Psych Hunter: Episode 19

This episodes starts off with General Yuan talking to one of the guests from the banquet apologizing for the delay. The guest doesn’t mind since Mr. Zhang is now dead and that’s well worth it.

Just then the platform balcony drops, and a body that looks like Dr. Qin falls onto the nearby car.

The soldiers, and the General see Jiang Shuo at the window and hurry go catch him. Jiang Shuo just smiles at the window waiting.

Roll those opening credits!

We then go back to where we left off where Yi Heng has figured out the mechanism that was used for the dumping of Mr. Zhang’s body. For those that don’t remember it was a razor blade stuck into the door that would cut (something) that was tied to the nail which would then release the platform dumping the body.

Just then they hear a commotion outside and go to look. It turns out to be another person from the General Zhang household now looking for both the young master as well as the butler. Which of course earns him a stay at the hotel until the murderer is found.

Yi Heng and Jiang Shuo step outside the door and ask the man, who he is. The man says he’s an attendant of the General Zhang household. That’s when he notices that the car parked outside Mr. Zhang’s window is in fact the young master’s car. The attendant says it’s weird that the car is parked there.

Jiang Shuo asks the attendant to clarify what’s strange about the car being there. The attendant says that Young Master Zhang switched his old car and bought a new one. Apparently on the night of the purchase Mr. Wu (the driver) lost his mind and the car keys.

The attendant wonders how a car with no keys could end up parked outside the hotel (hot wired maybe?). Yi Heng asks if Mr. Wu was usually with Young Master Zhang. The attendant says that the household employs two drivers but Mr. Zhang preferred Mr. Wu.

The attendant also finds it odd that a clever person like Mr. Wu could suddenly lose his mind. Jiang Shuo says that perhaps the death of Mr. Zhang and Mr. Wu’s insanity are linked. The two look at the window then head back into the mansion leaving the attendant wondering what’s going on.

Inside the mansion Butler Zhang is caught trying to make a phone call by Captain Yang. Captain Yang hangs up the phone and tells the butler not to make trouble for himself. The butler says that it’s a big deal, they won’t let him leave or call anyone.

The butler demands to know the reason for it. Captain Yang says that it’s General Yuan’s order that until the murderer is caught, no one can leave or disclose the matter to outsiders. The butler says it’s the death of the young master and General Zhang must be informed.

Yi Heng come up to question the butler who of course has no idea who Dr. Qin is. Yi Heng explains that he’s investigating the murder on General Yuan’s order. Jiang Shuo comes into the room but leans against the wall saying nothing. Yi Heng asks the location of the driver Mr. Wu.

The butler says he has no idea who Mr. Wu is or what Yi Heng’s talking about but he looks shady as hell when he says it.

Apparently Yi Heng thinks so too because he then threatens the butler that if he doesn’t cooperate he can’t blame them for the consequences. Captain Yang goes to reach for his gun, but the butler quickly puts his hands on the holster to stop him.

The butler tells them not to be so rash. Yi Heng reminds the butler that lives are at stake doesn’t he want to find out who killed Mr. Zhang? Yi Heng then looks at Jiang Shuo asking for help. Jiang Shuo silently acknowledges and walks over.

Jiang Shuo tells the butler that it’s okay if he wants to keep quiet, after all Mr. Wu has already lost his mind. So he’ll probably be the next one to die and after that the next person to die might just be the butler.

Jiang Shuo also says that means Mr. Zhang’s death will remain unsolved. Jiang Shuo says the choice is up to the butler. The butler doesn’t take long to think it over before saying that Mr. Wu has been confined in an abandoned building near the young master’s house. The two thank the butler and leave.

Mr. Wu appears to be alone in a room cowering from imagined ghosts. He keeps saying that it wasn’t him. The driver sees a rope on the ground and he picks it up. In his mind he also sees the white cloth instead of the rope.

Mr. Wu then starts to wrap the rope around his neck. As Jiang Shuo, Yi Heng and Sergeant Bai approach the building they hear a thud. Sergeant Bai kicks down the door and we can see Mr. Wu is swinging from the ceiling. Sergeant Bai shoots the rope with his gun.

When Mr. Wu falls down the floor and luckily for him, he’s still alive. Jiang Shuo uses the copper coins on him throwing him into the Psych.

