Psych Hunter: Episode 25

This episode starts off with a couple getting a letter from Wu Meng who is supposed to be dead saying that he wants his life back. The woman says that it’s impossible that the letter could have come from him.

The man leaves the room to investigate a noise they heard outside after telling the woman to look after Ying’er.

Ying’er asks her mother where has father gone? The mother tells her daughter that dad had some other matters to settle. The mom then asks Ying’er to go to bed early and rest as she must be tired. Ying’er says that she would rather stay up and read some more.

A splash like sound can be heard from outside. The mom tells Ying’er to stay put while she goes outside to investigate. The mother then leaves the room. Once outside she can’t find her husband though.

Some time passes and Ying’er decides to call out to her parents, when there’s no response she decides to leave and go looking for them. The daughter then eventually finds the flashlight that was dropped. She looks around some more and finds both parents face down in the water. She calls out for help, then a head starts to come out of the water. Ying’er screams then faints.

Roll those opening credits.

After the credits we’re taken back to the lab where Su Min and Chief Yan are both dead. Madam Mei vows vengeance on them all. Sergeant Bai and the cops arrive to arrest her and to help carry out the bodies of the dead and victims of withdrawal. Liu Qing kneels next to Su Min’s body to chastise him for acting so foolishly.

She tells him that he finally found her, now what about her? She says that he left her but at least the red string on her wrist will always keep them together and they will never part.

Mu Qing is standing next to Jiang Shuo and comments on how much Su Min must have loved Liu Qing to come so far, just to find a red string. Mu Qing says that now Su Min.. Jiang Shuo interrupts her to say that it could have been worse. Jiang Shuo says that Liu Qing was saved and so Su Min can rest in peace above.

Mu Qing grabs Jiang Shuo’s arm which has a big bandage on it with some blood. She asks him if it still hurts. Jiang Shuo grabs Mu Qing and tells her that he is officially firing her from the Liu Zhi investigation team.

Mu Qing argues that she was quite helpful in this case though. Jiang Shuo loses it on her and tells her that since they met all they’ve known is danger. Sure they’re both alive and breathing today but what about tomorrow? How can he let a girl like her take that risk?

Mu Qing says that it’s a decision that she’s made to help him find and arrest Liu Zhi. She also says that after going through so much with Jiang Shuo she realized that loving someone and not being by their side, how does that give her life meaning?

Jiang Shuo is stunned and doesn’t have time to say anything else as Sergeant Bai comes up to tell them that even though they said it was Liu Zhi’s old nest, they can’t find anything.

Sergeant Bai wonders what Liu Zhi is trying to convey this time. Yi Heng comes up and says that the clue Sergeant Bai found in Shang Yu’s home was a map of the underground river. Yi Heng remembers how Shang Yu was passed a letter urging her to run. Yi Heng wonder if.. then Jiang Shuo finishes his sentence saying that maybe the letters were posted by the same person.

Sergeant Bai wonders if it was Liu Zhi. Jiang Shuo says that doesn’t make sense though as why would Liu Zhi tell Shang Yu to escape? Jiang Shuo also says that if it were Liu Zhi then he would have left a trace somewhere.

Yi Heng wonders who could the person could be when Sergeant Bai notices that someone is watching them from a distance. He points it out to Yi Heng. Yi Heng recognizes the man as his father and runs after him, Jiang Shuo and Mu Qing quickly follow.

Sergeant Bai was about to go as well when an officer pulls him back to go check on something.

Yi Heng’s father keeps walking through the forest repeating Liu Zhi’s name and then telling Heng’er to be careful of Liu Zhi. Yi Heng himself is still quite a bit of distance away calling after his father.

As they chase after Yi Heng’s father, Mu Qing stops to point out to Jiang Shuo the river that they go past and how it must be the Yin River. Jiang Shuo tells her that they should worry about Uncle Qin first (Yi Heng’s Dad)

It doesn’t take them long to catch up to Yi Heng as he’s limping pretty badly. They pass a stone marker after going over a stone bridge. The marker reads Jiangjun River. Jiang Shuo wonders if that’s what the marker on the map meant and not underground river at all.

Yi Heng finally finds his dad unconscious leaning against a rock. Jiang Shuo hurries over to him to ask how Uncle Qin is doing. Yi Heng says that it’s nothing serious and that he probably just got a stronger dose of the drug. Yi Heng points to the red string around his father’s wrist.

Mu Qing wonders if Uncle Qin was then controlled by Madam Mei and Chief Yan. Yi Heng says that there’s no way to tell for sure until they take him to the hospital. Just then Jiang Shuo happens to notice that one of the boulders nearby looks a little hinky so gets up to push on it, only to realize that it’s fake.

