang Shuo asks if it’s just a question. Yi Heng says that’s all, then our Jiang Shuo tosses the pendant over to Yi Heng. The question Yi Heng has is how is the other Jiang Shuo related to Jiang Ye that was sentenced for treason all those years ago?

The other Jiang Shuo says that he’s not related to him and doesn’t know him. Having answered the question the other Jiang Shuo takes the pendant, then goes to leave. Mu Qing stops him by grabbing his arm. Our Jiang Shuo grabs him by the shoulder, then pulls out the copper coins throwing the other Jiang Shuo into the Psych.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng enter the Psych to find the Jiang mansion as it once was. Jiang Shuo can’t believe it’s really there when Yi Heng asks for clarification. Jiang Shuo tells him that when he was in the Psych before Liu Zhi showed him this mansion as it appears now.

They go inside the house and Yi Heng stumbles on the steps, Jiang Shuo helps him to balance though so he doesn’t actually fall down. Yi Heng says that it’s very dark in there and that he can’t see anything.

Jiang Shuo sighs saying it’s because he’s wearing those stupid sunglasses and that there’s no light inside the mansion. He starts to take off Yi Heng’s glasses when the lights inside magically turn on.

Jiang Shuo completely takes of Yi Heng’s glasses and pretends that the lights coming on wasn’t at all creepy. They then walk down a hallway there are quite a few photos of Jiang Ye. Yi Heng says that it looks like Jiang Ye was the last owner of the trading company.

They start to hear music playing, Yi Heng wonders where it’s coming from and Jiang Shuo says that it sounds like it’s coming from upstairs. They go up the stairs to check it out, and find a small wooden music box.

They hide behind a pillar and watch as a little girl comes to play with the music box. A moment later her Mom arrives, she tells the girl to be quiet and follow her. Her Mom’s hand has quite a bit of blood on it, as the two walk away the Mom tells her daughter that they have to look for her brother. The woman and her daughter fade like ghosts from view.

A man appears not long after loading a gun, he’s bleeding and appears to be wounded. Jiang Shuo notes that it’s the man the from the photos then asks Yi Heng about the wounds. Yi Heng says that the man has knife wounds. Soon the man also fades like a ghost. The two then continue down the hallway.

They go down the hallway into a room where they see the Mother with her daughter waking up her young son. The son just wakes up, when they hear the other daughter yell for her Mom. The Mom tells her kids to wait for her in the room and not to go anywhere.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng follow the Mom out of the room while the daughter closes the door behind them. They go down to another room and Jiang Shuo tries the door but it doesn’t open. Jiang Shuo has to use his shoulder to push the door. Only there’s no one inside the room.

The room is bathed in red light, Yi Heng asks where the Mother went but Jiang Shuo says that they came too late. That’s when the clock spins backwards. Like time itself has been rewound they now get to see the Mom enter the room to find Jiang Mi and Jiang Yan hiding in the corner terrified.

The Mom asks them what happened and one of the girls says that they saw a man with a knife. The Mom gets the girls to wait while she checks the corridor to make sure it’s safe before coming back to get the girls and leaving the room.

After they leave a man with no face shows up with some creepy laughter. Yi Heng takes one of the wooden toys from a nearby table and throws it at him. It goes through him, but the man does dissipate (like ghosts on Supernatural when hit by rock salt).

The door then closes and locks itself, leaving Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng locked in the room. Since they can’t leave the room, Jiang Shuo decides to peek through the key hole. He sees Jiang Ye wandering the corridor with his gun. They try to leave the room again but with no luck. Yi Heng urges Jiang Shuo to try again so Jiang Shuo uses complicated hand gestures and it makes the clock go backwards again.

They turn around after hearing a noise behind them to see the son and one of the daughters playing backgammon. The boy wins and his sister says that she quits because he always knows her moves. She says that it’s no wonder their father calls him a genius.