The three are now in the Psych which turns out to be a walking house. Jiang Shuo runs to look out the window and notices that the house has legs. He tells Qin’er that this Psych is pretty cool. Yi Heng says that the house is headed towards where Mr. Wu met the ghost.

Yi Heng says the answers they need will be there. A few female ghosts go past one of the windows and that completely freaks Mr. Wu out. Mr. Wu begins to kowtow and say how sorry he is.

Jiang Shuo looks out the windows but only sees white cloth floating there. He asks Mr. Wu just who is coming after him? Mr. Wu doesn’t answer and Jiang Shuo just exchanges looks with Yi Heng. Yi Heng just shrugs his shoulders, and Jiang Shuo does the same back since they don’t just don’t know enough yet.

The house starts heading into the forest. It looks very similar to the one where Mr. Wu drove Mr. Zhang while he was molesting the woman in the back seat. Yi Heng says the area is getting more desolate so whatever caused Mr. Wu’s insanity definitely isn’t in the city.

Jiang Shuo says the forest looks familiar, in fact he drove Mr. Zhang there while impersonating the driver. Jiang Shuo wonders about what happened between Mr. Zhang and Mr. Wu in the area. Just then a female ghost comes through the window and starts choking Yi Heng.

It takes a moment for Jiang Shuo to notice as he was still looking at the window. Once he notices, he tries to help only to have another female ghost come through his window and attack him.

Yi Heng recognizes the ghost that’s choking him as one of the missing women Sergeant Bai was looking for. They keep trying to get free from the ghosts but their failing miserable. Then all of a sudden the ghosts disappear. The house just keeps on walking.

The house finally stops and Jiang Shuo suggests checking it out. They go to the window to look outside. They see a big hole has been dug in the forest and there is that pesky white cloth.

We then skip back to reality and our trio are now in a car on their way to check out the spot they saw in the Psych. Sergeant Bai hands over a missing person file and asks if that’s the woman they saw in the Psych. Sergeant Bai says it was lucky the files were left in the car.

Jiang Shuo looks at the file as well and says that the name on the file sounds like a stage name. He comments that they don’t even have her real name to work with. Jiang Shuo tells Sergeant Bai that a guest at the banquet said that Mr. Zhang assaulted many women, perhaps she was one of them? (Captain obvious).

Sergeant Bai tells Jiang Shuo to watch the road so he knows if they are in the right spot. Jiang Shuo tells him not to worry, he drove Mr. Zhang here so he knows they’re in the right place.

Jiang Shuo looks out the window and wonders why there are so many stray dogs out there now. Yi Heng tells Sergeant Bai to stop the car. They get out to take a look and Jiang Shuo says that the soil has been tampered with. Yi Heng tells Sergeant Bai to go get backup.

Sometime later a bunch of police officers plus the our dynamic duo are standing over a big whole, and sure enough there are some female bodies in there. Sergeant Bai orders his officers to retrieve the bodies for an autopsy.

We time skip again a little so that we can see Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng waiting at the police station on the forensics. Jiang Shuo is playing with the rotary dial phone bored out of his mind, while Yi Heng paces.

Sergeant Bai comes in to let them know forensics is still working on it but they believe based on initial findings that one of the bodies belongs to the woman in the file. Yi Heng asks about the other body, but all they have is restoration portrait and nothing else.

Yi Heng thanks him and asks him to keep investigating. He then tells Jiang Shuo they have to go. When Jiang Shuo asks where to, Yi Heng cryptically says somewhere Jiang Shuo has always wanted to go.

Which is how they end up in a gentleman’s club. A woman approaches Yi Heng telling him that he wants to dance with her. When he brushes her off, she tells him to stop acting so cold. She insists he wants to dance. Yi Heng tells her to show some respect.

Yi Heng then tells Jiang Shuo that Mo Li (the dead dancer) used to work in a places like this. The woman that was trying to get Yi Heng to dance asks if they are here for Mo Li. She says that Mo Li was hired by General Zhang’s son two days ago so she won’t be there today.

The woman then keeps trying to cling to Yi Heng but Jiang Shuo steps in and pushes her back. He yells at her to show some respect and stop touching Yi Heng. A man rushes up and tells Tian Tian that it’s her performance will start soon. Tian Tian leaves and the man introduces himself as the supervisor.

