A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 9 Part 1

This episode starts off with a flashback of Torfun asking Phupha if he believes in the Pha Pun Dao tale. He says that he does because his mom came here (they’re on the cliff now) to wish for a son. Torfun says that’s why his mom named him Phupha (Mountiain). He asks her if it sounds tacky but she says that it sounds pretty cool.

Torfun says that the view is very pretty but the camera doesn’t capture it the way they see it with their eyes. Phupha tells her that’s why the forest rangers dedicate to protecting it with their lives for as best and as long as they can.

Torfun says that she applauds his decision. He tells her that they only have wildlife and forests on their minds. Torfun asks him if he doesn’t want someone as well.

Phupha tells Torfun that he knows how she feels about him but.. she stops him before he can finish though. She asks him to take time to think about it, if her heart is going to be broken she wants to at least know that it took time in order to break it.

Torfun says that she wants the answer after she gets back from her next trip to Bangkok. Phupha agrees and then tells her that his work involves him clashing with timber smugglers. He tells her that death is just at the tip of a finger that pulls the trigger. Phupha says that he’s not scared of dying though.

He says that when he dies, he will feel nothing. He’s much more scared for the people he will leave behind as the memory of that person never leaves. Phupha says that he feels bad for his mother and doesn’t want anyone to suffer the way she did.

Torfun says that perhaps he just hasn’t found anyone that he’s really loved yet. She asks him to bring her to the cliff on the last day of the year. Phupha smiles and agrees to do just that.

In the present, the rangers bring Phupha to Dr. Nam. They put him down on the bed and Dr. Nam says that they have to take out the bullet and get him stable before they can transfer him to the hospital. Dr. Nam tells the nurse to let the hospital know to prepare AB blood as Phupha has lost a lot of his.

Tian tells Dr. Nam that he’s the same blood type and that Dr. Nam can take his. Dr. Nam says that Tian just had surgery and that it’s not safe for him. Dr. Nam also tells Tian that the medications he takes make him ineligible to donate blood. If they did give it to Phupha, he would die.

It’s a very tense situation and Tian can only stand off to the side and watch as Dr. Nam digs out the bullet and sews Phupha back up. A little while later Phupha seems stable and Dr. Nam is checking on Tian’s arm. He tells Tian that when he gets to the hospital, he will need an x-ray to be sure and that the splint/sling is only temporary.

Tian asks about Phupha and Dr. Nam says that he’s stable for now, the ambulance should be arriving soon to transfer him to the hospital. Tian asks if he can stay with Phupha for a bit longer. Dr. Nam just walks away without saying anything.

Tian goes over the chief and pulls the blankets up more to cover him. Tian then thanks Phupha for everything. He lays down beside Phupha and falls asleep which is how Dr. Nam finds them when he comes back into the room.

Dr. Nam does take Phupha’s jacket and cover Tian up with it though so he doesn’t catch a cold. He smiles at how cute the two of them look together. He then leaves the room to give them their privacy.

Roll those opening credits!

After the credits, Tian wakes up in the hospital with Dr. Nam sitting by his bedside. Of course the first thing Tian does is ask about Phupha. Dr. Nam says that if Phupha knew about that, he would be very happy. Dr. Nam asks Tian how he’s doing. Tian tells him that he’s not going to die twice (not for lack of trying).

Dr. Nam says that if Tian can joke about that then he’s doing well. Dr. Nam then asks Tian why he didn’t him about Torfun’s heart when Tian told him about the heart transplant. Tian says that he didn’t know what others would think about it. He says he wasn’t sure if others could accept it.

Tian says that the more he lived in the village, the guiltier he felt, so he couldn’t tell anyone. Tian says that there are no secrets in this world, right? Dr. Nam then apologizes to Tian. Tian confusedly asks why Dr. Nam is apologizing to him. Dr. Nam confesses that he was the one to tell Phupha about Tian and Torfun’s heart.

Dr. Nam says that he didn’t think Phupha would be so impulsive and ask Tian about it like that though. Tian tells him not to worry about it as sooner or later he would’ve had to reveal it anyway. He tells Dr. Nam that he was planning to reveal it anyway which makes Dr. Nam smile.

Dr. Nam tells Tian not to be mad at Phupha, if he has to be mad at someone it should be him. Tian tells him that he’s not mad at him. Tian then asks about how Chief Phupha is doing. Dr. Nam says that he’s still under the doctor’s close care and that they are waiting for him to regain consciousness.

Dr. Nam also quickly tells him that Phupha isn’t allowed to have visitors at the moment. Tian says that if he really doesn’t him to be mad then Dr. Nam can do him a favour. The favour of course is to get Tian into Phupha’s room so he can visit him. Dr. Nam asks if he’s forgiven now. Tian of course nods his head. (Dr. Nam would’ve done it anyway as he ships them together).

Dr. Nam leaves the room. Tian starts by telling Phupha that he’s sorry that Phupha got hurt because of him. Tian also says that he’s sorry for lying about Torfun. Tian says that he’s wrong for not telling everyone the truth. Tian says that he only thought of the ways to relieve the guilt that he has.

Tian says that’s why he decided to live Torfun’s life and do the things that she wanted to do. Tian says that in the end he realized that it wasn’t right. Tian says that deep down, he’s probably afraid of losing everything that he has right now.

