A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 4 Part 2

So we begin back at the market place where Tian is telling Dr. Nam that he’s not very good at cooking, in fact he can only cook instant noodles. Dr. Nam says not to stress about it, as he can eat anything as long as he doesn’t have to cook it himself. This makes Tian smile, Dr. Nam complains that Phupha makes him cook all the time, as if he were his wife.

Tian gets that look of jealousy again. It definitely doesn’t help that Dr. Nam is sharing his food with Phupha. So Tian asks the market vendor for two things of water spinach after Phupha tells him to pick up some as Dr. Nam likes it. The vendor aunt asks them who the new guy is, so Dr. Nam introduces Tian as the new volunteer teacher for the village.

The aunt then asks about Torfun isn’t she coming back? (No she’s been dead for a few episodes now! Phupha just won’t let the rangers tell anyone!). Phupha and Dr. Nam both look uncomfortable a moment before Phupha just says that she’s busy and can’t come back. The aunt asks Phupha to give Torfun the avocados as she knows they are Torfun’s favourite.

They thank the vendor aunt and then Phupha gets a radio call to report back tot he base ASAP. So Phupha tells the other two he has to go, saying that he will see Dr. Nam at Tian’s place later. Dr. Nam says it’s no biggie, he can take care of Tian in the meantime.

Tian tells Dr. Nam that he can lead the way. Dr. Nam says to just pick any food and it will be fine. Tian suggests that they pick what Phupha likes since Dr. Nam knows him so well. (Heavy emphasis on the “know” part) Dr. Nam’s no idiot though and picks up on the jealousy vibes. He asks Tian why he would say something that gives him chills.

Tian says he didn’t it mean it like that, Dr. Nam says it’s okay though because he’s not the first person to assume they are a couple. In fact even his girlfriend ships him with Phupha (HAHA)! This of course leads to Dr. Nam showing off a picture of his girlfriend she’s a paediatrician in Bangkok. Dr. Nam asks if Tian thinks his girlfriend is pretty and of course Tian agrees.

Tian then asks about Phupha and if he’s seeing anyone. Dr. Nam makes a face at that question then says that a stern unsociable guy like him doesn’t even know how to flirt (burn). Dr. Nam says there’s no sweet side to Phupha either, whoever can put up with him must be extremely good natured.

Tian asks if Torfun was such a good natured person. Dr. Nam does say that Torfun had all those qualities. She was lovely, kind, got along with all the villagers. So Tian has to come right out and ask if Torfun and Phupha were a couple. Dr. Nam puts a comforting hand on Tian’s shoulder and tells him that he doesn’t know if they were an item or not. He then suggests that Tian asks Phupha about it.

Some time later they head back to Tian’s house were Phupha and his motorcycle are already waiting for them. Dr. Nam teases Phupha that he would come to the house and even wait for them. Dr. Nam asks “Just what exactly are you hungry for?” Which prompts Phupha to tell him to shut up in a hushed voice before Tian can hear them.

When Tian does get close enough to hear them, Dr. Nam asks him to hurry and cook the food as he’s starving. Phupha offers to lend a hand in the kitchen but Tian turns him down flat saying he would prefer it if Phupha stayed still and did nothing.

Which is how we get to the next scene of Phupha criticizing Tian’s chopping of the vegetables. Tian says that it will be the same no matter how you cut it but Phupha disagrees saying the food won’t cook evenly the way it is. So Tian asks Dr. Nam his opinion only to have the doctor say that he should wash the chicken, and after grabbing the chicken running out of the room.

After Dr. Nam leaves, Phupha grabs the knife showing Tian how to cut. Rain tells him to give it back, he can do it himself. Phupha says it’s fine, handing back the knife but once Tian starts cutting again, he says Tian is still doing it wrong. So Tian purposely and very deliberately does it the wrong way just to spite Phupha.

Once they start actually cooking the food, Phupha keeps getting in the way and there’s not much space in the room. So yeah food ended up getting burned. At the dining table Dr. Nam uses his spoon to look at the burned omelette. Tian apologizes saying it’s his first time doing several things at once (Phupha also wasn’t much help). So he tells the other two that maybe they shouldn’t eat it.

