Psych Hunter: Episode 22

The episode starts off with a host asking an actress to stop onto the stage. Only to have the dead catty actress show up. Obviously the host is confused because she’s supposed to be dead. So like a Casper cartoon, he yells ghost and runs away.

Shang Yu asks the actress if she’s dead. The catty actress agrees that she’s dead. This leads Shang Yu to ask that if she’s dead why is she here? The catty actress responds that it’s because she’s going to win the Movie Queen award and she’s come to claim it.

The catty actress tells Shang Yu that she’s only capable of being a supporting actress. The catty actress goes to the award and says that it’s hers and it always has been.

The two have a very brief fight where Shang Yu manages to get ugly trophy thing away from the catty actress and pushes her to the ground. Shang Yu says that the award is hers alone. She says that she worked so hard for it.

Shang Yu looks like she’s losing her marbles, she claims that no one can take what is hers from her. She then raises the ugliest trophy I’ve ever seen and it looks like she’s about to bash in the catty’s actress skull…

Cue those opening credits!

After the credits we pick up where we left off in the last episode with Yi Heng and Jiang Shuo chasing after Xiao Zhi. Jiang Shuo manages to get ahead of him, and throw him into the Psych.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng find themselves in a movie theatre. Jiang Shuo is surprised that the movie currently playing on the screen has sound. Yi Heng teases him about forgetting that anything can happen in the Psych.

Jiang Shuo just gives Yi Heng a look before they both approach the movie screen. They look at it for a moment, before Jiang Shuo reaches out to touch the screen. The screen gets a little glowy and ripples a bit.

The two share another look just before Jiang Shuo reaches out to touch it again, Yi Heng grabs his hand. Yi Heng is worried that it might be dangerous. Jiang Shuo says that if that’s the case, they will escape right away.

They both then walk into the movie screen and end up in the movie itself. Yi Heng says that since Xiao Zhi is a screenwriter it’s no wonder that his Psych is a movie. They see Shang Yu in the movie and Jiang Shuo wonders if Xiao Zhi has some intention towards her, since they could only see her when they entered the movie.

Soon they see Xiao Zhi himself being all sneaky. They wonder what he’s up to, which is when Jiang Shuo snaps his fingers and spins around turning into a police officer. Yi Heng wonders what he’s up to, Jiang Shuo says that he’s acting. Since the Psych is a movie, he can be any character he wants to be.

Soon Xiao Zhi takes his hands from behind his back.. and he’s holding flowers and offering them to Shang Yu as she’s on the second floor balcony. Now they both understand why he was being so sneaky.

Jiang Shuo wonders if Xiao Zhi killed the catty actress because he had a crush on Shang Yu. Then the studio manager comes out onto the balcony and grabs Shang Yu telling her that she has to hurry and work for money. The scene totally makes him out to be like a pimp. All of a sudden the other people run away and the movie changes.

Now suddenly Yi Heng and Jiang Shuo are in a hallway, but they are now children. They only realize this when Jiang Shuo says how the movie has changed.. his voice be a kid’s, makes the two of them look at each other.

Jiang Shuo asks Qin’er why they are now kids, while he grabs Yi Heng by the cheeks. (Props to the child actors for pulling this off so well!)

Yi Heng figures that Xiao Zhi has figured out a way to set the characters and set them as kids. Jiang Shuo says that they are goners now. Jiang Shuo wonders if they will die here. Jiang Shuo says he doesn’t want to die on the same day as Yi Heng.

Yi Heng says that Jiang Shuo has a sharp voice and tells him to shut up as he’s making Yi Heng’s head hurt. Jiang Shuo points out that Qin’er’s voice isn’t any lower than his. Yi Heng says that at least he wasn’t shouting.

Yi Heng says that although Xiao Zhi has set the characters, he hasn’t set the storyline, so they can still win. Yi Heng tells Jiang Shuo not to be scares as he’s here with him. The photos of Shang Yu along the hallway start doing creepy eye moving stuff. Jiang Shuo wonders if it’s a horror movie.

