Psych Hunter: Episode 20

This episode starts off at the club where Mu Qing and her father are watching the dancers perform. When the performance finishes the host of the club says that there is a special surprise tonight. The anonymous dancer Shang Yu will perform tonight without her veil.

Mu Qing is very excited as she is a big fan of Shang Yu. Apparently Shang Yu also starred in a movie that Mu Qing watched recently. It was a silent film, however Shang Yu dubbed the scenes and was the first actress to do so. Mu Qing says that tickets to the film were very hard to get, she only succeeded because she’s the General’s daughter.

As Shang Yu is on stage playing an instrument her face is currently still veiled. Mu Qing wonders if she is as pretty as they say under the veil. Mu Qing tells her father that Shang Yu will be performing in a new movie without the veil. Mu Qing teases her father that he’s not allowed to become mesmerized by Shang Yu’s beauty and take her home as his consort. Her father says no one can be more beautiful than his daughter.

After the song is finished Shang Yu takes off the veil to reveal a very familiar face, that of Zhao Ling!

Roll those opening credits~~

At the compound Yi Heng is reading the newspaper when Jiang Shuo comes down to the table. Jiang Shuo says the last case was pretty tough and he’s glad it’s over (so am I, recapping that was not fun). Jiang Shuo is also glad that he’s no longer a wanted man. Yi Heng tells Jiang Shuo not to be so smug.

Jiang Shuo sarcastically thanks Yi Heng for the reminder. Yi Heng then points to the paper and asks Jiang Shuo how he found all those women. Jiang Shuo says that guest at the hotel that had investigated Mr. Zhang’s awful deeds, so he got the list of names from him.

Yi Heng says that it must not have been very easy to convince the women to come forward. Jiang Shuo says that he didn’t even think of it, Mu Qing did. Jiang Shuo says that it looks like women know their own kind better (duh).

Yi Heng says that since they are talking about Mu Qing, he reminds Jiang Shuo that the General said he’s not allowed to go near her. Jiang Shuo says that’s the General’s problem. Jiang Shuo says that he has his ways. Yi Heng just nods, because he really didn’t expect anything different.

Jiang Shuo does say that Liu Zhi is getting more crafty, using every person’s kind of hate to hurt more people. Jiang Shuo says that the people got hurt because of him. Jiang Shuo says that Liu Zhi is just using these people to play a game with him.

Yi Heng tells Jiang Shuo to stop thinking that way, it’s not his fault. Yi Heng says that there’s evil lurking in human nature. The choice to be the person you want to be is entirely in your own hands, the same goes for your fate.

Yi Heng says that was what Liang Qi Chao said. Ten years of drinking ice, the hot blood hardly becomes cold. Yi Heng then says what if your way home is deserted and the end is before? Yi Heng says that the scariest thing is when your heart becomes cold.

Yi Heng says that if that happens, a person will become directionless. Yi Heng seems to be talking about himself though and not Jiang Shuo. Yi Heng says that he’s going to head home. Jiang Shuo tells him to wait a moment. Jiang Shuo then says that about Yi Heng’s father, all they can do is capture Liu Zhi, to prevent further tragedies from happening.

Yi Heng has a very dead expression on his face, but quickly plasters a fake smile on before turning around to face Jiang Shuo. It’s clear that Yi Heng feels cold inside his heart. Yi Heng just smiles at Jiang Shuo, nods then leaves the compound.

Jiang Shuo considers what Yi Heng just told him about the evil in human nature, and how the choice to be a good person is in his own hands. It’s while he’s thinking about this, that he suddenly ends up in his Psych Rubix Cube. Liu Zhi asks him if he thinks that he really has a choice.

Jiang Shuo yells “Why can’t I have a choice?” And Liu Zhi responds it’s because the game hasn’t ended yet. Liu Zhi says that the only choice Jiang Shuo has, is to keep playing the game. Liu Zhi floats over the glowing rubix cube where a key glows underneath it.

Jiang Shuo reaches for the key only to have it disappear. The words Zhao Ling appear afterward. Jiang Shuo repeats the name out loud, then asks Liu Zhi what the meaning of this is.

Liu Zhi says that the latest clue for finding the Yin River is there. Liu Zhi then floats away. Jiang Shuo then wakes up in a chair in the real world and repeats the name Zhao Ling. Jiang Shuo remembers that Zhao Ling was on the island with him and she’s Bu Yan’s daughter.

