Psych Hunter: Episode 29

This episode starts off with a man walking in what appears to be an abandoned house. There’s writing on the windows in red saying a life for a life. The next window reads that kindness begets no kindness. The man continues walking. A woman appears at the entranceway of another room after the doors swing open.

The man asks who the person is, and wonders if they were the same person that was at the auction house. The veil on the woman then moves to reveal a part of her face. There is blood around her eye, the man yells ghost. He stumbles back but the railing he grabbed breaks, his neck gets caught in a noose like rope and he dies.

Roll those opening credits!

After the credits we’re back at the jail with Yi Heng interrogating Mr. Sun about Liu Zhi. Sun Zhi Liang says that Liu Zhi said that he could avenge Zhou Lan if he did exactly as he was told. Liu Zhi knew how Mr. Sun felt about Zhou Lan and that he would do anything for her.

Mr. Sun says that he has no idea what Liu Zhi looks like and that he doesn’t want to know either. He says that judging by the voice though the person must be in his 50s or 60s. Sergeant Bai reminds them that there a lot of people in that age group. Sergeant Bai asks if it’s a man or woman. Mr. Sun says that Liu Zhi is a man.

Jiang Shuo had his ear pressed against the door so when it opens he stumbles a little shocking Yi Heng. Sergeant Bai asks him why he didn’t just come in. Yi Heng says that the only door Jiang Shuo would enter would be a double one. Sergeant Bai accuses him of talking dirty.

Jiang Shuo says that he talked it over with Qin’er yesterday and that Yi Heng didn’t want him going into the room because he might beat up Mr. Sun.

Jiang Shuo then asks Yi Heng what he learned. Yi Heng says that Liu Zhi picks out the perpetrators in advance then creates the cases for them to solve. Yi Heng says that they were his prey the whole time, unwittingly dancing to his tune.

Jiang Shuo says that right now, Liu Zhi wants him to solve the Rubix Cube in the Psych. Every time they solve a case the cube changes. Jiang Shuo says that Liu Zhi told him the clue to the underground river was inside. Right now they have no choice but to dance to his tune.

Yi Heng says that right now then Liu Zhi’s goal is to get Jiang Shuo to solve the Rubix Cube so he can get to the underground river? Jiang Shuo says that so far they don’t know what his purpose is. Y

i Heng says that at least they know Liu Zhi is a middle aged man in his 50s or 60s. They will have to wait for him to strike again and give himself away. Jiang Shuo agrees that it seems like the only thing they can do for now.

General Yuan is having problems of his own since the situation is becoming dire, and war is on the way. The commodity prices are also rising. He is being informed that they are also suffering supply shortages as well. A soldier comes into the room to inform him that a supply truck has been robbed near General Zhang’s territory.

General Yuan is angry and asks if it was General Zhang stealing from him. The officer says that it was bandits on the prowl. The officer says that in these chaotic times, bandits are creating havoc everywhere.

The officer asks the General to give him a battalion and he swears that he can wipe out the bandits. General Yuan says no, it’s not the time for that since the situation is unstable and he needs to protect the city from predators.

He tells Lieutenant Yang to pass his order that they are to let the Peace Preservation Corps handle it. If they can’t even handle a few bandits, then the General says that they should resign from their posts.

Xiao Hei comes running up to the trio to tell them that there’s a problem. The concession border is being flooded by refugees and because they’re short handed, Ms. Yuan is trapped over there. Jiang Shuo is the first one to leave. Sergeant Bai tells Xiao Hei to go get more men.

Ms. Yuan is trapped in her car. She wonders what all the people are doing out there. Her driver tells her that it’s uncertain times and that a war is coming so the people know that the concession area is the safest place to be.

Someone in the mob claims that the soldiers protect foreigners while leaving the poor out here to die. He yells at the others to force their way in. The mob surges forward. Jiang Shuo arrives and fights his way to a better vantage point so he can find Mu Qing.

