Psych Hunter: Episode 18

This episode starts with what appears to be a party. Jiang Shuo still disguised as the Yuan Mansion’s driver asks Qin’er who he thinks is Liu Zhi among the guests. We can see that General Yuan is at the table as well as Wan Jin Rong among others. Yi Heng says that he’s observed everyone for a whole day and while he has discovered their individual quirks he still doesn’t know who Liu Zhi is.

Yi Heng says that when Mu Qing left, she looked a little strange so he asks Jiang Shuo to go check on her. Just after Jiang Shuo agrees to go to check on Mu Qing however, a body falls from a building landing on the car outside. Mu Qing is in the room, looking out the window at the body.

Jiang Shuo mumbles how this isn’t good (no shit Sherlock!) He then goes to run to Mu Qing. Mu Qing still leaning out the window looking like she’s about to cry. She slowly backs away from the window.

Roll the opening credits!

So we go back to where we left off last episode with Jiang Shuo disguised as the driver and the rapist in the back seat telling him to slow down. When Jiang Shuo hits the breaks their hands lurch forward and Jiang Shuo hits his face on the steering wheel making his nose look all funny. The Young Master in the back seat asks Jiang Shuo if he even knows how to drive but gets freaked out when he sees Jiang Shuo’s nose in the mirror.

Jiang Shuo quickly bends down in his seat and fixes his nose. When the person in the back seat recovers from his shock long enough to say something about the nose, Jiang Shuo looking normal turns around and asks Young Master Zhang is something’s the matter. Mr. Zhang seeing that Jiang Shuo’s nose is normal tells him to just drive.

Jiang Shuo goes back to driving but along the route Mr. Zhang sees a woman that looks she just stepped out of The Ring movie. Mr. Zhang yells to stop the car as there’s a ghost. Jiang Shuo stops, gets out of the car and looks around. All he finds however is a piece of cloth. Mr. Zhang tells him to keep it away from him as it belongs to the ghost. (I love how freaked out he though.)

Jiang Shuo drops the white cloth outside the car and onto the street before getting in the car to continue driving.

Sergeant Bai is having a well deserved nap, okay he fell asleep while doing paperwork but he needs a rest. Yi Heng comes into the room and at first the other officer motions for Yi Heng to be quiet. However after looking at the papers Yi Heng knocks on the desk waking up Sergeant Bai.

Yi Heng holds up the document containing the missing persons registry and asks why such a great detective is now working regular cases of missing people. Sergeant Bai tells Yi Heng not to rub it in, the file of the missing person that Yi Heng is holding has been missing a week, she was a dancer.

One of the officers brings Yi Heng a drink and Sergeant Bai asks him to get a drink for him too. The officer says that they are the same rank now and Sergeant Bai can’t order him around anymore like he used to. After the officer leaves, Yi Heng gives the drink over to Sergeant Bai (aww!).

Sergeant Bai then asks Yi Heng why he captured Jiang Shuo so suddenly as he doesn’t understand. Yi Heng says that he already told Sergeant Bai that he had a plan. Sergeant Bai just comments that he’s very secretive. Yi Heng says that everything has a reason. They have the same goal now which is to capture Liu Zhi.

Yi Heng has information that Liu Zhi’s next target will appear at the hotel. Yi Heng hopes that Sergeant Bai will cooperate with him when that happens. Yi Heng also says it’s Sergeant Bai’s chance for reinstatement. Yi Heng then leaves the room and Sergeant Bai considers the situation.

Next we see Mu Qing and General Yuan waiting for Mr. Zhang to arrive. The General tells Mu Qing not to act capriciously and to listen to him. Mu Qing clearly doesn’t want to be there.

Jiang Shuo drives the car up but stops to stare at Mu Qing but with his disguise on, Mu Qing doesn’t realize it’s him in the car. Mr. Zhang tells Jiang Shuo to open the car door. Once Jiang Shuo does, Mr. Zhang goes over to greet Uncle Yuan. The General greets him as nephew and says that he grows more handsome by the day (he’s a rapist you idiot).