Phupha takes the burned egg from Dr. Nam’s plate placing it on his own. He tells Tian that in a forest like this even one egg is very precious. Dr. Nam can’t help but tease Tian telling Phupha that he asked about their relationship. Phupha stares at Tian, until Tian asks him what’s with the stare. They then begin eating again.

After the meal as the two are leaving Tian’s house, Dr. Nam asks if Phupha wants to wash the meal down with beer. Phupha says that he came to Tian’s place on his bike. Dr. Nam says that’s no problem as Phupha can leave it there, come with him and pick the bike up tomorrow. Phupha agrees and Dr. Nam tells Tian to stop by the base sometime so he can cook for him.

Dr. Nam gets in the vehicle while Phupha and Tian have some lingering glances. Tian tells Phupha that he forgot his bag. Phupha tells him that he didn’t forget it, there’s something for Tian inside. After they leave, Tian looks in the bag to find a brand new mosquito net inside. Tian remembers when Phupha complained about the bugs and net when staying over that one night. (Such a thoughtful and useful gift)

Tian and Phupha are both deep in thought, Tian on his porch and Phupha in the truck with Dr. Nam.

Dr. Nam teases Phupha about just leaving Tian and already thinking about him. Phupha admits that he was thinking about Tian. Dr. Nam offers to drive him back to Tian’s place but Phupha says it wasn’t that kind of thinking (nice try Dr. Nam). Phupha asks Dr. Nam if Tian reminds of someone. Dr. Nam asks Phupha if he means Torfun.

Phupha asks if Dr. Nam was thinking the same thing. Dr. Nam say it’s not that unusual since Tian and Torfun are both young, urban and idealistic. Dr. Nam says they both might have been volunteers in college too. Dr. Nam claims that he used to be like them. Phupha says it would be good if it was just like that.

Dr. Nam asks Phupha what else does he see then? Phupha says nothing but it’s very clearly something judging by his tone and expression. Dr. Nam asks if Phupha feels the same way about Tian as he did for Torfun then? Phupha tells him to just focus on the road, he talks so much they’ll probably skid off.

The next day Tian visits Ayi and asks him why he wasn’t in school today. Ayi says that his mother wanted him to help. Tian asks what Ayi was helping with, when Longtae shows up and reminds him about the upcoming wedding.

In the village it’s tradition that the groom must build a palanquin to carry the bride from her home. This year however the villagers are trying to modify it by adding a chair, since the bride doesn’t feel safe sitting on a flat wood board.

So far it’s not working out too well. As every time the bride sits on the new chair she tips over. Longtae wonders how it’s getting worse. Tian says that because it’s harder to carry when the seat is high. Tian suggests changing the design as the current one is very unsafe. Longtae remembers that Tian is an engineering student and says that he can help them.

Tian says he doesn’t know how to do it though. Longtae encourages him by telling him that he still knows more than the villagers, just give it a shot. They need it built by tomorrow. Tian reluctantly agrees to help.

It takes a few tries and Phupha shows up with Yod to offer their help. Eventually they manage to build one that works. A big round of applause goes out for everyone that worked so hard.

Longtae goes over to Tian to show him the pictures on his camera, while the camera is still around his neck which makes Phupha extremely jealous.

Yod comes over to tell Phupha that Village Chief Khama has offered them porridge at his place, does Phupha want to come? Phupha still feeling jealous just tells Yod to go without him, he’s not hungry and walks off.

Later that night at Khama’s place Tian asks Khama who told them that he could build a plane? Khama says it was a joke to make the villagers believe in him. Khama points out that Tian’s palanquin design makes the bride sit comfortably as if she were on a plane though. Khama tells Tian to hurry and finish his meal though because it’s dog howling night. Tian doesn’t understand though so he asks Khama what dog howling night is and Khama just laughs at him. Then tells the other villagers that Tian doesn’t know about it.

Tian then asks Longtae but he doesn’t know either. It’s the night before the wedding and kids aren’t allowed to go outside (Stag night). Tian wonders if it has something to do with story about Pha Pun Dao cliff and Longtae says it could. Tian suggests that the two of them figure out what dog howling night is.

End of Episode 4 Part 2!