Yi Heng tells Jiang Shuo not to mind them, and they continue down to the door at the end of the hall. (It looks like it’s out of The Haunting of Hill House tbh) There is even creepy shadow hands starting to come out of the portraits. Yi Heng and Jiang Shuo try to go through the door but it appears to be locked.

Eventually they manage to break through the door. Only now they find themselves in Shang Yu’s dressing room. They see Xiao Zhi staring at Shang Yu as she removes her make up. Jiang Shuo points out that he’s never seen Shang Yu without her makeup. He says that Bu Yan told him she puts make up on herself at home too.

They soon discover that this Shang Yu doesn’t have a face either. They are attacked by Xiao Zhi’s defence mechanism which kind of looks like a vampire although Jiang Shuo calls it a zombie. They run, but it manages to catch Yi Heng.

The zombie is choking Yi Heng and poor Jiang Shuo is trying to free him but it’s not working. Liu Zhi’s voice comes from nowhere and asks Xiao Zhi if he really loves Shang Yu. The voice asks him if he will protect Shang Yu, what if these two find out the secret he’s been protecting for her.

Liu Zhi then taunts Xiao Zhi that Shang Yu would be disappointed in him, and hate him. Liu Zhi says that Shang Yu will call him useless.

Jiang Shuo knows that it’s not working and that they can’t follow this script. He then remembers the clock in the corner of the room. Jiang Shuo sets the clock back and it’s like hitting rewind on a movie.

All of a sudden Yi Heng is free from the vampire and able to breathe. More importantly however they are back to their adult forms.

They are now in a different place however. Jiang Shuo says that Xiao Zhi has some spooky ideas. Yi Heng says that the strangest thing is Liu Zhi showing up in Xiao Zhi’s Psych.

Jiang Shuo says that the two must have met then. Jiang Shuo wonders if Liu Zhi used Xiao Zhi’s crush on Shang Yu to make him kill the catty actress. Yi Heng says that if Liu Zhi is involved than it’s dangerous and they should go. He grabs Jiang Shuo’s arm but Jiang Shuo grabs the arm that’s holding his.

Jiang Shuo tells him tow wait as he doesn’t understand something. When Liu Zhi mentioned Shang Yu’s secret, Xiao Zhan got nervous. Could it be that the secret is about Zhao Ling being Shang Yu?

Just then the judge tells the guards to bring the criminals forward. Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng don’t want to be criminals so they quickly change their characters. Jiang Shuo is back to being a police officer, while Yi Heng has turned into an officer of the court. It turns out that the criminals weren’t them though, as the guards go past them and bring two identical looking Shang Yu women out.

The judge says that how dare Shang Yu pretend to be the fairy Zhao Ling. The judge says that Shang Yu flaunted everywhere and hurt plenty of people. Shang Yu denies this of course. Yi Heng says that it turns out Shang Yu and Zhao Ling are indeed different people.

Shang Yu says that she didn’t and begs Xiao Zhi to save her. The judge says that she will be drowned and locked up in the demon tower. Xiao Zhi says how does the judge know that it’s not the other way around, and that Shang Yu is the real deal. All the court has is Zhao Ling’s slander.

The two now accuse Zhao Ling of pretending to Shang Yu, which she denies. Zhao Ling says that she never pretended to be anyone. Xiao Zhi says that whatever he says is the truth.

Jiang Shuo says that Xiao Zhi says that Zhao Ling is making false claims but how come he gets to decide what is real and what is fake, shouldn’t they get to find out the truth. The judge says that when you pretend something, real becomes unreal. What is real and what is fake, Jiang Shuo must find that out for himself. Then they all return back to reality.

Xiao Zhi wakes up and immediately tries to run for it, but he is shoved back down by Jiang Shuo who demands to know the connection between Shang Yu and Zhao Ling. Yi Heng on the other hand just wants to know about Liu Zhi.

