A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 5 Part 4

Tian shivers and asks if the students feel cold. The kids say that they are cold and Tian tells them to make sure they clean up properly. Yod, Rang and Phupha are approaching the classroom but stop to watch Tian with kids.

Yod says that at first he didn’t think that Tian would last 3 days max in the village, before Yod would have to take him back to the bus terminal. Yod says that now Tian blends in well with the villagers and life here.

They watch as Tian teases Ayi about sweeping properly. Yod says it makes him sad to think that Tian has to return to Bangkok soon, as he wants him to stay longer.

Yod asks Phupha to talk to Tian and persuade him to stay longer. Phupha says that he can’t do that though as Tian has a bright future ahead of him. Phupha says that Tian hasn’t even finished getting his degree yet.

Rang says that it’s sad though since the kids really love Tian. Just then Tian notices that the forest rangers have arrived and he goes to greet them. It’s a bit awkward between him and Phupha though. So Tian asks about the bamboo sticks that Rang is holding.

Yod laughs and says that he heard Tian was going to teach the kids to make kites so they cut the bamboo sticks for them. Tian says thanks as he forgot he needed bamboo sticks for the kites.. (lolz)

Tian then tries to grab the sticks from Rang but Rang says that there’s no need. The two bicker a little about it though. Tian says that he doesn’t know where to start with the sticks, so Rang says that he will cut them into smaller sticks for the kites. Tian thanks Rang for the help.

A little bit of time passes and Tian tells the kids that today he’s going to teach them how to make a kite. This earns him the question from a student about what a kite actually is. Tian has to think a moment before explaining it’s like a tiny big bird (tiny version of the plane they always see).

Before any other student can add questions, Tian says that they’ll just start. He makes sure the kids have picked their kite’s paper and colour. While they are making the kites, Tian warns Phupha not to put too much glue on or the kite won’t fly.

Phupha then asks how a plane can fly then. Tian says that they are not the same thing, then goes on to explain the mechanics of planes and it makes Phupha smile to watch him explain it.

Tian asks Phupha why he’s smiling. Phupha says that it’s because Tian looks so happy when he’s explaining things to others.

They get back to work on the kites, some time passes and it looks like everyone is done but Phupha is adding something to his kite. Tian asks what Phupha is doing. Phupha says that this kite is called a Pak Pao kite. Tian wonders why Phupha didn’t tell him that he already knew how to make kites.

Phupha asks if he really has to tell someone that he already knows how to do something. This makes Tian smile, Tian then thinks that Phupha is teasing him given the double meaning of flying a kite. Phupha says that he didn’t mean it in a dirty way, just that he’s a rural boy so he didn’t have fancy toys. Kites were his favourite toy growing up.

Phupha then holds up his kite and asks Tian if it looks good. Tian thinks that it looks amazing and asks Phupha to make one for him.

Ayi comes over and sees the kite and asks to have it. Phupha apologizes to Ayi, saying that this kite is taken. This makes Tian glance at Phupha while holding Ayi. Tian says to Ayi that Phupha is mean for not letting Ayi have it. This makes Phupha smile and shake his head in response.

Tian tells Ayi that it’s time to fly the kites, then announces it to the rest of the children as time to fly their big birds. Tian asks the children if they are ready, which he gets a resounding yes as his answer. Tian is about to head out after the children when he notices that Phupha wrote on his kite “for Mr. Seetian”. Phupha gives a big smile when sees that Tian has noticed.

Some time later the group is walking when they bump into Longtae as he’s taking pictures. Tian asks Longtae if he is busy, when Longtae says no, Tian asks if he can help the kids fly their kites.

While Longtae goes to the rest of the group to talk, Tian privately asks Chief Phupa for a favour. Phupha says it’s odd since Tian used his full title. Tian shyly asks how to fly a kite. So Phupha takes over the lesson in teaching the kids how to actually fly the kites since Tian has never done it before.

After Phupha teaches everyone how to fly kites, they go off to do just that. We get to watch them all have fun in pairs flying their kites. Phupha and Tian are of course teamed up together while Longtae mostly just takes pictures of all the fun.

Everything is going well lost of smiles.. and Tian has the biggest smile while playing. That is until he collapses.

Phupha calls out his name and runs over to him. That’s when everyone else notices something’s wrong and looks over to see what’s happened. Phupha reaches Tian first of course and still calls his name in a panic. However Tian isn’t responsive and is struggling to stay conscious. Phupha desperately calls out for Dr. Nam as the others in the group surround them worried about Tian.

Roll those end credits because that the end of Episode 5!


Back when Phupha was driving Tian back to the village, Phupha stopped to grab some coffee. Tian complains that he thought Phupha was going to take him somewhere with a scenic view.

Phupha claims that he’s feeling a bit sleepy though, so he needs coffee to wake up. Phupha asks Tian if he wants some too, Tian says he’ll have one coffee but he refuses to let Phupha make it, instead he tells Phupha to go find a seat while he makes the coffee.

Phupha instead watches as Tian makes the coffee. After the coffee is made they go sit down at a nearby table and clink their glasses together. Phupha takes a sip of his coffee and Tian asks him how it tastes.

Tian tells Phupha that he’s the first person that he has made coffee for. Then Tian takes a sip of his coffee and notes that it’s pretty strong. Phupha asks if Tian likes it, and Tian says that he likes it strong.

Phupha says he’s strong.. (the flirt)

Tian says that he was talking about the coffee. Phupha lies and says he was talking about the coffee too. (If you believe that, I have some magic beans to sell you). They clink their mugs together again then just sit there drinking their coffee. (End of product placement side story.)