A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 6 Part 1

The episode starts off with Tian talking about how Torfun might find it silly but he used to be into expensive model cars. Tian says that with a few bamboo sticks, paper and rope he was also able to have a lot of fun.

Tian says that he understands what Torfun said about happiness now. As the simple things can give great joy. Tian is more happy playing with the kites then he was at home with his expensive model cars.

These were the thoughts Tian had before he fell. The episode then catches up to where Tian fell with Phupha panicking and calling for Dr. Nam.

Someone goes to Tian’s house to check for his medications. This person notices Torfun’s notebook though..

Then it’s time to roll those opening credits!

After the credits we that Tian is in the infirmary and Phupha is in the chair next to the bed. Phupha puts his hand on Tian’s head (probably checking for a fever). It’s clear Chief Phupha loves him and is worried about him.

Tian wakes up some time later, Dr. Nam asks him how he’s feeling. Tian says that he’s feeling better now. Tian asks what time it is then promptly asks about the kids. Dr. Nam tells him not to worry about the kids as he sent Phupha to look after them.

Dr. Nam says that Tian should worry about his own health more. Dr. Nam then pulls out the immunosuppressive medication and asks if Tian underwent a heart transplant. Tian says that he told Phupha he had heart surgery. Dr. Nam says that heart surgery and a heart transplant are two very different things.

Dr. Nam asks how many years has it been since the surgery…only to have Tian tell him that it’s only been about 7 months. Dr. Nam can’t believe Tian came up to the village, doesn’t he know how risky that is?!

Tian says that he knows. Dr. Nam says that if he knows how risky it is, why didn’t he them about it. If anything happens to Tian they will be in trouble, especially Phupha. Tian says that he didn’t want to keep it a secret, but he was afraid they would send him home if they knew about it.

Dr. Nam says that he can still send Tian home now though. Tian begs Dr. Nam not to send him home, and to let him stay in the village. Dr. Nam agrees to let Tian stay as long as Tian promises to take better care of his health. Dr. Nam says that if something like this happens again though he’s sending Tian home.

Tian promises and thanks Dr. Nam for letting him stay. Tian then asks Dr. Nam not to tell anyone about the heart transplant as he doesn’t want them to worry about him, especially Chief Phupha. Dr. Nam admits that if Phupha knew he would send Tian home immediately.

Tian then asks about when Dr. Nam went to get the medicine.. only to be told it wasn’t not Dr. Nam that went to Tian’s place to get the medicine. Tian asks if not him, then who?

Tian goes to visit the school, where Phupha, Longtae and the children are hanging the kites on the walls. The students are really excited to see Tian as they missed him. One student even tells him that Ayi said he was dead, which Ayi quickly denies. Tian reassures him that he’s fine.

Tian asks them what they are up to. Ayi says that they are decorating the classroom with their kites. Tian is quick to compliment the new decorations, then asks whose idea it was. To his surprise, it was Chief Phupha’s idea. Tian asks the children if it’s done yet, when they say no, he tells them to get back to work.

After the kids get back to work, Phupha comes over to see Tian. There’s some really awkward silence before Phupha says that Tian walked in the rain, is he really okay? Tian tells Phupha that he really is fine now, he’s very strong. Tian tells Phupha not to pull a face as it wasn’t that serious.

Longtae is taking out the trash but when Tian tries to talk to him, Longtae ignores him. Tian tells Phupha that he will go help Longtae leaving Phupha to wonder what happened between the two.

Tian asks if Longtae was the one to get the medicine from his place. Longtae admits that he did. Tian then says that Longtae must have seen.. Longtae finishes the sentence with Torfun’s notebook.

Longtae then asks why does Tian have Torfun’s notebook? Longtae goes on to say that he thought Tian had never met Torfun before. Tian thinks for a moment before asking if Longtae has told anyone else about the notebook.

Longtae says that he hasn’t yet, because he wants to hear the reason from Tian first. Tian tells Longtae that Torfun is dead. This is news to Longtae (Phupha won’t let the rangers tell anyone she is dead.) Tian says that before she died, she had registered as an organ donor, and her heart helped him to live on.

Tian says that’s why he came to the village, to finish what Torfun had started. Longtae takes a few moments to digest this new information. He then asks Tian why he kept this information from them, he should’ve told them about it.

Tian said that he couldn’t bring himself to do it, Tian also wasn’t sure whether or not he should say anything. Tian says that he didn’t know where to start. Torfun was loved so dearly by everyone and they treat him well. Tian says that he doesn’t know how to deliver the bad news and tell them that Torfun is dead.

Longtae argues that everyone should know that she’s dead (tell that to Phupha he’s keeping it secret too.) Tian tells Longtae that he’s trying to find a way to tell everyone about it. He asks Longtae to give him some more time, he’ll tell everyone about it himself, he promises.

Longtae asks if anyone else knows about this. Tian says that at least one person knows now. Meejoo comes up to them and tells them that are about to put Tian’s kite on the wall. Longtae tells him it’s okay and that he can go. There’s a bit of awkwardness but Tian leaves with Meejoo.

