Psych Hunter: Episode 27

The episode starts off with our trio walking into a building and out of the rain. Once they are inside they find a book with blood on it, a sheathed dagger and a wrist bangle and sequinned purse all with blood on it.

Jiang Shuo uncovers what appear to be memorial tablets hidden under a cloth. He then goes to pull a red string and have a bunch cheongsams come down like sandbags from above. We then see our trio staring at a big stone statue.

Roll those opening credits!

Xiao Hei goes into a room where a four people are playing mahjong. Xiao Hei asks Chen Gui how he can play mahjong when his wife is missing. Chen Gui seems surprised to find out that his wife is missing and doesn’t seem to really care either. The servant that brought the police into the room says that the madam has been missing for two weeks so he filed a report.

One of the woman around the mahjong table says that the servant is being unruly by taking matters into his own hands without consulting the master. The woman says that her sister has probably only stayed at a friend’s house for a few days and why don’t they check there.

The husband says that he doesn’t check since she enjoys her freedom and he feels better when she’s not around. The husband says he won’t look for her and that whoever is free can go look for her. The husband then loses the game and tries to blame it on Xiao Hei for making him play the wrong tile.

The husband says that he wouldn’t shed a tear even if she got killed out there. He then goes on to continue his game of mahjong, and Xiao Hei leaves the room.

Out in the club one of the women tells Sergeant Bai that the rich man treated Chun Na very well at first, he would give her anything just to spend more time with her. He even spent a large sum of money in order to redeem her.

The other women were jealous because they thought that Chun Na had finally found a good person so that she wouldn’t have to work there anymore and could live a happy life. However the good relationship didn’t last long. Later they would always see bruises on her arms and knees.

One day the man beat her so badly that she needed to be hospitalized and they knew then that he was a drunk and a wife beater. They said that seeing the wounds on her hands was upsetting. They wanted her to file a police report but she didn’t.

The woman says that they knew the man but not his nature. Although Mr. Cao works in a western departmental store, he looks down on prostitutes like them. Apparently he views women like them as something he can can command, scold and beat.

According to the women Mr. Cao thinks that they deserve it. One of the women gets up to sit beside Sergeant Bai. She tells him that she told Chun Na to leave Mr. Cao many times. However Chun Na told her that love should last a lifetime. The woman tells Sergeant Bai that it’s silly.

Sergeant Bai brushes her off of him then asks for Mr. Cao’s full name. She tells him that Mr.Cao’s full name is Cao Yun Yi. Sergeant Bai asks them when they first noticed that Chun Na was missing.

The woman says that Chun Na went missing three weeks ago and they haven’t seen her since. Sergeant Bai thanks her then gets up to leave. The woman calls out after him saying that he should stop by more often.

Xiao Hei is talking to girls outside and they mention that Yin Yin realized she was pregnant after her checkup at the hospital. She was scared and then went to look for Pan Huan immediately. Xiao Hei asks the students who Pan Huan is, they tell him that he was her boyfriend who is currently in university and was a bad man.

Apparently he wanted to break up with Yin Yin over the pregnancy. According to her friends Yin Yin would rather jump off the building than abort the baby like her boyfriend wanted her to and hated her boyfriend a lot for suggesting it. She’s been missing for about 2 weeks. Xiao Hei writes down Liu Yin Yin in his notebook before Sergeant Bai thanks them and they both leave.

Back at the police station, Xiao Hei hands over the investigation notes to Jiang Shuo and tells him that it’s all there. Jiang Shuo looks at it briefly before stating that someone is trying to confuse them. Jiang Shuo then hands the file over to Yi Heng while Xiao Hei teases Jiang Shuo about he could know that? Is he psychic?

Jiang Shuo pulls out a pointer stick and starts by with examining the first case that of the clinic. The nurses went missing for two days. Their families didn’t care about them at all and the clinic just deducted their salaries. Their disappearance was also reported on the same day making it clear that they ran away in an act of defiance.

