Psych Hunter: Episode 26

This episode starts off with Mr. Qin in the hospital bed and the nurse coming in to find out that he’s still awake. She tell him that it’s not healthy for him to stay up so late, so she gives him a newspaper to read to help him relax.

After she leaves, Mr. Qin reads the newspaper to find out that the truth about the no.9 post office has been revealed.

The nurse comes back into the room and Mr. Qin asks her why she came back. She walking a little oddly and her eyes have the hypnotized squiggle in them. The nurse calls him by name then says that Mr. Liu Zhi wants her to tell to him something. Mr. Qin asks her if she’s possessed by Liu Zhi.

The nurse taunts him by saying that Mr. Qin thought the Yin river treasure was in Yan village but only found “his” body there. Mr. Qin asks Liu Zhi if he is a person or a ghost. The nurse warns him not to betray Liu Zhi as his every move is being watched closely.

Liu Zhi’s voice says that Mr. Qin thought he could find Liu Zhi’s whereabouts by luring Jiang Shuo to the no.9 post office. The nurse lean in really close and says that Mr. Qin is just interested in the Yin treasure then all he has to do is keep his promise and Liu Zhi will provide clues to get it. However if he breaks his promise then he can’t blame Liu Zhi for being ruthless. The nurse then faints.

Roll those opening credits…

We then go back to Jiang Shuo checking the post office slot with his flashlight to find that all the letters that were deposited during the night are now gone, and somehow it was done while he was watching without him noticing. He takes a few steps back front the slot and stares before walking back to the police station.

At the police station, Mu Qing asks if Jiang Shuo is sure that he didn’t just fall asleep and miss the person taking the letters. Jiang Shuo says that as he’s told her many times before, he didn’t even blink the whole night. He then suggests that Qin’er go with him tonight to check it out.

Just then an officer barges in for Ms. Yuan, there’s been another letter. Mu Qing opens her letter that’s supposedly from her dead brother but she quickly notices that the letter addresses her as little sister, something her brother never did.

Lin Ying says that language used in her dead parent’s letter is correct and even her nickname is in her letter. Yi Heng asks to talk to them outside. Jiang Shuo and Mu Qing follow him out to the post office mail slot.

Yi Heng asks Jiang Shuo to open it, and he goes to before he realizes that he doesn’t have the key. He’s embarrassed but tells Yi Heng that Mu Qing is right there. Yi Heng smiles and tells him to open it anyway.. Jiang Shuo looks at Mu Qing oddly then asks for her brooch.

Jiang Shuo then takes the brooch from her coat and proceeds to pick the lock. Once the mailbox is open everyone can see that there is nothing there. Yi Heng feels around a bit and then finds that the bottom of the mailbox drops down.

Yi Heng tells them both to follow him, before they do though Jiang Shuo gives Mu Qing back her brooch and tells her not borrow others. They go down a side alley that ends in a brick wall and start to examine it. Jiang Shuo finds some suspicious looking bricks and begins to pull them out.

After they pull out the bricks, you can see where letter box drops into. Jiang Shuo says that he knew something was fishy but that he didn’t expect this. He asks Yi Heng how he figured it out. Yi Heng says that the letters from the bereaved family members that died in the fire were all accurate.

However, there was a mistake in the letter sent to Mu Qing which proves that the sender didn’t know her very well. Yi Heng says that if the sender can makes mistakes then it’s not someone that has departed but a human or group of humans.

Yi Heng says that since Jiang Shuo didn’t see anyone take the letters and the women both received one then there had to be a mechanism behind the letter box. Mu Qing asks Yi Heng what they should do then and he tells her that they’ll just have to wait.

Later that night a man walks down the street and into the the alley to retrieve the letters. Jiang Shuo watches from a nearby rooftop but when he moves the man notices him and starts to run. Jiang Shuo call out to Qin’er to catch him, then jumps down into the alley.

Mu Qing and Yi Heng are at the other end of the alley to head him off when the man changes direction leaving them all to chase after him. A fight scene ensues between the unknown man and Mu Qing. Mu Qing manages to catch him in the end just as Yi Heng and Jiang Shuo finally catch up. Jiang Shuo is proud of her for catching the unknown man.

