A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 8 Part 2

Tian goes back to the school the next day but Yod doesn’t even talk to him and the school itself is empty. Tian goes and sits down at his desk. Eventually he gets up to pace as no one is showing up.

Eventually as time passes, Yod suggests that Tian goes home since it doesn’t look like anyone is going to come today. Tian tells Yod that he can leave first as Tian wants to wait a little longer.

Eventually Meejoo arrives at the school. She’s excited to be there and Tian asks about her brother Ayi. Meejoo says that her mom didn’t want them to come but she sneaked out anyway because she missed him.

Tian asks her what she would like to learn today, and Meejoo wants to learn what death means, since her mom says Tian is responsible for Miss Torfun’s death.

There’s some awkward silence and I think even Yod feels bad for Tian now. A little later Tian is walking through the village and he passes by the memorial that the villagers set up for Miss Torfun. A lot of villagers leave bouquets of flowers.

The villagers are actively shunning Tian now. Tian just stands there watching them leave flowers for Torfun and after they leave he cries to himself.

Tian heads back to the forest ranger base and on his way, he bumps into Phupha. Phupha says that the school has been rebuilt and the arsonists have been caught so there’s no reason for him to stay there anymore.

Tian tells Phupha that he doesn’t have to give him a ride and then thanks Phupha for letting him stay there. Phupha says that going forward, if Tian needs anything he should contact Yod or Rang. Then he says that everyone there is disappointed in Tian and that he should just leave.

Phupha says that he doesn’t want to see Tian again. Tian is doing his best to hold back emotions but it’s clear that this is what hurts him the most. Tian goes to pick up his stuff but Phupha says that he can’t take the notebook with him.

He tells Tian that he’s only allowed to take Torfun’s heart with him not her notebook. Tian holds out the notebook to Phupha and says that honestly if he could, he would return Torfun’s heart too. Then Tian walks away trying not to cry.

It’s dark by the time he gets home and makes it to his room. He starts to unpack when all the tears that he’s been holding back all day finally escape. He puts his head into his knees and sobs hard.

At the forest ranger base, Phupha is doing some paperwork but he’s having trouble concentrating. The phone rings and it’s Dr. Nam asking Phupha if he’s out of his mind. Phupha rudely asks for clarification but Dr. Nam says that he told Phupha about Tian so that he could find a way to ask him about it.

Phupha claims that he did ask him but Dr. Nam says he didn’t mean for him to drag it out in front of all the villagers. Phupha says that’s nothing compared to what Torfun got. Dr. Nam tells Phupha that he’s being too harsh to Tian. Phupha just hangs up on him.

The next day the forest rangers are out on patrol looking for the bad guys but all they end up finding is an abandoned campfire.

That’s the end of Episode 8 Part 2!