Yi Heng asks Mu Qing to keep an eye on his father as he goes to help Jiang Shuo move the boulder. They find an opening and after making sure that Mu Qing will take care of Uncle Qin, they go inside. Inside they find a familiar looking box, Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng that it’s very similar to the one Liu Zhi shows him in the Psych.

Behind the box, Yi Heng finds a panel that reads “Tomb of Mr. Liu Zhi”. Yi Heng calls Jiang Shuo over to check it out. Jiang Shuo is confused because wouldn’t that mean that Liu Zhi is dead?

Jiang Shuo then reaches his hand out to the cube. After Jiang Shuo touches it though his head starts to hurt, he holds his head in his hands. Yi Heng runs over concerned and calls out Jiang Shuo’s name a few times.

The pain seems to stop but Jiang Shuo looks a little odd. He then moves the tiles on the cube to reveal secret room behind the Tomb of Liu Zhi panel.

They go into the secret room and find more pictures of the Yan Clan around the room. They also find a skeleton dressed in dark robes with Liu Zhi’s mark on it. The skeleton also has six fingers on each hand. Jiang Shuo wonders if it is Liu Zhi since Liu Zhi said that he would meet Jiang Shuo in the underground river.

A moment later and Yi Heng’s father comes into the room shouting about Liu Zhi in fear. Mu Qing is right behind him trying to calm him down.

Some time passes and we see that Yi Heng’s father has been admitted to the hospital. The attending physician asks him if he has any trouble sleeping but he’s not very cooperative. The attending physician says that if he’s having troubles he need to tell her.

Mr. Qin says that someone is trying to kill him and that she can’t save him. The doctor tells him that he is safe inside the hospital. Mr. Qin says that person invades every space and even though he’s dead, the person still won’t let him go.

Mr. Qin tells that doctor that this person wants to take his life. The doctor asks him to name the person that’s after him. He takes a few moments and eventually says that the person is behind her. She looks but of course no one is there.

After that Mr. Qin laughs at her and repeats the fact that she can’t save him. Poor Yi Heng is hanging outside the open door to the room listening to his deranged father. Mr. Qin says that only finding the underground river can save him.

The physician eventually puts Mr. Qin to bed and then goes to have a chat with Yi Heng. Yi Heng says that he will have to ask her to take care of his father for him. The doctor says that she lacks clinical experience and she knows that Yi Heng is an expert in that area so she thanks him for his guidance.

Yi Heng says that first you have to gain the trust of the patient and it seems like his father is still resistant to her. The doctor tells him that his father has been overtaken by fear. She thinks that he was tormented by someone named Liu Zhi before he was brought to the hospital.

Also since Mr. Qin was forced to take drugs in Yan village, he’s resistant to taking his medication as well. Yi Heng asks to check the medical record. He then suggests that from now on, the doctor should keep him updated on his father’s medical record so that they can draw up a treatment plan together.

While their talking, Mr. Qin wakes up in his room and tries to get out of bed. He’s extremely agitated. The nurses can’t hold him down, Yi Heng and the doctor after hearing the commotion run back into the room. Mr. Qin tells Yi Heng to be wary of Liu Zhi. Jiang Shuo has also entered the room.

Jiang Shuo asks after Uncle Qin. Yi Heng says that his father is emotionally unstable and keeps warning him to be wary of Liu Zhi. Yi Heng then asks Jiang Shuo to do him a favour and of course Jiang Shuo says yes.

Which is why we see Jiang Shuo light the dragon candle and use the copper coins to throw Mr. Qin into the Psych. Jiang Shuo tells him to show them what happened with the Liu Zhi case.

They enter the Psych and Jiang Shuo is amazed by the large mansion. He asks Yi Heng where this is.. Yi Heng tells him it’s his home. Jiang Shuo is shocked and wonders why Yi Heng came to squeeze into his little home when he has such a big one.

Jiang Shuo tells him that he wants to switch homes. Yi Heng says that after they arrest Liu Zhi, Jiang Shuo can live with him at his house. Yi Heng then walks away and Jiang Shuo yell after him that he had better keep his word.

They head into the courtyard where they see a lot of copies of Yi Heng’s father and a postman handing over the Liu Zhi invitation. Jiang Shuo asks Yi Heng if he knows what the situation here is.

Yi Heng says that since they can’t tell what the situation is, Jiang Shuo has to follow him. He then grabs Jiang’s Shuo’s arm and leads him to the balcony. From there they can see that the main group is arranged like the number 9.