Mu Qing tells her father that she’s done here and goes back inside the house. Jiang Shuo smiles with a bit of a small laugh very proud of his girl. He then goes to get the luggage out of the trunk of the car. We can hear the General asking Mr. Zhang to pardon her as spoiled.

The two of them head inside the mansion and after Jiang Shuo pawns off the luggage on one of the servants he follows behind them. Once inside he starts to look for Mu Qing but gets stopped by Wan Jin Rong wondering why he’s there. Wan Jin Rong asks if he’s washed the car yet. Wan Jin Rong says that Jiang Shuo shouldn’t be there and that he’s acting very unruly today.

Jiang Shuo holds up the car keys and says that he will go wash the car right now. Jiang Shuo runs down the stairs and then starts looking for Mu Qing when he bumps into Yi Heng. Yi Heng warns him that a crowd will notice him. Jiang Shuo a little ticked off asks how Yi Heng recognized him, Yi Heng responds by saying instinct. After Yi Heng leaves, Jiang Shuo quickly checks his mask saying that it’s useless (hahaha).

We then get a view of General Yuan thanking people for showing up as guests. We can see Mu Qing in the room as well. He tells everyone to make themselves comfortable and enjoy. A soldier comes into the room to tell the General that Yamada has arrived. General Yuan is surprised a Japanese person showed up.

Yamada comes into the room and says that he heard great things were happening at General Yuan’s mansion so he came in person to congratulate him. The General then asks Jin Rong if they sent Mr. Yamada an invitation and his tone is really unpleasant. When Jin Rong replies that they didn’t, The General asks if it’s common for Japanese people to show up uninvited?

Mr. Yamada says that it’s true he wasn’t invited however the Japanese Chamber of Commerce wanted to pay their respects to General Yuan. Mr. Yamada even has a humble gift for the General. Jin Rong says that all who come are guests and they should at least invite Mr. Yamada to sit down. Jin Rong says that they avoid a delay in the General’s matter.

So the General agrees and Jin Rong accepts the gift then hands it to the soldier while he invites Mr. Yamada to sit down. Ms. Xu opens a box and says that the General’s first draft of his autobiography is done. General Yuan takes it out and says that it’s really well written and tells her she did a great job. He also compliments her as a writer.

Mr. Zhang feels like being a suck up so he tells the General that he’s a legend and one autobiography isn’t enough. He says there should be at least two books. Mu Qing looks disgusted by him already.

The General tells Zong Bao that no one owns two autobiographies. The General then asks after his father. Mr. Zhang says that his father is doing well. The General tells Mu Qing to pour Mr. Zhang a cup of tea but she tells him the servants can do it so why should she?

The General tells her to stop the nonsense just do it (feel free to spit in it though!) Mu Qing finally agrees to do it but she walks slowly and awkwardly with it until she “falls” spilling the tea everywhere. Mr. Zhang catches her and does a little groping while the others can’t see. Mu Qing doesn’t take that shit lying down though, she uses her high heels to crush his foot and then pushes him away from her. (Three cheers for Mu Qing!!)

The General asks what she’s doing then demands that she apologizes to the pervert. Mu Qing says that was asking for it (he was) then runs from the room. (I wouldn’t apologize to that piece of shit either.) One of the other males guests congratulates her while laughing at the situation. The General admonishes him for it though.

The man asks though “who is Mr. Zhang?” As apparently there are a bunch of rumours about the things he’s done. While the others are embarrassed to talk about it, Mu Qing taught Mr. Zhang a lesson. He continues to say that Mu Qing is indeed a General’s daughter.

Mr. Zhang tells the other man that at a time like this he shouldn’t slander Mr. Zhang (it’s not slander if it’s true). The man says that only Mr. Zhang knows whether or not it’s the truth. He says everyone else knows as well. He then states that what is done at night appears by day.

The General says that’s enough everyone must be exhausted so they can go to their rooms to rest. He tells them that their is a banquet prepared tonight at his mansion and he hopes everyone shows up on time. The General asks Jin Rong to get a servant to help Ms. Xu to her room. However Mr. Zhang offers to do it for them and they let him. Ms. Xu is apparently in a wheelchair (I wouldn’t want him pushing my wheelchair).

