A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 7 Part 3

Tian is just finishing cooking at the forest ranger base when the rangers come in. Tian tells them that they are just in time for dinner that he’s prepared for them. Dr. Nam says that it’s great that after a fun football game they can come back to a meal prepared for them, isn’t that right Chief?

Tian says that he actually was cooking dinner for himself but made to much so he thought he would share. Dr. Nam says to look at all the food Tian prepared, it looks delicious so he’s just going to dive right in. Phupha takes a bite of food that he likes and Tian smiles.

Dr. Nam remembers when Tian was asking what kind of food Phupha liked to eat the last time they want shopping so when he catches Tian smiling he knows that Tian made Phupha’s favourites on purpose. Tian catches Dr. Nam staring and tells him to quit looking at him and eat his dinner.

Dr. Nam takes his first bite of food and pauses for dramatic effect making everyone think the food tastes bad before admitting that it’s really tasty. Dr. Nam asks Tian how much MSG he used, Tian offended tells him that he seasoned all the dishes himself and it’s his cooking skill not MSG.

Tian then prompts Dr. Nam to try the bicolour veggies and that’s when the mood around the table goes from fun to somber. That’s because everyone else is remembering when Torfun used to make the veggies.

Later that night Dr. Nam tells Phupha that Tian has given him chills several times. Phupha reminds Dr. Nam that he himself said that young people like Tian and Torfun might have many similar characteristics. Dr. Nam says that’s true but there a lot of similarities between the two.

Phupha wonders what Dr. Nam is getting at and accuses of him of suggesting that Torfun’s ghost is haunting Tian’s body. Dr. Nam says he doesn’t know.

The next day, the shaman is performing a ceremony on two people that walked too close to Ghost Hill, they are convinced that the spirit in the woods is now following them. The two people start telling the ghost story and warn everyone to stay away from Ghost Hill.

Tian shows up part way through the ceremony and listens to the ghost story but it’s pretty clear that he doesn’t believe it. Khama notices Tian standing there and asks how long he’s been there. Tian greets Khama then asks if Longtae is home. Longtae comes running and grabs Tian’s arm and leads him away. The look the two guys give Tian though is full of bad vibes.

Apparently Tian escaped from Chief Phupha and was trying to keep a low profile, he didn’t expect so many people to be there. Tian asks Longtae what the ceremony was about. Longtae says that Toa and Choed (the men) got too close to Ghost Hill and Longtae suspects that they disrespected the spirits there as they caught a fever like they were possessed. This is why they asked the shaman to drive out the evil spirits.

Tian wonders if that isn’t the same way as Pha Pun Dao Cliff. Longtae says that it’s on a similar path but you have to the other way to get to the cliff. Tian asks if Longtae has ever been to the ghost hill but Longtae quickly tells him that he wouldn’t dare.

Longtae also says that after the other two got cursed just for going near there, he has no plans to do so in the future and he doesn’t think anyone else will go there either.

Longtae then asks about how Tian is doing in the forest rangers base, he says that it must be pretty comfortable. Tian says it’s not comfortable at all as he has to make the meals. He also has to give Phupha a massage before he can go to bed.

Longtae smiles at Tian’s descriptions and Tian asks him why. Longtae doesn’t say why but it’s obvious that Tian does enjoy it there as he smiles himself after complaining. Longtae tells him that he’s just happy to see Tian smile.

At a police station Dr. Nam tells Chief Phupha that he heard from the Inspector that the guys they caught had the same fuel on their shirts as what Phupha found at the school. Dr. Nam says that even though they didn’t confess, Phupha still could’ve thrown them in jail why help them out?

Phupha says that throwing them in jail for arson is one thing but Dr. Nam knows well who these guys work for. Dr. Nam is concerned that Phupha is trying to after a kingpin with these minions, Dr. Nam says that it won’t work.

