Psych Hunter: Episode 17

This episode starts off with a car driving down a forest like road. The man in the backseat is feeling up a woman in the back seat. The driver peeks into the back set only to get told off by the young master. The car suddenly stops interrupting the man in the back, irritated he asks what happened. The driver quickly apologizes and says that there was someone in the road just now.

The man in the back looks around, then says that there’s no one there so it must be a problem with the driver’s eyes not his brain. The driver quickly apologizes again saying it was his mistake. Just then the girl the holds her head like she’s just waking up asking Young Master Zhang where they are going. He responds by telling her that he’s taking her somewhere she wants to go.

Young Master Zhang grabs the girl and she starts to fight back only to be slapped by Zhang who claims he was trying to be nice. The Young Master Zhang says that he likes feisty women, then tells the driver to start driving. In the back he assaults the woman ripping her clothes. She screams for him to stop, just then a person is in the middle road and the Young Master Zhang tells his driver to stop.

Cut to the opening credits!

Back at the compound Captain Yang is searching for Jiang Shuo while everyone constantly tells him that Jiang Shuo isn’t there. Captain Yang goes into the bedroom to search the wardrobe but after moving some clothes aside he finds nothing. Captain Yang then tells his soldiers to check every room thoroughly, every nook and cranny.

As Captain Yang leaves the room, Bu Yan is close behind him, telling Captain Yang to tell his soldiers not to be too rough. Once they both leave, Yi Heng goes into the bedroom and tells Jiang Shuo to come out. Sure enough Jiang Shuo was hiding in the wardrobe as we hear wooden boards move before he comes out. Jiang Shuo says that the trick cupboard is pretty amazing. Jiang Shuo also says that the secret compartment came in really handy.

Jiang Shuo asks if the soldiers are gone yet, Yi Heng shakes his head and Jiang Shuo decides to take a quick look.

In the courtyard the soldiers all report that they couldn’t find Jiang Shuo. Captain Yang reminds them that they must capture Jiang Shuo at all costs. Captain Yang then orders the performers to be tied up and taken back as that will surely make Jiang Shuo show up.

Sergeant Bai however tells them to stop. Captain Yang says that they are all working under the General. If Sergeant Bai continues to obstruct the arrest of a criminal, Captain Yang says that Sergeant Bai can’t blame him for being inconsiderate. Sergeant Bai says he’s got it all wrong, it’s better to leave the performers as bait to lure Jiang Shuo.

Captain Yang accuses Sergeant Bai of protecting the performers on purpose. Sergeant Bai says that Captain Yang is still too inexperienced he then goes on to analyze the situation. Sergeant Bai says that if Captain Yang arrests all the performers it might cause a needless uproar. Should that happen and the General pursues the matter, who’ll answer for it?

Sergeant Bai says that they won’t be able to capture Jiang Shuo for the time being anyway as another unidentifiable corpse was found in the east area. Sergeant Bai then taunts Captain Yang by saying that Captain Li volunteered for the assignment (Sneaky Bai). Captain Yang praises Captain Li saying that he’s pretty diligent. Sergeant Bai then appeals to Captain Yang’s pride by saying that he doesn’t think Captain Li is as good as Captain Yang.

Sergeant Bai tells Captain Yang that he can leave the compound to him. Sergeant Bai promises to keep Captain Yang updated on the situation. Captain Yang then orders his men to put up Jiang Shuo’s wanted poster in every corner of the city (not again..) Then he dismisses his men.

Back in the room Jiang Shuo is looking out the window watching the show when Yi Heng asks if the soldiers have left yet. Jiang Shuo tells him that Sergeant Bai really has his ways and confirms that the soldiers have left. Jiang Shuo comes back to the table while Yi Heng pours some tea.

Jiang Shuo can’t help but ask Yi Heng about Mu Qing since Captain Yang said that she was injured. Yi Heng says that even if she is injured, she’s recuperating at the Yuan Mansion. Yi Heng also reminds Jiang Shuo that he should take care of his health first. Jiang Shuo says that he must see Mu Qing since what happened on the island was such a big deal, and now she’s injured. Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng that he’s really worried about her.