The supervisor apologizes for Tian Tian’s behaviour and then tells the two of them that Mo Li no longer works there. He then asks them both to leave.

Jiang Shuo tells the supervisor that Mo Li is dead, didn’t he know? The supervisor seems surprised by the information though. Yi Heng gets between Jiang Shuo and the supervisor since Jiang Shuo is still a bit angry. Yi Heng says that they came to find out about Mo Li’s life before she died.

The supervisor takes them over to a table to talk after Yi Heng shows him a badge. The supervisor says that Mo Li was doing pretty well, how could she suddenly just die?

Jiang Shuo tells the supervisor what Tian Tian said about Mr. Zhang hiring Mo Li. Jiang Shuo then looks at Yi Heng and asks what that means. Yi Heng says it means that Mo Li was a sugar baby. The supervisor vehemently denies this saying that Mo Li was forced to be dancer.

The supervisor says that while she worked there Mo Li never did anything shameful, so how could she be a sugar baby? Yi Heng then asks what relationship she had with Mr. Zhang then. The Supervisor says that Mo Li was the star of the estate. Which is why Mr. Zhang had his eyes on her.

After her performance, Mr. Wu approached Mo Li. Mo Li refused at first but to avoid causing the supervisor trouble, she ended up agreeing to the request. The supervisor says that he was worried about her, so he didn’t take his eyes off her.

We then get a flashback to Mr. Zhang groping Mo Li at a table in the club. He feeds her strawberries and lots of wine. He then takes Mo Li out of the club and into his car. Mo Li was having trouble walking. The Supervisor went after them, but Mr. Wu said that Mr. Zhang wanted to talk privately with Mo Li.

Mr. Wu said they would send Mo Li back afterwards and gave the supervisor money. The supervisor tried to argue but Mr. Wu just got in the car and drove off.

Back in the present Jiang Shuo asks the supervisor what happened after that. The supervisor says that Mo Li didn’t show up for work after that. The supervisor went to Mr. Wu to make inquiries but the driver shut him down. Apparently Mr. Wu told him that Mo Li took Mr. Zhang’s money and went back home.

The supervisor asks if Mo Li could have been killed by Mr. Zhang. Yi Heng says that they can’t confirm anything yet as the investigation is still ongoing. Yi Heng pulls out the portrait of the other dead woman and asks the supervisor if he knows her.

The supervisor apologizes but he doesn’t know that woman or if she had any connection with Mo Li. Yi Heng thanks the supervisor for the information and he leaves with Jiang Shuo.

Back in the car, Jiang Shuo is looking over the files. He wonders about the connection between the two women. Yi Heng says it doesn’t matter since it’s clear that Mr. Wu and Mr. Zhang are connected to their deaths. The ghosts that appeared in Mr. Wu’s Psych prove that much at least.

Yi Heng says their current priority is to find the identity of the other dead body. Jiang Shuo goes on to ask Yi Heng that if being “hired” means becoming a “sugar baby” then what exactly is a “sugar baby?” Yi Heng laughs and explains that it’s someone that is fed and kept by a rich person.

Jiang Shuo thinking he understands all of it, says it was like what he did for Yi Heng at the compound. (HAHAHA!)

Back at the hotel Mr. Yamada is complaining that it’s been a few days already and without evidence they can’t keep him there. He says he has important things to handle at the chamber. He says that he has no time to waste.

Ms. Xu says that’s she and the publisher have agreed on a date to publish General Yuan’s autobiography. If they don’t let her go, then the autobiography won’t be published on time.

The Zhang butler says that General Zhang has a bad temper and begs Ms. Yuan to at least contact him. Mu Qing tells them all to calm down since the murderer is still on the loose, no one can leave.

Captain Yang agrees with her and then goes on to say that the General’s orders are that those who don’t cooperate will be shot on the spot. The big guest says that he doesn’t mind staying to see who the hero is that killed Mr. Zhang.

Jiang Shuo enters the room and goes to see Mu Qing. When she gets up to greet him, he tells her to sit back down as she hasn’t fully recovered from being shot yet. Jiang Shuo quickly fills them in about Mo Li and the other body. Yi Heng says that Mr. Zhang’s death may be connected to them.