At the police station Sergeant Bai has been reinstated (YAAY!) Sergeant Bai sits down at his desk, and his subordinate quickly brings him some tea. Before Sergeant Bai can relax too much back into his role, Mu Qing walks in. Apparently Mu Qing also got reinstated..

Sergeant Bai asks Mu Qing who told her that she was reinstated. Mu Qing says that she contributed the most to the last case so she decided that she was reinstated (spoiled brat). Mu Qing says that she wants to be on the Liu Zhi task force and Sergeant Bai starts to cough. Mu Qing says that it’s settled then, and sits down at her desk.

Some time later Mu Qing is in her car when the driver starts cursing other people and telling them to hurry it’s a small traffic jam. Mu Qing tells the driver not to be jerk just because he’s the Yuan Mansion driver. While they are waiting for their turn to move, Mu Qing spots Zhao Ling in the other car.

Mu Qing has a flashback to when she was checking out Yi Heng’s conspiracy board which explains how she knows about Zhao Ling.

We go back to the compound where Mantou is attempting to sing. Bu Yan gives her a few tips to help her out. The puppet guys walks down and tells Mantou that she’s been struggling all night. He was carrying Er Long (his dummy) and trying to listen to Shang Yu but he can’t hear anything.

He gives the handheld radio a shake. Xiao Quan says that Mantou sings better than Shang Yu anyway. Xiao Quan says that the man should just ask Mantou to sing for him instead. The puppet Er Long responds that he’s scared of Mantou’s singing.

Xiao Quan quickly defends Mantou’s singing. The two start to argue then ask Bu Yan to weigh in with his opinion. Bu Yan says that Mantou’s singing is better than anything coming from the handheld radio. Xiao Quan gloats that the Master said so. The puppet guy says he won’t argue with both of them.

Mantou says that she thinks Zhao Ling sings even better than her, then promptly clamps her hand over her mouth when she realizes what she said. The atmosphere went from jovial to very sad almost instantaneously.

Bu Yan says at the time it took him a lot of effort to save his money to send Zhao Ling to private school. Zhao Ling didn’t learn very well though as all she could think about was singing. Bu Yan says he was furious with her back then.

An opportunity came up for her to be in a music production and Bu Yan wouldn’t agree to it. Bu Yan locked Zhao Ling up, however she was defiant and tried to escape out the window. The two of them got into a fight knocking over a hot kettle. The water scalded Zhao Ling’s back. Bu Yan says that he wasn’t a good father.

Xiao Quan tells him not to be too hard on himself as he was trying to protect Zhao Ling because he loved her. Xiao Quan says that Zhao Ling wouldn’t blame him, Mantou quickly nods in agreement. Bu Yan says that he ruined the atmosphere then proceeds to show Mantou how to sing properly.

Some time later and Yi Heng is staring at his conspiracy board when he hears a great commotion outside. He looks out the window to see the performers doing a dragon dance. Yi Heng can’t help but smile proving his heart isn’t as cold as he thinks it is.

Elsewhere Mu Qing is meeting up with Jiang Shuo. She’s a bit cold so of course he gives her, his jacket. Jiang Shuo tells her that it’s getting cold at night and she should wear more clothing. Mu Qing says she was in a hurry when she left so she forgot her jacket.

Jiang Shuo asks her if her father knows that she came out, she says he does and is fine with it. Jiang Shuo then asks her why she came looking for him. Mu Qing asks him for a picture of Zhao Ling. Before Jiang Shuo can ask her why, the performers walk by, and tease him a little about being with Mu Qing.

The last one to walk by is Bu Yan and Mu Qing tells him that they are discussing serious matters. Bu Yan says that he knows. After everyone leaves, Jiang Shuo tells Mu Qing that she is blushing.

Mu Qing says that she’s not, but Jiang Shuo teases her about it for a little while before asking why she wants a picture of Zhao Ling. Mu Qing tells Jiang Shuo that she saw Zhao Ling.

Meanwhile the performing group is spending their hard earned money on persimmons (YUM!) Xiao Quan makes sure to put some aside for Jiang Shuo and Mu Qing since they didn’t come along. Mantou says that so many people watched their performance that she feels like a star.

Xiao Quan asks if she even knows what a star is. Puppet guy says that a star is beautiful person that acts in a movie. Xiao Quan says that the guy hasn’t ever seen a movie so he’s just taking a shot in the dark. Mantou wonders when they will ever get to see a movie, as she wants to know what stars look like.