At the police station Sergeant Bai is interrogating the prisoner asking him if he killed the Lin family. The unknown man shakes his head in denial. Sergeant Bai then asks if the man wrote the letters, something he also denies. Sergeant Bai asks why he was at the post office at night then unless he went for a midnight stroll the last is said with heavy skepticism.

The man says that he just went there to peek and see if there was a letter there for him. Mu Qing says that if he was just passing by then how would he know to use the mechanism, she accuses him of lying. they signal Jiang Shuo and he asks the man to spit it out but the man claims that he knows nothing. Jiang Shuo then asks if he knows Liu Zhi and he answers that he doesn’t. Jiang Shuo then pulls out the copper coins and throws him into the Psych.

Once in the Psych they see the young postman sitting at a desk writing a bunch of letters. Jiang Shuo tries to get his attention but to no avail. Jiang Shuo wonders who the postman is writing to and why is he writing so many letters. Yi Heng looks at the desk and then calls Jiang Shuo to show something. It’s a letter addressed to Lin Ying with the no.9 postmark, a moment later Jiang Shuo finds the letter that was addressed to Mu Qing.

Yi Heng says that this is the man that pretending to be the dead and wonders why the postman does that. The letters then start to blow off the desk into a mini tornado, they watch it for a second and see that there is something up above. Yi Heng suggests that they go up to find out more information.

They ride up on the letters to get to the top and land on a bridge. On one side of the bridge are ghostly figures and on the other other side are a group of humans. The ghosts run onto the bridge one at a time to meet their family members on the bridge.

Yi Heng says that he understands now that those people are the ones that died in the fire and that the young postman wrote the letters with good intentions. The postman hoped that the bereaved could feel like their loved ones were still around.

Jiang Shuo understands that the young postman wrote pretending to be Lin Ying’s parents in order to comfort her. Just then Su Quan or Chief Su the head postmaster show up to talk to Lin Ying and her parents. Jiang Shuo wonders why he’s there and what his connection to the family is.

Yi Yeng notices a young postman stamping all the letters on the bridge and a green glow coming from his bag revealing a letter with the Liu Zhi symbol on it. They open the letter to see that it was addressed to Mr. Zhang and it asks him to deliver invitations to six people including Yi Heng’s father. Jiang Shuo realizes that it’s the same people that then went missing that year.

Jiang Shuo wonders why the postman was delivering these for Liu Zhi and what his connection to him could be. As they are holding the letter though it starts to disappear. Yi Heng says that it’s no wonder that the no.9 postmark appeared in his father’s Psych then. They hear the sound of the coins which means that it’s time to return to reality.

When the postman wakes up, he asks what they did to him. Jiang Shuo tells him to relax they just visited his memory. Jiang Shuo also tells him not to worry as they know that he wrote the letters only to bring comfort to the grieving families. The postman asks how they found out but Jiang Shuo tells him that it’s none of his business.

Jiang Shuo also tells him that they know that the old postman sent out invitations for Liu Zhi. Jiang Shuo asks the current postman how much he knows about those invitation, the man says that he can’t tell them. Yi Heng angrily asks him if he knows that five of the six people who received those invitations are now dead.

Yi Heng tells him that his father was the only one to survive and has been living in a nightmare since then because of what happened a year ago. This appears to be news to the postman though. Yi Heng asks him again if he still can’t tell them about his relationship to Liu Zhi.

The postman says that he’s never actually met the man. Four years ago when the tavern was on fire, he was outside. He heard them shout and struggle but wasn’t brave enough to move the beam that was blocking the door.

He was having dreams of how they died every night. The old postman saved him the night that he tried to kill himself. The man told him that he could write letters to the bereaved in order to comfort them. When the post office closed a year ago, the old postman fell sick after delivering the invitations for Liu Zhi.

Before the old postman died, he told him to wait for Liu Zhi’s orders and to keep his secrets. The young postman hasn’t heard from Liu Zhi in the year since, in fact he doesn’t know whether Liu Zhi is a man or a woman.