The son asks what a genius is, then asks if they are good at chess. He then asks his sister to play another round with him. The clock sounds again and this time the clock hands move back again. Yi Heng asks Jiang Shuo if he did it, Jiang Shuo lifts his hands to prove that it wasn’t him.

The little boy and girl are sitting in fron of painting and the girl tells him that she dreamt of the faceless man again. The girl says that the faceless man told her that he was going to kill their father. The boy says not to worry as he will protect her when he grows up.

The girl says that she doesn’t believe him because he’s so timid. Her brother says that he will be braver when he grows up. The brother says that he wants to be a mathematician when he grows up so he can count steps and points everyday and people will play with him. He asks his sister what she wants to be when she grows up. She says that she wants to be a doctor so she can heal their mother.

The clock changes time again on its own. Jiang Yan and Jiang Mi are in the bed. Jiang Yan wakes up her sister and tells her to go sleep in her own bed if she’s going to snore. Her sister says that she’s not snoring, the snoring sound is coming from under the bed. Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng were about to look under the bed when they hear the doors lock.

They hear the sound of the copper coins and Yi Heng wonders why it happened so quickly, Jiang Shuo says that it’s not right as it couldn’t have been more than 15 minutes. Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng that they should leave. Yi Heng says that they are here now and should continue investigating. Just then the door opens while Jiang Shuo grabs Yi Heng.

They wake up in the real world to a panicked Mu Qing. She says that they are finally awake. Jiang Shuo notices that the other Jiang Shuo is missing and asks Mu Qing where he went. She says that one of his friends grabbed him, which is why she was trying to wake them up.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng go out to the balcony where they can see the other Jiang Shuo and his friend running away down the street. They head back inside the casino just as the casino boss bursts into the room telling Yi Heng that heard about the boy escaping. The boss says that he will bring the other Jiang Shuo back to him. Yi Heng says that there’s no need as he got the answer he was looking for.

Back at the compound the trio are having tea when Mu Qing asks Yi Heng what happened in the Psych. Yi Heng says that Wan Jiang Shuo’s Psych they saw the shadows of the six Jiang family members with the four children’s memories. Yi Heng says that makes the other Jiang Shuo not an outsider but the only male descendant of the four children Jiang Shuo.

Yi Heng says that he doesn’t know exactly what happened at the Jiang Residence but he does know at least some of the four children survived. Yi Heng says that they are the ones that are trying to stop the sale of their mansion.

Yi Heng then goes on to say that they were the ones creating the spooky events, even going so far as to harm his brother. Jiang Shuo says that the woman in black that caused mischief at the auction house is probably an accomplice no, more likely a sibling.

Mu Qing says that there’s another thing and then brings over the newspaper. She thought that they were just attacking the auction house, but it turns out they were trying to scare away potential buyers of the mansion. Yi Heng points out the part in the newspaper where people claim to hear a loud snore in the mansion.

Yi Heng remembers hearing that snore in the Psych. Yi Heng says that if the reporter hadn’t lived in the house then how would they know about the sound? Yi Heng thinks that the reporter Li Mi is actually one of the surviving children of the Jiang family.

They go to the newspaper where the editor tells them that Li Mi isn’t an official reporter there. According to the editor all she had to do was mail in her articles on time, though if they were really busy she would come in and help with the editing.

Yi Heng asks what kind of column does she write? The editor says that she writes about ghost stories. Jiang Shuo asks to take a look at her articles and the editor brings them out. However once Jiang Shuo looks at them, he realizes that she’s been reporting on the cases that they have solved.

The columns help bring in the sales, as Yi Heng has solved so many cases for the police. Jiang Shuo realizes that he’s not mentioned at all in the articles. The editor does say that he has heard of Ms. Yuan’s contributions to the cases though.