The big guest says that he’s not surprised that it’s related to women as Mr. Zhang went around assaulting any woman he could. He also says that Mr. Zhang got what was coming to him, probably by the vengeful ghosts of those women.

Jiang Shuo says the big guest sure seems to know a lot about Mr. Zhang. The guest says that a year ago he had to deal with Mr. Zhang for business so he dug up a lot of dirt on him. He says that Mr. Zhang assaulted a woman then did everything from giving her money to threatening her.

The guest says the woman refused to see him anymore. The Zhang butler says the guest is lying. The butler insists that his young master was a true gentleman and would never do something like that. The guest says that as the family butler surely he would know the truth better than anyone else.

Mr. Yamada says that’s fine, as they know the murder was committed due to Mr. Zhang’s “trysts” he should be cleared from the murder. He says he has important things to attend to at the chamber.

Yi Heng says that the murderer wouldn’t have had time to leave the hotel. Yi Heng insists that the murderer is among them.

Later that evening, two people outside (performers from the banquet) commenting about when the platform is going to be moved. The one guy says that someone died there, it’s inauspicious. Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng approach the two men and Yi Heng asks them if they have a seen a white cloth.

The two men seem a bit reluctant to talk. Jiang Shuo tells them that General Yuan has authorized them to investigate the case. He also tells them that it’s better to talk to Yi Heng then General Yuan himself.

The two men quickly decide to talk. They tell of how the troupe was famous because of a performer named Shi Shi as she used to perform the White Ribbon Magic Dance. They say that the white ribbon was especially elastic for this purpose.

Jiang Shuo asks where Shi Shi is now. The men say that during one of her performances she caught the eye of a rich man. The man didn’t giver her anything though, and she eventually lost her sanity..and disappeared.

Yi Heng asks if the rich man was Mr. Zhang. The two men start to panic and say that they didn’t say that, they don’t know anything. The men tell the two that they’ve said all they know on the matter.

Jiang Shuo has a hunch she’s involved (Duh) he then wonders if maybe Shi Shi returned with a vengeance. Yi Heng says that they still haven’t found the white cloth, so they can’t confirm if it’s related to Shi Shi. Jiang Shuo says the flower decorations on the balcony would have hidden the body.

Yi Heng agrees that it’s possible. Jiang Shuo then asks the two men how they came up with the wall of flowers. Was it something someone asked them to do? Was it part of the show? The two men say it’s something they always do, to set the mood for the performance.

If Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng don’t believe them, they can ask Mr. Yamada as he invited them there. They say that Mr. Yamada is very familiar with their work. Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng share a look then thank the men before heading back inside the hotel.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng are searching Mr. Yamada’s hotel room. They haven’t found anything yet though. That’s when Jiang Shuo notices Mr. Yamada’s coat, he’s pretty sure that he saw it in the cloakroom earlier. They quickly search the coat itself and find a small container.

They then go looking through the luggage. They open a luggage full of tableware and it smells really bad judging by the way they cover their noses. Yi Heng asks Jiang Shuo to fetch a cup of water. Once he does, Yi Heng dips a fork into the water.

Yi Heng then smells the water afterwards and it confirms what he already knew. He asks Jiang Shuo if he knows what drug was in the container they found in the coat. Jiang Shuo doesn’t know so Yi Heng tells him it’s potassium cyanide. It’s the same stuff that’s all over the tableware.

Jiang Shuo reaches out to touch the silver ware but Yi Heng stops him before he can get close. Yi Heng says that touching it or even a sniff it can paralyze a person’s heart and kill them. Yi Heng says that the utensils were laced with poison in order to kill Mr. Zhang.

Jiang Shuo says that whoever poisoned the tableware had to have attended the banquet. Yi Heng says it must be Mr. Yamada.

The next scene is Mr. Yamada being held by two soldiers in the main room protesting his innocence. Yi Heng says to the group that he has proof, then holds up the container. Yi Heng tells them how he found the container in Mr. Yamada’s room and that it contains potassium cyanide.

Yi Heng says that the poison is consistent with cause of Mr. Zhang’s death. He also says that while the group wasn’t paying attention Mr. Yamada laced Mr. Zhang’s tableware with the poison to kill him. Mr. Yamada yells that it’s not true.