They wake up back in reality and Yi Heng draws the courier they saw delivering the invitation and the number 9. Jiang Shuo tells him that given how afraid his father is, something must have happened a year ago on the island to traumatize him.

Yi Heng reminds Jiang Shuo that he lost his memory and Zhao Ling is dead so the only person that knows what happened in the mansion on the island is his father.

Yi Heng also reminds Jiang Shuo that Liu Zhi had used a dead body to fool Yi Heng and his elder brother into thinking that their dad was dead. After that he lured Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng to Yan village which helped Yi Heng find his father. Yi Heng doesn’t know what Liu Zhi is up to.

Jiang Shuo asks Yi Heng if he thinks that Liu Zhi died a year ago. Yi Heng shakes his head saying if that were the case then who would be bothering them now? They both agree that it couldn’t have been a ghost though. Jiang Shuo points to the drawing of the postman saying that it’s their only clue. Find the postman and you find the sender of the letter a year ago.

They take Mu Qing with them to the post office HQ where the Postmaster is more than happy to help Mu Qing with anything that she needs. Yi Heng says that he won’t stand on ceremony then and shows the man the two drawings that he made. Yi Heng asks if he knows about them.

The Postmaster Su says that the man in the drawing is Zhang Heng who worked at the no. 9 post branch. The sigil is actually that of the no. 9 post branch itself. However that branch closed down over a year ago.

Jiang Shuo asks the Postmaster why the branch was shut down over a year ago. The Postmaster says that weird things went on at the no.9 branch, it was even rumoured that a person could receive a letter from the dead if sent through that branch.

In fact the nickname for that post office branch was the post office of the dead spirit. Eventually a larger branch post office was built nearby that could replace completely the operations of the no.9 branch so it was closed down in favour of the larger office.

Jiang Shuo is convinced that if they can find the postman then they can find Liu Zhi. Yi Heng asks to see the post mark but the postmaster says he doesn’t have it. Apparently since it was such a small branch that Zhang Heng always had it. It was emotional when the branch closed down so they let him keep the postmark.

Jiang Shuo asks the postmaster if he knows where Zheng Heng is right now. The postmaster says that he hasn’t seen him in a year so he doesn’t know. He suggests that their best bet to find him is to go to his house. Mu Qing asks if that’s where they are going next but Yi Heng says that they should go find the postman and he will go check out the post office of the dead spirit.

Yi Heng walks up to the post office but notices a very large lock on the door. So he tries to peek inside the office through the crack in the door. He can’t see much other than empty office and cobwebs though. Yi Heng walks around the building and notices an old woman sending a letter through the post.

Yi Heng goes up to her to tell her that it’s been closed for over a year so why is she trying to send mail through it. The woman tells him that the new post office is very nice and neat but it doesn’t connect her with her loved ones so what’s the point?

Yi Heng wonders why the other office can’t connect her to her loved ones. He then tells the woman that he heard about a rumour that a person could be connected to their dead loved ones through this post office. The woman nods her head in assent.

The woman says that her husband died in a fire that broke out in a tavern four years ago. This post office allows her to still get letters from him. We get a brief flashback to the fire and the dead bodies. Back in the present the woman says that on the 7th day after her husband died, she began to receive letters from him. As long as she replies to those letters, she keeps getting them.

Yi Heng wonders if that’s why it’s called the post office of the dead spirit. The woman says that people think the place is haunted and part of the netherworld. The woman says that as long as she receives letters from her dead husband it makes her feel like he’s still around.

Yi Heng asks her then if anyone can contact their dead loved ones through this post office but the woman isn’t sure. She does know that everyone that lost a loved one in the fire received letters from the dead though. She believes that heavens probably took pity on them. Yi Heng thanks her for her time and she leaves.

Mu Qing and Jiang Shuo are walking through the town. Jiang Shuo comments that Mu Qing is from a noble family but since she’s been solving cases with them everyday.. she looks a little haggard. Mu Qing touches her face and says that she’s still pretty. Jiang Shuo says that he never said that she wasn’t pretty.

Jiang Shuo then stops her from walking so that he can fix her hair tie. Jiang Shuo then asks her if she knows why he’s against her bringing her along on cases. He tells her it’s because he doesn’t want her to be implicated. Every time a new case comes up the risk to her increases and he doesn’t want to see her hurt.

Jiang Shuo says that he’s thought it through and instead of being worried and fearful, he will be proactive in protecting her instead. Mu Qing is embarrassed, but she says okay. Then she walks away to the house they were looking for.

Yi Heng is talking to Mrs. Zhang and asking her if she really believes all the letters were sent by her dead husband. Mrs. Zhang says that she collected his body herself, so she knows that he’s dead. However every time she sees how happy Xiao Bao is to get a letter from his father, she would rather believe it’s from him and that one day they will be together again.