He ties to yell at Mu Qing but of course she can’t hear him over the crowd. He tries to fight his way over to her when Liu Zhi grabs his arm, when Jiang Shuo turns around he sees a man with no face (like a mannequin) and then faints as he’s thrown into the Psych.

In the Psych Liu Zhi tells Jiang Shuo that his time is almost up. Liu Zhi says that if Jiang Shuo fails to solve his puzzle then he will never figure out who Liu Zhi is. Jiang Shuo says he wouldn’t figure it out with that creepy face (Burn).

Jiang Shuo says that Liu Zhi enticed those other people to commit crimes, just what is his relationship with the victims? Jiang Shuo also asks Liu Zhi why he chose those people. Liu Zhi says that they are all his prey and so too is Jiang Shuo.

Liu Zhi says that Jiang Shuo’s fate is tied with the fate of the city. He says that if Jiang Shuo wants to save them, then he has to pass Liu Zhi’s test. A 3D house comes together out of the little Rubix cube and that’s Jiang Shuo’s next clue.

Back in the real world, Yi Heng wonders what Liu Zhi is after by showing Jiang Shuo that house. Mu Qing comes walking out with documents stacked up high. She says that someone promised to help her but instead got himself overwhelmed.

Jiang Shuo asks her where all those houses came from and Mu Qing proudly tells him that she found them for him. Mu Qing asks Jiang Shuo if he’s impressed and he admits that he is. He says that there are so many files though, he asks if they will ever find the house?

Mu Qing tells him that they will just have to take their time. The first file that Yi Heng opens only has floor plans and not what the house looks like. Yi Heng then asks Jiang Shuo if Liu Zhi gave him any other clues. Jiang Shuo says no and that the only other thing Liu Zhi told him was that his fate was tied to the fate of the city.

Jiang Shuo does realize that the year 1912 was above the house. Yi Heng says that was only eight years ago. So he suggests only checking the houses that were around that time frame. Mu Qing runs to her car and brings back a newspaper that mentions a house that has been abandoned for eight years being up for auction.

Jiang Shuo says that the auction is tomorrow and that it’s just Liu Zhi’s style. Yi Heng says that they should get someone to look into it.

Some time later, Yi Heng goes to the hospital to check on his father. He sees Mr. Sun (not the killer guy) there and asks him if his elder brother is inside. The man confirms that he is just a moment before his brother comes out of the room.

Yi Heng’s brother tells him that he should go inside and chat with their father. His brother than hands some documents to his assistant. Yi Heng happens to see some of the writing, noting that it involves the same auctioneers as the house that Liu Zhi pointed them too. His brother and his assistant leave.

Yi Heng enters his father’s room to see him scribbling things on paper. His father notices him and invites him to sit down. He tells Yi Heng that his brother was just there, he says that he must be having a hard time recently. Yi Heng notices the papers on the table and sees that some of them mention the Yin River.

His father says that his elder brother works too hard as he has had to manage all of the families affairs. However Mr. Qin says that he’s recovered and he shouldn’t let his eldest son work so hard. Yi Heng asks his father if he’s taken his pills today. His father asks what pills, since his doctors think that he’s crazy. He then asks if Yi Heng thinks that he’s crazy too.

Yi Heng tells his father that he’s not fully recovered and that his doctors are just doing what is in his best interest. Yi Heng’s father is mad because everyone thinks that he’s crazy. Dr. Shen comes in with Mr. Qin’s medication which for all appearances, Mr. Qin does take.

A little while later, Yi Heng meets with Dr. Shen privately to ask after his father’s health. He asks her if his father is taking his medication on a regular basis. Dr. Shen assures him that she gives him the pills herself so she knows that he takes them on time. Dr. Shen then shows Yi Heng the prescription.