Jiang Shuo is offended so he goes to leave, but Yi Heng grabs his arm reminding him that it’s not important. Yi Heng then asks the editor where Li Mi lives. When the editor checks his files and gives them her address, Mu Qing realizes it’s the same address as the Jiang Residence. The editor says that no one has ever been to her house before. Meanwhile Li Mi is hiding out of sight spying on them, when they learn her address she leaves.

Li Mi arrives at the Jiang residence while her sister curses out her brother. She asks him if he remembers the house rules. He says that he does, kindness begets no blessings, kindness brings bad endings and that if he is kind, he won’t end well. She says that if he knew it then why did he bring those people into the mansion?

She says that there wouldn’t be so much trouble if the police hadn’t taken an interest. He says that he knows but those people paid off his debts. We get a flashback of him bringing the people to the concession area where they didn’t pay him much for it. Once he is attacked by the thugs though, they pull together their money to save him.

His sister curses him out for doing it for money, if he gets discovered he could lose his life. She tells him that they are depending on him to carry on the Jiang family name. Li Mi says that compared to her marrying Sun Zhi Long what is wrong with Wan Jiang Shuo? She asks her sister if she’s afraid that their father won’t Rest In Peace.

The Vice President says that she’s sure their father would understand her intentions, she also blames Li Mi for being reckless in trying to kill Qin Yi Chi. The sister says that Li Mi made a mess and now she expects the others to clean it up.

Li Mi and the others are under the impression that Qin Yi Chi is dead. Li Mi wonders what’s so great about killing Qin Yi Chi. Wan Jiang Shuo asks his sisters what’s going on. Li Mi says that the police are investigating her and that she will lure them to the old mansion.

Li Mi says that she’s already made the preparations and that afterwards they can live in peace as long as the others don’t make a mess. The Vice President says that Li Mi should stop trying to go against Qin Yi Heng. She says that she’s not that silly but that they will settle the score with the Qin family soon.

Sergeant Bai and Xiao Hei are outside the residence having gone there to investigate Li Mi. Xiao Hei says it’s odd that Li Mi would live there as no one has lived there in years. Xiao Hei says that if she really does live there then why did Wan Jiang Shuo bring vagrants to stay there?

Sergeant Bai says that there are two reasons for this. One is that she wanted to keep her address secret, the other is because the residence used to be her home. Xiao Hei wonders why Liu Zhi was using the Jiang family, and could there be a connection between Liu Zhi and the family. Sergeant Bai says that they will find out, then they both go inside the house.

They enter the house then promptly cover the noses because of the smell. They go into the living room, where they find a bunch of dead bodies. They are the vagrants that Wan Jiang Shuo had let in the other night. Sergeant Bai sends Xiao Hei to go get the coroner.

Sergeant Bai questions Xiao Quan at the house a little later to make sure the dead bodies are the same vagrants that he saw at the house. Xiao Quan isn’t completely sure, but they should be based on their clothing. The reason he can’t be sure is because the faces of the bodies are deformed. Xiao Hei reports that the coroner told him that the people died of a plague. Xiao Hei says that there is no plague within the city though. Sergeant Bai says that he knows what Xiao Hei means. Xiao Quan brings out the newspaper which mentions the seven deaths, no surprise the article is written by Li Mi.

Xiao Hei says that he’s been observing her articles for awhile and that her reports are very detailed. She describes Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng perfectly. Since the Auction House though she’s been in hiding from someone. Sergeant Bai wonders if she’s been hiding from the Vice President Zhen Jiang Yan. Xiao Hei confirms it for him. Sergeant Bai puts together the facts that three people are siblings of the Jiang family.

Back at the auction house the Zhen Jiang Yan is searching through papers on her desk when her husband comes bursting into the room to demanding to know how Qin Yi Chi’s accident ended up in the paper. His wife explains that she wasn’t the only person there that night, there was also Sergeant Bai, his men and the hospital staff.

Her husband asks what she’s doing. She tells him that she’s resigned and is packing up her stuff. Her husband says that the Qin family needs helps now, who will wrap things up if she leaves?

