Psych Hunter: Episode 28

This episode starts off with Mr. Sun attacking Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng in the Psych with measuring tape. He manages to make them fly in the air before using red string to drag them off into a room.

Roll those opening credits!

After the credits we see that Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng have just arrived in the Psych. Yi Heng comments that there are a lot of measuring tapes around and how it fits perfectly with Sun Zhi Liang’s Psych. Jiang Shuo says that there are so many roads, so he suggests that Yi Heng pick one for them to follow.

They come upon a trash can and Jiang Shuo asks Qin’er if it looks familiar to him. Yi Heng says that it’s the one in the alley beside the cheongsam boutique. Jiang Shuo says that he’s right, then figures out the location of where the boutique should be there from there.

They start walking and in the distance they see Mr. Sun with Zhou Lan. She’s looking at a magazine when Sun Zhi Liang tells her to stop staring at it and that everything is fine because he’s there. Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng get a bit closer to the couple.

The couple starts walking past a bunch of women. Eventually Zhou Lan says that once Her magazine was published, she became famous. Mr. Sun tells her not to take it personally, as he sees it the others are just jealous of her.

Jiang Shuo says that it’s really hard for a woman to run a business, if she doesn’t do well then she can’t support herself, if she does well then others judge her for it. Zhou Lan says that just because she appeared in the magazine, people started looking into her past. Mr. Sun tells her to treat the past like a dream and when she wakes up, she can move on with her life.

The two finally approach the boutique with Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng not far behind them. There’s writing all over it in red, (I don’t know what it says) Mr. Sun is offended though wondering who wrote it, then yells that the people that did it are lunatics.

Mr. Sun tries to wipe it off but the writing is stuck there. All of a sudden all the still women they passed come to life and call Zhou Lan a whore. One of the women says that since Yun Yi saw Zhou Lan he’s fallen head over heels for her. The woman says that Zhou Lan’s seducing skills live up to her past job as that of a prostitute.

Another woman says that Her magazine was supposed to empower women yet after reading it, all the men think about is Zhou Lan. They call her a home wrecker and say that she only runs the boutique on the surface and is a prostitute in disguise. (These women disgust me)

Mr. Sun runs into the group putting himself in front of Zhou Lan. He tells the women that’s enough and that they are the wicked ones and they better watch their tongues. He says that the other women are full of crap and that they had better stop spouting nonsense. (Totally agree with him on that!)

Zhou Lan says that they are all slandering her and being contentious and asks the women what’s the point of it all? One woman comes back at her saying that she’s pretending to be so pitiful in order to bewitch other people again. Mr. Sun tells them to shut up. The woman then says that she brought Zhou Lan a special “gift” and the other women bring it over.

The “gift” is her cheongsams and scissors. They then take all the cheongsams that Zhou Lan put her heart and soul into.. and they start to rip and tear them apart in front of her. They then grab Zhou Lan separating her from Mr. Sun. They then start to tear her clothes off and put new clothes on her.

The one woman says that she got off too easy though and tells the others that they should cut her hair as well. They then make her cut her hair by threatening her with some strange liquid.

The women say that she can’t seduce anyone now, but one woman points out that Mr. Sun won’t leave her. The main woman says that of course he won’t leave Zhou Lan because he’s a scum who sucks up to women. The woman says that as long as Mr. Sun can be with the coquettish woman he’s willing to be unmoved like Liu Xia Hui.

The main bully says that the two victims are good for nothings and then encourages the other women to beat them up. They throw eggs and other vegetables at both Zhou Lan and Mr. Sun. Mr. Sun has cloth stuffed in his mouth and is being restrained is which is why he can’t protect Zhou Lan. (These women are pure evil)

Jiang Shuo says it’s very pitiful but they can’t change the past. Yi Heng calls the women brutes. He says it’s no wonder people say that women’s hearts are more vicious. Yi Heng says that he didn’t realize how much the three women hated Zhou Lan. Jiang Shuo says that gave them no right to be so cruel.

Jiang Shuo calls the women heartless lunatics. We can hear Zhou Lan’s thoughts asking why it’s so hard to start a new life? Mr. Sun goes over to touch Zhou Lan for comfort but she yells at him not to touch her and runs inside to the boutique.

Zhou Lan runs into the boutique while Mr. Sun is still stunned by her yelling at him. She locks him out, which is when he realizes that something bad is about to happen. He pounds on the door, crying out her name and begging to be let into the boutique.

He finally manages to burst into the boutique just in time to save her from committing suicide by using the scissors. He tells her that it will be okay. However Zhou Lan remembers how the women beat him up because of his relationship with her. This gives her the added strength which she uses to stab herself with the scissors.