General Yuan says that Mr. Yamada must be very brave to commit murder under his turf. Ms. Xu says that the Japanese have been courting General Yuan’s favour. If Mu Qing married Mr. Zhang then the two families would be allies, leaving the Japanese out.

Ms. Xu believes that Mr. Yamada murdered Mr. Zhang to sow discord between the two families. General Yuan orders that Mr. Zhang be locked up and handed over to General Zhang tomorrow.

Mr. Yamada however starts to cough up blood before the soldiers can take him away. Yi Heng asks him when he consumed the poison. Mr. Yamada says that he did come to the banquet with the intention of obstructing the marriage. He claims that he didn’t kill Mr. Zhang though.

Mr. Yamada then says that with all that investigation they think that he killed Mr. Zhang, what a joke. General Yuan angrily says that the Japanese are a joke. The General says that he doesn’t believe Mr. Yamada’s lies. He believes that Mr. Yamada did kill Mr. Zhang and now that he’s been exposed, he ties up the loose ends by positioning himself.

General Yuan says this way Mr. Yamada can eliminate the Japanese military’s involvement with the murder. Mr. Yamada says that the General knows he wasn’t the murderer. Then Mr. Yamada dies.

In General Yuan’s office, he asks Jin Rong if he sent Mr. Yamada’s body to General Zhang’s residence. Jin Rong says that he did, so the General asks how General Zhang took it. Jin Rong says that General Zhang didn’t say anything.

The General says how could General Zhang anything, anyway. General Yuan then asks about the situation with the Japanese. Jin Rong says that the Japanese claim Mr. Yamada acted on his own and that the embassy had no clue.

General Yuan says that Mr. Yamada denied the charges even while he was dying. He fears there may be more to the case. General Yuan also says that he’s afraid General Zhang hears the news he will hold them responsible.

General Yuan says that they need to wrap the case up quickly and blame it on the Japanese. Jin Rong says that will kill two birds with one stone. Jin Rong praises the General for his brilliance.

Meanwhile Jiang Shuo is telling Yi Heng that something about the case doesn’t feel right. Jiang Shuo says that everything was too easy, it’s not Liu Zhi’s style at all. Yi Heng says that they haven’t solved the case and caught the murderer yet.

Yi Heng says that Mr. Zhang never showed up at the banquet so how could he have consumed the poison? Jiang Shuo now realizes that Yi Heng knew all along Mr. Yamada wasn’t the murderer.

He asks Yi Heng why he accused Mr. Yamada then. Yi Heng says that of course he knew Mr. Yamada wasn’t the murderer, however if he didn’t give the General an explanation, what would happen to Jiang Shuo?

Jiang Shuo asks if that wasn’t unfair to Mr. Yamada though. Yi Heng says that since Mr. Yamada had poisoned the tableware he had no intention of leaving the hotel alive. As for General Yuan, it looks like he’s severing ties with the Japanese.

Sergeant Bai walks into the room to tell them that according to the forensics report, out of the missing women Xu Ya Shi is the best match.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng look over the forensic report. Apparently Mo Li was buried alive while the other woman was buried alive after being hit by a car. Sergeant Bai says that’s probably what triggered Mr. Wu’s insanity, his guilt over the deaths.

Sergeant Bai says that with Mr. Zhang dead only Mr. Wu knows the truth now. Jiang Shuo says the last time they tried to approach Mr. Wu he had lost his mind and given them nothing. Yi Heng repeats the name Xu Ya Shi, then says Shi Shi.

Jiang Shuo says that the name Shi Shi sounds familiar. Yi Heng remembers that the troupe they were investigating before mentioned a magician named Shi Shi.

Mu Qing comes into the room saying that she’s found what they need. She says her men found it in the hotel’s trash bin, no thanks are necessary. Yi Heng looks at the white cloth ribbon and says that he knows who murdered Mr. Zhang.

Yi Heng says they must hurry and not let her escape. Everyone rushes out of the room.

The camera shows Ms. Xu rolling her chair down a hallway when Mu Qing approaches her, asking if she’s leaving. When Ms. Xu says that she is, Mu Qing offers to see her off. Ms. Xu declines saying that Mu Qing hasn’t recovered from her injuries.

Mu Qing says she’s recovered enough and says that she will Ms. Xu off as the car is ready.