Jiang Shuo then moves on to the next group of missing people saying that Liu Yin Yin, Wang Gui Fen and Chu Na. Jiang Shuo says that from the timing, and the notes they might actually be missing so everything makes sense.

Xiao Hei praises Jiang Shuo for figuring it out but Jiang Shuo says not to praise him as everything he figured out, their top detective (Sergeant Bai) already knew. Sergeant Bai tells him to be serious.

Yi Heng says that one person could be behind all three missing people cases though. Jiang Shuo says that Cao Yun Yi had violent tendencies. Then Yi Heng says that Wang Gui Fen wasn’t on good terms with her husband unlike the other mistresses and Chen Gui is always moody.

Mu Qing says that Liu Yin Yin was dating a scumbag that forcing her to abort her baby. If Liu Yin Yin was adamant about keeping the baby, he could have killed them both to protect his own reputation.

Jiang Shuo decides to organize the sequence of the missing cases. Chun Na was Cao Yun Yi’s wife, she was the first to go missing. After that Liu Yin Yin and Wang Gui Fen went missing. The last to go missing were Zhou Lan and Qin Yan. Jiang Shuo points that Cao Yun Yi is the most suspicious.

Yi Heng agrees from a psychological perspective once a person gets a taste of violence they will control and then they will get hooked on it. When Chun Na went missing then Cao Yun Yi projected his violence onto other women.

Yi Heng says that’s why Liu Yin Yin, Wang Gui Fen and other women went missing. Mu Qing says that if that’s the case then it’s dangerous. Jiang Shuo tells Qin’er and Mu Qing that they shouldn’t delay anymore and should go look for Cao Yun Yi at the department store.

Jiang Shuo tells Bai Kai to send someone to look for Pan Huan and Chen Gui. Sergeant Bai says that those were thoughts exactly. Then they pack up and they all leave.

The officers and Sergeant Bai goes into Chen Gui’s room while Chen Gui is blindfolded and chasing after some women. He then bumps into Sergeant Bai and starts to pull down his blindfold when he notices the difference. Sergeant Bai pushes him off of him.

Xiao Hei tells the girls that they are police and orders them to get out. Chen Gui tells the girls not to leave.. but their gone. Chen Gui then curses at the two officers asking them why they came back. Xiao Hei identifies his police status then says that they suspect him of being connected. They then ask if he knows the woman in the photos.

Chen Gui does indeed recognize at least one photo and asks if the woman was Zhou Lan from Lan Xin Cheongsams Boutique? He says that she’s pretty and has a nice figure. He had ordered a few cheongsams from her in order to witness her beauty.

However she was cold to him. Xiao Hei asks if it was because he couldn’t have her that he kidnapped her? Chen Gui then freaks out because he realizes that both his wife and Zhou Lan are missing and the police might suspect him.

Chen Gui tells Xiao Hei not to malign him. He then starts to cough a lot and a lady quickly brings him his medicine. Chen Gui says that he has a disease and that he couldn’t possibly kidnap anyone because of it. His hand shows that he coughed up blood. However Sergeant Bai says that they will be taking his medicine as evidence.

Mu Qing is the department store talking with the staff. The woman says that they only sell women’s clothing there but Cao Yun Yi always had a bad temper and would always argue with the female customers. He was from a rich family so he couldn’t put up with unreasonable customers.

Mu Qing then asks where Cao Yun Yi is, does he have the day off? The woman says that she doesn’t know as she hasn’t seen him in days. They have been filling in for him. Mu Qing then asks the woman if she knows where he lives. The woman does and tells her so.

Sergeant Bai is talking to Liu Yin Yin’s boyfriend. Apparently his family feels that their backgrounds are too different even though they go to the same university, his parents forbid him to see her. Liu Yin Yin aborted the baby and he didn’t see her after that. Pan Huan says that a man is just a slave to his passions which linger on as the seasons pass.

Xiao Hei says that they have such a good relationship, did they ever argue? Pan Huan says that of course they did. According to him Yin Yin was a narrow minded person and he had praised Zhou Lan in front of her a few times.