Yi Heng is slightly frustrated and tells Jiang Shuo that even if Mu Qing is injured she has her father to look after her. Yi Heng says there’s no need for an outsider like Jiang Shuo to worry about her. Jiang Shuo says that what happened to Mu Qing happened because of him so, he’s responsible for her. Jiang Shuo gets up from the table ready to leave.

Now Yi Heng is super pissed off and tells Jiang Shuo that he can go then. Yi Heng says never mind how much effort they just spent to keep Jiang Shuo safe. Yi Heng says that with Yuan Zhen’s current mood, Jiang Shuo will definitely die if he goes. Yi Heng tells him that if he can’t consider himself, Jiang Shuo should at least consider Mu Qing. Seeing that Jiang Shuo is still worried though, Yi Heng offers to go to Yuan Mansion to check on Mu Qing.

At Yuan Mansion, Mu Qing seems quite fine. In fact she’s begging her Aunt to let her go outside the mansion as she claims she will die from being grounded. Her Aunt refuses saying that it’s for Mu Qing’s own good. After all Mu Qing has just recovered and Liu Zhi hasn’t been captured yet.

Mu Qing asks her Aunt if her father really means to capture Liu Zhi, does he have any clues yet? Her Aunt tells Xiao Yu to go get some snacks then quickly dismisses the rest of the servants so she can talk to Mu Qing. Her Aunt asks if Jiang Shuo is from Liu Zhi’s compound. Her Aunt tells her that even if Jiang Shuo isn’t Liu Zhi he’s still an accomplice.

Mu Qing pouts that her father is making a mess again since Jiang Shuo isn’t Liu Zhi. Her Aunt says that everything will be cleared up once “he” is captured but whether she means Jiang Shuo or Liu Zhi is unclear. Mu Qing points out that Jiang Shuo has previously saved her life, why would he hurt her?

Mu Qing begs her Aunt to intervene with her father on her behalf. This prompts her Aunt to ask if Jiang Shuo is Mu Qing’s sweetheart. Mu Qing denies this, saying simply that he saved her life before. Her Aunt isn’t buying that however stating that it’s clear Mu Qing likes him. Her Aunt tells Mu Qing that she hasn’t seen General Yuan in awhile as he’s quite busy however, she will have words with him when she does see him.

Mu Qing is quite grateful and gives her Aunt a hug. Her Aunt says that she doesn’t care about her, just her sweetheart. Mu Qing laughs and says she only thinks of her Aunt. Her Aunt warns her though that Jiang Shuo hasn’t visited her all week while she was sick. She warns Mu Qing to watch men carefully and not invest her feelings on the wrong man.

Mu Qing sulks saying that Jiang Shuo was injured too and may not have recovered yet. If he hasn’t recovered, how is he supposed to visit her? Her Aunt just pats her on the shoulder.

Some time passes and we see Mu Qing in her room attempting to distract herself with toys. Eventually she picks up a doll telling the doll that it didn’t miss her, or even visit her when she was ill. Xiao Yu walks into the room and tells Mu Qing that someone told her to give her the candy. Mu Qing asks if it was Jiang Shuo, her face lighting up only to be disappointed a moment later when Xiao Yu tells her it was Dr. Qin.

Mu Qing says that Xiao Yu can eat the candy then. Xiao Yu says that Yi Heng said he came on Jiang Shuo’s behalf though. Then Xiao Yu goes to eat the candy exaggerating the movement. Mu Qing quickly snatches the candy back upon learning that Jiang Shuo was behind it.

Mu Qing asks if Yi Heng said anything else. Xiao Yu tells her that Yi Heng said Jiang Shuo was wanted by the General so he can’t show up at the mansion. Mu Qing asks after Jiang Shuo’s health, Xiao Yu tells her that according to Yi Heng, Jiang is very safe right now. Jiang Shuo won’t be captured by General Yuan for now. Mu Qing tells Xiao Yu to pass the message on to him that the candy tastes terrible. She makes Xiao Yu repeat the message then tells her to say it more fiercely.

Xiao Yu is about to run off when Mu Qing says she’s not finished yet. She also tells Xiao Yu to tell Yi Heng to be careful and not let her father find him. Xiao Yu asks if she still has to tell him about the candy. Mu Qing says that she does. Then Xiao Yu leaves the room.