Yi Heng says that the prescription looks fine, he would have prescribed the same medications himself. Yi Heng says that he’s well aware of how the medication works and if his father was taking the dose he shouldn’t still be acting like a madman. Yi Heng then asks how often does father nap? Dr. Shen says that Mr. Qin is very energetic and doesn’t take any naps.

The man at the auction house starts to call Bai Kai Sergeant but stops when he remembers he’s supposed to say Mr. Bai instead. Sergeant Bai asks him if Ms. Yuan has told him what to do. Mu Qing also left a message for them that she discovered something from Chairman Wan.

Mu Qing discovered that the original owner of the home about to be auctioned is Jiang Ye. The man tells them that Jian Ye was a philanthropist, one night eight years ago his whole family died. After that Jiang Ye was convicted of selling out to the Japanese. The house was then seized by the military. It’s rumoured that the house is haunted.

Xiao Quan arrives and Sergeant Bai asks why he’s here. Xiao Quan says that Jiang Shuo sent him in case Sergeant Bai needed anything, he can send messages to Xiao Quan. A moment later a woman walks down the stairs, Xiao Hei says that it’s Zhen Jiang Yan the Vice President of the auction house, she will be leading the auction today.

Inside the auction room, Xiao Hei asks Sergeant Bai why so many people want to buy the haunted house. Sergeant Bai says that it’s because people want to live on the concession so there’s no problem with selling houses there.

Sergeant Bai is surprised to see Yi Heng’s older brother show up for the auction. The price for the house starts at 600 flats of silver and the price rises fast. Sergeant Bai tells Xiao Heng that they will need Yi Heng’s help. A bidding war starts over the house.

Young Mr. Qin’s assistant had left the auction after exchanging words with his boss. Yi Heng is following him. Yi Heng follows the assistant to the office of the Vice President of the auction house.

Young Mr. Qin on the other hand thinks that he has finally won that auction at 5,000 when a woman in black veil offers 10,000 for the house. The woman says that the auction is a sham. The woman says that she has ample evidence that it was set up by Qin Yi Chi and the auction house.

She says that a deal has already been made between the two people and the auction itself is just a charade. She throws her photographic evidence in the air and others are quick to check it out. The Vice President demands that guards seize the woman.

The woman smashes a lamp and then the power goes out. Sergeant Bai sends a man to inform Ms. Yuan of the situation. Then sends Xiao Quan to check to see if anyone has been in the electrical room.

Yi Hen is spying on the assistant while he searches the vice president’s office. When Yi Heng hears footsteps he quickly hides from view. Zhen Jiang Yan, enters her office to find the assistant in there and asks what he’s doing in there.

The man demands to know why she has a real estate sales receipt here? Did she go through his ledger? Zhen Jiang Yan says that she was just following Young Master Yi Chi’s orders. The man has told her many times not to get involved in the Qin’s family matters, the less she knows the better.

She says that since this auction is ruined, they’ll have to arrange another one some other time. She tells him that if young Mr. Qin wants to see the house, he can do so at anytime. The assistant asks if “honey” can’t make time for him too.

He grabs her her hands but she pulls away saying that this is a really busy place. She tells him to go back to young master Qin and to not keep him waiting.

Yi Heng finds Xiao Quan in the hallway. Xiao Quan tries to explain what happened downstairs but Yi Heng says that he already knows. The two of them enter the electrical room together to check it out. Xiao Quan says that for all the times it have a blackout it had to happen when the lady in black was causing trouble.

Yi Heng asks if the woman did anything else suspicious besides throwing the pictures. Xiao Quan thinks for a moment then says that the lady also threw a glass on the floor. Yi Heng realizes that it must have been a signal for the person that was in the electrical room.

Yi Heng asks where Bai Kai and the others are. Xiao Quan says that they went to investigate his brother and the Vice President of the auction house. The two then leave the room.

Meanwhile young master Qin is leaving the auction house with his assistant. The assistant is telling him that his wife (Vice President) said that although the auction is over, he can see the house at any time. Young Master Qin says that he wants to see the house right away.