Xiao Zhi says that he killed the catty actress and the warden so they should arrest him.

Later in Jail, Sergeant Bai asks Xiao Zhi why he killed people. Xiao Zhi claims that he killed the catty actress because she stole Shang Yu’s role and ruined his script. Xiao Zhi says that he killed the warden because he was a witness.

Sergeant Bai asks him how he killed the catty actress. Xiao Zhi says that he bashed her head in. When asked what he used, Xiao Zhi claims that he doesn’t remember.

Sergeant Bai then asks him how he killed the warden. Xiao Zhi says that he killed him with a kitchen knife that he bought himself. Sergeant Bai points out the fact that if that were the case why is the wound size the same as that of a fruit knife?

Xiao Zhi quickly amends his statement to say that it was a fruit knife that he used, he remembers now. It’s pretty clear they don’t believe him as they share a look before they leave the room.

At Shang Yu’s home, Bu Yan is cleaning up and starts to clean the goddess clock. Shang Yu comes into the room and angrily shoves the clock down on the shelf. Bu Yan tells her that he was just tidying up and didn’t break anything.

Shang Yu tells him that she’s receiving the Movie Queen award tonight. She then tells him to leave so that she can get changed. After he leaves, she closes the door and side eyes the clock.

Back at the police station, Sergeant Bai tells the other two that he doesn’t think Xiao Zhi committed the murders, but… Jiang Shuo interrupts saying there are no buts because Xiao Zhi couldn’t even describe the weapon.

Yi Heng suggests that he goes with Jiang Shuo back to the crime scene, in case they missed something. Sergeant Bai says that he will stay behind at the police station.

Back at Shang Yu’s place, Shang Yu has changed into purple dress that shows a lot of skin. Bu Yan brings her a coat telling her that she’s wearing too little and will catch a cold. Shang Yu fights him on it, which is when Bu Yan notices her bare back.

We get a flashback to when Bu Yan told the story about the kettle that got knocked over during an argument and scalded Zhao Ling’s back leaving a scar. There is no scar on Shang Yu’s back. Bu Yan’s attitude changes and he tells Shang Yu that he needs to go clean the bathroom. Shang Yu knows that something has changed though.

Sure enough Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng go back to the dressing room. The studio manager says that he’s left instructions for them not to be disturbed. As they start to investigate they realize that the studio manager hasn’t left yet.

Jiang Shuo asks why he’s still there. Yi Heng on the other hand asks if the studio manager has something to tell them. The studio manager says that he heard Xiao Zhi was caught. He wonders if Xiao Zhi said why he killed people, for love? For money?

Jiang Shuo asks why the man wants to know, is he thinking up ideas for his next movie? The studio manager says that the catty actress died in the studio so he’s having a hard time too. He needs a new film to help him regain some of his capital.

Yi Heng points out that after the chaos the catty actress’s work will increase the studio manager’s profit a few times over. The studio manager offers them a cigar but Yi Heng tells him not to smoke at the crime scene (or ever).

Jiang Shuo says it serves the studio manager right for having a hard time now, after all why did he change the main lead actress. Jiang Shuo says that he doesn’t think the catty actress in any prettier than Shang Yu.

The studio manager says that Shang Yu has a weird temper and is hard to please. He says it’s not just him though, as her fans see her as a goddess and gave her many presents. Shang Yu criticized everything, and she never acted kindly to the fans either.

Yi Heng says that the studio manager is right, as none of the packaged gifts have ever been opened. Jiang Shuo notes that Yi Heng is right. Jiang Shuo also notes that all the lilies have been thrown out, which is odd because the lily is her signature.

The studio manager says that she threw out the lilies without a second thought. Jiang Shuo asks the studio manager that if Shang Yu doesn’t like lilies why do the fans send them? The studio manager says that the fans don’t know about it. Apparently fans saw Shang Yu with a lily necklace on and thought that she liked lilies.