Jiang Shuo then asks why would Su Quan appear in his memory then. The postman says that he doesn’t know who Su Quan is. Jiang Shuo says he’s the head postmaster and was with Lin Ying so what’s their relationship? The postman says that he’s seen them together when he was delivering letters. The officer then remembers that Su Quan is Lin Ying’s Uncle.

The officer also says that Su Quan has been taking care of Lin Ying these days. Yi Heng says that it’s time to talk to Su Quan then.

They go to where Lin Ying was staying only to have the lady there tell them that she already checked out. Yi Heng suggests they check Su Quan’s place out. When they get there though they see a bunch of people moving the furniture around. Jiang Shuo asks the man leading the operation if he’s helping Su Quan to move.

The man laughs and says that he’s actually there to seize the house. Su Quan owes a lot of money and was supposed to pay him today but ran off instead. The man asks them if they want to pay for Su Quan instead. The police officer says their police the man shouldn’t be asking them for money. The man says they have no right to interfere then waves the contract IOU in his face.

The officer knocks the paper out of his face which then knocks the man into another person that was carrying items in a box. The items spill all over the ground and the officer tells the worker to get lost. Jiang Shuo tells him to wait as he’s noticed something.

In fact what he’s found is the No.9 post office stamp which Su Quan claimed that he gave to the old postman as a souvenir. Jiang Shuo continues to go through the stuff that fell and finds a wig leaving him to wonder why there’s a wig in there. Yi Heng tells Jiang Shuo to remember what Lin Ying said about the night her parents died. That someone came up from the water.. Jiang Shuo realizes that Su Quan is the murderer!

Su Quan himself is escaping on a horse drawn carriage when a tree blocks the road. He gets out to check on it when a moment later Lin Ying pokes her out of the carriage to say that the road is blocked and that they should take a detour.

Su Quan says there’s no need, they’ll just stay here. It doesn’t make much sense but then he comes over to the carriage and tells Lin Ying that her journey ends here. He then gets into the carriage and tries to strangle her.

While he’s strangling her the flap on the carriage opens up and Jiang Shuo tells him “long time, no see”. Su Quan goes and grabs Jiang Shuo by his shirt collar but Jiang Shuo just calmly gestures with his head for Su Quan to look around. They are surrounded by police with their guns all aimed at Su Quan.

Mu Qing tells him that he has nowhere to run to now. Su Quan sees that he has no choice and surrenders.

We get a flashback to right after Jiang Shuo realized that Su Quan is the murderer. Yi Heng figures out that he’s after the money and will kill Lin Ying once she claims her inheritance from the British bank. We see them watching as Lin Ying and Su Quan come out of the bank, Jiang Shuo wants to arrest him right there. Yi Heng points out that they can’t prove he’s the murderer yet.

Yi Heng tells Xiao Hei (the officer) to go get Sergeant Bai and Mu Qing while he and Jiang Shuo follow Su Quan. They will leave marks for them to follow. Yi Heng says that they will arrest Su Quan when he goes to harm Lin Ying.

We catch back up to the present where Xiao Hei is locking up Su Quan in the prison. We then go back to the young postman who is free now to check on the letters left by people. However to his surprise the grieving families have left him thank you notes, they loved having that connection but have decided not to live in denial any longer. They also tell the young postman that the fire was an accident and he shouldn’t blame himself.

Jiang Shuo is trying to get to sleep but keeps tossing and turning. Soon he hears Liu Zhi call out his name and then he is thrown into the Psych.

Copper Coins used for the Psych.

Jiang Shuo comments that Liu Zhi is still alive. He tells Liu Zhi that he already found his messenger so he may as well pull out all his tricks now. Liu Zhi’s voice scoffs at the fact that Jiang Shuo thinks he can be found through the post office. Liu Zhi says Jiang Shuo is being used. Liu Zhi says that more prey will make this hunting game more interesting.

Liu Zhi tells Jiang Shuo that if he passes the next test then naturally he will get more clues to find him. Jiang Shuo yell at Liu Zhi asking him what he’s up to when the next clue is revealed. Jiang Shuo realizes that Liu Zhi is indeed still alive. Jiang Shuo wakes up drenched in sweat.

