A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 9 Part 2

The two have been discharged form the hospital and Phupha is behind the wheel of the jeep. He notices that Tian is upset and being quiet so, he asks Tian if he wants to go check out Naga Cape since it’s a beautiful spot. Tian says no in a very curt manner.

Now Phupha knows something is definitely wrong so he says he will be going to the market later and asks if Tian needs anything. Tian says no, thank you. It’s getting chilly in that jeep fast. Phupha asks him what’s wrong, and that whatever it is, Tian can tell him about it.

Tian thinks it over for a minute before saying that he has nothing to tell Phupha, but does Phupha have something that he would like to tell Tian? (That’s a big hint right there, bud).

We then get a flashback to the hospital where Tian sees his father thanking Phupha for taking care of Tian so diligently. His father then says that if Phupha needs anything, he shouldn’t hesitate to call. Phupha thanks him and calls him sir. No wonder Tian’s in a bad mood.

When they arrive at the house, Tian gets out pretty quickly and before Phupha has a chance to talk to him, he’s surrounded by his students. The children are very enthusiastic and Tian has to tell them not to hug so hard as his arm is still hurt. The kids ask about it, and Tian tells them that the cast is a robot transformer (hahaha).

Kalae tells everyone that his father said there was a shooting with real guns but that Tian wasn’t hurt. Ayi says it’s because Tian had the Green Giant to protect him. Dr. Nam is in the background and he’s picking up on the anger vibes that Tian is throwing towards Phupha.

Inta says that her grandmother told her that Chief Phupha fought off bad guys to protect the village. Tian tells everyone to thank the Chief which the kids promptly do. Then Tian says that it’s because the Chief takes care of everyone so.. diligently. Tian deliberately uses the same words as those he overheard from his father to Phupha.

A little later and Tian is walking away from Phupha while the Chief calls out his name. Phupha catches up to him and asks why Tian is walking away from him. Tian says that he’s home now and it’s safe. Phupha says that he knows that. Tian tells him that he’s off duty now so he can leave.

Phupha still not understanding asks Tian what’s wrong and that they need to talk. Tian turns around and straight out asks him how Phupha knows his father. Phupha sighs knowing how much shit he’s in now. He says that Tian’s father was his former commander in the ministry that his department is under.

Tian says that Phupha knew all along who he was then and that it all makes sense now. Phupha says that it wouldn’t matter who he was as it was still his duty to protect him. Tian snaps back at him that everything Phupha did for him was duty then? (This is ugly.. poor Tian).

Phupha says that someone like him doesn’t have free time to teach a person like Tian to cook or wash clothes. Tian thanks Chief Phupha for doing his job so faultlessly then his voice is dripping in sarcasm. Tian says his father will surely hear about it.

Phupha says that he better pack up and go home then if the fun is over. Tian wonders why everyone assumes that he came to teach in the village for fun. Phupha says that a rich boy like Tian can’t possibly take anything here seriously. (Oh, bad Phupha!) Tian asks if Phupha saw anything that Tian did at all.

Tian says that if everyone thinks that he just came for the sake of fun then he won’t go home just yet. Tian says that Phupha can just keep doing his duty then because Tian is still having fun. Tian walks off angrily and it’s amazing his fury isn’t setting anything on fire as he does so.

Later that night Tian is at Khama’s house having supper. Khama tells him to eat up as the hospital food isn’t as good as the village food. Tian apologizes to Khama for risking Longtae’s life. Khama tells him it’s okay since everyone came back safe. Khama also says that his son is a tough boy and he knew that he could pull through.

Khama says that for a small guy like Tian, he is pretty gutsy. Longtae asks if Tian was scared at all. Tian says that a gun was pointed at his head, he was scared as hell. Longtae laughs a little and Khama says that he shouldn’t have asked that.

Khama says it makes sense know when Tian asked about Pha Pun Dao cliff as only people who have been there, know about the place. Khama also tells Tian not to worry about the villagers as he will explain it to them for Tian. Tian thanks Khama when Longtae chimes in that he will help too.

Khama says that birth, old age, sickness and death are unavoidable, even for those that you see everyday. Khama says it feels like destiny. Longtae asks his father why he says that. Khama says that even though Torfun left, her heart came back to be close to them.

Longtae smiles and tells Tian that he’s done the best he can. Tian says that you can’t do good things to erase the bad things you’ve done. Khama sees how much Tian is still beating himself up.

Khama tells Tian to remember how he told Khama that he came to redeem himself and ask for the village’s forgiveness? Tian nods. Khama says there’s something harder than apologizing and that’s learning to forgive yourself. Khama says that no one can tell you what to do, except you, yourself.

Dr. Nam and Phupha are out drinking somewhere. Dr. Nam is saying that it’s no wonder Phupha was taking such good care of Tian, it’s because of his father. Dr. Nam says that Phupha should have told him that. Phupha says that it was an order given to him.

Dr. Nam asks Phupha if that’s really the reason that he took care of Tian so specially? Then tells Phupha that it’s Bullshit, he doesn’t believe it for a second. Dr. Nam can’t believe that Phupha spoke to Tian so harshly either.

Dr. Nam warns Phupha that Tian could tell his father about that, he doesn’t understand why Phupha just didn’t explain things to Tian nicely. Phupha says that if he did that, then Tian wouldn’t leave easily. Dr. Nam says that Phupha decided to hurt them both then?

Phupha says that though it hurts, it will stop hurting soon. Dr. Nam says that he came so far with Tian, and he’s never been like this with anyone else. Dr. Nam says that he’s sure Tian is caring about Phupha too. Dr. Nam tells him to do whatever he wants but don’t regret it later.

Phupha says that for something that is impossible it’s best to end it now. Dr. Nam says that it’s such a classic issue with social class differences between people. Dr. Nam says that he won’t say anymore and the two continue to drink.

That’s the end of Episode 9 Part 2!