Jiang Shuo still in his face mask wandering around the mansion opens some of Mr. Zhang’s luggage to find some tableware. He then brought the belongings to Mr. Zhang’s room. When a soldier asks him what he’s up to outside Mr. Zhang’s door, he says he’s bringing Mr. Zhang’s stuff to him.

When the soldier continues to stare at him, Jiang Shuo says that Mr. Zhang hasn’t replied to him through the door so he doesn’t know if he’s out or resting. Jiang Shuo says he’ll leave the luggage in the cloakroom for now. The soldier warns him not to linger around the guest’s rooms too long. Jiang Shuo agrees then leaves.

He sees Mu Qing a few moments later but ducks behind a wall when he sees that she’s not alone. Her Aunt is telling her to behave as she embarrassed Mr. Zhang in front of her father. Mu Qing says that if her father wasn’t there she would have slapped him, she was holding back.

Her Aunt says that her father just wants the best for her. The Zhang family is a family of warlords they are just as influential as General Yuan. The Aunt also says that Mu Qing’s father is facing some difficulties and he has no choice but to marry off Mu Qing.

Mu Qing says indignantly that she’s not a tool for an arranged marriage. She refuses to marry “that lecher”. The Aunt tells her that she’s still young. Daughters don’t have much choice in the matter. So Mu Qing asks her Aunt if she’s going to marry her off that lecher. Her Aunt grabs her arm, only have Mu Qing shake it off angrily.

Just then Jiang Shuo (still in his mask) comes around the corner saying that’s ridiculous. Luckily Yi Heng wasn’t too far off and agrees it’s ridiculous that he told the driver he needed the car. He then apologizes to the two women and drags Jian Shuo away before he can do something stupid.

Outside Jiang Shuo asks Yi Heng why he’s always popping up around him. Yi Heng calls him a fool and says that’s he protecting him. Yi Heng reminds Jiang Shuo not to create trouble and reveal himself. Jiang Shuo claims that Yi Heng isn’t protecting him, can’t he see how miserable Mu Qing is?

Jiang Shuo then tries to go back inside the house when he is grabbed by Yi Heng and told to save it for later. He reminds Jiang Shuo that their priority is to guard the safety of the hotel and find Liu Zhi. Yi Heng says not to worry, he’ll help Jiang Shuo out then he goes back into the mansion. Jiang Shuo looks at the mansion thinking.

Inside the mansion Mr. Yamada meets with General Yuan and Jin Rong. The General tells Mr. Yamada that the dock project is non negotiable. Mr. Yamada says he discussed this with the board of the chamber. As long as he’s willing to rent the docks to the Japanese they are willing to pay double the price. After 50 years all facilities and ownership would return to General Yuan.

The General says that the lease is just an item, humans are alive. The General says that if he signs the lease then in less than ten years he will be forced to work for the Japanese. Mr. Yamada claims that the General is over exaggerating and repeats the word exaggerating in a dangerous tone of voice. Jin Rong steps in saying that the General is tired and they should talk about it some other time.

After Mr. Yamada leaves the room, Jin Rong says that the terms the Japanese are offering are pretty attractive why does the General have to be so stubborn? The General says that nothing in life is free and Jin Rong is old enough to know that. The General states that the Japanese want the docks now, then they would establish factories, develop mines and obtain military rights next.

Jin Rong asks if they have a choice given the current situation? Jin Rong insists that the Japanese are the only way to (are they endorsing you, for you to sell this hard?)

Outside the room a soldier notices Ms. Xu and asks her what she’s doing sneaking around? She says she wasn’t sneaking around which is when the soldier decides to take her to see the General. The soldier wheels her into the room and tells the General that she was acting suspiciously.

Ms. Xu claims that she only wanted to clarify a few things about the autobiography. However she overheard the conversation with Wan Jin Rong about rejecting Mr. Yamasa’s proposal to operate the dock and she understood everything.

