A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 4 Part 3

Tian asks Longtae where the howling dogs are, since he doesn’t hear anything. They here someone coming so they stay back a bit. It turns out to be the village men walking by. Rang is at the tail end and on noticing the two of them, asks if they want to see something special. Rang tells the two of them to follow him. Longtae isn’t too sure about it, but Tian coaxes him into going.

They approach a hut with the men that they saw earlier peeking through some cracks. Tian has finally figured out what’s going on now though. Rang tells him to keep his voice down, then invites the two to peek with them.

Of course after they join the group, Phupha shows up. He starts tapping the people on the shoulder, the men look, see it’s Phupha get embarrassed and run away. It takes a few tries with Rang though.

Rang even manages to slip and fall while trying to run away. Next is Longtae and he looks really embarrassed. Longtae tries to get Tian’s attention, but Tian waves him off, Longtae then says that he’s leaving first and runs away. It takes Phupha a couple tries with Tian because at first Tian thinks that it’s still Longtae grabbing his shoulder.

When he realizes that it’s Phupha he looks embarrassed as well and says that he’ll leave. Phupha grabs him by his hood though and asks him if he had fun. Tian says he didn’t see anything. Phupha asks if that’s true, then points the flashlight at Tian..

Tian quickly pulls his sweatshirt down and begs Phupha to turn off the light. Phupha shushes him and continues to tease him. It’s clear Phupha just likes to mess with Tian at this point.

Phupha ends up walking Tian home. Tian says that he thought Phupha had already returned to the base. Phupha says that he had a feeling someone would do something stupid tonight, and he was right. Tian didn’t realize dog howling night would be so erotic.

Tian says that he thought it might have something to do with the Pha Pun Dao tale. Phupha is shocked and asks Tian how he knows about the tale. Tian says that Longtae told him about it. According to the tale if you go to the cliff on the last day of the year, and count to 1,000 stars you get to make a wish and have it come true.

Longtae had also told him that the groom had made a wish at the cliff to marry his girlfriend one day and his wish came true. Tian says he heard that Phupha used to take the previous teacher to the cliff. Tian then asks if Phupha believes in the tale.

Just then they arrive at Tian’s house. Phupha reminds him to go to bed as the ceremony starts early tomorrow. Tian says that if Phupha is going to keep pushing him to sleep, he might as well tell him a bedtime story so he can sleep well.

Phupha asks what kind of story Tian would like to hear then. Tian says that he was just being sarcastic which makes Phupha smile. Tian then thanks Phupha for walking him home and watches as Phupha walks away.

The next day we see the village wedding ceremony including the bride being carried by the newly designed palanquin.

Khama wishes the couple a long and happy life, as well as a house full of children. The couple then goes to get a blessing. There’s also a tradition involving an egg and Tian has to ask Longtae about it.

According to Longtae if the couple drops the egg they won’t have children. Tian says that’s funny since he only heard that an egg had to be released to have kids (HAHA!)

The eggs was passed successfully so Khama says again that he wishes the couple a house full of kids. A few moments after the ceremony is done, Longtae and Tian hear the kids cheer outside. They both look over and Longtae asks Tian if he has ever played Chong.

Tian has no clue what Chong is though so he asks Longtae about it. Longtae just grabs his arm and takes him over to where the kids are playing. Once Tian sees the game however, he knows what Chong is. He tells Longtae that he calls the game Spinning Tops.

Longtae then asks Tian if he wants to play. Tian says that he’ll give it a shot. The kids are delighted and quickly tell Tian whom he should battle with. It’s while Tian is playing with the kids that Phupha and the rangers come over to watch.

Dr. Nam tells Phupha that his guy blends in well with the locals. Yod is more concerned with their bet that Tian wouldn’t last a month in the village. Yod wonders who is going to get the money now.

Apparently Rang is going to get the money because he bet on Tian sticking things out.Yod looks very put out by this. Phupha tells them both to relax as there are still many days left. Dr. Nam asks if Phupha has been counting the days for him since he’s never done that with the other teachers.

Luckily before they can tease Phupha too much about his relationship with Tian, Longtae notices and calls Phupha over. Longtae wants Phupha to help them beat Tian at Chong. Phupha says that he would rather watch instead.

So Tian goads him by saying that Chief Phupha is afraid to lose to him. Phupha asks Tian what he’ll get if he wins. Tian says that the loser must do one thing for the winner. Phupha agrees to this.

Phupha asks Tian for some time to practice since it’s been awhile since he’s played the game. Tian let’s him have some practice runs. After watching Phupha practice, Tian says he’s cheating since his rope is better than Tian’s.

Phupha asks if Tian is just worried about losing. Tian then uses his knowledge to make his rope rougher to increase the friction with the spinning top. The rangers are convinced that Tian will lose anyway.

The battle is on but Tian’s science knowledge does in fact beat Phupha’s strength. (YAAY for brain power!)

Phupha wants to know what Tian wants for winning. Tian says that he wants to go to Pha Pun Dao cliff.

Later that night we see Tian marking the days off on a calendar. He goes into his backpack and pulls out his medication as well as Torfun’s notebook. When he goes to take his medication however it appears the bottle is empty. He then opens Torfun’s notebook and hopes that he can make it until the end of the year.

End of Episode 4 Part 3!