A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 4 Part 1

This episode starts with Tian waking up to find Phupha sitting next to him. Phupha asks him if he’s sober now. Tian sits up a bit more and realizes he’s wearing different clothes. Phupha tells him there’s no need to be shy as forest rangers have more scars than him.

When Tian doesn’t say anything, Phupha offers to take off his shirt and show him. Tian says no thanks. Phupha then asks Tian if his scars hurt. Tian says no, then asks Phupha if he’s going to ask Tian how he got the scars.

Phupha says no, he has something more important to ask. His tone of voice has completely changed from being cute and nice to colder. Tian asks Phupha what the question is. Phupha asks Tian why he has Torfun’s notebook. Tian claims that the foundation gave it to him as a reference. Phupha calls him a liar. He demands to know what Tian’s relationship to Torfun is.

Tian says that he had a heart transplant surgery. He says that he got the heart from Torfun. Tian says that he came to the village to repay the favour of Torfun giving him new life. Phupha demands to know why Tian kept this knowledge from them. Tian asks how he’s supposed to tell everyone that their beloved Torfun is dead and that he’s using her heart.

Tian asks how everyone would feel, how upset would they be knowing that the heart of a good person like Torfun went into a lame person like him? Phupha claims that the villagers won’t be mad as long as Tian tells them the truth. Phupha gets really close to Tian’s face and says that he will only ask one more time and that Tian should tell the truth.

Tian claims that he told Phupha everything. Phupha says that he hasn’t and that Tian had better ask himself what he’s been hiding from them. He grabs Tian and repeats over and over again that Tian has to tell the truth.

Tian wakes up for real this time, in his own bed. He’s wearing the same clothes as in the dream though. Tian quickly checks underneath the bed to find Torfun’s notebook untouched. It’s then that he notices the change of clothes.

Roll those opening credits!

From outside the house Longtae asks if Tian is awake yet. Tian comes out to greet Longtae, which is when Longtae holds up the container of food that he’s brought with him. This makes Tian smile (nothing like food to chase away nightmares).

Longtae says it’s leftover food from the party last night. His father suggested he bring the food to Tian. Khama apparently told Longtae that Tian is an engineering student so he must be pretty smart. Tian says he’s not very smart, in fact he’s a pretty lousy student. Tian says that he’s surprised he hasn’t been expelled yet.

Longtae can’t help but laugh at that. Tian then asks Longtae if he studies in Chiang Mai. When Longtae confirms this. Tian asks him about his field of study. Longtae is actually studying political science. He’s also the village’s photographer. Khama will call Longtae over to take photos for special events. Tian asks about the ceremony last night and Longtae says yes events like that. Longtae then mentions that there will be another big event, the wedding of Khaonueng’s big brother.

Tian asks about the bride and Longtae tells him that she’s also from the village. They have been dating for a long time. However there was a period of time where they were separated by work for many years. Longtae finds it incredible that they are still together and are finally getting married.

Tian wonders if it’s uncommon for people to come back to the village and get married. Longtae says there are some that separate to work in the city and have a better life. Longtae asks Tian if he was one of those villagers would he really come back? Especially since it’s more comfortable living in the city. Tian admits that’s true.

Longtae tells him that the couple gets to marry because they made a wish at Pha Pun Dao cliff. Tian asks how a person makes a wish at the cliff. Longtae explains that if you go to the cliff on the last day of the year, and count to 1,000 stars to wish for love, the wish will come true.

Longtae has heard this story since he was a kid but, he doesn’t know if it’s true or not. He suggests Tian talk to the other adults about it. Tian ponders over this new information.

In the infirmary Dr. Nam is looking at some files when Phupha visits. Dr. Nam asks him why he’s there and Phupha claims to have a headache. Dr. Nam teases him about being so big and strong how could he have a headache. Dr. Nam says that Phupha might as well tell him what’s really bothering him.

Phupha asks Dr. Nam about what could cause scars on the chest. Dr. Nam thinks for a few moments before saying that lots of things could cause that for example surgery, or an accident.

Dr. Nam wonders why Phupha wants to know, does Tian have scars there? The look on Phupha’s face is just priceless. Phupha then tries to act all cool like it’s no big deal. Dr. Nam is on to him though and asks about their relationship. Dr. Nam mentions that Phupha seems to be taking special care of Tian. (Dr. Nam ships them together YAAY).