He then gets in the car, but in the distance he can see the lady in black watching him. He goes to get out of the car but, once he opens the door to get out she’s gone. A few moments later the married couple enter the car with him and they head off to the house.

They open the front doors to the house and it’s super dusty. Young Master Qin has to put a cloth over his nose and mouth in order to deal with it. The other two just keep walking. They go through the house and the husband asks why is the house so cold and smelly?

His wife says that a whole family died there. She then tells them both that the house is rumoured to be haunted. The wife says that the stench is also rumoured to be the smell of death. That’s when her husband backs up, he ends up breaking a vase that was near his feet.

The young master is disgusted with his assistant and says that only children believe in ghost stories, he’s a grownup for god’s sake! He orders his man to hire people to search the place tomorrow, he wants every wall and brick inspected. He tells the man that if there is anything odd, they are to report it to him immediately. He then suggests that they check upstairs.

Sergeant Bai and Xiao Hei are outside. Sergeant Bai tells him that if the front door fails, then they’ll use the back the door. Xiao Hei confirms it and then they both make their way to the house.

Inside the house the trio continues their search upstairs. They start to see the signs that read “kindness begets no kindness”. They continue walking and the Young Master Qin sees a crooked photo hanging on the wall. He goes over to fix it, when it falls to the ground and the frame breaks. Inside is a photo of the family that used to live there.

The Young Master continues to look around but he’s acting a little weird. He yells at Sun Zhi Long to go easy will he? The assistant tells him that he hasn’t moved. When the young master looks, it’s indeed true that the married couple haven’t moved since they entered the room.

The Young Master Qin says that they should go check it out, and he runs into another room with the other two close behind him. Young Master Qin looks around and says that someone else has been in there. Zhen Jiang Yan says that’s impossible as the key is with her, so no one else could be in there. The Young Master Qin points to the floor where footprints can clearly be seen in the dust.

Just then they hear a crash and they all run towards the sound only to find nothing there. Young Master Qin tells them that they are splitting up and that they will find the prankster even if they have to turn the whole house upside down.

Sergeant Bai and Xiao Hei are still outside trying to find a way inside the house.

Back inside the house Young Master Qin is still searching when he sees the writing on the windows that reads “a life for a life”. The next window reads “kindness begets no kindness”.

Outside Sergeant Bai uses a block of wood to break the lock on the kitchen door. Once they are inside, they find rotting food in the room.

Young Master Qin however has just noticed a woman in black after the double doors open from another room. He asks the woman who she is and if she’s the same person from the auction house. The veil slips off her face revealing blood. He screams ghost, stumbles back and the railing he reached for breaks.

A rope then slips around his neck much like a noose. Xiao Hei and Sergeant Bai hear the noise and come running. Seeing the man hanging they promptly try to save him.

The assistant runs down the stairs wondering what happened to young master Yi Chi. He says that it all happened so fast that the only thing he knows is that the other end of the rope is tied to a door handle upstairs. Sergeant Bai order Xiao Hei to go check it out.

Xiao Hei runs upstairs and finds the end of the rope. He continues to investigate and finds that the railing has also been cut.

Yi Chi is alive and is having his neck wound tended to by the nurse. Yi Heng is waiting outside the room when their father comes out of his room to ask Yi Heng how his brother is doing. Yi Heng tells his father not to worry as the injury turned out to be pretty minor.

Yi Heng then asks his father why his brother went to the old Jiang family home. His father claims not to know as Yi Chi had never talked about it with him. However Yi Heng remembers that the last time he visited his father, his brother had documents from the auction house.

Yi Heng’s father says that he’s still not well and sometimes doesn’t remember what nonsense he has said. He then repeats the questions Yi Heng asked him as well as his response that he doesn’t know why Yi Chi went there.

