A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 8 Part 1

This episode starts off with Tian getting a blessing from a Buddhist monk. Afterwards he takes a bouquet of flowers to the memorial area where he gives them to Torfun. He tells her that he’s become a volunteer teacher now.

Tian says that he won’t be able to bring her flowers for awhile. He’s not sure what exactly she wants him to take care of, however he believes that whatever it is, he’s sure it’s in Pha Pun Dao. He asks her to wish him luck, then leaves.

Not long after, Phupha arrives with his own flowers. Only to see that someone else has already been there. Phupha quickly looks around but doesn’t see the person that had just left fresh flowers for Torfun.

Roll those opening credits!

Back in the present, Phupha bursts into the room at the camp and begins to search through Tian’s stuff. He searches everywhere and eventually lifts the mattress which is where he finds Torfun’s notebook.

Back at the newly rebuilt school, Tian is preparing himself to talk to the villagers. Longtae comes up to him to ask if he’s ready, and Tian says that he doesn’t know. Longtae tells Tian not to be stressed and just repeat the same thing that he told him.

Longtae smiles and says that he believes the villagers will understand. Tian asks Longtae if he’s seen Phupha. Longtae says that he saw him awhile ago and that he may be talking to Chief Khama.

A few moments later, Tian is outside with Khama as the village chief thanks everyone for coming to celebrate this today. Chief Khama says that the school could only be rebuilt thanks to everyone’s hard work and cooperation. Khama also says that it was because of Tian’s determination and giving his all to the school.

Chief Khama then says that he would like Tian to speak in honour of reopening the school. Tian is now in the spotlight and tells everyone how honoured he feels to speak on the day the school can reopen.

Tian says that he feels very honoured to stand there now, and if he went back in time to the first day he came to the village he would not believe that he could be standing there now.

Tian says that the truth is that he didn’t come here just to be a good teacher, he came because of an unresolved feeling. We get a brief flash of Phupha back in the room reading Torfun’s notebook, then back to Tian.

Tian says that he thought if he could make himself useful here, it would help lift the burden that he’s been carrying on his shoulders. He says that it turns out that he kept causing problems day in, and day out.

Tian says that luckily everyone in the village was able to forgive him for bringing trouble. Back in the ranger HQ, Phupha is reading about the vegetable dish, and remembering that Tian made that same exact one.

In the village, Tian says that everyone was able to give him a chance, taking him in like he was family. Tian says that it made him realize the value of his life and what happiness is. He says that it made him feel like the village was truly home.

Phupha is now reading about Torfun calling him the Green Giant in her notebook. Phupha remembers when Tian told the kids that the big bird protected them from the Mean Green Giant while pointing at Phupha.

Tian tells the villagers that honestly he should be satisfied and let go of his burden that he’s been carrying. However he says the better the villagers treat him, the heavier the burden becomes. It’s so heavy that he can’t carry it any longer. By now the villagers and rangers are wondering what the heck is going on..

Tian tells them that he almost died once but a person from the village gave him her heart, giving him a chance to live on. Of course this would be when Phupha finally shows up, and he’s extremely pissed off.

He yells to Tian saying that Tian said he didn’t know Torfun. He then asks why does Tian have her notebook then? Tian then tells everyone that the person that gave him his new heart was Torfun. (This is big news because Phupha and the rangers have been hiding the fact that’s she been dead since the first episode.)

Tian then claims responsibility for her death as well.. Phupha yells at Tian in front of everyone asking him why he lied to them. (You lied to the whole village about her being dead so you don’t have ground to stand on there buddy!)

Of course now everyone is blaming Tian for her death, as well as being the person that actually told them she’s dead. It’s a lot to process for everyone. Tian isn’t crying but he’s very emotional (it comes through pretty clear and makes me want to cry!)

He goes to leave and everyone pulls back from him like he’s a monster and Phupha refuses to look at him. Tian continues to walk away and it’s the most depressing thing ever.

That’s the end of Episode 8 Part 1! I knew it was coming but this part always hits like a punch to the gut every time I watch it. Seriously if I wasn’t recapping it, I would have skipped it.