Dr. Nam asks if there is anything going on between the two of them. Chief Phupha asks him if he’s got nothing better to do than care about other people’s business? Dr. Nam suggests that if Phupha really wants to know about Tian’s scars, he could ask him directly.

Unfortunately Phupha says that he doesn’t know where to start to ask the question. Dr. Nam wonders what the problem with asking is then realizes that Phupha must have seen Tian naked. Dr. Nam asks Phupha about this when Phupha goes to the medical bag and grabs some meds. Dr. Nam asks if he has the right medication, Phupha quickly shows him the bottle before leaving. Dr. Nam yells at him the meds he took were for menstrual cramps! (Hahaha)

Back at the school Tian is telling the kids to address him as big brother Tian instead of Teacher Tian. Meejoo wants to know why Tian doesn’t want to be their teacher. Tian says that hey already have many teachers, so why not let him be their brother instead? He wants to be part of the family.

Ayi then asks Tian what they are going to learn today Phi Seetian. (So cute) Tian tells them that he borrowed a special tool for today’s class. It’s the scale used to weigh the tea leaves. He tells them that now when they sell stuff they won’t get cheated anymore as he’s going to teach them how to look at the measurements.

He then starts teaching them the beloved metric system and what the scale shows. To get an even better understanding Tian tells them to bring their stuff to get weighed. It starts with books then Kalae get weighed, then Ayi and Tian wants the weight to be equal so he tells the children to bring stuff to add to Ayi so he can weigh the same as Kalae.

The kids have a lot of fun with this lesson and so do the forest rangers that are there. The children want a reward for their work but Tian hasn’t quite thought of that yet. The children are disappointed and call him a liar. Just then the kids run out to see “the big bird”.

Tian goes outside to see what they’re talking about. Rang sees his face and explains that it’s a military patrol plane. it comes by once in awhile and the kids love to watch it. Ayi even wants to be a pilot when he grows up. After watching the kids goof around a bit afterwards, Tian has an idea for their reward.

Tian is teaching them how to fold paper planes Phupha quietly stops by the school and watches Tian teach the children. Khaoneung uses his airplane to mess with Inta’s hair. Tian asks him why he did that, then says that the big bird is a kind one. The big bird protects the village from…from.. the mean green giant and Tian points at Phupha while saying it.

Phupha remembers when Torfun was teaching the children and she forgot the green giant doll for the story. So she used Phupha as the green giant to help her tell the story. Watching Phupha act out the green giant role is really cute!

Back in the present Tian leads the kids to use their planes to fight off the green giant. One plane actually nicks Phupha nears his ear, when he asks who was responsible for that plane, the children quickly point to Tian. Tian quickly says that it’s time for the kids to go home (look at the time..) Tian tells Rang and Yod to walk the children home.

Tian then tries to hurry out of the school but Phupha tells him to wait. He then asks Tian if he has something to tell him. Tian asks what does Phupha want to know? Phupha says that last night when he took Tian home he noticed (pause for dramatic effect) that Tian was running out of essentials. Phupha says that he’s going to the market and wants to know if Tian would like to tag along.

Tian agrees and they head outside where Phupha’s motorcycle is waiting. Phupha asks if Tian can sit Pillon and Tian tells him not to underestimate him so much. Tian sits on the motorcycle and Phupha tells him to hold on. So Tian grabs his shoulders which doesn’t impress Phupha so he moves Tian’s hands to his waist. Phupha then says Tian will probably say that he’s scolding him again for telling him what to do.

Phupha tells him to hold on tight, so Tian does hold on a little bit tighter just to have Phupha tell him tighter again. So Tian holds on extremely tight and Phupha has to admit that he’s now holding on too tightly. So Tian backs off a bit. We then get a nice view watching them drive through the countryside which is very scenic by the way.

While they’re at the market Dr. Nam calls out to Phupha. Tian offended says that if Phupha planned to meet up with Dr. Nam why did he bring Tian? (Tian is so jealous) Phupha quickly says that Dr. Nam came on his own, he only intended to bring Tian there.

Dr. Nam the little matchmaker tells Tian that Phupha said Tian would make them dinner tonight. Tian is confused at first then realizes that Phupha set him up. Revenge for the airplane incident.

That’s it for Episode 4 Part 1!