Yi Heng finds that one of the boxes is actually open and empty. He asks the studio manager what was in the empty box. The studio manager says that it was a goddess clock that was based on Shang Yu’s looks, it’s the only thing that she liked. Yi Heng found a letter inside the box and the studio manager said that it’s from Xiao Zhi pretended to be a fan, a love letter but Shang Yu never read it.

Jiang Shuo asks Qin’er if he thinks it might be the same one from Xiao Zhi’s Psych. Yi Heng turns the envelope over and a flower is on that side of it. Yi Heng asks if anyone knows what it means. The studio manager says that a fan drew it. It’s a Shang Yu default signature. Yi Heng says that he know who the murderer is.

Outside Shang Yu’s place, Mu Qing is calling Jiang Shuo stupid for abandoning her to go investigate a case. She doesn’t like having to protect Shang Yu, she wants to go investigate too.

Inside the house, Bu Yan is watching a bathtub overflow with water. He repeats the words that “she’s not Zhao Ling” over and over. Then Shang Yu walks into the room. Shang Yu tells him that the water is overflowing, then asks him what is he afraid of?

Bu Yan tells her that now he knows. Shang Yu is hiding a knife behind her back and it moves to her other hand, still hidden from view. She asks him what he knows. Bu Yan says that he knows that she isn’t his daughter, he asks her where Zhao Ling is.

When he keeps asking, demanding answers Shang Yu finally says that she doesn’t know. Bu Yan won’t let it go at that though. Shang Yu yells that Zhao Ling has been gone so long, she’s probably dead. This is not what Bu Yan wants to hear though.

There’s a bit of a scuffle, Bu Yan says that it must be her, what did she do to Zhao Ling. During the scuffle though Shang Yu accidentally cuts Bu Yan with the knife on the arm. He then falls into the bath water. He manages to come out of the water just to have Shang Yu shove his head back in, and try to drown him.

Mu Qing hears a noise inside the house, and runs in. Shang Yu has left the room though so Mu Qing doesn’t see her. Mu Qing does see Bu Yan face down in the bathtub which is tinted red from his blood. Mu Qing goes to help him.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng speed down the street in the car to arrive at the house. Jiang Shuo is faster and reaches Mu Qing and Bu Yan before Yi Heng. Mu Qing has managed to get the water out of Bu Yan’s lungs by then so he’s at least conscious.

Mu Qing tells Jiang Shuo how she found Bu Yan. Bu Yan says that it’s Shang Yu and she’s not Zhao Ling. Jiang Shuo asks Mu Qing if she saw Shang Yu and of course the answer is no. Yi Heng says he knows where she will be though, because even if she were to die, she would show up there.

Jiang Shuo leaves Bu Yan in Mu Qing’s care. Yi Heng and Jiang Shuo head over to the film award ceremony. At the awards ceremony an actress walks the path that Shang Yu was supposed to.

Shang Yu fans get really angry. The actress tells them that Shang Yu isn’t coming because clearly the catty actress’s death has something to do with her. However Shang Yu does arrive in a car just after the actress says that.

Inside the club after a performance, the host comes out to tell everyone to be patient for the movie queen award. First they are going to have a moment of silence for the catty actress, as she was a loss for the city. After that the host says that awards ceremony will now commence.

In the dressing room the actress that didn’t think Shang Yu would show up is sitting in Shang Yu’s usual chair getting her make up done. When Shang Yu and the manager walk in, the manager tells the actress to move over. The actress tells him that she was here first and Shang Yu doesn’t have her name on the chair.

When she still refuses to move, the manager picks moves her and the chair to the next mirror. Then brings another chair for Shang Yu to sit in. The actress tells them that they have no manners bullying her. The guy says that Shang Yu was born to be a movie queen and that the actress should stop acting like a clown. ( gaslighting and bullying..classy)

This pisses off the other actress that says if not for the catty actress’s death Shang Yu wouldn’t even be the movie queen. She says that the guy now licks Shang Yu’s boots and they make a scandalous pair.

