A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 7 Part 4

Tian tells Phupha that there’s something important that he wants to tell him. When Tian can’t quite say it, Phupha asks him if he’s trying to confess his love for him.

There’s some more awkward silence before Phupha finally passes out from drinking too much. Tian rubs his neck and sniffles.

The next day Phupha takes Tian out on his motorcycle only Tian is blindfolded. Tian asks Chief Phupha where he’s taking him, but Phupha doesn’t tell him instead he says that Tian will find out soon enough.

Phupha eventually tells Tian that they have arrived and let’s Tian know that he can off the motorcycle now. Phupha then guides him a little ways before asking if he’s excited to see. Tian replies that he is.

Phupha removes the blindfold and all the villagers are there even better though is that the school has been rebuilt! Chief Khama tells Tian that although thins may have been damaged and broken, nothing can bring them down as long as they have love and unity.

Tian thanks the village chief but Khama says that he couldn’t have done it alone. In fact every single one in Pha Pun Dao worked hand in hand. Tian then thanks everyone for all their hard work. Chief Khama says that Tian should take it as a gift from the villagers and they hope that he stays for a long time.

Chief Khama says that they all worked together to rebuild including the kids. The kids are all eager to point out what they’ve done to their teacher. Chief Khama then says that they had actually planned to rebuild the school back when Torfun was still in the village. However they couldn’t do it then so they are doing it now.

Tian is no longer happy though, and Longtae is saddened as well. Phupha just looks a bit uncomfortable. (As he should be since he’s hiding the fact she’s dead). Chief Khama says that food has been prepared so they all go to eat. Chief Khama asks Phupha where Dr. Nam is and he says that Dr. Nam had something else to do.

Dr. Nam is in the infirmary looking at Tian’s medical transplant records. Dr. Nam wonders why Tian would conceal this. Dr. Nam then thinks about the matter.

In the school Tian is hanging up pictures the kids have drawn while Longtae tells him about the fact that this time when he goes back to his campus, he plans to ask a few friends to come back to build a library. Tian says that he would also like more games and learning material as well.

Longtae then gives Tian a comforting pat on the shoulder as he knows that Tian is going through some emotions with regards to Torfun as he hangs up one of the drawings with her in it. Tian says that he thinks Torfun has chosen this time for him.

Dr. Nam remembers when he tried to get Tian’s Facebook and Tian said that he deactivated it before coming to the village. Dr. Nam then puts Tian’s name into the search engine and finds his old account. Dr. Nam sees the picture of Tian’s car and realizes it’s the same licence plate as the one that hit Torfun.

Dr. Nam has another flashback where he tried to give the keys to the truck to Tian but Tian insisted that he doesn’t drive. Dr. Nam swears as he realizes that there is probably heartbreak ahead for Phupha.

Back at the school Chief Khama has asked Tian to say a little speech to thank the villagers and to officially open the school. Phupha’s radio goes off as he’s staring at Tian. Tian himself looks like he’s about to cry as his lower lip trembles with held back emotion.

That’s where the episode ends but before we roll those ends credits.. there’s a side story!


Phupha is fresh out of the shower and applying stuff to make him smell good when he takes off his towel and is completely exposed. Tian walks into the room, and quickly averts his eyes telling Phupha that he came back as he forgot his toothbrush.

Tian digs into his bag for his toothbrush then looks up to notice that Phupha still hasn’t covered his body. Tian asks Phupha if he has no shame. Phupha asks him, what’s there to be ashamed of as they both have the same equipment (genitals)

Tian says that he knows he has it, but is it necessary to show it off that often? Tian leaves the room only to come flustered back in, to walk out again.. Phupha just smiles and laughs to himself.

Officially the end of the episode. If I put off the next episode a little it’s because I’m not ready for it.