Pan Huan says that Liu Yin Yin went to buy cheongsams from Zhou Lan and when she came back, the two of them quarrelled bitterly. Sergeant Bai asks him that since he’s from a renowned family wasn’t he afraid of rumours of the abortion getting out? Sergeant Bai then suggest that he might get rid of her forever.

Pan Huan says that Sergeant Bai is trying to trick him. He says that reputation is everything and he wouldn’t ruin his by doing such a despicable act. The boyfriend says that last month he went to Rongcheng to take care of some business and only just came back a few days ago. If he doesn’t believe him then they go ask those in Rongcheng. Sergeant Bai leaves the room and Xiao Hei thanks the boyfriend for his time.

The trio enters the home of Cao Yun Yi. Mu Qing calls it a mess and trips over something on the floor. They look around and Mu Qing notices what he did to her photo on Her magazine. She says that he must hate every woman in the world.

Meanwhile Yi Heng finds a bloodstained earring. Jiang Shuo notes that the blood on it has solidified and therefore if the person that owned it is dead, they died awhile ago. They hear a commotion and run over to the next room.

When they enter the bedroom they see a old woman tied up on the bed. Jiang Shuo and Mu Qing go to untie her. Jiang Shuo asks her who locked her up while Mu Qing asks her who hurt her. The old woman is covered in wounds. Mu Qing asks her if Cao Yun Yi beat her up and Jiang Shuo tells the old woman that she has to tell the truth as they are police and can help her.

The old woman begs him not to arrest her son as she hurt him, she insists that she hurt him. She then admits that he locked her up though. Yi Heng asks if Cao Yun Yi is her son. She says that he is, Yi Heng asks why he locked her up.

About half a year ago, Cao Yun Yi became violent and bad tempered after he had spent all the family money. She doesn’t blame him as she believes that it’s her fault. Mu Qing says that he treated her so poorly, yet she still defends him. The old woman says that Mu Qing shouldn’t judge him like that.

She says that after she had him, her husband passed away and her temper got out of control.. she whipped him a lot. She even locked him in a dark house and beat him. Now that he’s grown up, he thinks all women are bad people.

He used the whip to beat both her and Chun Na and it’s all because of her. Jiang Shuo tells her to calm down and not to blame herself. Jiang Shuo says that thing has gotten out of hand. He tells the mother that Chun Na is missing and that other women are missing too.

Jiang Shuo also tells her that they suspect her son and asks her if she knows where he is. The mother says that although they were beaten by her son, he wouldn’t kidnap anyone. She asks Jiang Shuo if there might be a misunderstanding. Mu Qing says that they can’t confirm that he’s the culprit although they can’t find him and it’s suspicious.

Yi Heng comes over and kneels in front of the mother holding the bloody earring. He asks if she knows where her son is as they found the bloody earring in the living room. Yi Heng tells her that he can hide for now but he can’t forever. Also that if she tells them his location they may be able to help him.

The mother tells them that he left mumbling about going to Taihua road.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng come across Cao Yun Yi as he is burning paper. They are quite a distance away so they don’t hear him. He speaks to the fire and tells Chun Na that he’s sorry and he asks her not to blame him as he was blinded by rage.

He tells Chun Na to Rest In Peace. Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng do manage to hear that last part though as they got close enough. They grab him by the shoulders and take him to the police station.

Mu Qing is pissed off and throws Cao Yun Yi into a chair at the police station. She yells at him that he is an unfilial son as she had to send his mom to the hospital. She then asks him about the murder. Cao Yun Yi insists that he didn’t do it. Cao Yun Yi notices the bloody earring and says that he placed it before the Buddha as a prayer.

He also says that it was for atonement. Mu Qing asks him if he was trying to atone for killing Chun Na. He says that it wasn’t him and that 21 days have passed since she’s been killed. He says that when he realized that he took her belongings and prayed for the Buddha’s forgiveness.

Jiang Shuo scoffs and says that it looks like he has a pretty good memory. He says that he was hot tempered but she was his woman after all. He says that it’s his fault because if he hadn’t argued with her, she might still be alive.

