A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 7 Part 2

Tian and Phupha are back at the forest ranger base. Phupha goes to open a window while Tian looks at the map of the village area hanging on the wall.

Tian asks Phupha if he drew the map. Phupha makes a sound of agreement before saying that he drew it just for fun. Tian thinks it’s an awesome picture and tells him so. Phupha says that this place is the only housing they have for state officials. Tian says that it’s much better than the house for teachers.

Tian tells Phupha that at least the base has electricity. Phupha says that the generator runs on a fixed schedule and is only use it when necessary at night. Tian says that he knows, and won’t use it to charge his phone. Phupha quickly tells him that he can use power for that.

Tian says that it’s weird that he can live without his cell phone. He then comments that even if he has his phone, he doesn’t know anyone that he wants to call. This makes Phupha smile and ask if Tian if he misses his home.

Tian says that he missed home when he first got to the village but he’s used to living in the village now. Phupha tells Tian that he will be safe here and he’s not allowed to leave until the culprit is caught. Phupha also tells Tian not to worry about the villagers as he’s sent his men to guard them as well.

Tian asks Phupha what would happen if he doesn’t end up catching the culprit? Phupha says that Tian will just have to stay here indefinitely then. Phupha then teases Tian asking if he could actually do that. Tian teases him back by saying that he doesn’t know.

Tian goes to sit on the bed and notices the Green Giant tea sachet near the pillow and picks it up. Phupha does a double take when he realizes that Tian is now holding it and saw where he had put it. Phupha quickly grabs it, saying it’s his. Phupha quickly leaves with the tea sachet leaving Tian to smile fondly.

Later Phupha is taking an outdoor shower. He takes his time to make sure that he smells nice now that he has company in the base.

Phupha comes back into the room shirtless with a towel wrapped around his lower half. Tian quickly looks away embarrassed and Phupha teases him that he’s allowed to look as he’ll get used to it soon anyway. Tian defends himself saying that he wasn’t looking away.

Phupha says good, but when he notices that Tian still is looking anywhere but at him, he deliberately gets pretty close. Tian tries to look away but then catches himself looking.

Tian ties to leave the room saying that he will take a bath. Phupha deliberately stands in the way very close until Tian finally pushes past him. Phupha looks pretty proud of himself for getting so close to his crush. Tian just finishes watching his face when Phupha comes into the stall to join him.

Tian asks why Phupha is in there with him. Phupha says that he just brought Tian some face soap. Tian tells him next time to say something before he comes in. Phupha tells him not to be so shy since he will get used to it in time. Product placement ad for the soap which is how we get a cute moment of Phupha showing Tian how to use the soap.

Tian tells Phupha that he can do it himself but Phupha tells him that he hasn’t washed Tian’s forehead yet. Phupha manages to get that done before Tian tells him that he’s fine on his and to get out.

Phupha asks if Tian is sure before leaving. The smile on Tian’s face after Phupha leaves proves that he is crushing just as hard on Phupha.

Later that night Tian comes back into the room to see Phupha laying down bedding on the floor. Tian says that he will sleep on the floor as payment for all Phupha has done for him. Phupha says that he never said he wasn’t sleeping on the bed. However if Tian wants to repay him then he has to help with something… a little later we see Tian giving Phupha a massage but he’s not very good at it.

Phupha says that he didn’t believe Tian when he said that he was bad at massages. Tian says that he just puts his hands down randomly. He then asks Phupha what they normally do when they get achy. Phupha says most officers usually just go home.. Tian doesn’t catch on right away then asks why they don’t go to a massage place.

Phupha says it’s because most officers like to get massages from their wives instead. Tian pushes extra hard on Phupha’s shoulders at that and you can hear the bed protest. Tian yells that he’s told Phupha before that he’s not his wife.

Tian says that if Phupha is feeling better than he can go to sleep. Tian goes to sleep on the floor but Phupha insists that he takes the bed. When Tian refuses, Phupha pulls him into the bed and tells him not to disboey. When Tian finally agrees to sleep on the bed, he tells Phupha to go sleep on the floor.

Tian says that he doesn’t want to hear about it if Phupha gets a sore back from lying on the floor. Phupha says that if he does, he has someone to give him massages now. The two stare at each other for a bit before going to sleep.

Tian wakes up to the voices of the children, Yod and Rang talking outside.

Tian goes to check out what’s going on from the window and everyone says hi. Tian tells them that he’ll come join them in a minute. He then goes to get his toothbrush and stuff when an idea occurs to him.

The children tell Tian that they miss the school. Tian admits that he misses it too, but today they will learn in the biggest classroom. Today he’s going to teach them how to properly brush their teeth. Yod, Rang and Phupha watch them all from a little ways off.

The two rangers catch the way Phupha stares at Tian and look they are about to tease him about his crush. However Phupha asks them for updates about the school first. Apparently Khama said that they can start tomorrow.

A little later and Tian comments how the natural classroom is comfy that Meejoo fell asleep. Inta says that when Torfun taught them, Meejoo always fell asleep. Inta then asks Chief Phupha when Torfun will return as they miss her. The rangers don’t respond and Tian looks like his heart is about to break.

Meanwhile Dr. Nam receives the health certificate of heart transplant patients and sees the treatment date for Tian. He starts to put things together and makes a phone call to someone to dig up more information.

That’s the end of Episode 7 Part 2!