Doctor Shen comes running out of Old Master Qin’s room to find him in the hallway with Yi Heng. She wonders how he’s out again. She then tells Yi Heng that it’s time for his father’s medication.

Yi Heng accompanies the two of them back to his father’s room. He watches as his father takes his medication, then asks him how he feels. His father says that the pill is bitter. Doctor Shen says that they have increased his father’s dose as necessary and she expects his condition to stabilize soon.

They then leave his father to rest. However once they leave the room, Yi Heng’s father opens his eyes.

Dr. Shen and Yi Heng go into her office. Yi Heng thanks her for taking such good care of his father. Dr. Shen Tian says that there is no need for thanks since Mr. Qin is her patient. She also tells him that she’s grateful for his guidance. Yi Heng asks her about the white pill that she gave his father.

Yi Heng then asks for a better look at the pills, so Dr. Shen brings them out. Yi Heng takes one out, sniffs it then tastes it before telling Dr. Shen that there is something wrong with the medication. Yi Heng says that the one pill is supposed to be a strong sedative, only his father wasn’t sleeping. His father also mentioned that the pill tasted bitter when the pill that it’s supposed to be is actually tasteless.

Yi Heng asks where Dr. Shen got the medication from. She says that Mr. Qin brought all the medications from overseas himself. Yi Heng thinks to himself that there is a lot he doesn’t know about his family. He then tells Dr. Shen to pretend that she doesn’t know about the medication.

Yi Heng sits by his brother’s bedside for awhile before leaving. As soon as he leaves, his brother opens his eyes (must be a family thing.)

Yi Heng then goes down the hallway to his father’s room but doesn’t enter at first. He waits there for a little bit before he looks through the window. All he can see is the bed covers pulled up suspiciously high. That’s when Yi Heng decides to check it out. He goes in and pulls back the covers to reveal the fact that his father has been replaced by pillows. ( oldest trick in the book).

Yi Heng then informs the staff and they begin to search for his father. However after searching everywhere in the hospital including the restrooms, he’s nowhere to be found. Yi Heng is with Dr. Shen when an orderly runs up to them to tell them that his father has been found.

They both run outside to see Old Mr. Qin being escorted back. Yi Heng asks his father where he went. His father holds up a persimmon and claims that he went out to buy it. His father says there were so many people looking for him. Yi Heng wants to know why his father went out to buy persimmons. His father says that Yi Chi likes them, so he bought them so that he could eat them when he wakes up.

Dr. Shen tells him that if he needs anything he should ask the hospital staff instead, they were really worried because he just disappeared. (Why the pillow and bedsheet then?)

Dr. Shen meets with Yi Heng in her office. She tells him that she’s left orders for the nurses to keep a better eye on his father so that he can’t go wandering off again. Yi Heng asks her if she thinks that his father has truly gone insane.

Dr. Shen says that she doesn’t understand the question. Yi Heng says that if his father was truly insane then why would he tell him that the pill was bitter? Yi Heng says that the only thing he’s unsure of, is whether or not his brother is involved. Yi Heng then gets an idea and writes down a prescription. He tells Dr. Shen to get his brother to fill it, and to tell his brother that the medication is for his father.

If his brother really does know, then he won’t give Dr. Shen the drugs.

Later that night at the compound Xiao Quan is telling the others that he heard from Jiang Shuo that the Jiang house might not be haunted. Apparently Jiang Shuo told him about the food scraps that were found in the kitchen. He also told him about the bannister being sawn off. Also the rope used to hang Yi Chi was new.

Mantou asks him what that means, Xiao Quan calls her stupid while ventriloquist explains that it means it wasn’t an accident but something that was orchestrated instead. Xiao Quan says that Jiang Shuo has been really good to them lately so they should help him out by going to the Jiang family house tonight to figure things out.