We get a flashback and the woman at the beginning of the episode turns out to be Chun Na. She thanks a man for giving her a ride. The man gives her a bunch of money after telling her she is pretty and then she walks away.

As she’s walking, Cao Yun Yi comes out from hiding saying that he’s finally caught her as she is always hooking up. She says the reason that she went back to Paramount to be a prostitute is to pay off his gambling debts. She tells him that he is always gambling with other people’s money. She then holds out the money that she just earned and asks if he wants it. She then throws the money at him and walks away.

He yells at her for being crazy and she yells back that he only wants the money. He yells at her not to go, then yells that if she leaves she shouldn’t bother coming back.

Cao Yun Yi says that she didn’t come back and when he went to look for her at Paramount the next day, they didn’t know where she was either. So he went to look for at Taihua Road thinking that she was asleep in one of the hotels. In a flashback we see him finding the bloody earring.

He says that he asked someone to get the earrings from Southeast Asia two years ago. It’s unique and the earring is the only one of it’s kind in Changshanzhou.

Yi Heng asks him why he didn’t report her death to the police once he realized she was dead. Jiang Shuo suggests that he come clean no matter how hard it is otherwise no one can help him and his wife’s killer might not get caught.

He says that her close friends knew that he was violent and would beat her when he was unhappy. If he filed a report with the police they definitely suspect him and he would never be vindicated. Jiang Shuo says that he’s doomed, doesn’t he know that? Since after Chun Na went missing four other women also went missing.

Cao Yun Yi is surprised that more women went missing and says that they can’t suspect him of that. Yi Heng then holds up pictures of the four women while Mu Qing asks Cao Yun Yi what is his relationship with them. He quickly says that he doesn’t know any of them but he’s squirmy about it.

Yi Heng gets really close to his face with the pictures and tells him to look again. Cao Yun Yi finally says that the left one is Zhou Lan. Yi Heng asks how he knows Zhou Lan. Jiang Shuo asks how come he knows a cheongsam tailor. He says that Chun Na’s birthday was coming up and he wanted to buy her a cheongsam as a present.

Yi Heng says that there was cheongsam place near his home, why go all the way to Zhou Lan’s boutique? Cao Yun Yi admits that he lusted after Zhou Lan’s beauty. He did try to approach her but they had only spoke a few times. He says that they can’t suspect him for that. Mu Qing calls him a pervert and yells at him for still wanting to argue even now.

He swears to God that he had nothing to do with the missing women. He remembers now that after he argued with Chun Na he went to the casino and lost all his money. He was badly beaten after that and his legs are still injured. Jiang Shuo quickly checks Cao Yun Yi’s legs and there is indeed a lot of damage there.

Later that day, Sergeant Bai has gone through all five places but couldn’t find a clue. He’s also interrogated all three men. Chen Gui’s medicine checks out, he really does have a terminal illness. Pan Huan wasn’t in the city. Cao Yun Yi was really in the casino, so all three have rock solid alibis.

Also none of the suspects knew the other victims either. Yi Heng says that although Jiang Shuo’s deduction is good, based on the evidence someone else must be behind the missing persons case. Jiang Shuo says that if they put the men aside they should look at the women instead.

Besides Qin Yan all the women loved to wear cheongsam. Qin Yan is also the only one with order tickets for the cheongsams and the creepy pictures so he wonders if there could be another possibility? Jiang Shuo suggests that while Qin Yan was doing an interview, she realized something odd about the culprit and deduced that the three women were about to be killed. So she left clues for them to find.

Jiang Shuo says that they can’t continue if that’s the case and that they have start the investigation over. Jiang Shuo suggests checking Taihua Road where Chun Na was murdered for clues that they might have missed. After mentioning the road, Mu Qing suddenly remembers something and looks at the pictures again. She knows the place as she went there as a child.

She takes one of the pictures and remembers how the stones were uneven around the green stone. Her told her that the holes were because of the raindrops. Jiang Shuo says that’s great then asks her to them there and they all leave.