Elsewhere in the city a woman is walking alone and we can see that someone is following her (just a shadow). The lights along her route start to flicker then die completely. The shadow now has a knife as it continues to follow her. Eventually the person catches the woman and we hear her scream, then we see her being dragged away still alive and calling out for help.

The next morning we see Mr. Qin pondering over what the hypnotized nurse told him about keeping his promise. His eldest son comes into the room to give him a file that he just received from Liu Zhi.

Mr. Qin opens it to find the picture of a woman inside. After looking at it for a moment Yi Heng’s older brother grabs it from to see. He then wonders why they do this since his father said that Liu Zhi was untrustworthy. Mr. Qin says that they have no choice.

At the compound Jiang Shuo throws on the table a bunch of “Her” Magazines with Mu Qing on the cover of them. Xiao Quan catches him with the magazines and asks about them. Jiang Shuo attempts to hide them but Xiao Quan sees them anyway. Xiao Quan asks him why is he reading that stuff.

Xiao Quan figures it must be because Jiang Shuo has a crush on Mu Qing. Jiang Shuo hits him with one of the magazines then says that he doesn’t understand why a woman would want to her face to the public. Jiang Shuo bought all the copies of the magazine. Xiao Quan tells him that it’s a way for women to get rid of the old way of thinking.

Jiang Shuo wonders where Xiao Quan got that idea from and Xiao Quan says that he just heard it and he also heard that the picture was taken by a famous photographer named Qin Yan. Jiang Shuo wonders who Qin Yan is and Xiao Quan says that there is a picture of her inside the magazine. He says it’s too bad that she’s missing right now.

Jiang Shuo has to sit down as he remembers the vision of Qin Yan that Liu Zhi showed him last night. Xiao Quan teases him about being mesmerized by Qin Yan’s beauty but Jiang Shuo tells him that’s not the case. Jiang Shuo tells him that Liu Zhi showed him a portrait of a girl in the Psych last night, and that portrait is of Qin Yan.

Jiang Shuo wonders if her disappearance has to do with Liu Zhi. Just then Xiao Hei runs up looking for Dr. Qin. Jiang Shuo tells him that he’s stepped out. Xiao Hei says that they need his help as a reporter has gone missing. Jiang Shuo says that they should go get Mu Qing and they both leave the compound.

The trio are at the publishing house where it looks like all hell is breaking loose since the reporter was following up on Qin Yan’s disappearance. They are getting a lot of phone calls about it, and one person tells a caller that they are a publishing house not the police station.

The publisher hands over to our trio all Qin Yan’s interview notes and diaries and tells them that no one has touched them since her absence. He tells them that she is always busy with work, she’s not local either so she rarely has contact with her family.

Yi Heng wonders what the requirements for placing an ad in paper are and did why they put a missing person’s ad for Qin Yan on page 6. The publisher says that the page layout of each page is preset and can’t be changed. The publisher says that it’s a coincidence as the Cheongsam vendor had pulled out of placing an ad, so the notice went there.

Jiang Shuo asks about the Cheongsam vendor but the publisher doesn’t know since Qin Yan was the liaison with them. The publisher says that everything was ready to go but when they couldn’t contact the vendor after Qin Yan went missing they pulled the ad out.

Mu Qing is flipping through one of the books when she finds something. She shares it with the others and it turns out to be purchase orders from Lan Xin Cheongsam Boutique, Yi Heng wonders why Qin Yan would have them. Strangely all the names of the customer are blacked out with ink.

Jiang Shuo wonders if it’s the same vendor that placed the ad. The publisher remembers now that Qin Yan reported on Zhou Lan’s entrepreneurial experience and that they knew each other. Mu Qing complains that they can’t see the surroundings in the photo clearly. Jiang Shuo says that wherever it is, it’s been abandoned for quite some time as there are craters in the ground that haven’t been repaired.