The General says she’s a brilliant woman and he chose well for her to write his autobiography. Ms. Xu says that the Japanese are an insatiable people and Changshanzhou needs someone like the General right now to suppress their arrogance. She says that the Japanese need to learn that they can’t mess with the people of Changshanzhou. When the General tells her that she’s right she smiles.

Mr. Yamada enters the cloak room and tells the soldier he needs to change, can he shut the door? The soldier quietly shuts the door of course not wanting to see someone else naked. Elsewhere Jiang Shuo catches the man that was supporting Mu Qing’s actions against Mr. Zhang with ear pressed against a door. Having been caught by someone, the man straightens his clothes like nothing was out of the ordinary and leaves. Jiang Shuo goes to listen as well when a car horn honks.

Jiang Shuo heads outside, then wonders who drove the car over. The Butler comes over and demands to know whose car it is and asks him how he can park it there. Jiang Shuo then asks about the flowers that all over the balcony for decoration. The Butler says that’s it for tonight’s banquet and Ms. Yuan it had to be grand. He tells Jiang Shuo to hurry up and move the car. Jiang Shuo yells that he didn’t park it there.

Later that night at the banquet it’s a grand affair with music and dancers. Jiang Shuo goes to stand beside Yi Heng. Yi Heng asks Jiang Shuo where Mr. Zhang is since he’s the star of the show. Jiang Shuo says who would know where the lecher went? Just after they finish that question, General Yuan asks his butler the same thing. The Butler says there’s been no reply from his room so he may be out.

Jin Rong suggest that the General asks everyone to wait a little longer. However the General says to just forget it, they’ll just begin. The dancers leave and a magician shows up to perform. General Yuan asks Mu Qing if she is enjoying the performance. Mu Qing says it doesn’t matter since he doesn’t care anyway. The General says he always cares about Mu Qing. Mu Qing says if that were true he wouldn’t let her marry Zhang Zong Bao.

The General says that he has no choice and asks Mu Qing to understand. She’s still ticked off though. The magician continues his act and Mu Qing gets passed a note. It claims that there’s something wrong with Zhang Zong Bao and to meet him at his room. It’s signed Jiang Shuo which is really weird since Jiang Shuo is still at the banquet standing beside Yi Heng.

Mu Qing crumples the note and then tells her father that she has something to do. She gets up and leaves. The General doesn’t understand. Ms. Xu says that Mu Qing is at the age for getting married but Mr. Zhang didn’t show up to the banquet, could they be having a secret date? Ms. Xu says that young lovers are really romantic.

Jiang Shuo is still at the banquet with Yi Heng which makes the notes clearly false. Jiang Shuo asks Yi Heng who he thinks Liu Zhi is among the group of guests. Yi Heng says that after observing them for a day, he can see that they all have their individual quirks, but he still can’t identify Liu Zhi among them.

Yi Heng then says he noticed Mu Qing looked weird just before she left and he’s concerned. So he asks Jiang Shuo to go check on her. That’s when the body falls from the window.

Everyone looks up at the window to see Mu Qing standing there. Jiang Shuo mumbles that this is bad and then runs to the room and Mu Qing.

Jiang Shuo asks if Mu Qing is all right but she doesn’t recognize him with the mask on (Yi Heng could). Jiang Shuo rips off the mask, and once Mu Qing realizes it’s him, calls out his name and runs to give him a hug.

Mu Qing asks him where’s he been while he asks her if she’s okay. Mu Qing says that he asked her to come to this room so why wasn’t he there. Jiang Shuo is confused and asks when he did such a thing. Mu Qing pulls out the crumpled note and shows it to him.

She says she came right after receiving the note, which is when the body fell from the window. Jiang Shuo quickly realizes that it’s a trap and tells Mu Qing that they must leave now. Jiang Shuo grabs her and they manage to make it to the hallway before being surrounded by the General and his soldiers.

Jiang Shuo tells the General that it was a trap. The General says that he’s Jiang Shuo a wanted criminal, infiltrated Yuan Mansion and has ill intentions towards to Mu Qing. The General says he’ll kill Jiang Shuo right now.