Xiao Bao is pretty young and thinks that his father is just on a trip to somewhere far away. Yi Heng asks her when was the last time she received a letter. Mrs. Zhang says that the last letter was sent two months ago.

Mu Qing and Jiang Shuo enter the home of the postman but it’s clear that it’s been empty for quite some time. Jiang Shuo wonders if the postman moved a long time ago since the place is very dusty and full of cobwebs. Mu Qing grabs a feather duster and starts to look through a wardrobe. She finds old postman clothes and points it out to Jiang Shuo saying that he must’ve stayed here.

Jiang Shuo goes to search the room and finds a memorial tablet for Zhang Heng. Mu Qing asks if that was the postman’s name. Jiang Shuo says it is and that he hasn’t moved but is dead instead. Jiang Shuo tells her that they have to search for the branch no. 9 postmark.

Jiang Shuo and Mu Qing head back to the compound where they find Yi Heng already waiting for them. Jiang Shuo teases Qin’er about being back so early that he must be goofing off. Yi Heng says that he discovered something odd, that people were getting letters from their dead relatives.

Jiang Shuo tells him that it’s weird because Zhang Heng actually died a year ago and someone even made him a memorial tablet. Yi Heng says that according to Mrs. Zhang though she received a letter two months ago. Yi Heng says that the person that wrote the letter is dead, the person that delivered the letter is gone.. something is really weird at the post office of the dead spirit.

Mu Qing says that they searched everywhere for the post stamp but couldn’t find it. Jiang Shuo says that perhaps whoever made the memorial tablet also took the post stamp. They think on that a moment before a police officer comes running up calling out for Dr. Qin.

The officer says that there’s been a murder committed by the Dead Spirit. Yi Heng and the others follow the officer but not before Jiang Shuo wraps the memorial tablet and stores it under the table.

At the crime scene we get information about what happened from the officer on the scene. Apparently a married couple has died. They drowned and according to the witness the murderer is already a dead person. The officer is a bit confused because how can a dead person kill people (zombies, vampires.. take your pick) however the original officer says that the eye witness is the daughter Lin Ying and while she was shocked, she appears to be telling the truth.

The original officer on the scene hands the other officer a letter that the daughter said the murderer left behind. The letter is from Wu Meng who died 7 months ago. The officer tells them to bring the daughter to the police station.

Lin Ying is sitting with Yi Heng as he tells her not to be afraid because there is no such things as ghosts. Yi Heng tells her that if she believes them and hopes to have the murderer arrested then she has to tell them what happened. Lin Ying asks if it’s possible that they can arrest Wu Meng.

Jiang Shuo tells her that if they find that Wu Meng is the murderer than they will arrest him and bring him to justice. Mu Qing says not to worry.

Lin Ying says that she saw Wu Meng emerge from the water with her own eyes. We get a brief flashback to the beginning of the episode where Lin Ying sees her parents face down in the water and then a figure emerging from the water.

Yi Heng then asks her if she knows how Wu Meng is related to her parents. Lin Ying says that according to her mother Wu Meng did business with her father. Lin Ying says that her father had a falling out with Wu Meng and they parted ways for unknown reasons. Her mother never told her what kind of business it was though.

Letter from the dead spirit, post office of the dead spirit and the post mark no.9 found in Yi Heng’s father’s Psych. Yi Heng wonders if it was an unsuccessful murder attempt by the dead spirit. Jiang Shuo just scoffs at it and says whatever the case may be if the person has committed murder they will bring him to justice.

Later the trio is looking at files with Sergeant Bai as he tells them that Wu Meng is dead and points to the paperwork as proof to convince them. Yi Heng reads that Wu Meng committed suicide by jumping into the river, then asks Sergeant Bai why he would do something like that.

Mu Qing looking at the files notices that while there were two money borrowers only Wu Meng put up collateral. Jiang Shuo says that it’s because Wu Meng was a fool. Yi Heng says that they’ve found the motive for the murder.

Sergeant Bai then suggests that Jiang Shuo is the expert at murders committed by dead spirits and asks for his verdict. Jiang Shuo gives him an incredulous look then says that he’s not an expert and Sergeant Bai is barking up the wrong tree. Jiang Shuo says that he’s the worst at mystifying things like this.

Jiang Shuo did find an official note in English and asks about it, making it look like he was asking Sergeant Bai by showing it to him first. Sergeant Bai clears his throat but before he can say anything, Jiang Shuo gives it to Yi Heng to read.

