A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 6 Part 4

So we pick up where we left off with Phupha asking if Tian wants to stay longer. Tian asks if Phupha wants him to stay longer but Phupha says the kids wanted him to ask Tian. Phupha says that he believes the villagers would like Tian to stay longer as well.

So Tian asks what Phupha thinks, does he want Tian to stay longer as well? Phupha wonders what it has to do with him so Tian tells him it’s because Phupha has to look after him.

It’s clear Phupha didn’t think about this and he’s at a loss for words. He tries to say something a few times, but it’s not even a sentence. Then Yod completely ruins the mood by asking if they are done counting so he can lock up. (Yod learn from Dr. Nam and support the ship without ruining the moment)

Later that night Tian is at home, taking his medication. He then looks at a tea sachet with Torfun’s name embroidered on it. Tian thinks to Torfun that the people in the village haven’t forgotten about her and how soon they will know that her heart at least came back to them.

Back at the forest ranger base, Phupha is looking at his own tea sachet. We get a brief flashback to Tian giving it to him as a thank you gift, as it will be more aromatic then the one he bought before. Phupha wonders why it wasn’t being included with the the others for selling.

Tian says that he messed up the embroidery so no one would want to buy it. When we see the tea sachet itself, we see the name Green Giant embroidered on it.

Phupha comes back from the memory and smiles. He puts the tea sachet near his pillow and goes to sleep.

He doesn’t get to rest for long though, because Yod starts yelling for him, there’s bad news. Yod tells the Chief that the school is on fire! Phupha is shocked, then he runs to get his coat and shoes on.

At the school we can see the fire is just blazing away. Longtae and Khama are already there, but they’ve run out of water. Khama sends a bunch of villagers to go get more. Tian shows up after those villagers have left. He asks Longtae about the tea sachets, but Longtae says it’s too late to save them.

Tian is heartbroken about how this has happened to the school, we get flashbacks of his time their with the children, including when they were making the tea sachets. Tian runs inside the burning building, Longtae would go after him but Khama stops him.

While Tian is inside the building, Phupha shows up at the scene. Longtae keeps trying to tell him that inside…inside… finally Phupha yells at him “what’s inside?!” Only to have Longtae tell him that Tian is in there.

Phupha runs into the burning building after Tian before anyone can stop him. He finds Tian unconscious on the floor of the classroom, holding the kite Phupha made for him. Phupha manages to get him out of the building but Tian doesn’t look well and through all that Tian keeps his grip on the kite.

The End of Episode 6 but wait, there’s a side story.


After leaving the tea sachets in the storage room, Tian looks around the classroom at the kites. Tian of course comes back to the kite that Phupha made for him and smiles. Phupha comes up and asks why is Tian smiling at the kite?

Tian says that he was just looking around. Tian claims that he wasn’t just looking at the one Phupha made. Phupha says that he didn’t say anything. Tian tells him that the kids told him that it was Phupha’s idea to put the kites on the walls of the classroom for decoration.

Tian thanks Phupha saying that he will keep this in his memory. Phupha says that it may have been his idea, but the kids helped to make it happen. Tian tells Phupha to just take the appreciation and not act cool about it. This makes Phupha smile. We then lead into Phupha’s flashback where Tian gives him the tea sachet.

Phupha reaches for the sachet, but Tian pulls it away asking Phupha if that’s what he does when accepting a gift from a younger person. So Phupha thanks Tian for the gift which makes Tian smile in return.

Okay now Episode 6 is officially done and you can roll those end credits!