A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 8 Part 3

Tian walks through the tea farm where the villagers still refuse to look at him. Tian can do nothing but to keep walking.

Tian arrives at Khama’s house and at least Khama will talk to him as well as acknowledging his existence. Tian asks him if Longtae is home but Khama says he hasn’t seen him since this morning. Tian says that he’s trying to return the shirt he had borrowed from Longtae.

Khama says that Longtae is probably out picking tea leaves with the other villagers but if Tian leaves the shirt with him, he’ll make sure his son gets it. It’s clear the Chief Khama is also uncomfortable with Tian though, so Tian thanks him then leaves after handing o

After Tian leaves, Longtae comes out of the hut and his father hands him the shirt. Khama can see that his son is uncomfortable so he tells him to look at the caterpillars. The caterpillars keeping eating Khama’s flowers and leaves. In fact, most of the leaves have bite marks.

Longtae asks his father if he wants him to get some pesticide. Khama says not to kill them because they will grow up to be butterflies. Once they are butterflies they will pollinate the flowers which will let the plants grow better. Khama asks Longtae to imagine if he were the flower, would he hold a grudge against the butterfly? He tells his son to think on it.

Tian is alone sitting on a rock at the waterfall thinking over the hurtful words that Phupha said to him earlier. Longtae approaches Tian and sits beside him. Longtae starts off with angrily saying that it was Torfun that made him think of going to college. He says that she was the only person to believe in him.

Torfun even talked to Khama to convince him to let Longtae go to college. Tian says that he’s really sorry. Longtae tells Tian that he just wants to know what happened Torfun that day.

At the forest ranger base, Rang is showing the team where the patrols have gone but that they’ve only found tools left behind and no people. Phupha says that it’s odd since the bad guys should know that the path to Pha Pun Dao cliff is part of the regular forest ranger patrol. So he’s wondering why the bad guys are using it.

Rang says that the other day the other team found tire tracks but no signs of any of the trees being cut down. Phupha’s response to heighten patrols and security. If anyone sees anything suspicious they are supposed to report it to him right away.

Dr. Nam arrives just as the other forest rangers are leaving. He quickly checks the room where Tian was staying but doesn’t see him. He then goes to Phupha to ask where Tian is. Phupha tells him that he asked Tian to go back to the teacher’s house. Dr. Nam wonders why Phupha is so hasty. Phupha says that if that’s what Dr. Nam wants to talk about then he doesn’t have time for it, he then goes to leave.

Dr. Nam asks him would that still be true if he told him that Tian didn’t kill Torfun? Phupha asks how that’s possible. Dr. Nam brings out the medical records and says that Torfun was hit by a car around 1 a.m. while Tian was admitted to the hospital around midnight a whole hour before she was hit by the car. Phupha quickly checks the records then realizes that he’s been a complete and utter jerk.

At the waterfall, Longtae asks if Tian didn’t hit Torfun then who did? We get a flashback to that night where Tian started to feel lightheaded. Tul tells Tian that he has a bad feeling about this and asks Tian to cancel it. Tian doesn’t want the other guy to think that he would chicken out though.

However Tian knows something is seriously wrong and that he won’t be able to drive so he asks his friend Prem if he can beat the other guy in the race. Prem says that it would be really easy, so Tian gives him the car keys telling him that if he wins, he can keep the car.

After Prem gets in the car, Tian asks Tul to wait a second for him. Tul asks him if he’s okay. Tian says that he’s fine.

Tian goes into the bathroom, and passes out on the bathroom floor. Which is how Tul found him. Tul tried to wake him up and when he failed, he phoned for an ambulance. Tian says tells Longtae that he was hospitalized at the time of Torfun’s death.

Dr. Nam is telling Phupha that it was Tian’s friend that killed Torfun then used money to cover it up. Dr. Nam got the information from Torfun’s aunt himself. Phupha realizes how much he hurt Tian and that he didn’t deserve it, so he runs off to go and find him.

Longtae asks Tian why he didn’t just tell everyone that someone else killed Torfun. Tian says that it doesn’t matter who was behind the wheel that night, because he handed over the weapon that killed Torfun. Longtae says that he understands then asks Tian to let him punch Tian so they can be even.

Tian tells him that he can, then Tian closes his eyes and doesn’t even try to dodge the fist coming for his face. Longtae pulls back before he can actually hit him though and redirects it to Tian’s shoulder. Longtae says it’s what Tian gets for not being honest with him.

Longtae says that they are even now, but he’s not sure that the others will understand Tian the way he does. Tian says that he’s okay with just this.

Phupha rides his bike over to Tian’s house only to find that he isn’t there.

Longtae asks Tian what he will do now. Tian says that he doesn’t think the villagers will let him teach their kids anymore. Longtae worriedly asks him if that means he will go home. Tian tells him that he can’t leave yet because he has one more thing to do for Torfun.

Tian tells Longtae that he still has to make a wish at Pha Pun Dao cliff. Longtae asks if Tian knows what Torfun’s wish was. Tian tells him that he doesn’t and has no way to find out either. Tian says that Phupha took Torfun’s notebook from him. However, he can still go to the cliff and wish for her wish to be granted.

Longtae tells Tian to ask him if he needs any help. Tian confesses that he would have asked anyway even if Longtae hadn’t said that. Tian asks Longtae to show him the way to the cliff so that he can find it on his own at the end of the year.

Longtae says that he doesn’t like the idea since the other villagers got so badly haunted from being around there. Tian says that he wants to go to the cliff not Ghost Hill.

Tian begs Longtae until he agrees. Longtae asks Tian when he wants to go, and Tian says right now. This actually shocks Longtae but Tian explains that he wants to go right away as anything can happen.

Longtae says that he understands, then asks Tian to wait for him as he wants to go home to grab a flashlight. Tian agrees to wait for Longtae at the waterfall.

While Tian is waiting for Longtae though he sees the two villagers that were being haunted being all sneaky and suspicious. They are being super shady in the way that they make sure that they aren’t being followed from the village.

Tian being highly suspicious, decides to leave the rock and follow them.

That’s the end of Episode 8 Part 3!