Tian says that he feels like he’s taken away the life that should have been hers. Tian is crying as he says the more he talks, the more guilty he feels. He thanks Phupha for taking such good care of him, then begs him to wake up. Tian says that he knows Phupha is incredibly strong and that having him by his side, makes him feel safe.

He tells Phupha just to wake up already and to take care of him again. Tian then pulls the hospital sheet up to cover Phupha and leaves still sniffling. After he leaves we Phupha open his eyes.

Tian returns to his own room to find his father waiting there for him. His father takes a quick look and says that he’s grateful that it isn’t a more serious injury. He tells Tian that he was worried about him. Tian sits down on the hospital bed before demanding to know how his father got there.

His father says that he came right after he heard about the incident. Tian asks about his mother then. His dad confesses that the mom doesn’t know anything as she would be frantic if she did. His dad also says that he doesn’t know how long he can keep it a secret though.

Tian has just realized that his father knew all along where he was and what he was doing. His father admits to that and Tian now understands about it. He wonders why his father let him continue to stay there and do that. His father says that since Tian was little he never forced Tian to do anything.

His father knows that Tian was forced to do what his mother wanted him to do anyway and that was enough to make a person tired. Tian’s father said the he just didn’t think that Tian could survive the hardship for so long. His father said that he thought Tian would get bored or that it wouldn’t be “fun” anymore and he would come home.

Tian tells his dad that it wasn’t “fun”. He ran away from home and almost died. It wasn’t “fun” at all, not even close. His dad says that if it wasn’t “fun” then why did he run away from home? His father demands to know what Tian wants then.

Tian says that he wants to do things that he’s never done before. His father says that if he hadn’t seen Tian having fun doing what he was doing, he would’ve brought him home a long time ago and Tian should know that.

Tian nods his head and says that he should have known. He’s never had freedom in his life. Tian says that since he was born, he had never had a moment where he felt proud of himself. Tian says that his life has always been comfortable, whether it was school or college he was put in there easily.

Tian says that when he was in the village, he got to teach kids how to brush their teeth or wash clothes. He tells his father that he also had to cook for himself and that made him realize that he was capable of many thing. He says that he was finally proud of himself.

His father says that he ran away from home, to do things he’s never done before and to feel proud of himself, just that? When Tian nods, his father has to think about it. Tian then asks his father if he got his heart transplant because of the family name. Tian says that it was because of their money right?

His father doesn’t understand what any of that has to do with now, or Tian running away from home. Tian says that he’s just curious if this new life of his was only possible because of the family’s money. His father tells him not to burden himself with it as it’s the parent’s job to provide the best thing for their children.

His father says that whatever he can do for Tian, he will. He says the fact that they have money just makes things go more smoothly. Tian says that he’s not arguing that. Having money and a comfortable life is the dream for many people. His father demands to know what Tian does want then.

Tian says that he wants to know that he made the right decision to go to the village. It was at least something he could do for Torfun. His father realizes that Tian knew, and Tian tells him that he did know about the heart and the car accident. His father says it’s good that he knows and now they can go home together.

Tian tells his father that he knows he has to go home sooner or later but there’s still something he has to do. He says that if he gets to do it, then he might feel less guilty about being alive.

Tian then goes to Phupha’s room to find the nurse changing the sheet. Tian asks where the patient went, then goes to catch up to him. He finds Phupha being pushed in a wheelchair and follows behind.

Once outside in the yard, Tian taps the nurse on the shoulder then raises his finger to his lip telling her to keep quiet so he can surprise Phupha. Phupha immediately notices a difference and looks to find the nurse missing, he looks the other way and sees Tian about to sit on the bench next to him.

Phupha asks Tian if he knew how dangerous it was. Tian says that he knew Phupha would come and save him eventually. Phupha is annoyed and asks Tian what would have happened if he hadn’t been there in time? Tian says that he’s sorry and won’t put Phupha through something like that again..

Phupha tells Tian that he knows everything about Torfun and that Tian should stop blaming himself. Tian admits that whatever he did, he couldn’t erase the guilty feeling in his heart. He says that Torfun would never forgive him.

Phupha says that Tian doesn’t know that. He says that when he was dying, he wasn’t mad at Tian at all. He says that he was thinking about the villagers, the forest rangers and other people that he cared about (TIAN) He says that Torfun he knows would think the same way he does.

Phupha says that everyone knows how much Tian did for the village and Torfun. Phupha says that maybe Torfun chose to give her heart to Tian. He suggests it’s why Torfun brought him to the village.

Tian apologizes again to Phupha but Phupha tells him that it’s okay. Phupha says that he firmly believes Torfun would forgive him just the way he did. Phupha says he’s not very good at consoling so Tian can smile now. Phupha then asks if Tian’s arm hurts, Tian says that it doesn’t then asks Phupha about his own injuries.

Phupha tells him that he won’t die easily then teases Tian by asking if he was worried about him. Tian doesn’t hesitate and says that of course he was worried about him..obviously. Tian says if something really did happen to Phupha, how would he live?

Phupha says that just knowing someone cares about him makes him feel better. Tian says that they should go back inside now. As Tian is about to push Phupha, Phupha says that he already told him a little bit about what he was thinking when he was dying but now he also Tian that he was thinking of him as well.

A little while later, Phupha enters his room alone to find Tian’s dad there and some flowers. Tian’s dad says that the flowers are from him and Phupha greets him by name, showing that they already know each other!

That’s the end of Episode 9 Part 1!