She tells him that it’s not the only property she was involved with, what if the reporters find out that she was selling property for lower prices to the Qin family? Her husband says that he’s been working for the Qin family for years, how could she not tell him about this?

He then asks if she just married him in order to close to Qin Yi Chi. She says that she’s not talking to him. He says that she secretly sold off their assets and has a personal account. He didn’t say anything because he thought that she just wanted money of her own. However now he knows that she’s working with “them” and demands to know why. She screams that she did it for the money, then grabs her briefcase and leaves as her husband calls out after her.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng are walking back into the compound when Jiang Shuo says that something isn’t right. He tells Qin’er that Sergeant Bai said the corpses died of plague however Xiao Quan had seen them last night at the mansion. He says that the timeline just doesn’t seem to match up.

Yi Heng admits to thinking the same thing, he says that there are two explanations for it. The first is that Xiao Quan was wrong or more likely the second possibility of someone switching the bodies. Yi Heng thinks the second scenario is more likely since it has to do with Liu Zhi.

Xiao Quan rides up on his bike to tell them important news. He says that he just saw one of the men that he had seen in the Jiang Residence last night, he says the bodies that Sergeant Bai had their identities switched. Xiao Quan says that he lost the guy though.

Sun Zhi Long is getting drunk saying that he was blind to marry to take her as his wife. He’s realized that he never held his wife’s heart and that she only married him for a reason. After he passes out drunk, his wife comes in to take the key from him. She tells her unconscious husband that she did indeed marry him for a reason.

Zhen Jiang Yan then goes to the secret safe that was hidden behind some photos. She’s going through the ledgers. She eventually finds one that has the details of what happened that year. She takes that ledger while putting the others back. She then leaves the house.

Meanwhile Li Mi is sleeping with her editor and tells him that he’s such a good actor. She asks if Yi Heng and the others will find her actual address but the editor says that they won’t unless he tells him. Li Mi says that Yi Heng and the gang are weak but Qin Yi Chi is an actual problem.

Qin Yi Chi owns the Qin Chamber of Commerce and has backup. It wouldn’t be difficult for him if he wanted to get revenge. The editor says that Qin family is busy with the harbour, so they won’t spare a thought on her. Li Mi asks him what they could be doing in the harbour but he doesn’t know. The editor also tells her to stop meddling in Qin family affairs. He tells her that she must know when to quit, she says that she know that.

Later as Li Mi is walking through the street, Zhen Jiang Yan stops her by saying that the Jiang family is so admirable they produced a prostitute. Li Mi fires back saying that the same could be said of her since she sold herself to the Qin family accountant. Li Mi says that it’s been marry years and she hasn’t found anything in the ledgers.

Her sister says that Li Mi didn’t find anything showing that the copper mine back then was related to the Qin family. She just stirred up trouble instead. Li Mi admits that she couldn’t find their affiliation. However for the whole year, incidents happened at the Jiang’s family previous assets.

Li Mi says that after they took charge, her sister cashed out everything for them, she surely is the best daughter of their family. Zhen Jiang Yan says that her sister has written too many ghost stories to believe that, after all people die every day in the city.

She also tells Li Mi that she came to tell her that back then the Qin family had an unclear bill that year and that could be related to the copper mine. She tells Li Mi to pay attention to that. Li Mi asks her sister for the ledger so she can find the truth. Zhen Jiang Yan says that if she hands over the ledger it could fall into another’s hands, so she’ll keep it safe for now. Then she walks away leaving her sister alone in the street.

At the hospital, Yi Heng is visiting his brother to find that he is awake. His brother tells him that he’s done something and asks that Yi Heng doesn’t blame him as he did it for the Qin family. Yi Heng is nervous now but asks his brother what has he done?

