Ingredients: Episode 2 Summer Fresh

Marwin is on his way home with groceries when he gets a phone call. He says that he’s almost home and doesn’t want to go back to the store to pick up another item. Marwin then hangs up the phone to continue his walk home.

Marwin finally gets home to find the place extremely hot. He asks Tops why he didn’t turn on the AC. Tops tells him that the power is out. Marwin wants to know why Tops didn’t tell him earlier, Tops says it’s because he didn’t know.

Marwin says that it’s really hot outside and he just carried all this stuff home. Tops tells him to calm down, then tries to help by fanning Marwin with the magazine he was reading.

Tops then grabs the bags from Marwin so that he can start cooking something yummy.

Marwin happens to pass by while Tops is cooking and it does look good.

Ma Hor with Marian Plum

When Tops is done he calls for Marwin. Marwin tells Tops that he called him like a dog, Tops says he called him like a cat instead then makes cute meow sounds. Marwin asks about the ice, Tops says the power has only been out for half an hour. Marwin was about to just eat the food, when Tops slaps his hands away telling him to wash his hands first. Marwin says that Tops is very fierce.

After Marwin washes his hands, he asks if Tops is happy now. When Tops admits it then Marwin can finally eat the food. Marwin comments that it’s nice and savoury. He didn’t think the pairing would go well together. Marwin admits that he feels refreshed after eating it. Just then the power comes back on.

Tops comments that it’s just like a sitcom (haha) Marwin asks if there is anymore of the food and Tops says that there is more in the fridge. When Tops sits down beside Marwin, Marwin complains that he thought Tops was going to get him some more.

Tops says that he’ll get more for him later. Marwin says that it’s getting cooler inside anyway so he doesn’t have to eat. In fact he feels like writing a song instead.

When Marwin begins to sing that’s when Tops goes to grab more food from the fridge. Tops says that the song sounds very warm. That gives Marwin an idea on how to get past the part he had songwriter’s block on. The Song in English, The Song in Thai

Tops says that it sounds really good, Marwin says it’s because Tops helped him to write it. Tops says that Marwin is exaggerating again. Marwin says that Tops cooks for him and helps him to write his song, he says that Tops is really his amazing top chef. Tops has a cute little smile at that.

Marwin asks what month the food is best for and Tops says that it’s April now. Marwin says that April is hot, then quickly says that Tops is cute before stuffing food in his mouth and turning away.

So ends episode 2! Roll those end credits!