A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 5 Part 1

The episode starts off with a flashback to 7 months ago the night of Torfun’s accident. Tul is on his cell phone making sure that road they are going to race is on, is clear for use.

Tian comes down the staircase while talking to the friend he’s about to race. The friend is going to go get his car and meet Tian at that starting point. After the friend leaves, Tian starts to feel dizzy and his chest hurts. He sits down on the stairs.

Tul comes over to check on him concerned. Tul asks if Tian is okay, while Tian says that he’s just lightheaded. Tul suggests they call the race off since Tian doesn’t look too good. Tian says why? Is Tul afraid that he might die out there. Tul doesn’t like Tian even joking about it, given his condition.

Tian tells Tul to have a little faith after all, Tian spent a lot of time modifying the car. Tian tells Tul not to worry. Tian gets to his car and starts to lean against it. Tul tells him that he should call of the race as Tul has a bad feeling about it.

Tian says he can’t because the other guy will think that he chickened out of the race. We then hear a voice calling Tian’s name.

It’s Dr. Nam calling Tian out of his thoughts of the past. Dr. Nam is offering to let Tian drive so he can brag to his friends that he drove down all those downhill curves. Tian refuses the keys saying that he doesn’t drive.

Dr. Nam says fine, and tells Tian to get in the car. Dr. Nam also tells the Jeep to behave and not die on him. While they’re driving down, Tian sticks his arm out the window to feel the breeze. Dr. Nam says that when Phupha mentioned it, he didn’t agree with him, but now he can see it.

Tian asks Dr. Nam what he’s talking about. Dr. Nam says that Tian does many things the way Torfun did. Dr. Nam says that when Torfun used to ride in the Jeep, she would do the same thing. Tian asks if Phupha said that he reminded of him Torfun. The good mood Tian had in the Jeep is gone now.

We get a flashback to Phupha asking Tian what his relationship with Torfun was. Tian asks Phupha why he’s asking him this. Phupha says it’s because he found Torfun’s ID badge in Tian’s possession. Tian thinks for a moment then says that he found the badge in the house and that Torfun may have accidentally left it behind.

Tian asks if Phupha would like to have it, if so he can bring it to him later. The Chief doesn’t say anything and just sort of vaguely nods. Tian tells Phupha that he’s sorry about Torfun. Phupha again does that vague nod thing and they both stare at the view from the cliff.

Roll the opening credits!

Back in the present Dr. Nam drops off Tian then asks if he will be okay by himself. Tian says he will be fine as he has Google Maps on his phone. Dr. Nam says okay, he’ll run his own errands then and Tian can call him when he’s done.

After Dr. Nam leaves, Tian phones Tul. Tul is surprised to get a call from Tian since he thought he might be dead now. Apparently Tul kept trying to get a hold of him, but there’s no cell phone signal in the village.

Tul asks Tian where he is now and Tian tells him that he’s in Chiang Mai. Tul asks if he’s serious, he thought that when Tian texted him about becoming a teacher, he was joking. Tul asks Tian when he’s coming back and if he needs to be picked up.

Tian says that he’s not coming back just yet. Tian tells Tul that he came to the city center to do something. Tul tells Tian to wait there, he’s going to come to him! Tian is confused and tries to get Tul to clarify but Tul has already hung up the phone in his excitement.

Tian can’t believe Tul is seriously coming there, but now he has no choice but to wait. Tian heads off to use one of the computers in the city center to look up how to make kites. He starts making notes on what supplies he will need and the information on how to make them.

Back at the Forest Ranger base, Yod says that he wishes the village’s health volunteers should visit the base more often as they bring a lot of yummy food with them. Phupha tells Yod that he should bring some of the food to Tian.

Yod says that he doesn’t think that’s necessary. This leads Phupha to ask the obvious question of why. Yod says that Tian isn’t home right now, before Yod can take another bite of the food, Phupha asks him where Tian went.

Yod says that Tian went to the city center, then he tries to take another bite of food. Phupha asks what Tian went there for before Yod can get a bite in. Yod says he doesn’t know then goes to take another bite. Phupha interrupts his attempt to eat by asking him, who Tian went with.

Yod says that he doesn’t know that either then goes to take a bite. Phupha interrupts the process once again by asking him, who allowed Tian to leave? Yod says that he really doesn’t know but he’ll ask Tian when he gets back for Phupha.

Phupha says there’s no need just when Yod finally gets a mouthful of food. Yod cries that there’s no need for him to eat.

Back in the city Tian is walking by a man selling Osmanthus fragans. The man sells some for 80 baht to a man in a black t-shirt (cameo of the Director/Screenwriter of the series Aof Noppharnach) the blind man selling them is the assistant director of the series.

P’Aof (director) Cameo, also Kornphom Cameo (assistant director)

Tian asks the man how much for a small sachet and the man feels it before saying it’s 40 baht. Tian smiles then says that he’ll take two of them.

Tian has lunch with Dr. Nam. Dr. Nam asks Tian why he has the same local food as he has at the village. Tian says that he’s just used to the food now. Dr. Nam teases him asking if there someone there he’s used to as well.

Tian asks Dr. Nam what he means. Dr. Nam says someone like his friend perhaps? Dr. Nam says that the two of them seem close, and asks Tian not to take it seriously.

Tian says that Dr. Nam is quite different from his friend. Tian says that Dr. Nam’s friend is humourless. Dr. Nam says that’s just how he is, he doesn’t show much facial expression. Dr. Nam says that his friend is really nice though.

Tian disagrees and says that if Dr. Nam’s friend was really nice, he would have had someone already. Dr. Nam says his friend isn’t even here yet Tian can’t stop talking about him.

Dr. Nam asks Tian to tell him honestly if he likes poor state officers. Tian says that he never judges people by their occupations. Dr. Nam says that means his friend has a chance. Dr. Nam then asks for Tian’s Facebook so they can keep in contact after Tian goes back.

Tian takes Dr. Nam’s phone, then tells Dr. Nam that he forgot that he had disabled his Facebook account before coming to the village. Tian then hands the phone back to Dr. Nam. Dr. Nam says it’s weird because he doesn’t know anyone that doesn’t use Facebook.

Dr. Nam then tells Tian that Phupha told him about Tian’s surgery. Dr. Nam asks what kind of surgery did Tian have? Tian says that he had heart disease but he’s okay now so Dr. Nam doesn’t have to worry. Dr. Nam tells Tian that he has to take care of himself.

Tian notices the man that tried to cheat the villagers and beat Tian up sitting down at the same restaurant with someone.

Tian asks Dr. Nam who they are. The guy with grey hair is Mr. Sakda and the other guy (the guy who beat up Tian) is his henchman. Dr. Nam asks Tian why he wants to know. Tian says that the henchman was the guy who was buying tea leaves from the villagers, the one Tian fought with last week.

Dr. Nam says that Mr. Sakda is quite influential in the area. The man is powerful with lots of connections, people fear him. Dr. Nam says that everyone knows Mr. Sakda deals with the grey market. Mr. Sakda may donate to the forestry department but he’s involved with the illegal wildlife trade.

Tian says you can’t erase bad deeds with good ones, that’s not how it works. Dr. Nam says that Phupha isn’t happy with it either but he can’t do anything about it since the man supports their unit.

Tian says he understands, he also says that he’s a trouble magnet. Dr. Nam tells Tian to avoid Mr. Sakda if he can. Tian calls over the waitress for a check only to find out Mr. Sakda has already paid their bill. The two thank the man from their table, while Dr. Nam looks a bit fearful about it.

That’s the end of Episode 5 Part 1!