Their father enters the room saying “killing Jiang Shuo”. Yi Heng wants to know why they would kill Jiang Shuo. His father says that it’s nothing and that it’s already done. He tells Yi Heng to look behind him. Yi Heng looks to see Jiang Shuo on the floor bleeding out, Yi Heng also finds himself holding a bloody knife.

Then Yi Heng wakes up.. (thank goodness) in the office with Dr. Shen. Dr. Shen had draped a coat over him so he didn’t catch a cold. Yi Heng thanks her while she goes to get him a glass of water. Just then a nurse comes in with files for Dr. Shen regarding the corpses she handled recently.

Yi Heng asks her when did the hospital start asking psychiatrists to look at corpses? Dr. Shen quickly tells him that they were out of staff so she volunteered to help. Yi Heng however remembers what Xiao Quan said about the identities of the bodies being switched so he’s suspicious. Dr. Shen says that she’s going to go to the archives now and leaves the room.

As she’s walking over to the archives a nurse tells her that a man phoned for her and is waiting outside, she tells her that the man’s surname is Jiang. Yi Heng is eavesdropping from a hiding spot around the corner. When she goes outside, Yi Heng follows her.

She goes to meet Wan Jiang Shuo. She reminds him that their big sister told him to hide, what if he’s found by the police. He tells her that their elder sisters are avoiding him, so he had to come to her.

She goes to hand him some money but asks him not to gamble it away. He greedily takes the money saying that he knows. He then asks her for a face mask as well since he can’t show his face there now. Before her brother leaves though she asks if he will eat a meal together with her for his birthday since they haven’t shared a meal with each other for years.

She says that she wants to have a meal with all of them, her brother promptly agrees to it before leaving. Yi Heng watched the whole thing, once Wan Jiang Shuo leaves though so does Yi Heng.

Dr. Shen goes into the archive room, Yi Heng joins her there a few moments later. Dr. Shen shoves the records into a drawer when he enters then asks why he’s there. When he goes to reach for the drawer she put the records in, she stops him. She says that it’s just patient profile records and corpse handling, there’s nothing to see.

Yi Heng moves her hand out of the way and opens the drawer. Yi Heng flips through a few records before she grabs them and shoves them back into the drawer telling him that they were just files, nothing to see.

Yi Heng asks her if she remembers their first lecture in medical school. She says that it was reciting the Hippocratic oath. Yi Heng says that she must know then that to defy a patient’s will and use their corpse for personal gain is unethical for a doctor. Yi Heng asks her if she feels sorry to the white coat that she’s wearing.

He says that seven people and seven bodies, He didn’t understand at first how Zhen Jiang Yan had gotten the corpses she needed so quickly. He says that he knows now though. Yi Heng’s voice is dripping in venom because he’s very angry. He says that she used the chance the hospital gave her to handle corpses to send the bodies over to the Jiang Mansion and dress them up as vagrants.

He says that first this ensures that no one will covet the Jiang Mansion. Second it interferes with the investigation so people will think that Wan Jiang Shuo is dead, thus protecting him. He asks if he should call her Dr. Shen Tian or Jiang Tian. She’s in shock that he knows and asks how he found out about her.

Yi Heng says that’s not important, he knows she’s the fourth Jiang sibling. Jiang Tian begs Yi Heng to spare her brother. He tells her that he’s here now to ask her what happened that night eight years ago. She says that she doesn’t know and he should stop asking her. All she knows is that in one night both parents died, and she lost her home. She tells him that she’s sorry then runs from the room crying.

At the casino Mu Qing complains to Jiang Shuo that they have been there for two days without seeing anyone, is it possible he was wrong? He tells Mu Qing to trust him as a tiger never changes his stripes. That Jiang Shuo is tied to the casino.

Mu Qing says that it’s fine and they’ll wait then. Jiang Shuo sees his chance and tells her that she must be tired, so he offers to let her lean on his shoulder. She does, saying that it’s not bad. Jiang Shuo tells her that this Jiang Shuo is the much better one.