Xiao Quan says that movies are only for the rich, while they are struggling to survive. Mantou says they have money right now, Xiao Quan tells her to shut up and eat her persimmon. Mantou however notices that Bu Yan hasn’t even taken a bite out of his yet.

When she asks why, Bu Yan says that they all love persimmons and he wonders why Ling’er was an exception. The others rush to tell him that they are sure Zhao Ling is fine and they will always keep him company. There’s a strange man lurking in the shadows, he was watching while they performed earlier too.

They manage to catch him. Bu Yan says that the man looked suspicious while they were performing as no one wears sunglasses at night. The man defends himself saying it’s an artist thing. He says that he doesn’t anything wrong. With a little bit of pressure though he says that he will talk.

Back at the compound Jiang Shuo grabs a photo of Zhao Ling and shows it to Mu Qing. He tells her it’s important that she gets it right. Mu Qing looks at the picture and says that Shang Yu and Zhao Ling should be the same person however there is a bit of a difference that she can’t quite figure out.

Jiang Shuo asks her if they are the same person but Mu Qing isn’t sure and will need to confirm it again. The rest of the group comes back from their snack and Jiang Shuo quickly hides the photo from view.

They brought the strange guy with them. Jiang Shuo asks who he is, and is told that he is the director. Jiang Shuo tells Bu Yan not to be swindled by such a guy as the word for director also sounds like a performer that works with knives and Jiang Shuo misunderstood.

Mu Qing says that he’s a director, the guy that is the core creator of a movie, not a knife performer, doesn’t Jiang Shuo know that? Jiang Shuo says that he gets it now and sarcastically says how fortunate they are to have such an important person visit them. Bu Yan tells him to mind his words.

The director says that he’s not trying to brag but there are only a handful of directors in the country and he’s one of the more well known ones. The director thinks that the group would make great actors in his latest movie. He says that doing a little travelling circus is a waste of their talents.

The director says that they should all come work for him, they will get a high income and if they become a star, they will even become a household name. Mantou asks if she can become a star and the director agrees that she could. Jiang Shuo is very dismissive of all thing.

The director hands over his business card and tells the group to think it over and contact him with their decision. Jiang Shuo looks at the business card after the director leaves. He reads off the street address and says that it sounds familiar. Mu Qing says that’s because it’s where the club is, she just came from there.

Jiang Shuo says that if the film studio is near the club, and Shang Yu is a big star, then they can confirm whether or not Shang Yu is Zhao Ling. Bu Yan was absent for most of this conversation (escorting the director out??) but he returns just in time to hear Zhao Ling’s name. Jiang Shuo quickly hides the photo out of sight again.

When Bu Yan asks why they were talking about Zhao Ling, Jiang Shuo says that it was nothing. However Bu Yan has noticed the photo since it usually sits on his desk. Bu Yan asks them why they have it. Mu Qing quickly places the blame on Jiang Shuo saying that he took it.

Jiang Shuo quickly explains how Mu Qing thinks that Shang Yu looks like Zhao Ling. Since Mu Qing was unsure, Jiang Shuo had her look at a photo of Zhao Ling. Jiang Shuo claims that he was going to tell Bu Yan about it.

Mantou suggest that they go to the club area that way the can star in the movie and confirm about Zhao Ling. Bu Yan however says no, and even tears up the director’s business card. Bu Yan says that everyone was easily convinced by the boastful director.

Bu Yan also says that they were so convinced that they forgot who they are. He says the club area is a complicated place. What if the director is a cheat? Mantou is about to argue with him but one of the others tells her to be quiet. Bu Yan says that Zhao Ling can’t be at the club or she would’ve come home already. He then leaves the courtyard.

Jiang Shuo says that the master has made the decision. He tells everyone it’s getting late and cold so they should all go home.

Jiang Shuo then offers to walk Mu Qing home and the two leave the compound together. Mu Qing says that she can walk home by herself. She then goes to take off Jiang Shuo’s jacket but he stops her telling her that she needs it right now more than he does.

Mu Qing asks him if they will go to the club area tomorrow to look for Zhao Ling. Jiang Shuo says that she should just forget about it since Bu Yan says they shouldn’t go there. Mu Qing says that she knows the area well and can be his guide. Jiang Shuo says she should forget about it, especially since it has something to do with Liu Zhi.

Mu Qing asks Jiang Shuo if he’s worried that she will give him trouble there. Jiang Shuo says that’s not true though. Mu Qing takes off his coat angrily and shoves it at him saying he can have his coat back she doesn’t need it. She walks off in a huff leaving Jiang Shuo to call out after her.