The General shoots but Mu Qing protects Jiang Shuo. Luckily it hit her arm. Jiang Shuo holds Mu Qing trying to help, when he gets pushed away by the General. Mu Qing says that Jiang Shuo isn’t Liu Zhi and definitely doesn’t harbour ill intentions towards her.

Yi Heng finally shows up and tells the General to stop just after the General orders Jiang Shuo’s arrest (again). Yi Heng swears on his life that Jiang Shuo isn’t Liu Zhi and that something is hinky with this case. He had received information that Liu Zhi was going to act. Yi Heng begs the General to give him a chance to uncover the truth.

The General agrees to give Yi Heng one chance but if he fails, his words will be held against him. The General then tells Captain Yang to take Mu Qing to see a doctor. The guests are not allowed to leave until after the investigation. The General says that because the person died at a banquet he hosted, he must have answers.

Yi Heng goes to inspect the body outside. He then notices that the white cloth that was hanging from the tree and balcony is now missing. He asks the soldiers about the cloth and they don’t know where it is. Yi Heng then goes to check the car out. On closer inspection of the car he notices scratch marks on the bumper.

We then go back to Jiang Shuo being questioned by the General. Jiang Shuo tells them that by the time he entered the room, the body had already fallen and it was a trap set to frame him. The actual driver gets brought in to testify that Jiang Shuo tied him up and stole the car.

The driver says that Jiang Shuo also infiltrated the Yuan Mansion and must harbour ill intentions. The driver begs the General not to let Jiang Shuo go. Captain Yang says that he doesn’t want to blame Jiang Shuo since they are well acquainted but the evidence is damning. Captain Yang asks Jiang Shuo to explain himself.

Jiang Shuo admits that he impersonated the driver but he explains he only did that because he heard Liu Zhi would be operating at the hotel that night. Jiang Shuo says that Ms. Yuan might be in danger so of course he had to infiltrate the hotel to protect her.

Captain Yang says that it’s not Jiang Shuo’s job to protect Ms. Yuan. Captain asks who can prove that Jiang Shuo isn’t Liu Zhi? Who can prove that Jiang Shuo didn’t have anything to do with Mr. Zhang’s death.

Jiang Shuo says that no one can prove his innocence but he didn’t have a reason to murder Mr. Zhang. Ms. Xu disagrees and says that Jiang Shuo is in love with Mu Qing. When he found out about her going to marry someone else, he got jealous and kill Mr. Zhang.

Jiang Shuo says that’s fine but those are just assumptions it doesn’t mean that he killed Mr. Zhang. Just like Yi Heng, Jiang Shuo begs the General for a chance to investigate the matter, he’s sure that he can catch the person responsible as this might be part of Liu Zhi’s plan.

The General says that’s enough, he’s not going to give a murderer like Jiang Shuo a second chance. He says that Jiang Shuo was in the room with Mu Qing and Mu Qing didn’t have a motive. The General also says that Mu Qing couldn’t possibly murder a full grown man like that. Which leaves Jiang Shuo as the only suspect. He then orders his men to arrest Jiang Shuo.

As the soldiers are escorting Jiang Shuo out, the man that was listening to the room’s door earlier this episode asks if they are allowed to leave now. The General says no. Jiang Shuo is almost out of the room, when Yi Heng brushes past him and tells the guests that before the investigation is over, no one is allowed to leave.

Ms. Xu asks what Dr. Qin means as they were all at the banquet and couldn’t possibly kill Mr. Zhang. Mr. Yamada chimes in that they are all regular people, and he was the son of General Zhang and asks Yi Heng to think twice.

The General tells the guests to let Yi Heng finish. Yi Heng says that Mr. Zhang didn’t fall to his death. He had actually been dead for quite some time before he fell. Yi Heng then asks the General’s permission to move Mr. Zhang’s body into the room.

Yi Heng says that based on the stiffness on the body, Mr. Zhang had been dead for at least an hour before his body fell. There also wasn’t much blood on the car itself. The blood that was there was dark with some clots formed. This proves that the body had been moved from another location, the actual murder scene.