Mr. Sun can’t believe what just happened and starts to sob. He asks her why she’s so silly. She doesn’t respond and dies in his arms. Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng managed to see the last part once they entered the room. Jiang Shuo says that it turns out that Zhou Lan committed suicide.

We go to the next memory where Ms. Qin came to offer her condolences to Mr. Sun regarding the death of Zhou Lan. He begs her for help since his boss died because of those vicious women. He begs her to help expose those women using Her magazine.

Ms. Qin says that the father of Wang Gui Fang is the head of the news agency? Ms. Qin says that she wanted to stand up for Zhou Lan but Her magazine was warned several times and was almost suspended. She tells him that Her magazine means everything to her.

She tells him that it’s not that she doesn’t want to help, it’s just that she can’t do anything for him. She offers her condolences again and then leaves. Mr. Sun talks to the memorial tablet asking if she heard that. He says that all those women are hypocrites. He then says that all of them helped to cause her death. He then tells the tablet that he wants them all to pay with their lives.

Mr. Sun leaves the room, and Jiang Shuo as well as Yi Heng quickly follow behind him. We then see him calling the women witches and using the measuring tape to capture them all. Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng realize that Mr. Sun has lost his temper and is the Psych defence mechanism himself. They both yell “Run!” At each other.

Unfortunately for both of them they end up getting caught by Mr. Sun in a scene mirroring that of the beginning of the episode.

Jiang Shuo wakes up first but Yi Heng comes to shortly after. They find themselves in a room with the captured women. The women surround a coffin holding Zhou Lan and all of them have their hair cut. They also have a banner that says why they hurt Zhou Lan and that they’re sorry.

Jiang Shuo says that it looks like the four women did admit their mistakes but that Sun Zhi Liang couldn’t accept it. Yi Heng says that it’s a narrow space then asks Jiang Shuo if he might know where they are. Jiang Shuo notices that it’s a double casket but can’t think of where someone could hide something like that in the city.

Sun Zhi Liang’s voice comes out from nowhere telling the women that after they went missing, people saw them as vulnerable victims. He says that people had no idea that the women were actually insidious murderers. He tells the women that today they will all be buried with Zhou Lan.

Measuring tape comes after the women and the coffin lifting them all up into the air. Then the walls of the room start to close in. The copper coins haven’t sounded yet so Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng that they have to get out the old fashioned way. Yi Heng yells that it won’t work.

Yi Heng says that the defence mechanism is too strong. Jiang Shuo says that if they can’t leave the Psych then they at least have to leave the room itself. Jiang Shuo tells Qin’er that he should go up first but Yi Heng argues with him. Yi Heng than makes Jiang Shuo go up first.

Jiang Shuo is carried away by the coffin and that’s when Yi Heng shows that he tricked Jiang Shuo into leaving first. He says that he believes that Jiang Shuo will come back and save him. Jiang Shuo swears that he will and then gets carried away back into the real world.

Jiang Shuo wakes up in the real world where Mu Qing is jingling the coins. He then grabs the coins and tries to wake up Yi Heng but it doesn’t work. Mu Qing is now worried, as Jiang Shuo quickly tells her that Yi Heng got trapped inside the Psych.

Jiang Shuo says that although the Psych is not the real world, if something happens to you there, you will never wake up. Mu Qing asks him what they should do? Jiang Shuo says that Sun Zhi Liang’s self defence mechanism in the Psych is too strong so they have to find a way to crush that determination in order to save Qin’er.

A quick flash into the Psych shows that Yi Heng is still alive but trapped in a small space.

Back in the real world, Jiang Shuo is saying that it’s impossible. Mu Qing tells him to calm down since he can’t think straight if he’s anxious. Jiang Shuo is panicking saying that the only way to save Qin’er from being trapped in the Psych forever is to find the four women.

Sergeant Bai tells Jiang Shuo that point was the fact that he can’t do anything when he’s anxious. Sergeant Bai calmly suggests that they go over the clues again. Jiang Shuo looks at the board again and then realizes that in the Psych he saw the four women hanging in the air much like the cheongsams were hanging from the roof. With this new information the team heads out.

In the Psych Yi Heng finds a memorial tablet in the small space with him. He reaches out to read it and then knocks it over.

Back in the real world Jiang Shuo and the others are digging trying to find the women. Jiang Shuo is convinced that they were buried alive, but they haven’t found them yet. Mu Qing tells him to think carefully in case he’s made a mistake.