Some time passes and we see Mu Qing beating up a doll in her room. Mu Qing calls Jiang Shuo stupid, hits the doll some more. She then says that she’s good at martial arts so she doesn’t need his protection. Xiao Yu enters the room and asks why Mu Qing is beating up the doll.

Mu Qing says that she hates the doll. Xiao Yu says that she doesn’t really hate the dolls as it’s kind of cute, she must be hating someone else instead. Mu Qing says that the doll is disobedient since it won’t sit up straight.

Mu Qing says that she’ll investigate the Zhao Ling matter even if Jiang Shuo doesn’t want her to. She also says that she will find Liu Zhi too. Mu Qing then demands that Xiao Yu take the stupid doll away.

The next day we see Jiang Shuo and Xiao Quan walk to the film company. There they meet the director and his assistant. The director asks why only two of them showed up, Jiang Shuo says it’s just the two of them today, the others will come another time.

The director introduces his assistant as Xiao Wang and as the director has something else to do, Xiao Wang will show them around. Xiao Quan asks if Jiang Shuo came here to find Zhao Ling while Jiang Shuo counters that Xiao Quan is only there for Mantou.

Jiang Shuo says that he knows that Xiao Quan only came because Mantou likes singing and performing so he came to check it out for her. Jiang Shuo asks if the two of them are together. Xiao Quan first denies that he knows what Jiang Shuo means, then he says there’s nothing between him and Mantou.

Little do they know that Mu Qing is following them from a bit of a distance. The assistant asks them to step inside and they disappear from view into the studio.

The two have entered the movie studio and they are both pretty impressed. Jiang Shuo can’t believe how real the props look. Xiao Quan can’t believe he would live to see a day where he would be in a movie studio. The assistant tells them to get ready in the change room as he has to deal with the other actors, he won’t escort them there, so he just points to where the change room is.

The two head for the change room and a few moments later Mu Qing enters the studio. She is quickly caught by the assistant but she claims that she was heading over to the change room. The assistant asks if she’s here for an audition, to which Mu Qing quickly agrees that she is.

In the dressing room, Xiao Quan comments that he’s never worn such a costume before. Jiang Shuo tells him not to embarrass them as he’s acting like a country bumpkin. Xiao Quan says that Jiang Shuo is the same as him.

Xiao Quan just says that Jiang Shuo is acting better than him. This prompts Jiang Shuo to tease Xiao Quan a little.

Jiang Shuo is looking in the mirror when he notices Zhao Ling walk by the room. He apologizes and runs out of the room. However when he reaches the hallway he can’t find her. He looks around frantically only to have a woman run by, claiming that Liu Zhi is trying to kill her.

A man runs after her, until Jiang Shuo stops him. He’s asks the man for his identity. The man asks if he’s crazy while the director yells “Cut!” The director tells Jiang Shuo that it isn’t his time yet, and that he’s a natural. Jiang Shuo confusedly asks if the man is Liu Zhi. The director says that he can stop since he already called for a cut. The man says he’s the lead actor in the movie.

Jiang Shuo says Liu Zhi wouldn’t be so useless, which angers the lead actor. The director tells the actor to go take a break. After he leaves, Jiang Shuo asks the director how he came up with name Liu Zhi and how is it related to the movie. The director says that Liu Zhi is the movie’s villain and it hasn’t been fixed yet. As for the name, it was just random.

The director then asks why Jiang Shuo is so interested in Liu Zhi. Jiang Shuo can’t believe that the name is just a coincidence as it’s really odd. The director asks if there is a person with that name. Xiao Quan has come out and Jiang Shuo asks where Zhao Ling went. Xiao Quan points to where she went, but the director says that’s not Zhao Ling but the lead actress Shang Yu.

Jiang Shuo asks if she’s the same Shang Yu that sings. The director quickly confirms it. The director also says that Jiang Shuo is a natural actor and there’s no need for him to audition, he just wants him to sign a contract. Xiao Quan asks about his audition and the director says that he has an interesting face so he can skip the audition as well.

The director then introduces them to the rest of the staff as new actors in the movie. The male lead actor doesn’t look too happy about the idea though. He calls Jiang Shuo a freak, which pisses off Jiang Shuo but Xiao Quan intervenes before the two can fight.

Meanwhile Mu Qing is doing a terrible job in her audition. It was so bad that the actor that was in the scene with her quit on the spot. It’s clear that Mu Qing thinks she did well though… until she asks them how she did.