Ms. Xu asks Dr. Qin if the body wasn’t pushed off the building, how did he die? Yi Heng admits that he doesn’t know yet, he just knows the guy was dead before he was pushed off the building. Yi Heng says that everyone there is a suspect. The man that Jiang Shuo caught listening at the door says that Mr. Zhang was an evil man that killed many women. He says Mr. Zhang’s death looks to be caused by a ghost.

Speaking of ghosts gets Jiang Shuo to remember when he was driving Mr. Zhang and the ghost incident where Jiang Shuo couldn’t find anything but a piece of white cloth. In the present Yi Heng says that ghosts and gods aren’t real, the white shadow people saw was in fact a white piece of cloth.

The General says if that’s true and Mu Qing entered the room Mr. Zhang was already dead. In which case the alibis of everyone at the banquet are suspect. Yi Heng says that’s true. The General then says that he will allow Yi Heng to continue his investigation. Yi Heng says he has a request, to have Jiang Shuo help him investigate.

The General of course refuses. Yi Heng points out that Liu Zhi uses the hands of others to commit crimes. If Jiang Shuo is Liu Zhi they can find the accomplice. If Jiang Shuo isn’t Liu Zhi then with his help they can find the real Liu Zhi.

The murderer also deliberately pointed suspicion towards Mu Qing with the obvious goal of getting the General to investigate the matter and get rid of Jiang Shuo. Yi Heng says that Jiang Shuo is the only way to find Liu Zhi so he hopes the General will agree to his request.

The General gets out of his seat and tells Yi Heng that he only gets once chance, then leaves the room. Wan Jin Rong leaves and while it looks like he wants to say something, he remains quiet and leaves. Yi Heng motions to the soldiers holding Jiang Shuo and they finally let go of him.

Some time passes and we see the General in a room with Wan Jin Rong. The General asks Jin Rong if Mu Qing is okay. Jin Rong informs him that it was only an external wound, so she’ll be fine. The General says his daughter is too impulsive, she almost died saving “that brat”.

Jin Rong wants to know if they should let General Zhang know that his son is dead. Jin Rong says that it was a big incident with many witnesses so they can’t hide it. He’s worried that General Zhang might see them as enemies and with their current state they wouldn’t win.

The General says to restrict the information for now. When they find the real killer, then they will inform General Zhang. Jin Rong ever the spoiled sport asks what if Dr. Qin can’t find the killer? The General says if they can’t find the murderer they’ll make one.

The General says Jiang Shuo is the perfect candidate. The General says Mu Qing is unsafe mingling with Jiang Shuo.

Just then Mu Qing bursts into the room saying that what happened had nothing to do with Jiang Shuo. She tells her father that he can’t go accusing innocent people without distinguishing right from wrong. (Go Mu Qing!!)

Unfortunately she’s still holding the fake Jiang Shuo note and her father notices. The General grabs Mu Qing’s hand and says she left halfway through the banquet to meet Jiang Shuo.

He then opens and reads the note. He tells his daughter to look at what’s written there. He says it’s obviously a trap to set her up. He tells her that she shouldn’t have anything to do with a man like Jiang Shuo.

Mu Qing says that Jiang Shuo didn’t write the note. The General doesn’t care who wrote it, it points to Jiang Shuo being a suspect. Mu Qing grabs the note from it and eats it! (Ha, try using it as evidence now).

Mu Qing tells him in no uncertain terms that if he can’t find the killer and frames Jiang Shuo for it, she will surrender as his accomplice. Mu Qing says that they will be imprisoned and killed by General Zhang together then.

Meanwhile we see Jiang Shuo running down the stairs with Yi Heng hot on his heels. He manages to stop Jiang Shuo partway down on the landing to ask where he’s going since he’s still a suspect. Jiang Shuo says with the mask and his current clothes no one will suspect him. Jiang Shuo says that Mu Qing took a bullet for him, he needs to go see her.

