Weekly Roundup!

It’s that time again for a weekly roundup post. This week has been pretty busy with not only meeting my fitness goals, Recaps and of course advocating for my Autistic Goblin self.

So let’s start with the fun stuff. Exercise and fitness. The weather started nice this week.

So clearly bike rides were in the cards at least for Tuesday and Wednesday but then the weather turned cold.. and there was snow.

As you can see I went quite the distance on my bike.

I like to think that I got a very scenic view of my city.

Except for this view, I really don’t need to see traffic and roads.

Yes, that’s a much better view! I also managed to get my Earth day medal from Apple Fitness, I always do like adding to the collection.

So now let’s look at the week’s stats.

You can see where I had to lower my move goal and indeed where I didn’t even meet my exercise goal for the day. It happens, there’s no shame in that.

Now what else happened this week you might wonder?

Next For Autism happened this week that’s what. Such an ugly organization that got caught red handed promoting ABA Therapy (child abuse) and Eugenics (altering DNA). They then issued an apology but it was pure gaslighting none sense. You can find more about them from the blog post I made earlier in the week or just type it in Twitter and see for yourself.

ABA Therapy Meme created by Autistic Goblin

So yeah there was that, on a much happier note, I managed to finish recapping Psych Hunter episode 22, and A Tale of a Thousand Stars Episode 6 parts 1&2.

Psych Hunter
A Tale of a Thousand Stars

So a very busy and productive week for me. I hope everyone stays healthy as this pandemic shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.