We then go back to the opening scene at the beginning of this post with the one big guest and General Yuan chatting. General Yuan is apologizing for the hold up, while the guest says that he got to see Mr. Zhang dead so he wouldn’t mind being held up for months let alone mere days.

Then a body that looks like Yi Heng falls onto the car, while Jiang Shuo stands at the window. General Yuan and his soldiers rush inside.

The soldiers rush to the hallway where Jiang Shuo is patiently waiting for them. The soldiers all have their guns pointed at him, so he holds up his hands. Only to have Yi Heng step out of the room and stand beside him.

Jiang Shuo asks if the soldiers are surprised. The General demands to know what Yi Heng is up to. Yi Heng tells him that it was just a puppet wearing his coat. It was an experiment to recreate Mr. Zhang’s murder scene.

Yi Heng says that the goal was to reveal the truth of Mr. Zhang’s death. Someone asks what Yi Heng means since Mr. Zhang was supposedly poisoned. The General tells everyone to let Yi Heng finish. Yi Heng says that when Mr. Zhang’s body fell, they all saw a white ribbon.

Yi Heng then holds up the white ribbon saying that’s the one that they saw that night. He goes on to say that Mr. Zhang might have been poisoned but he only said so to have murderer let down their guard and give him time to collect more evidence.

Yi Heng says that although Mr. Yamada committed suicide over this, it’s only because he felt guilty. Yi Heng says that Mr. Zhang’s real cause of death was strangulation by the white ribbon.

Yi Heng says that because the white ribbon is big and wide, it would suffocate Mr. Zhang without leaving any physical marks on the body. Yi Heng says that because there were no physical marks, he originally didn’t consider the possibility.

Ms. Xu says that Yi Heng had already stated earlier that Mr. Zhang didn’t fall to his death and that was just his assumption. Ms. Xu demands that Yi Heng show them some proof. Yi Heng asks Ms. Xu why does she keep harping on this?

Yi Heng says that given the height of the window, and the fall to the car, unless Mr. Zhang fell head first it wouldn’t cause his death. Mr. Zhang’s head and neck were both intact though so he couldn’t have fallen to his death.

Yi Heng says that after being strangled with the white ribbon, Mr. Zhang’s body was left on the balcony. Yi Heng says that because the balcony was decorated with a wall of flowers, the body remained unnoticed. The guests ask how did the body fall then?

Yi Heng points out how the ribbon was holding up the balcony and how it was rigged to be cut when someone opened the door by Mu Qing as the killer planned. This is why they saw the white ribbon when the body fell.

Yi Heng says that when he went to investigate the crime scene however the white ribbon was gone as the killer took the time to get rid of it. Yi Heng asks Ms. Xu if that’s right. Everyone looks at Ms. Xu and she says that she wouldn’t know.

Ms. Xu says that she wasn’t even at the crime scene. Jiang Shuo says that Yi Heng just proved that the murder happened before the fall from the building so her absence at the scene proves nothing. Jiang Shuo then goes on to say how the other guest said Mr. Zhang violated women and even killed them afterwards to keep them quiet.

According to the investigation one of the women was Ms. Xu’s sister Xu Ya Shi. Jiang Shuo tells her that they found the body of her sister and they know she had already been there. The guests wonder how she did it, since she is handicapped. Jiang Shuo says that every murderer has a way to avoid suspicion.

Jiang Shuo tells everyone that the wheelchair is a prop. Ms. Xu is not actually handicapped. Jiang Shuo points out that the white cloth was found in the hotel’s trash bin.

The soil at the trash bin is different from the other soil, so Jiang Shuo tells everyone to check Ms. Xu’s shoes. Mu Qing says they can compare it with the soil on their own shoes to see the difference.

Ms. Xu says it doesn’t matter if she’s been to the disposal site, it proves nothing. Yi Heng says it proves two things, the first that she threw the ribbon away and the second is that she’s not handicapped at all.

Yi Heng says that there’s more though. He says that because she couldn’t measure the distance between the door and the balcony she must have prepared more ribbon just in case. Jiang Shuo takes over and says that they searched everywhere except for Ms. Xu’s wheelchair.

Jiang Shuo finds the hidden ribbon in the wheelchair and then asks Ms. Xu how she will explain that. Ms. Xu shocks everyone else by standing up and admitting she killed Mr. Zhang. Ms. Xu says that she wished she had killed Mr. Zhang earlier, if she had her sister might still be alive.