Mu Qing leaves the audition whining that the people they accepted weren’t any better than her and that it’s their loss. While she’s sitting on a bench outside, the director walks out with Jiang Shuo and Xiao Quan. The director says that they have a lot of potential and asks if they are okay with the deal.

They say that they are fine with the deal. The director says that he has to go so he won’t see them off. After he leaves, Jiang Shuo notices that Xiao Quan doesn’t look very happy so he asks him about it. Xiao Quan says that he thinks he looked like an ugly monkey just then. Jiang Shuo tells him that if anyone laughs at Xiao Quan, he will beat them up.

Mu Qing makes a derisive comment at how smug Jiang Shuo is. Jiang Shuo says that he knew she was there the whole time. He then asks her why she came. Mu Qing says that it’s her choice, when Jiang Shuo gets closer and lifts the ID badge asking if she came to become an actress.

Mu Qing says that of course that’s not why she came. She then asks if Jiang Shuo has found Zhao Ling. Jiang Shuo says that he’s not sure if he did since the director says the person is Shang Yu not Zhao Ling. They did greet her but she seemed to have no clue who they were.

Xiao Quan can’t tell if Shang Yu was acting or has amnesia. Mu Qing admits that Shang Yu is odd since she suddenly became famous out of nowhere. This is also the first time Shang Yu has ever revealed her face since she always wore a veil before. Jiang Shuo says not to worry since Qin’er is investigating it, so they will find out soon enough.

In the dressing room, one of the make up artists goest to remove Shang Yu’s makeup and she gets really angry about it. The makeup artist quickly apologizes and leaves. Shang Yu then begins touching up her makeup in the mirror.

The other actress comes over to Shang Yu and starts to compliment her on her makeup in a really catty way. The two are rivals for the movie queen award. After the catty actress leaves the other girl in the room says that she’s too arrogant. She says that the catty actress has never been in a lead role, now she wants the movie queen award too?

That’s when Shang Yu notices the lilies and asks the other girl about them. Apparently they are from a fan of Shang Yu’s. However this news greatly upsets her. She goes to leave but the other girl stops her saying that the fan also made her a special goddess clock.

Some time passes and we see that she enters a room with the golden goddess clock. However after she puts it down, she notices that her room has been trashed. She phones the police but puts down the handset when she sees a letter addressed to Zhao Ling.

She opens the letter to find that it is a warning. The letter says that Liu Zhi is back and that she should run for her life.

Sometime later we see Shang Yu walking around outside, she keeps looking behind her feeling like she’s being followed. Jiang Shuo gets out of his taxi and bumps into her.

Jiang Shuo asks her if she’s alright. She immediately responds by asking what he wants from her. Jiang Shuo says that there is a fan in their group that would love to meet her. He offers a ride in the taxi to go to the compound but she refuses. She asks if he was following her earlier.

Jiang Shuo surprised asks her if someone has been following her. She tells him it’s none of his business. Jiang Shuo asks if it’s him, pointing behind her. Shang Yu goes to look when Jiang Shuo grabs the copper coins and throws her into the Psych.

In the Psych Jiang Shuo stands in front of a stage. The stage is soon surrounded with fans shouting Shang Yu’s name. Shang Yu herself comes descends from the rafter onto the stage.

Jiang Shuo asks her if she is Zhao Ling. When he asks, she starts to laugh and the sound starts to make his ears hurt. He covers both of his ears with his hands but the noise is truly painful. When it stops, the Shang Yu on the stage no longer has face and the audience doesn’t either.

Back in the real world Jiang Shuo puts Shang Yu down in a chair, in the compound’s courtyard. Jiang Shuo tells Xiao Quan to quickly go and get Master Bu Yan. Xiao Quan runs to Bu Yan and tells him to hurry, it’s Zhao Ling.

When Bu Yan sees her, he is stunned. He actually drops his pipe. Bu Yan says that he never thought he would see Zhao Ling again. Jiang Shuo reaches him before he can reach Zhao Ling. Jiang Shuo says that they’re still not sure it’s her as she didn’t seem to remember them. Jiang Shuo says that he went into her Psych but couldn’t make any sense out of it, so he’s not sure she is Zhao Ling.

Just then Zhao Ling wakes up and asks where she is, and who they are. Bu Yan tells her that he’s her father but Shang Yu says she doesn’t know any of them.

Roll the end credits because that’s the end of Episode 20! Only 16 more episodes left in the series.