When they return to the police station Xiao Hei tells them that after they left the police received eight missing person reports. He hand them over a list that includes showgirls, students and the boss of the Cheongsam boutique. Jiang Shuo pauses Xiao Hei to ask if he means Zhou Lan?

Xiao Hei says that’s right as one of the staff from Sun Zhi Liang came to make the report. Sergeant Bai hearing a connection gets up from the table to come closer to the group. Mu Qing says it’s odd how first Qin Yan disappears and then Zhou Lan. Yi Heng wonders why one would happen right after the other. Jiang Shuo says that something is amiss as the two knew each other.

Yi Heng tells Sergeant Bai how they found the purchase receipts in Qin Yan’s books and the weird photo. Sergeant Bai says that he knows what they mean and that they will go together to check it out. Jiang Shuo looks resigned to the fact, while Yi Heng just looks shocked.

Mu Qing heads over to the cheongsam boutique where Mu Qing asks Mr. Sun why he reported his boss as missing. The employee says Tarth a few days go Zhou Lan said she had the flu and was going to rest at home. However after a few days someone came looking for her, so he went to her house to check up on her. He found her room unlocked, there was no one inside and no signs of life.

Mr. Sun thought it was very strange, when he remembered the missing person case in Her magazine he was worried so he went to report it. Mu Qing asks him about the relationship between Qin Yan and Zhou Lan. He says that while they did talk to each other frequently it wasn’t in private so he doesn’t think that they are friends.

After the article about the boutique was published their boutique suddenly shot to fame. He thought they had finally made it only for the boss to suddenly go missing. He says that his boss is a good person and right now he doesn’t know if she’s dead or alive. He begs Mu Qing to find her.

Mu Qing tells him to calm down as they are currently investigating it and as long as cooperates with the investigation they should find her soon. Mu Qing then pulls out the photo and asks the employee if he recognizes it. Mr. Sun recognizes one of the cheongsams in the photo as being a style that the boss likes to wear, the others he stayed up all night making with new fabric.

Mu Qing asks him if he remembers who bought the cheongsams and he tells her to wait a moment as he goes to get the documents. Mu Qing then brings out the purchase orders and notes that they are the same as the ones he just showed her. The employee says that’s impossible since only the buyer and seller should have a copy.

He says that Qin Lan was only there to take photos of his boss, so she shouldn’t have the purchase orders. Mu Qing thinks back to the list of names of missing people than asks the employee if she can look around. He agrees of course.

Mu Qing starts to look around then asks him if his boss had any hobbies or places that she liked to go. The employee says that she liked to go shopping in the market. However once the story was published and she became really popular she mostly stayed indoors as she didn’t like the attention.

Mu Qing asks him if his boss has offended anyone, but he says that she was kind to everyone and everyone liked her. He says his boss was born beautiful and diligent. Her craft is very famous within the city. She had many admirers and plenty of women were jealous.

Outside our trio try and ask a neighbour to the boutique about Zhou Lan however the neighbour doesn’t want to talk as it might bring her bad luck. Jiang Shuo asks her to wait, then asks how she knew Zhou Lan was missing. The woman says that she’s a neighbour so of course she would know that Zhou Lan was missing.

Mu Qing then pulls out her badge and says that they are with the police. She then asks the lady when was the last time that she saw Zhou Lan? The lady says it was a few days ago, when she bumped into her while buying rice and she hasn’t seen her since.

Yi Heng then asks how long Mr. Sun has been working for the boutique. The woman says that he’s worked there for years and that they often tease him about finding a wife. She also says that Zhou Lan and Sun Zhi Lang seem to have a thing for each other. Yi Heng asks her to clarify.

The woman is embarrassed and says that the two worked long hours together so it would only be natural for them to develop feelings for each other. The woman says that’s all she knows then leaves.

Yi Heng asks what the others think. Mu Qing says that Qin Yan had interviewed Zhou Lan before and all the missing women bought Cheongsams from Zhou Lan. Mu Qing says the clues are all connected she just doesn’t know how yet.

Jiang Shuo says at least they know the names of the three women and Yi Heng says they should go investigate them.

Roll the end credits because that’s the end of Episode 26! Only 10 more episodes to go!