The man tells Shang Yu to ignore her, they’ll be going on stage soon anyway. Shang Yu however isn’t paying attention, in fact he has to call her name a few times before she snaps out of her daze. Then the two leave the room. A staff member brings roses to the actress from a fan, then tells her that the fan has a special request.

The host announces that it’s time for the movie queen segment of the awards ceremony and invites Shang Yu to come up onto the stage. She’s still a nominee and gives the usual speech about how she feels, thanking the fans, etc.

The host then invites Mei Gui onto the stage (actress from the dressing room) but instead the dead catty actress comes out. The host freaks out saying she’s supposed to dead and runs away yelling ghost.

hang Yu asks the actress if she’s dead. The catty actress agrees that she’s dead. This leads Shang Yu to ask that if she’s dead why is she here? The catty actress responds that it’s because she’s going to win the Movie Queen award.

The catty actress tells Shang Yu that she’s only capable of being a supporting actress. The catty actress goes to the award and says that it’s hers and it always has been. Shang Yu says that the catty actress is definitely dead, she saw her die.

The catty actress picks up the award and tells Shang Yu that it will always be hers. Shang Yu says that she didn’t hit her hard enough, and that the catty actress can go straight to hell, she should be shredded into pieces. (The mic is literally swinging in front of her face as she says this.)

The two fight over the award only for the catty actress to get knocked down. Shang Yu holds the award like Gollum holding his precious saying that it’s hers, all hers. Shang Yu says that she worked so hard, it belongs to her.

The catty actress gets up off the floor and shows Shang Yu a red card from the award ceremonies saying that to commemorate her death, she will be awarded the Movie Queen trophy.

The catty actress says that even if her acting skills are bad, the award will still always belong to her. She tells Shang Yu that even though she killed her, the award is still hers. Shang Yu says that if killing her once didn’t do it, she’ll have to kill her again.

Shang Yu swings the trophy but before she can hit the actress, Yi Heng grabs her arm and tells her that’s enough. Police officers swarm the stage with guns aimed at Shang Yu.

Yi Heng takes the trophy away from her and tells her that she’s under arrest. The audience starts to raise a ruckus though and Shang Yu uses the distraction to try and escape. She can’t leave the stage though because the people from the compound are in the way.

The only place she can go is right back to where she started with Yi Heng and the actress. The actress removes the mask and wig, and it’s Bai She!

Shang Yu calls them all monsters but Bai She corrects her saying that Shang Yu is the real monster.

Bai She goes on to say that Shang Yu pretended to be Ling’er and killed people. She says that Shang Yu is a heartless and cruel monster! (Go Bai She!)

Yi Heng tells Shang Yu to look at her fans that sacrificed for her but didn’t even know that she didn’t like lilies. That the only present she opened was the Goddess Clock which she used to kill the catty actress.

Yi Heng take the clock from Tie Zhu and points to the hole on it that has the catty actress’s blood inside. Yi Heng also says they found the weapon that killed the warden in her house. Yi Heng also points out that Shang Yu confessed to the crime just now.

Shang Yu turns around to face the audience, first she smiles, then she laughs hysterically.. then she faints as her mind just couldn’t take it anymore.

At the police station, Mu Qing and Sergeant Bai interrogate Shang Yu. Mu Qing can’t believe this person is Shang Yu but Sergeant Bai says that she is, just without the make up.

Shang Yu says that she didn’t want to kill the catty actress but she saw her bare face and made fun of her, she wanted to show the studio manager so that Shang Yu wouldn’t win the Movie Queen award.

We get a flashback to the confrontation, where the catty actress was mean and how in a moment of panic, Shang Yu grabbed the clock and hit her with it.

She made the body look like the bodies in the movie but didn’t expect to be caught by the warden. She seduced him so he wouldn’t tell anyone, and tell people that they saw the catty actress with Xiao Zhi. Her first plan was to pin everything on him.