However the couple moment doesn’t last very long because both Jiang Shuos see each other. Wan Jiang Shuo and his friend make a run for it.

Some time later, Wan Jiang Shuo gets slapped by Zhen Jiang Yan slaps him for going to the casino after she had told him to lay low. Dr. Shen sadly reminds her brother that he promised not to to gamble with the money she gave him. Li Mi tells her that only she would believe him, she says that he’s a gambler and a lost cause.

Li Mi goes on to say that now Qin Yi Heng has found the documents, it’s not good. Zhen Jiang Yan asks Dr. Shen why would she keep those files, she should’ve burned them. She says now Yi Heng can use those documents to charge her. Dr. Shen says that she kept the files because she is a doctor, it was bad enough misusing the bodies. She kept the files in case the family members wanted to know how their loved ones died.

Dr. Shen says that it’s her responsibility as a doctor. Zhen Jiang Yan says that she’s too kind hearted, she’s pulled herself into this mess and now they have to save her. She says that they had finally cleaned up their brother’s mess, now they have to clean up hers too. Dr. Shen says that she won’t lie anymore. She’s tired of all the lies, especially when she has to lie to her friends.

She wonders why they can’t have a meal together in harmony like other families do. She reminds her family that their father said they would be fine as long as they stuck together. Zhen Jiang Yan says that she doesn’t want to lie either but if they don’t avenge themselves how can their father Rest In Peace?

Zhen Jiang Yan tells her sister that if the police come for her, she’s to tell them that she burned the bodies. From what she knows, if she insists the bodies were burnt then she won’t be convicted. She tells them that they will find a way to deal with the other issues then leaves. Li Mi tells Dr. Shen to be alert as they can’t protect her forever, then she leaves.

Later that night, Dr. Shen walks alone down the street and stops in front of a bakery staring at cakes. In the distance her brother and his friend watch her. Seeing how Wan Jiang Shuo stares at the girl across the street, his friend asks her identity. Wan Jiang Shuo says that she’s his sister. He tells his friend that she still cares for him and always remembers his birthday.

Jiang Shuo says that he always drags her down though. His new friend tells him that he’s a kind soul, his sister must be as well. His friend says that everything will be okay as what goes around comes around. Jiang Shuo can’t believe that his friend believe in good karma. His friend says that since Jiang Shuo brought him to the concession, Jiang Shuo’s sister will be his. As long as he is alive, he will protect her.

At the hospital a nurse asks Dr. Shen if she isn’t going home since the other doctor will be on duty soon. Dr. Shen says that she will be alone even if she goes home, so she might as well stay. The nurse then remembers to inform her that Old Master Qin’s pills are here from Mr. Qin.

After the nurse leaves, Dr. Shen remembers the problem with the medicine so she goes to check it out. Sure enough the new pills are also candy. She goes to the pharmacy to ask for the medication. The pharmacist is confused as he just filled that prescription. Dr. Shen lies saying that she spilled it so she needs another.

Meanwhile Qin Yi Chi is with his father while Old Master Qin goes through some files. Yi Chi asks if they are all there and that he will burn them if that’s the case. His father agrees that it’s all the cases they have meddled in and that they can’t let anyone have them.

His father then asks how things are going with the Jiang family mansion. Yi Chi admits that the auction has stopped, however he doesn’t understand why they are trying to buy it. His father says who can understand the mind of Liu Zhi?

Dr. Shen enters the room telling them that it’s time for Old Master Qin’s medication. The old man is reluctant to take it until his son says that he bought the medication from elsewhere.

The accountant runs in with important news but won’t say anything with Dr. Shen there, so she leaves the room. The accountant quickly tells them that an old ledger is missing. Yi Chi tells his father not to worry about it as he will handle it. The accountant and Yi Chi leave the room.

Dr. Shen comes back later to find Old Master Qin asleep holding a file. She grabs the envelope and takes out the documents to read.

Roll those end credits because that’s the end of Episode 30!