Yi Heng says that the doctor examined her, it’s an external wound and she’s fine. He also says that her room is heavily guarded right now so Jiang Shuo would get caught. Jiang Shuo a fool in love says he doesn’t care about being caught. He tells Yi Heng to get out of the way and tries to push past.

Yi Heng grabs him by the collar telling him that he needs to understand that finding Liu Zhi and finding the murderer before they can kill again is vital. He reminds Jiang Shuo that Mu Qing took a bullet for him and Yi Heng has done everything he can to protect him.

Yi Heng asks Jiang Shuo if he knows why that is? Yi Heng says that he can have Jiang Shuo arrested and imprisoned any minute. Yi Heng then pushes Jiang Shuo into the railing.

Jiang Shuo is a little shocked by this. He tells Qin’er that he understands that he put his life at risk for him. However he can’t help but care about Mu Qing. Yi Heng says that Mu Qing is like a sister to him. However he wants to find his own father now and capture Liu Zhi to end all of this can’t Jiang Shuo understand?

We then go back to the General and Mu Qing. The General laughs saying that Mu Qing is being ridiculous and that she’s definitely his daughter. He says she’s stubborn and resolute. He then orders the guards to escort Mu Qing back to her room. Mu Qing yells at the guards not to touch her and runs away.

The General orders his soldiers to go and bring her back. He’ll execute them if they fail in this task.

Mu Qing runs up the stairs and into Yi Heng and Jiang Shuo. Jiang Shuo asks what she’s doing here. Mu Qing grabs his wrist and tells him to run, the soldiers are after her. Which would be more impressive if she didn’t trip on the stairs. Jiang Shuo picks her up and carries her to a nearby room, Yi Heng following behind.

Yi Heng says the soldiers won’t find them there, so they’re safe for now. Jiang Shuo puts Mu Qing down on the bed and asks to take a look at her bullet wound. Mu Qing brushes him off saying it’s fine. Then she tells him how her father was about to lock him up. She also quickly tells Jiang Shuo how her father was going to use him as a scapegoat if they couldn’t find the real killer.

Mu Qing tells Jiang Shuo to hurry up and run away. Yi Heng tries to reassure her that he’s already promised the General to find the killer. Mu Qing asks him what happens if he can’t though. Just then Yi Heng shushes them as soldiers pass by the door. Yi Heng says that they’re downstairs.

Mu Qing tells Jiang Shuo that he should hurry up and go. Jiang Shuo says that he’s not going anywhere, he refuses to leave her alone. Jiang Shuo says that they will definitely find the murderer and capture Liu Zhi. Mu Qing demands to know if capturing Liu Zhi is that important? Jiang Shuo yells back of course not, her life is more important.

Jiang Shuo quickly looks at the door but luckily no one outside the room heard the shouting match. Jiang Shuo tells her that his relationship with Liu Zhi puts her life in danger. Jiang Shuo says that he cna’t let Mu Qing live in fear all her life.

Mu Qing repeats the words “all my life?” Then asks Jiang Shuo if that was a confession. Jiang Shuo asks if Mu Qing remembers that on the deserted island they already.. then we get a flash back to the conversation they had sitting on the tree looking at the rainbow.

Mu Qing says that day she thought they were both going to die, so that’s why she said what she did. Mu Qing says that Jiang Shuo shouldn’t take it so seriously. After all, she would never fall for a poor scammer like him. (Ouch and not true.)

Jiang Shuo demands to know if her feelings for him are unreal. Mu Qing says that it’s true. Yi Heng tries not to laugh too hard and says he’s glad they cleared that up.

Jiang Shuo says that fine, then tells Mu Qing to listen up that he Jiang Shuo will always protect her. Jiang Shuo also says that when they capture Liu Zhi, he will give her an explanation. Mu Qing says that after he captures Liu Zhi they will talk. She walks away and manages to step on a nail sticking out of the floorboard. (Seriously??)

Not far from the nail there appears to be an old style shaving blade. Jiang Shuo picks it up then holds it for the others to see. Yi Heng gets out a bit of cloth and takes the blade from him.

