A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 5 Part 3

Tian comes out of the bathroom as the guys that followed him out there confront him. They say that his “Dad” isn’t there to protect him this time.

Tian asks what the hell do they want. The guy that hit Tian before back at the tea farm says that he wants to teach Tian a lesson. He then punches Tian in the face, Tian manages to punch him right back until the guy’s friend comes up from behind Tian and holds him so he can’t use his arms.

That doesn’t mean Tian stops fighting back though, he just uses his legs to kick the other guy instead. Once the guy goes down, Tian tries to free himself from the other guy’s grip. He can’t get free though and the other guy gets up and punches Tian in the chest. It looks really painful. Before the guy can hit Tian again though Tull breaks a glass bottle over his head!

Tian and Tull manage to get away but they have to do a lot of running. Tull says that he now believes Tian lives up to his nickname of Tian the Trouble Magnet.

Tian says that Tull brought the trouble to him. Tull asks Tian whether he’ll be okay as he’s afraid the men will seek Tian out in the village for revenge. Tian says “Screw them” as he’s not afraid of them, besides he has his own guardian in the village.

Tull teases Tian about his confidence saying that he really wants to meet the Chief now.

Back at the forest ranger camp, Chief Phupha goes outside to the hammock with his flute, he’s having flashbacks to his time sleeping at Tian’s place. It’s clear someone’s missing his volunteer teacher!

The next day, Tian is seeing Tull off and giving him a bunch of food to take with him. Tull tells that Tian that what he said last night, Tian doesn’t have to worry about it, because Tull understands him.

Tull then jokes about all the people he’s going to share the food with. Tian calls him an ass and tells him that he better get going. Tull doesn’t leave though, he tells Tian that he had better find a way to tell the Chief about Torfun before it’s too late. Tull then insists on a selfie before he leaves.

Tian reminds Tull not to post the photo. As Tull enters the car he tells Tian that if anyone asks, he’ll just tell them Tian is attached to his man.

After Tull leaves, Tian waits at the station for the base Jeep to come pick him up, but instead of Dr. Nam it’s Chief Phupha in the driver’s seat. Tian is surprised but greets the Chief anyway. Phupha picks up on it though and asks why can’t he pick up Tian?

They start the long drive back to the village and Tian must be picking up on Phupha’s mood because he promises to inform Phupha before going anywhere. Phupha’s a bit confused and asks what’s up with Tian.

Tian says that Phupha is so strangely quiet that he would rather hear Phupha lecture him. Phupha thinks for a moment before asking Tian where he was. Tian says that a friend dropped by unexpectedly, so he hung back to hang out with him.

Phupha says that next time.. then a quick flashback of Dr. Nam telling him to talk nicely to Tian, drop the stern voice and the authoritative tone. So Phupha says that next time Tian can invite his friend to come to the village (it wasn’t what he was originally going to say though!)

Phupha asks where Tian’s friend is now, and Tian tells him that he went home. So Phupha asks if Tian has eaten yet. Tian’s face at this question though is just too cute!

Tian just can’t believe that Phupha is being nice to him. Tian says that he hasn’t eaten yet, since he’s not hungry yet. Phupha flashes back to Dr. Nam telling him to learn how to pamper Tian. Dr. Nam told him that Tian teaches then goes straight home, he might actually want to do stuff or sightsee.

Tian notices that the Jeep isn’t going the normal way to the village and tells Phupha just that. Phupha says that he’s taking Tian around, unless Tian doesn’t want to that is. Tian hurriedly assures Phupha that he doesn’t mind going around.

Phupha takes Tian to an overlook. Tian almost jumps of it car with excitement as he runs to check out the view.

Tian says that the view is amazing and the weather is so nice. Phupha tells him to have a snack first, offering him a banana. Tian starts munching away on the banana when he notices that Phupha isn’t eating. Tian asks if Phupha has his own snack, when Phupha says no, Tian offers to share the banana with him.

When Phupha refuses, Tian tells him that no one is around so he doesn’t have to act cool. So Phupha takes a bite out of it while Tian is still holding it. Tian tells him that he can have it, but Phupha tells Tian to finish the banana.

After Tian finishes the banana he calls the Chief’s name and sneaks a picture of him when he turns around with his Kodak Polaroid camera. Tian asks Phupha if he has any other expressions besides the stern one that he always sees. Phupha says that his face is like that to everyone.

Tian asks if Phupha has to make a serious face all the time. Phupha says that he’s a supervisor, if he smiles too much his subordinates might not take him seriously. Tian says that his subordinates aren’t there though so can’t Phupha stop being a chief for a moment?

Phupha asks Tian what he wants him to be then. Tian thinks a moment and then asks if Phupha can be a brother then. Phupha says that Tian should try calling him like that then. Tian does but “Phi Phupha” does sound a bit awkward. Phupha smiles at Tian realizing that.

Tian asks Phupha what kind of face does he make when he’s happy then? Phupha just wears his customary expression though. Tian tries another tactic and asks Phupha to show him the face he makes with someone he likes, doesn’t he know how to crack a smile?

when Phupha fails at this too, Tian says it’s no wonder that he’s still single. Tian walks to the other side to take pictures of the view, while Phupha secretly takes pictures of Tian.

While Phupha is looking at the picture he took on his phone another smile slips out. Tian has stopped taking pictures and sees the smile, not knowing it’s because of the picture of him. Tian says that’s the smile he was talking about. Tian want to know how Phupha knows how to smile like that now.

Tian now wants to see the photo that made Phupha smile. Phupha hurriedly puts his phone in the pocket before Tian has a chance to see it. Tian says that it’s fine, he doesn’t want to see it anyways and that he should get going.

Later that night they arrive back at Tian’s place. There’s enough awareness you would think the two went on their first date (if only!) Tian says that he’s going to go inside now, and Phupha just kind of grunts affirmatively.

Before Tian can go inside though, Phupha calls out to him. Then Phupha has a flashback to Dr. Nam telling him that’s he over 30 years old and had better start making some moves and not to just sit on the fence. However back in the present when Tian turns around Phupha changes his mind and says that it was nothing..

So Tian turns around to go back inside when he remembers Tull telling him that if he’s not sure about Phupha’s feelings, he should make the first move. Tian turns around and asks Phupha if he wants to fly a kite tomorrow with him? (look this up, in Thai there is a double meaning to this).

Tian quickly clarifies that he’s teaching the kids how to make kites tomorrow and if Phupha’s free, he should come join them. Phupha does agree though. After more lingering looks and a really drawn out goodbye the two part ways for the night.

That’s a wrap for Episode 5 Part 3!