The three of them are getting rained on as Jiang Shuo double checks the photo, then hand it over to Yi Heng to confirm. Yi Heng says that the photo was taken there and that they are in the right place and then they go inside.

Once inside they hear thunder and Mu Qing grabs onto Jiang Shuo’s arm in fright. Mu Qing complains about the place as it’s always raining and that they can’t investigate properly now. Jiang Shuo tells her not to worry as he’s here and hold her hand.

Yi Heng walks closer to the statue where he finds a book with some blood on it. A few moments later he picked up a wrist bangle also with blood on it. Jiang Shuo picks up an item with blood on it as well and Mu Qing wonders why there’s blood on it. Mu Qing then startles when seh sees a sheet covering something, thinking that it might be a dead body underneath.

Yi Heng takes one look and asks her how the shape could possibly be a dead body. Mu Qing says that it’s the work of an insane killer, maybe he dismembered the body and piled it in neat pieces. Jiang Shuo then goes “boo” startling Mu Qing, Yi Heng also jumped in the background. Mu Qing asks if he was crazy, but Jiang Shuo says that you can’t be scared if you’re mentally prepared.

Jiang Shuo removes the sheet and we see that there are memorial tablets underneath. Mu Qing says that she knew the killer was insane, he even created memorial tablets of his victims. Yi Heng says that they have to find the victims dead or alive.

Yi Heng says that before they find any dead bodies they can’t assume the victims are dead yet. Jiang Shuo sees a red string and decides to give it a tug which then brings down cheongsams like sandbags from above. Mu Qing realizes that the blood on the items most likely came from cheongsams.

Jiang Shuo says that she’s right, then he holds up the pictures of the women and says that cheongsams are from the four women. Jiang Shuo says that it’s believed the Yin aura is strongest above the roof beam. The killer put the women’s cheongsams on the roof beam so that they wouldn’t be able to reincarnate after death.

Mu Qing says that it’s too cruel. Yi Heng asks her what if the person is kind on the surface? How would she know the person was cruel then? Mu Qing asks if he’s found more clues and Yi Heng asks them if the writing on the tablet looks familiar.

At the police station they compare the writing on paper to the writing on the memorial tablets finding them to match. Jiang Shuo then asks if that means that Qin Yan erected the memorial tablets. Yi Heng says that he can’t confirm that Qin Yan is the killer yet.

However he can confirm that all four of them are related. Jiang Shuo says that the problem is Qin Yan is missing too. Mu Qing says that Qin Yan may be trying to avoid suspicion. Mu Qing also says that they don’t know what kind of grudges Qin Yan had against the three women.

Jiang Shuo says that he saw Qin Yan’s portrait in the Psych before. If Liu Zhi wants them to follow his rules than they have to find Qin Yan. Mr. Sun goes into the evidence room and picks up a piece of evidence. He tells the others that his boss had put others before herself all her life.

She had made cheongsam all her life, but never one for herself. Mu Qing remembers the gossipy neighbour that said Zhou Lan and Sun Zhi Lang had a close relationship since they worked long hours together. Mr. Sun says that he could only see her from afar.

When his boss worked through the night he was right there with her. When she was tired he made hot tea for her. He says that he helped her with unreasonable customer’s requests. He says that he doesn’t ask for anything in return as he’s just happy that he gets to protect and accompany her.

Mu Qing gets up out of her chair and goes to him, she tells him to take it easy. Mr. Sun says that he actually wanted to make a cheongsam for his lady boss. He says that he hopes by the time it’s finished, his boss returns safely.

Before he leaves though he asks Mu Qing for a favour. He says her body shape is the same as that of his boss, so if she has time can she come over to help with measurements. Mu Qing says that she will. He leaves and Mu Qing goes to put the memorial tablets back on the shelf. She then realizes that though the tablets are made of wood there are red smudges.

In the investigation room, Yi Heng calls Jiang Shuo over to look at something. Qin Yan had mentioned Rongke cafe a few times in her report. It seems that she liked going there a lot. Yi Heng asks Jiang Shuo if he knows where that is. Jiang Shuo says it’s in the east part of the city.

