A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 4 Part 4

So this part stars off with Phupha getting all nice and pretty with some product placement body wash. When he comes out all dressed up, Yod teases him about going to a party since he smells so nice.

Dr. Nam says that Phupha made him get shower gel from the city so he doubts it’s a party, he says it must be a date! Rang roars with laughter at this, but Yod has to ask what a date is. Rang explains it to him. Phupha tells them all that if they don’t stop, he’ll punish them. He’s about to leave when Yod asks the others why Phupha’s angry. Dr. Nam says that he isn’t angry, just shy. The others laugh some more.

Phupha rides his motorcycle over to Tian’s place where Tian is already waiting for him. Tian can’t help but notice the change in Phupha’s appearance and smile. He tells Phupha that he looks nice today.

Phupha self consciously pulls at his clothes. Tian looks him over again and then can’t resist the urge to tease Phupha that he forgot to take the price tag off his shirt (Haha). The look on Phupha’s face at that was pretty funny.

Tian offers to help Phupha take the tag off. It takes a few moments to get the tag off though and Phupha smiles at the closeness. Tian finally manages to get the tag off and shows it to Phupha.

Phupha tells him to hurry up and let’s go. Phupha starts walking and Tian tells him to wait up. While Tian is trying to catch up he trips but doesn’t fall. Phupha laughs and Tian asks him what’s so funny? Phupha says he’s laughing at Tian tripping.

They come to a t-junction in the path and Tian starts to go the wrong way. Phupha tells him to stop, that’s the way to Ghost Hill. Tian starts to the other way but Phupha stops him as he’s notices cigarette butts on the ground. Phupha says that the cigarette butts are fresh so someone must have been by recently. Tian asks if it could be smugglers.

Phupha admits that it could be, or it could be just some villagers searching for wild herbs. Phupha mulls it over a little but decides to continue onwards to the cliff.

Tian starts breathing panting pretty heavily so Phupha asks him if he’s okay. Tian says he’s fine but Phupha decides to pause and give Tian a bit of water.

Tian takes a pretty big gulp of water before offering some Phupha the water bottle saying they can share. Phupha takes a sip of water and when he finishes, Tian asks him if they are almost there. Phupha says they are nearly there but Tian doesn’t believe him since he’s said that a few times already.

Phupha says that if you don’t believe the huntsman in the woods, you have no one else. Tian smiles at that but still doesn’t look too good. Phupha asks if he’s sure he’s okay. Tian says that he’s fine but Phupha offers him a piggyback ride anyway. Tian confirms that he’s fine and doesn’t need it.

They finally make it to the cliff and Tian let’s out an excited shout of success.

Phupha asks Tian if it was worth the climb. Tian agrees that it was worth it. Phupha says that his dad brought him up to the cliff when he was a kid. Phupha’s dad was also a ranger and he told Phupha that his job was to protect all the trees that they could see.

One day while his father was on patrol, he got shot. The shooter was never caught. Phupha says that he was very angry at his father back then. Phupha was mad that his father sacrificed his life for those trees and left Phupha and his mother. Phupha says that now that he’s standing here, looking at the trees, he finally understands how his father felt then.

Phupha says the forest is like a home, a resource to earn a living, and a way of life for the people there. Phupha says that if he had to die like his father, he wouldn’t regret it.

Tian tells Phupha not to forget about those that care about him. Phupha says that he knows, everyone cares about their lives. Phupha also says that if he doesn’t do it, who will? Tian sits down on a rock and tells Phupha that he’s sorry about his father.

Phupha says that both of his parents are dead now, so he doesn’t have anyone to worry about. Phupha then asks Tian if he has anyone worrying about him, since he came so far. Tian says that if Phupha means a person he’s dating then the answer is no.

Tian tells Phupha it’s up to him whether or not to believe him. Tian says he doesn’t believe Phupha since most of the rangers have a wife in the city. Phupha says that he’s not like that, and when Tian truly knows him, he will see that Phupha isn’t one of those people.

Phupha says that Tian should trust him. He then asks Tian if he wants to get to know him better. Tian doesn’t answer for a few moments then tells Phupha that he heard Phupha was close the previous teacher. Phupha asks him why, did Tian want to ask him out?

Tian says no (he means yes). Tian says that he was just curious and tells Phupha that he doesn’t have to answer if he doesn’t want to. Phupha says that to him, Torfun will be the sister he loves most.. forever.

Phupha says he’s talked a lot about himself, it’s Tian’s turn. Tian asks what would Phupha like to know? Phupha points to Tian’s chest and says he wants to know how he got the scars.

Tian tells Phupha that he though he was never going to ask. After thinking a moment, Tian says he got the scars from heart surgery. Tian says that at first he didn’t think he survived but fortunately he did. Tian says it was like he was born again, he got a chance to redeem itself.

Tian says they should head back since it will be really difficult if it gets dark. Phupha tells him to wait a moment, then asks what his relationship with Torfun is.

Roll those end credits! But wait there’s a side story!


Tian and Phupha are walking to the cliff when Phupha stops suddenly and shushes Tian. Phupha points to two hornbills (birds) and asks if Tian has ever seen them.

Tian says yes, but only on the Discovery Channel or something like it. Phupha says that they can only be found in undisturbed natural forests.

Tian teases him, asking if Phupha is trying to say that the forest is under his good care. Phupha says that Hornbills are monogamous, when a hornbill finds it’s mate they stay together for the rest of their lives.

Tian asks what happens when one of the birds dies. Phupha says that when the bird’s partner dies, it will wait in the same place until it dies too. Tian says that it’s very romantic. Phupha make a “??” And Tian says he meant the hornbills are romantic. The two then continue their walk up to the cliff.

The true end of Episode 4!