Jiang Shuo then considers the matter carefully and realizes something. He runs outside to check, then the others realize the same thing he has. The temple is bigger than they thought it was. Jiang Shuo asks for a hammer.

Jiang Shuo breaks down a wall in the temple with the hammer, then they enter the secret chamber. They have found the four women still breathing but barely alive. Sergeant Bai sends one of his officers to get help.

Jiang Shuo has figured out how to break Mr. Sun’s Psych defence and asks Xiao Hei to take Yi Heng as well as Mr. Sun to the hospital. Jiang Shuo reassures Mu Qing that Qin’er will be fine now.

Jiang Shuo confronts Mr. Sun in the hospital saying that he didn’t think Jiang Shuo would find the women. He also tells Mr. Sun to take a look and see that the women are still alive. Mr. Sun says that even if they die the women would be the ones to blame. He also says that it serves them right.

Jiang Shuo corrects him saying that he’s the one to blame and not them. He also says that the women are still alive therefore everything Mr. Sun has done so far has been in vain. Jiang Shuo also says that the women are now under police protection so Mr. Sun can’t hurt them anymore.

Xiao Hei asks Mu Qing why Jiang Shuo seems to be provoking Mr. Sun. Mu Qing explains that it’s the way to break Mr. Sun’s defence mechanism in the Psych. Jiang Shuo then says that if Zhou Lan could see how cruel Mr. Sun was to these women, she would not Rest In Peace. Mr. Sun yells at him to shut up.

Mr. Sun says that he changed his mind and the women don’t deserve to live after all and that he will kill them right now. He says that Liu Zhi told him he was just enforcing justice. Jiang Shuo tells Mr. Sun that he won’t let him have his way again then he throws him back into the Psych.

Jiang Shuo arrives back into the room with Zhou Lan’s body. He starts to call out for Yi Heng looking for him. Eventually he sees a bit of Yi Heng’s coat and goes to it. He finds Yi Heng hiding underneath the coat. Yi Heng is clearly traumatized and pushes Jiang Shuo away.

Jiang Shuo tries to figure out a way to get through to Yi Heng then he finds Yi Heng’s ring on the floor and uses it to ground him. Yi Heng now at least talks, but he wonders who Jiang Shuo is.. as well as who he is.

At least Yi Heng is no longer curled up in a ball. Yi Heng starts to wander around the room wondering where he is, and why he can’t remember anything. Yi Heng says that the only thing he remembers is that a long, long time ago he was looking for someone.

Yi Heng says that someone took him to a place that was like a dream. The person told Yi Heng that he had to follow him because in that place anything could happen. Jiang Shuo starts to cry as he remembers that was their first trip to the Psych together.

Jiang Shuo starts to mirror the words he used the very first time they went to the Psych together by reminding Yi Heng to look at his clothes, then telling Yi Heng that he changed them because anything could happen in the Psych so he had to make sure Yi Heng was properly equipped.

As Jiang Shuo continues to mirror that conversation from the very first Psych trip, Yi Heng begins to remember. Finally Yi Heng remembers everything and Jiang Shuo tells him that it’s time to go home.

They both wake up in the real world. Mu Qing welcomes Yi Heng back to the real world saying that she’s glad he came back. Yi Heng smiles and says that he’s also glad to be back. Xiao Hei says that it’s good he came back because Jiang Shuo was losing his mind.

Yi Heng says that he knows and that he’s glad to see everyone. Mr. Sun hasn’t woken up yet though. We see him back in the Psych talking to Zhou Lan. He tells her that everything he did, he did it for her.

Zhou Lan’s voice comes out of nowhere telling him that the dead are gone, the living must continue on. She tells him that she hopes he can get rid of the demon in his heart soon so that she can Rest In Peace.

He tells her it was all because he loved her so much, that he lost himself. We then get a few flashbacks of the two of them together.

Sun Zhi Liang wakes up in the real world. Mu Qing tells him that they know how much loves Zhou Lan but he shouldn’t have committed crimes. She then asks him if he has anything to say for himself.

Mr. Sun says that he knocked the women out and took them to the enclosed chamber. He then cut their hair and buried them there. He says that everything he did to them was to make them feel the pain that his boss had suffered.

He says he wanted them to taste the despair of a dreary life. He realized that all his plans required a scapegoat though. Jiang Shuo says that’s when Sun Zhi Liang chose Qin Yan for his plan. Mr. Sun says that everything happened because of her so he pinned his last hope on her as well.

However because the one woman’s father owned a news agency, Qin Yan didn’t help him. So he set up everything in the old temple, then sneaked in the pictures and orders into the news agency. He says that he did it all to avenge his boss.