Outside the hotel two people approach. When Sergeant Bai asks who they are, they introduce themselves as part of General Zhang’s household staff. They ask why the building is sealed as they are there to see young master Zhang and tell him that the Xiao Wu incident has been resolved.

They ask to be let in but Sergeant Bai says no. He says that the General is in a meeting with Mr. Zhang but he can pass on the message. When the Zhang staff seems reluctant, Sergeant Bai asks if they trust him. That’s when a soldier runs up saying they were having trouble moving Mr. Zhang’s body.

The Zhang staff members demand to know what happened to Mr. Zhang. Sergeant Bai calls over some officers to take the staff inside and guard them. Then takes out his stick to hit the loudmouth telling him that he always does things like this.

The next morning Yi Heng tells the guests that Mr. Zhang arrived yesterday morning stating that he was unwell. Mr. Zhang then stayed in his room the rest of the time. Yi Heng says that no one saw Mr. Zhang after that until the body hit the car.

So Yi Heng wants to know what each of the guests were doing during that time. Yi Heng goes towards Ms. Xu but Sergeant Bai stops him, saying that she’s disabled and couldn’t possibly kill someone so does she have to be included? Yi Heng reminds everyone that being questioned people is not convicting them.

Ms. Xu says that yesterday afternoon she was in her room editing the General’s autobiography when she had some things she wanted to clarify with him, so she went to look for General Yuan. Captain Yang says that around 2 p.m. during his patrol he found Ms. Xu outside the General’s room. After that she stayed with the General discussing the Autobiography and didn’t leave.

Yi Heng says that Ms. Xu’s movements are limited. It would be hard for her to murder Mr. Zhang and get back to the banquet in time. Mr. Yamada says he has an alibi as well. He was being watched by General Yuan’s soldiers the whole time. Captain Yang confirms that what Mr. Yamada says is true.

We move on to the next guest and he wonders why everyone is staring at him. Sergeant Bai says that the guest was on bad terms with Mr. Zhang. The guest admits this, but he didn’t kill him. Jiang Shuo tells everyone that he saw the guest outside Mr. Zhang’s room that day.

The guest says that Mr. Zhang hoarded the land and water transportation by his grandfather’s name. The guest said that it affected his business, Mr. Zhang was also ruthless towards the guest’s brothers. The guest says he wanted to confront him, he didn’t kill him. The guest says his plan was thwarted by an attendant so he didn’t get his chance.

The guest also says that he has been in the industry for years. He would have confronted him with weapons and fought it out like men, not stab Mr. Zhang in the back. The guest says that Mr. Zhang was responsible for many deaths so it was probably one of his enemies.

Jiang Shuo repeats the word “deaths” and then asks for clarification about Mr. Zhang’s enemies. The guest says that Mr. Zhang tormented women. Mr. Zhang may have looked like a gentleman but he raped a niece of the guest. The guest says Mr. Zhang raped a lot of women.

The women usually committed suicide afterwards cursing Mr. Zhang with their last breath. The guest says that killing a man like that would taint his own hands. The guest is convinced that no murderer actually exists and that it was the work of the ghosts of Mr. Zhang’s victims.

Yi Heng says there’s no such things as ghosts, only humans kill. Yi Heng says that he will definitely figure out who the murderer is.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng enter Mr. Zhang’s room. Yi Heng says that Mr. Zhang escorted Ms. Xu to her room. Then went to his own room where he was killed. If he was killed right after that, where could his body have been hidden in the room? How did the murderer do it?

Jiang Shuo is leaning out the window when he suddenly says that it’s a contraption. He calls Qin’er over to come take a look. Jiang Shuo says the platform (balcony) has changed. The body must have been hidden there and the killer used when Mu Qing opened the door to have the platform drop the body.

Jiang Shuo wonders how the murderer was able to connect the two things together. Yi Heng inspects the door and figures that part out. There’s a spot on the door where the razor blade they found earlier goes. When the door opens it would connect to the nail. Yi Heng wonders what exactly did the blade cut though?

Roll the end credits because that’s the end of Episode 18!!