Phupha says that’s why he’s offering these two a deal so that they can be moles and that way they can catch the big fish. Dr. Nam is worried that these two bad guys might warn Mr. Sakda about them. Phupha says that they are too scared to die, that they wouldn’t dare.

Phupha has an informer that told him about a big delivery to a new hotel over the border. Phupha says that he wants to follow up on this no matter what. Dr. Nam asks him if he’s worried about stepping on the toes of someone in the ministry. Phupha says that he has nothing to lose.

Dr. Nam asks him if he truly believes the minions will flip on their boss. Just then an officer comes out and tells Phupha that it’s a dead end as the big fish has fled and has probably already crossed the border. The officer tells him that he’s coordinating with the police on the other side to catch Mr. Sakda.

Phupha swears violently and Dr. Nam tries to console him with the fact that Mr. Sakda can’t do anything freely like before. Dr. Nam also tells Phupha that he might not have time for petty matter in the village, Tian should be safe now.

Later that night, Phupha is drinking with the other forest rangers. Dr. Nam proposes a toast to Phupha who likes someone in the village that is out of his league. The others drink their shots of alcohol. Dr. Nam is flirting with a woman sitting next to him and Phupha threatens to tells his wife. When Dr. Nam claims to be single.. Phupha brings out his cellphone to record it and asks him to say it again.

Dr. Nam says that he was just joking and Dr. Jib (his wife) is the only one in his heart. Rang says that they should make it their base motto but Phupha says not to include him as he’s a loyal man. Dr. Nam tells him to hurry up and find someone to love before he forgets how to “do it”.

One of the girls at the table asks Phupha if his girlfriend is pretty and the others all laugh. Yod says that Phupha works all day and night and livers in the forest, his wife might as well be a tree. The woman asks if it’s true then says that it’s such a waste.

She goes to feed him a snack but he just uses his hand to pick it up instead and then asks her why it’s a waste. She says it’s because he’s so handsome. Dr. Nam tells her not to waste her time as she’s not his type anyway.

The woman shoves a snack into Dr. Nam’s mouth saying that he’s so mean for saying that to her. The girls leave to go check on the side dishes. After the women leave Dr. Nam says to Phupha that he has to tell him something about Tian. However before he actually say anything.. he passes out and the others call him a lightweight.

Phupha returns to the base but hangs out on the hammock outside and decides to play on the Khlui after a few moments of playing it, Tian comes outside. Phupha stops playing it but Tian says that he should continue since it’s beautiful. Tian also tells him that he didn’t know someone like Phupha could play the Khlui.

Phupha curiously asks “someone like me?” So Tian clarifies that he meant someone stern like Phupha. Tian says that he thought that Phupha only knew how to hold weapons.

Phupha says that’s why they say that you never judge a book by it’s cover. Tian asks what he should judge it by then. Phupha says that for some books you should read them first before judging. Tian asks if he will get to hear Phupha play a song then. Phupha tells him to come sit next to him.

Tian sits down and starts to shiver a little saying that it’s pretty cold out. Phupha takes off his coat and wraps it around Tian. Tian then asks if he can hear Phupha play a song now.. Phupha starts to play. After he’s done playing Tian asks about the song so Phupha sings it to him.

After that Tian leans on (smooches please) but no.. no smooches just a sniff and he tells Phupha that he’s acting strange today. Tian asks him if he’s been drinking. Phupha says that he’s feeling lonely and Tian is quick to tell him that he’s there for him.

Phupha says that he doesn’t want a casual friend though. Tian says that Phupha must be really drunk. Phupha replies that drunk people don’t lie (not true). Phupha says that the closer he gets to Tian the more certain thoughts cross his mind and he thinks of something impossible.

Phupha says that Tian reminds him of Torfun so much. (Well there went the mood). Phupha says that Tian reminds him so much of Torfun that sometimes he thinks they are the same person. Phupha says that he know it’s impossible then asks Tian if there is anything he wants to tell him. Tian starts to respond…

That’s the end of Part 3!