A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 5 Part 2

Tian and Dr. Nam are leaving the restaurant talking about where to get dessert when Mr. Sakda shows up. Dr. Nam thanks him for paying for the meal. Mr. Sakda says that Dr. Nam takes care of the villagers, it’s like he’s taking care of his people too.

Dr. Nam then introduces Tian to Mr. Sakda. Mr. Sakda says it’s nice to see a young person with a passion for helping people. Mr. Sakda also hopes that Tian will learn how to live with the villagers that were there before him.

Tian says that he’s trying. Mr. Sakda gets up real close and puts his hand on Tian’s shoulder. Mr. Sakda says that someone like Tian is a rare gem and he should stay around longer. (Yeah it totally sounds like a threat). Thankfully Mr. Sakda leaves soon after that.

Which is when Tian’s phone rings. It’s Tul and he’s made it all the way to city. Tian apologizes to Dr. Nam and asks him if it’s okay if he stays in the city and doesn’t go back to the village with him today.

Tian waits for Tul at a cafe. When Tul arrives there is a big hug. Tian says he can’t believe Tul came all the way out there to see him. Tul says that he’s a man of his word. Tian and Tul tease each other a bit, proving how much they missed each other.

They spend the day having fun, (I’m skipping over the product placement for V boost scene.) Tian asks Tul if his mother asked Tul about him. Tul exaggerates saying he has to count.. turns out she only called once though. Tul says he didn’t tell her anything and she hung up rather easily.

Tul says that he thought Tian’s mom would grill him more though. Tian says it’s good if she doesn’t know anything since he’ll get an earful when he returns anyway. Tul asks Tian how he’s doing in the village.

Tian says that Tul should imagine when the power goes out at his house, it’s that quiet. Tian says it’s like that every night the sun goes down. Tian also says that when he first arrived he couldn’t eat anything, but he forced himself to eat. Tian also jokes about making friends with the mosquitoes since he got so many bites from them.

Tul wonders why with that level of discomfort, why does Tian stay there? Tian says that it’s good in a way though. It’s not something they would encounter in everyday life. Tul asks Tian why he does it though.

Tian thinks for a moment than says that he does it because he wants to do something new with his life. Tul says that if that were the case, Tian would have run home long ago. Tul keeps trying to get Tian to say the real reason.

Meanwhile Phupha is waiting outside of Tian’s house. When some villagers walk by they ask him if he’s there to see Tian. Phupha says yes then back pedals quickly saying no. Phupha says the market vendor asked him to drop off some food for Tian.

Sure enough a few moments later Rang and Yod walk by and ask Phupha the same question the villagers did. Phupha yells no, then gets on his motorcycle and leaves in a huff.

Back in the city, Tul says that Tian really has changed since he doesn’t drink. Tul says that while Tian may whine about his struggles, he seems really happy now. Tian says it’s probably because he is really happy there.

Tul asks Tian why he just doesn’t get a house there permanently, Tian thinks about it and says that he might. Tul tells Tian that living there isn’t his real life though.

Tul says that if Tian were doing this, just to prove that he could and post it on Facebook, Tul would understand that. However in real life can Tian really live without electricity, a cell phone or the internet. Tul says that it would be like living his life on a loop.

Tian wonders why that would be so hard, since other people live under those conditions. Tul says that if other people had a choice, they wouldn’t choose to live like that as most people want to live a comfortable life. Tian says that there are people that choose that life though.

Tul asks for an example of people that would choose that life. Tian says there are people that are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. People who live with a purpose. Tian thinks those people are pretty cool. Tul asks if such people could really exist.

Tian says he knows of at least one such person. Tul says he gets it now. Tian’s happiness isn’t about being a teacher in the village, or the life, it’s about that person.

Back at the forest ranger base, Phupha finally joins the rest of the gang at the table. Dr. Nam tells him that he heard about how Phupha kept snapping at Yod all day. Phupha asks Dr. Nam when he came back.

Dr. Nam says to look at how many bottles they’ve finished, while Rang offers Phupha a shot glass to relax him. Phupha says that if the doctor came back awhile ago, where is Tian?

Dr. Nam tells the others to look, just as Phupha finds him, he immediately asks after Tian. Dr. Nam tells Phupha that Tian stayed in the city with a friend that came to see him.

So Tian will come back to the village tomorrow instead. Phupha asks the doctor who allowed Tian to do this? Yod says there Phupha goes again, it’s all about permission with him.

Dr. Nam tells Phupha just to have a drink and relax there’s no need to be so frustrated.

Meanwhile back in the city, Tul is telling Tian that he’s not frustrated with him, he’s just trying to talk some sense into him. Tian says that he knows that. Tul then asks about this person, this happiness of Tian’s.

Tian takes a few moments then a deep breath before asking Tul how he would feel if Tian told him that he liked men?

Tul looks slightly confused and says what Tian likes is up to him. Tian can’t believe that Tul just took it so easily though. Tian says he thought Tul would be surprised.

Tul asks why would Tian think that, would Tian be surprised if Tul said that he liked women?? (AWESOME!!) Tian says no, then Tul says if that’s so then why would Tul react any differently when hearing that Tian liked men?

Tul says it’s just Tian stating what he likes. Tian says it’s different though. Tul replies that it’s no different than if Tian liked dogs while Tul liked cats, it’s just a preference. Tian still a bit thick headed insists it’s not the same.

Tul says to wait a moment, the person that makes Tian’s heart flutter and not want to come home is a guy?

We go back to the forest ranger camp where Rang says that he’s surprised Tian could stay in the village for so long. Phupha says that Tian will go home soon.

Rang teases him that if Tian does go home, someone is going to miss him a lot.

Yod says that besides Ms. Torfun he thinks that Mr. Tian is most suitable for.. the village. Dr. Nam congratulates Yod on saying it so well. Yod says that everyone adores Tian in the village.

Yod then goes around the table asking the others if they like Tian, the answer is yes of course. Then Yod asks Phupha if he likes Tian.

Back in the city, Tian tells Tul that he may just feel good with him (Phupha). Tian says if he doesn’t know if his feelings are his, or Torfun’s heart, or because he’s gay.

Tul asks Tian if he is out of his mind, since feelings come from the brain not an organ from someone else. Tian says he doesn’t know any matter and to. “Screw it”. Tul says that Tian has to separate these matters. Whether or not Tian is gay is one thing, whether or not he has feelings for a guy is another thing.

Tian says that they are the same thing though. Tul says if they are the same thing, then Tian is gay and has feelings for the guy. Tul says he’s okay with it because he’s Tian’s friend. Tian says the he never actually said he had feelings for the guy.

Back at the forest ranger camp, Dr. Nam says he knows how Phupha feels about Tian since the moment they met. Dr. Nam says that Phupha has never bothered to take care of someone before the way he does for Tian.

Phupha says he’s just doing his duty. Dr. Nam says the two of them are the same, they are both reticent about their feelings. Phupha asks Dr. Nam what he told Tian. Dr. Nam says that Tian talked about Phupha while Dr. Nam told him about Phupha.

Back in the city, Tian tells Tul that the guy likes to yell at him a lot. On his first day there, the guy threw water at his face. The next day, he pushed Tian into the water.

Tul wonders why Tian fell for a guy that likes to yell at him a lot. Tul claims it’s like a classic Thai Soapie. Tian calls Tul a pain in the ass. Tian gets up to use the washroom and Tul asks if it’s because Tian is shy. Tian snaps back at him that he’s not shy, he just has to pee.

After Tian leaves the table two of Mr. Sakda’s henchmen follow him.

That’s the end of Episode 5 Part 2!