Yi Heng tells them that it’s an insurance receipt that if anything happens to Lin Ying’s parents then she will receive a substantial sum. Yi Heng says that because it’s issued by a British Bank, the writing is in English. Mu Qing wonders what that has to do with the case though.

Yi Heng isn’t sure yet though so he suggests that Sergeant Bai goes with him to the bank to investigate while Mu Qing and Jiang Shuo go to Wu Meng’s house. Jiang Shuo teases him about being Chief since he’s ordering them around.

An officer enters the room and Sergeant Bai asks him why he’s here instead of with Miss Ling. The officer says that her biological uncle is with her so it would be redundant for him to follow her, so he came to help with the investigation.

Sergeant Bai says that it’s okay. Then he tells the officer to come with him as he has a task to delegate, he tells the officer to bring “Old Qin” along with with him. Yi Heng smiles then tells the other two to be careful before following the officer.

Jiang Shuo and Mu Qing head to Wu Meng’s home. They find a granny there and ask if it’s Wu Meng’s home. The granny asks if they came for money as they sold everything in the house, so they can just take whatever they want. Mu Qing tells the granny that they are with the police and came to ask about Wu Meng.

The granny says that Wu Meng is dead, what more is there to ask about? Jiang Shuo asks the granny if Wu Meng had other kin. She just walks away with the food she had served.

They follow the granny into another room where a woman is on the bed. The woman introduces herself as Wu Meng’s wife and tells them to state their reason for coming. Jiang Shuo asks Madam Wu how her husband is related to Lin Zhi and his family. Madam Wu demands to know who they are first.

Mu Qing actually doesn’t answer this, instead she says that the Lin couple is dead and that their daughter accused Wu Meng’s ghost of the murder. Madam Wu laughs and says that if her husband’s dead spirit had the courage to come back and take someone’s life she would respect him as a man.

Jiang Shuo tells her to calm down and that they are investigating the case. He then asks her what hatred do the two families have against each other? He also asks her why the Lin daughter would be so certain that it was Mr. Wu that killed her parents.

Madam Wu said that year, Lin Zhi was fresh off the boat to the city. He insisted that Wu Meng start a business with him. So Wu Meng took out a mortgage on the house, and borrowed a sum of money from a foreign bank as business capital. However Lin Zhi went back on his word and didn’t pay back the capital, and even took Wu Meng’s business once the business prospered.

The creditors came after that and emptied the house. The bank seized the house and her legs were beaten until she became lame by the creditors. Madam Wu says that after that her husband committed suicide by jumping into the river. If he was so cowardly while alive how could he come back as a ghost and kill people?

Yi Heng is dealing with the bank. The spoken English by the bank guy is pretty bad here but it basically boils down to the fact that even though there is a receipt, Miss Lin can’t claim the benefits until she’s an adult. Apparently Miss Lin will be 18 years old in two days and come by herself then to claim it. Yi Heng wonders how the bank already had an answer for it though.

The bank guy says that it was published in the newspaper so they had already investigated it. Sergeant Bai asks Yi Heng for a translation but Yi Heng asks how the press found about Miss Lin’s case. Sergeant Bai says that the press is everywhere. Yi Heng shoves the paper at Sergeant Bai and leaves extremely pissed off.

Back at the police headquarters, Mu Qing informs the officers that Wu Meng’s wife is disabled and couldn’t possibly commit the crime (unlike a previous wheelchair person) Sergeant Bai says that the insurance was purchased by Lin Zhi himself with Lin Ying as the beneficiary and there’s no problem with that.

Mu Qing says that, that year the old postman Zhang Heng, delivered an invitation to Uncle Qin. However this person is dead and the letters are still being delivered, she finds it very strange.

An officer comes in to report that the dead spirit has struck again. He brings Lin Ying over with another letter, this one is addressed to “my beloved daughter, Lin Ying”. Mu Qing asks Lin Ying when she received the letter, it was this morning in the post office.

Sergeant Bai asks for the Wu Meng letter to be brought to him and then he compares them side by side. It’s obvious that the handwriting is completely different. However the writing is similar to the letter Aunty Wang received. Lin Ying wonders if the ghosts of her parents are really writing to her.

Mu Qing suggest that since people receive letters from the dead, they can post something to test it out.

Lin Ying writes a letter to her parents and Mu Qing writes a letter to her older brother to send through the post office at Jiang Shuo’s suggestion. Jiang Shuo then sets up watch across the street to keep an eye out for the person collecting the letters. While he sees many people depositing letters, he doesn’t see anyone taking them.

After a whole night of watching the mailbox, Jiang Shuo goes down in the morning to check the box with his flashlight and finds that it’s empty!

That’s the end of Episode 25!