Er Long, Da Long, Xiao Quan and Mantou

Xiao Quan asks Mantou if she’s afraid but she says no because she is with him. The Da Long asks Er Long (the dummy) if he’s scared and he admits that he is, but since it’s for Jiang Shuo’s sake he will do it anyway. Mantou asks Da Long to quit making Er Long speak as it’s creepy.

They enter the house and Mantou tells Xiao Quan that if a ghost devours her, he must avenge her. Xiao Quan says that a ghost won’t be able to eat her easily, the ghost might choke and spit her back out. That earns him a slap on his shoulder for being a jerk.

They start to investigate the living room which is where they end up scaring a bunch of people that were sleeping there. The people they scared thought that they might be ghosts. The people claim that they were just there to spend the night then ask what Xiao Quan’s team is doing there. Xiao Quan says that they are here to catch the bad guys.

A man with a lantern enters the room and says that he let the people in. Xiao Quan says they must be the ones haunting the house and causing trouble at the auction house in order to keep the place to themselves. The guy claims he doesn’t know what Xiao Quan is talking about.

Xiao Quan says that’s fine then, he can go and explain it to the police then, he tell Mantou to go and get Sergeant Bai. However before they can move the man blows out the lantern and the people run away. Da Long picks up a bit of paper that the lantern guy dropped. It turns out to be a pawn ticket. Xiao Quan says that at least their trip there wasn’t wasted. He says that they should take the ticket to Jiang Shuo.

The next day Xiao Hei comes to the compound with the information he gathered on the Jiang family which consisted on six family members. The father Jian Ye, Mother Kou Wen, daughter Jiang Yan, daughter Jiang Mi, a son named Jiang Shuo. Jiang Shuo finds it odd he has the same name but Xiao Hei says that it’s just a homonym (sounds the same, spelled differently sometimes has a different meaning as well). The youngest daughter was Jiang Tian.

According Mu Qing, Mr. Wan said that Jiang Ye was in the mining business and was also a philanthropist. Mu Qing says that she didn’t realize he was convicted of selling mineral resources to the Japanese. Yi Heng says that even if he was convicted it was up to the court to execute him. However he only sees that the family died overnight.

Yi Heng wonders what really happened that night. Xiao Hei says that it happened before their Sergeant took office, so they don’t know much about it. Rumour had it that Jiang Ye didn’t want his wife and children to suffer after his death, so he killed them and then himself. Jiang Shuo says he finds it hard to believe a father would kill his own children.

Yi Heng says that even if he did do it, it would have been on his criminal record. However the file states that the status of Jiang Ye’s family is unknown. While Jiang Shuo is looking at the files he notices quite a few others with the same name as him. He asks where all these Jiang Shuos came from. Mu Qing notes that they have the same name, job and are con men like him.

Jiang Shuo wonders who she is calling Jiang Shuo then changes his sentence to ask who she is calling a con man? Mu Qing teases him by saying she’s calling him a con man of course. Jiang Shuo wonders if it’s just a coincidence that they share names. Yi Heng suggests that they go find out.

They head to the pawn shop to redeem the pawn ticket which gives them a jade pendant. Yi Heng asks the pawn broker if he remembers the person that pawned it. The man says that of course he does because that pendant has been pawned and redeemed multiple times.

The man would always gamble and when his luck turned bad he would pawn the pendant, when his luck turned around, he would redeem it. Mu Qing says that the guy isn’t just a con man but a gambler as well. The pawn broker said that he’s more like a gambling addict.

Jiang Shuo asks the man if he knows where the other Jiang Shuo likes to gamble. The pawn broker pretends to forget until our Jiang Shuo offers him some money to help him remember. They then thank the man and head over to the gambling den.

They find Jiang Shuo (not ours) at the gambling den and it turns out to be the same guy that was holding the lantern and invited those other people into the Jiang house. In fact some of those people are gambling alongside him. He’s just about to leave when he gets stopped by a man (the casino boss?).

That ends Episode 29! Roll those end credits!!