Jiang Shuo is sitting on the table when Bai She and Sparrow are walking by. He asks them where they are going since it’s late. Bai She says that the moon is pretty tonight so they are going to go take a stroll. Jiang Shuo says it’s dark out and not very safe, so he warns them to be careful.

Yi Heng heard the last bit of the conversation so when he walks over he asks Jiang Shuo why he’s being so cautious as it’s unlike him. Jiang Shuo says that it’s a miracle he’s still alive. He doesn’t care what Liu Zhi does, but he doesn’t want Liu Zhi to hurt his friends.

Jiang Shuo says that next time they are in a dangerous situation, Yi Heng isn’t allowed to play the guessing game (how he tricked Jiang Shuo into leaving the Psych without him.) Jiang Shuo says that it’s very childish, Jiang Shuo says he doesn’t want to owe Yi Heng.

Yi Heng says that Jiang Shuo owes him anyway and he remembers it all. Jiang Shuo then asks Yi Heng why he wears the glasses all the time, is he actually shortsighted? Yi Heng says that he’s always been insecure since he was young and the glasses made him feel better.

Yi Heng says that after meeting Jiang Shuo he doesn’t wear them that often anymore. Yi Heng then thanks Jiang Shuo. Jiang Shuo gets very embarrassed and says that Yi Heng is a man so why is he so cheesy. He then tells Yi Heng that he doesn’t have to thank him since they are brothers.

Jiang Shuo says that if Yi Heng insists.. he then steals Yi Heng’s coat and puts it on. He says that Yi Heng can let him wear the coat for awhile. Yi Heng is a little shocked but concedes and says he will just give the coat to Jiang Shuo.

Jiang Shuo says that although Sun Zhi Liang confessed he said that it was Liu Zhi that taught him to enforce justice. Yi Heng asks Jiang Shuo if he thinks that Liu Zhi taught Sun Zhi Liang the M.O.? Jiang Shuo says that he’s not sure and can’t figure it out. He says that if Mr. Sun doesn’t tell them the truth tomorrow, he will beat him up.

Yi Heng reminds Jiang Shuo that they are easy targets for Liu Zhi and that they should just.. Jiang Shuo finishes his sentence by saying they should play it by ear and that it’s the same thing again.

Yi Heng says that for the interrogation it can be just Yi Heng and Sergeant Bai. He tells Jiang Shuo that he doesn’t have to be there for it. Jiang Shuo agrees not to go, then Yi Heng pats him on the shoulder wishing him a goodnight then leaves.

Dr. Shen comes to the compound, standing there a moment before Mu Qing arrives. Mu Qing greets her and says that she must be here to see Yi Heng. She says no, she was just passing by after work. Mu Qing offers her a seat but Dr. Shen refuses saying it’s late and she doesn’t want to disturb Dr. Qin.

Mu Qing says that she heard Dr. Shen likes Yi Heng. Dr. Shen is quick to say no but Mu Qing says that if she does like him then she should chase him. Mu Qing says that time doesn’t wait for anyone and you never know what may happen tomorrow.

Mu Qing says that although she gives that advice she’s not much better herself. She says that even if she can stay by his side and help him a little she will be happy. Xiao Quan and Mantou run out of the compound and Xiao Quan begs Ms. Yuan to help him.

Mantou says that he’s hiding her meat bun. Xiao Quan says that he has no choice as Jiang Shuo shut down his business and they can only make money on their street performances, if he lets Mantou eat all the food they will starve. Mu Qing didn’t realize that Jiang Shuo had shut his business down in order to go after Liu Zhi. She says that she can help, while Dr. Shen gives Mantou some food.

At the police station, Mr. Sun is put in the chair for interrogation. He says that he has said everything already and even if Sergeant Bai asks him again nothing will change. Sergeant Bai says that he’s not asking the questions his friend is.

Yi Heng shows a picture of Liu Zhi’s seal then asks if Mr. Sun recognizes it. Mr. Sun says it’s Liu Zhi. We then get a flashback of Liu Zhi asking Sun Zhi Liang if he wants to avenge his boss. Mr. Sun says that he doesn’t have the heart for it. Liu Zhi tells him not to be benevolent as it’s heaven’s law and karma, an eye for an eye.

Liu Zhi tells him the women are just getting what they deserve. Back int he present, Yi Heng asks him if it was Liu Zhi that taught him the method of killing? Mr. Sun silently nods his head. Yi Heng asks Mr. Sun why Liu Zhi did that and what does he look like?

That’s the end of Episode 28! Roll those end credits!