However she didn’t trust the warden, so her back up plan was to frame the people from the compound. The warden was insatiable so she killed him too, making his death appear like that of the film as well.

However the guard was alive enough to leave a clue. Shang Yu didn’t expect that Xiao Zhi would become a willing scapegoat since he liked her long before she became Shang Yu. Shang Yu calls him silly for that. Shang Yu says that Xiao Zhi has nothing to do with the murders and they should let him go.

Sergeant Bay tells her that she has no say in the matter of who stays in jail or not. Sergeant Bai then asks her if she knew Zhao Ling. The answer is of course yes, back then Shang Yu was still known by her real name Liu Li. We get a flashback to how they met at auditions when a sting on her instrument broke, and Zhao Ling told her to use hers as she was already down with her audition.

We see that after the kettle incident, Shang Yu felt bad for Zhao Ling because she couldn’t wear open back dresses anymore. Zhao Ling said that it was fine though, because Shang Yu could wear them instead.

Shang Yu then asks about the flower necklace. Zhao Ling says that it’s a lily and she got the necklace from her father, she calls it her good luck charm. Shang Yu comments how nice that is since she’s never met her father and no one has ever given her jewelry. Zhao Ling promptly take off her earrings and gives them to Shang Yu.

Zhao Ling tells Shang Yu that she’s beautiful and that they look like biological sisters. They promise to be sisters. When a person refused to cast Shang Yu, Zhao Ling couldn’t understand what expectation she didn’t meet since the two were so much alike. The guy claimed it wasn’t based on looks alone, but Zhao Ling wasn’t buying it and refused to act if they didn’t cast Shang Yu as well.

Shang Yu runs into the room and tells Zhao Ling to quit fooling around there will be other auditions but it’s clear her heart is breaking, she leaves the room before Zhao Ling can respond.

Later Zhao Ling goes to check on her, but she claims to be fine. Zhao Ling then hands over a letter for Shang Yu. It’s the Liu Zhi letter!

We see that not long after that letter Zhao Ling was taken by men into a car. The only thing left was the necklace. Shang Yu decided to use make up to appear to Zhao Ling so that she could get the role she had missed out on previously. They had always looked alike and even lived together.

Mu Qing asks if Shang Yu ever felt guilty. Shang Yu says that every time someone called her Zhao Ling she was reminded of when she was kidnapped so she changed her name to Shang Yu. Once she had a bit of fame, she tried to find Zhao Ling but with no luck.

Shang Yu says that it’s good she got caught today because she can finally be herself. She says it’s troublesome to wear makeup all the time, and she hates lilies. Sergeant Bai tells her that she will pay for the crimes she has committed.

Shang Yu pulls a paper out of her sleeve and the guard gives it to Sergeant Bai. It’s the letter telling her that Liu Zhi is back and she had better run for her life. They ask her who gave her the letter but she doesn’t know. Shang Yu says that whoever it is must know something though because they broke into her house to deliver the message.

Later Yi Heng and Jiang Shuo are in Sergeant Bai’s office looking at the letter. they ask the same question about who sent it, but Sergeant Bai just shakes his head. Yi Heng points out that someone may have mistaken Shang Yu for Zhao Ling and tried to warn her, it could also be a smokescreen set up by Liu Zhi.

In jail we see that Xiao Zhi is getting released while Shang Yu is being put into jail. After he leaves we see Bu Yan visiting Shang Yu. Shang Yu gives him the necklace. Shang Yu also tells him that Zhao Ling actually loved persimmons.

However to get her persimmons, Bu Yan used to steal them as he was so poor. Once he got caught and beaten up because of it. Bu Yan didn’t know that had seen it, but that’s why she would never eat persimmons again. Bu Yan is floored by this new knowledge, as it shows just how much Zhao Ling loved him.

Roll those end credits because that’s the end of Episode 22! It was 49 minutes long, so it took a bit longer to recap 😀