We get a flashback of both sisters reporting the rape to the police. However since they had no proof of the rape, the police couldn’t open a case. When Ms. Xu argued with the police officer, he said that her sister’s words carried no weight as she was mentally unstable.

Another flashback shows that Ms. Xu came home but her sister wasn’t there. There was a note saying that her sister’s body was in the woods though.

A letter from Liu Zhi says that if she follows his instructions, she can avenge her sister. So Ms. Xu wrote to General Yuan saying that she was working on his autobiography and would like to meet with him.

We then get flashbacks of her setting up the whole thing from getting Mr. Zhang to let her into his room, to hiding the note that lured Mu Qing to the room.

Ms. Xu says that they did a lot of investigating to find Mr. Zhang’s killer, but when her sister was raped, and killed no one did anything. Ms. Xu says that only by killing Mr. Zhang could her sister Rest In Peace.

Ms. Xu says that Yi Heng can brag since he captured her. Sergeant Bai running up the stairs says that’s not true. Sergeant Bai tells her that Yi Heng also caught the only witness in her sister’s case.

Sergeant Bai then tosses Mr. Wu down on the floor in front of her. Mr. Wu yells at her not to kill him, it wasn’t him. Jiang Shuo grabs Mr. Wu by the collar and tells him to confess his crimes or the ghost will haunt him forever.

Mr. Wu starts to tell how Ms. Xu’s sister was trying to save Mo Li by running straight at the car. Mr. Wu couldn’t stop in time and ended up running her over. Mr. Wu wanted to save her, but Mr. Zhang thought it would only make things worse.

So he ordered Mr. Wu to bury Ms. Xu’s sister and Mo Li who witnessed everything alive in the woods. If he didn’t do as Mr. Zhang said, Mr. Zhang would accuse him of it. Mr. Zhang also paid him off. Ms. Xu yells at Mr. Wu and attacks him. It takes Sergeant Bai and Jiang Shuo to drag her off of Mr. Wu.

Yi Heng says that they were both sisters, yet Ms. Xu for the sake of revenge chose to kill a man, while her sister chose to save the dancer Mo Li. Ms. Xu tells her sister that she’s been avenged and she will join her soon.

Some time later, Mu Qing is serving her father tea asking him to stop holding a grudge against Jiang Shuo since they found the murderer and it wasn’t him. The General admits that’s true but Jiang Shuo’s connection with Liu Zhi is still uncertain so they can’t let their guard down.

Mu Qing says that Jiang Shuo isn’t a murderer and that her father should her. The General says that he’s a better judge of people than she is.

The General then turns to Yi Heng and asks what will he do now to uncover the truth about Liu Zhi. Yi Heng admits that everything Liu Zhi has done seems to be against Jiang Shuo. However the connection between the two is still uncertain so they can’t let their guard down.

Mu Qing can’t believe that Yi Heng sided with her father. Yi Heng tells her not to worry and to let him finish. Yi Heng says that the fastest way to find Liu Zhi s by using Jiang Shuo. Yi Heng begs the General to let Jiang Shyo go so they can continue to investigate Liu Zhi.

The General agrees to let Jiang Shuo on the condition that he stays away from Mu Qing.

The newspaper runs the headline the next day about a hero Mr. Zhang protecting the city, and a female assassin arrested for his murder. As a car carrying Ms. Xu goes down the street it’s stopped by Jiang Shuo holding up a Genral’s order.

The officers ask if Jiang Shuo is trying to bust Ms. Xu out. Jiang Shuo holds up the order and says that he has to talk to Ms. Xu. The officers let her out of the vehicle to talk. Ms. Xu wants to know what Jiang Shuo wants tot talk about now.

Jiang Shuo says he’s not the one that wants to talk to her, then points to a bunch of women. The women are all victims of Mr. Zhang. They say that the new is corrupt even going so far as to call Mr. Zhang a hero. However they will not let the truth get suppressed.

Their own families thought the women brought shame to them. One of the women’s uncles said behind her back that she seduced Mr. Zhang. The women say that they want to publish their story. Mr. Zhang was no hero, and Ms. Xu is not an assassin. The women stand in solidarity with Ms. Xu.

Roll those end credits because that’s the end of this episode!