Inside the classroom, Tian asks the children where he should hang his kite. While they are discussing this, Longtae enters the classroom. Phupha looks at the two of them figuring something is up. When Tian notices that Longtae comes back, he looks at him to see Longtae smile and nod. Longtae has agreed to keep the secret and still be friends.

Later outside the classroom, Tian is braiding Inta’s hair. After he finishes, he thanks her for using Brother Tian’s barbershop. He asks who’s next and Ayi jumps eagerly into the seat. Tian asks him what day it is. When Ayi responds that it’s Wednesday, Tian wonders why he isn’t selling tea leaves with his father.

Ayi says no, since they have a ton left. Tian asks him the reason for so many tea leaves but Ayi doesn’t know, he just knows that he hasn’t had to help his dad with selling them for awhile now.

Later Tian goes to Village Chief Khama and tells him what Ayi told Tian. Khama laughs and tells Tian that it’s nothing he needs to worry about. Tian isn’t stupid though, so he asks Khama if it has to do with the fight he had with buyers.

Khama doesn’t immediately answer, but the tea farmer and Khama share a look. The tea farmer decides to tell Tian that since the fight, no one comes to buy the tea leaves anymore. In fact, the other villagers aren’t able to sell their tea leaves either.

Tian asks if they can sell their tease leaves somewhere else then? Khama says that it’s not that easy though. Tian tells them it’s because of Mr. Sakda isn’t it. Khama is shocked that Tian knows about him, Tian tells him that Dr. Nam told him about Mr. Sakda.

Tian says that the buyers are Mr. Sakda’s men. Khama is clearly uncomfortable but eventually says that Mr. Sakda is a very influential man. He tells Tian that if Mr. Sakda initiates a boycott, no tea factory will dare to buy from them.

The tea farmer says that he will try to negotiate with the factories in Lampoon tomorrow. The guy isn’t sure that they will be interested but it’s better than leaving things as they are now. The man leaves and it’s clear Tian is kicking himself for causing the village trouble.

Khama tells Tian not to worry too much. Khama also confesses that he’s been aware of the issue (villagers being taken advantage of) for some time, but he couldn’t do anything about it. So he chose to be blind about it, and let it continue.

Khama says that he’s actually thankful to Tian for knocking some sense into him. Khama says that from now on, even if it’s difficult for them, they must do what’s right.

Later Tian goes to the forest ranger base. He tells Phupha that he didn’t want to bother him but it was really important. Phupha then asks who Tian is going to call. Tian says he’s going to call his friend.

Phupha asks if it’s the same friend that Tian met in the city. The jealousy vibes coming off of Phupha are very strong. Tian asks Phupha if he’s going let him use the phone or not. (I love it when they bicker!)

Phupha sighs then offers the phone to Tian while warning him not to take too long with his phone call. Phupha stays within easy eavesdropping distance though. Tian call Tul and tells him not to ask too many questions. Tian tells Tul to transfer 50,000 baht to him (Thai money.)

Tian tells Tul that he wants to buy the tea leaves from the villagers. Tian tells Tul not to tell his father though. Phupha is pissed and takes the phone from Tian, then promptly hangs it up. Tian asks Phupha what he’s doing.

Phupha says that is the question that he should be asking Tian. Phupha tells Tian that Khama informed him of the whole situation. Phupha asks Tian if he thinks that the villagers will be happy with this solution.

Tian asks Phupha how can he stand by and do nothing then? Tian tells Phupha that he isn’t the reason (Tian implies he is) that the villagers can’t sell their crops. Tian says that Phupha can say anything.

Phupha sighs and tells Tian that he didn’t tell him not to do anything, just that what he was doing wasn’t the best way out of the situation. Phupha tells Tian that he can’t buy tea leaves from the villagers forever.

Phupha offers to help Tian think a way out of the situation. Phupha says that for now Tian should go home, he’ll give him a lift.

While on the drive in the Jeep, Tian notices that his tea sachet is on the dashboard. Tian tells Phupha that he’s been looking everywhere for it. Phupha says that he’s been meaning to give it back to Tian.

Tian says that it’s been sitting in the Jeep and the scent has probably faded away. Phupha says that Tian just bought it, so the scent shouldn’t have faded that fast. Tian takes a sniff of the sachet then offers Phupha to smell as Tian says there is no scent left.

Phupha steals his chance and gives Tian’s hand a sniff as well. Tian tells Phupha that’s his hand, Phupha says it smells nice. Phupha is pretty proud of himself for the stolen intimacy and it’s clear Tian doesn’t mind.

Tian says if the sachet still smells nice then Phupha can keep it. Tian flashes back to what Torfun said in her notebook about the village’s tea leaves, then his own experience when he bought his sachet.

Tian has an idea and asks Phupha if he’s available tomorrow. When Phupha says he has the time, Tian says that he has a favour to ask.

That’s the end of Episode 6 Part 1!