Yi Heng says that dead or alive, transporting dead bodies out of the city would be really risky. Yi Heng says that if they are still in the city then it would be better to hide them in the eastern outskirts of the city far away from Taihua Road and the shrine, it would also make escape easier.

Jiang Shuo says they should go check it out. There’s just one problem, Yi Heng’s legs have gone numb from sitting for so long. Jiang Shuo goes to help up bath just punches his leg and tells him it’s time to go. Yi Heng gets up and walks very awkwardly after Jiang Shuo.

At the boutique Mu Qing is trying on a cheongsam and she praises Mr. Sun on his craftsmanship. He tells her that she has the figure and charisma to pull it off. He tells her that he thinks the waist could be smaller though so offers to measure and adjust it. Mu Qing notices that the crayons are red and asks about it. Mr. Sun says it’s the crayons used for marking.

Mu Qing rubs the red crayon on her figure and notices the marks it leaves behind are very similar to the ones she found on the tablets.

Jiang Shuo, Yi Heng and Sergeant Bai are waiting outside the house and Jiang Shuo is wondering why Mu Qing is so tardy. Yi Heng says that women like to dress up and that she went to the boutique earlier this morning to fulfill Sun Zhi Liang’s wish. Sergeant Bai suggests that they not wait for her then. Xiao Hei comes running out of the station with important news.

Mu Qing got him to analyze the memorial tablets last night and the results came out that the markings are from the crayons tailors use. Jiang Shuo is confused since the writing is carved on the tablets so why would there be crayons used? They quickly realize it was to hide the handwriting and present it as someone else. They then realize that Mu Qing is in danger!

Back at the boutique Mr. Sun asks Mu Qing why she’s so interested in the crayon. She says that she’s just curious. Mu Qing says he must favour the red crayon as it’s mostly worn down, where the white crayon looks like it hasn’t been used. Mr. Sun then asks Mu Qing if he can do the measurements again and she agrees.

He then starts by measuring her shoulder.. then he uses the measuring tape to strangle her. Mr. Sun grabs the scissors..

Jiang Shuo and the gang run into the boutique to find out that Mu Qing has tied Mr. Sun to the chair. Mu Qing proudly announces to Jiang Shuo that she caught the killer. He asks her why she’s showing off, didn’t she know how worried he was about her?

He asks if she is injured but she tells him that she never gets hurt, as she is good at fighting. She tells him that he worries too much about her. She then reports to Sergeant Bai that she caught the suspect. Sergeant Bai asks if Mr. Sun has anything to say fro himself.

The others leave taking Mr. Sun with them. Mu Qing asks if she looks pretty and Jiang Shuo says no. She asks him why not? She thinks it’s pretty. Jiang Shuo asks her “who told you, you could wear his clothes?” They fight a bit about it before Jiang Shuo gives up saying that he’s glad that she’s okay. He tells her to quickly get changed.

Jiang Shuo leaves and Mu Qing realizes that he’s jealous.

Back in police HQ, Yi Heng says that between the photos and the handwriting Mr. Sun hoped they would pin the crimes on Qin Yan. Everything was done with the purpose of trying to confuse them. He also says that all the evidence from the tablets to the order tickets were arranged by him.

They ask him where he hid the body of Qin Yan and Mu Qing wants to know why he killed all those women. Mr. Sun says to his boss lady not to worry as he will torture all those women that made her life difficult to death. He says that there are more painful things in this world than death. He says there are even more painful things waiting for them.

Jiang Shuo yells at him to stop spouting nonsense. He says that Mr. Sun is merely a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Jiang Shuo demands what he did to those women and where they are. Mr. Sun says that Jiang Shuo will find out in his next life. He says that the women deserved to wait for their deaths in a dark corner.

Jiang Shuo calls him a fiend while the man laughs manically. Jiang Shuo has had enough, he goes into the cell and pulls out the copper coins throwing Mr. Sun into the Psych.

That’s the end of Episode 27! Roll those end credits!