We see Yi Heng at the Yuan Mansion where an officer asks him what brings Dr. Qin there. The officer goes on to say that there’s an unidentified corpse found in the east of the city. Since Sergeant Bai has to stay at the compound, the officer is at the mansion to report to the General. The officer also mentions that Yi Heng’s brother took the body away.

Yi Heng can’t understand why his brother would take a body, so he asks the officer about the body’s characteristics. The officer says it was a middle aged man missing a thumb (oh no!) Yi Heng remembers the thumb he discovered before he met Jiang Shuo with Liu Zhi’s note.

Yi Heng hurries over to see his brother performing the funeral rituals. Yi Heng tosses open the coffin lid. His brother angrily asks him what he’s doing, he’s desecrating their father’s body. Yi Heng says that it’s not their father’s corpse. His brother asks what he means. Does Yi Heng really think his brother would carry back a body for no reason?

His Brother orders everyone else out of the room. Once they are gone he points out that the body is missing a thumb. Yi Heng says that body has been so disfigured it could be anyone’s body. Yi Heng won’t accept that it’s his father just based on a missing thumb. His brother says that when the body was found it was also in their father’s clothing.

Yi Heng says it’s not difficult to find the exact same clothes in the city. His brother than points out a scar on the leg of the body. He asks Yi Heng if he remembers that scar. Their father got it while saving Yi Heng’s life. The brother says he doesn’t want their father to be dead either but there’s too many things about the body to believe otherwise.

The brother points out that if their father is still alive, why haven’t they heard from in a year? The brother says that no matter what happened at least their father is home now, he closes the lid back on the coffin. His brother grabs Yi Heng’s shoulder in a gesture of comfort before telling him to take a good watch over their father’s funeral wake. Then leaves Yi Heng alone with the body.

It’s too much for Yi Heng so the moment he’s alone, he collapses to the floor.

Elsewhere the General is having matcha with Wan Jin Rong who explains that there are three types of Japanese tea ceremonies. General Yuan says that everyone knows he comes from a military background, so in his eyes the ceremony is just for show.

Wan Jin Rong says that the tea ceremony is for everyone rich or poor, so the General should have a taste. General Yuan says that the Japanese really like to copy. General Yuan says that it’s clearly a Chinese tea culture that was copied by the Japanese. General Yuan then goes on to say that the Japanese are pretentious adding a few things here and there to call it Japanese tea culture.

Jin Rong says that he’s prepared some entertainment to liven up the General. General Yuan tells him that he doesn’t have the mood to enjoy such leisure. Liu Zhi hurt his daughter, and the man named Lu is conspiring with the British again. Apparently they are gathering firearms in secret while pretending to want to talk about working together.

General Yuan is angry about Lu stabbing him in the back the moment Lu turned his back on him. The General asks Jin Rong what that tells him. When Jin Rong doesn’t respond, General Yuan says it means that only those with weapons are reliable. Jin Rong says he didn’t mean the entertainment was to liven him up. Jin Rong says that General Lu is indeed working with the British but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a few cards up their sleeves.

Jin Rong tells the General that the Japanese are willing to help him. The General knows that the Japanese won’t help without something in return. It’s just not in their nature. Jin Rong says that they value General Yuan’s strength. They intend to work together with the General for mutual benefit.

Jin Rong says that Mr. Yamada has been waiting for a period of time for this. Jin Rong tells the General that as long as he’s willing Mr. Yamada will be there. General Yuan says that since Jin Rong has been keeping in touch with him, he should ask Mr. Yamada exactly what he wants. Jin Rong says that Mr. Yamada wants the dock.

General Yuan laughs and angrily asks Jin Rong if they think that he’s that ignorant. He slams his hand on the table before leaving the room. Jin Rong goes to follow him, calling his name.

We then see the two of them in the back of a car. General Yuan says that the Japanese are very ambitious. He says that it’s asking for trouble to work with them. The General tells Jin Rong to remember from now on that he wants nothing to do with the Japanese.

Jin Rong asks the General how could he not know how he feels about it. However with Liu Zhi.. The General interrupts him to ask about how the levy went? Jin Rong reports that they already had a levy earlier this year, if they levy more tax the people will complain endlessly. General Yuan says that’s better than being targeted by the Japanese.

General Yuan says that all these years if it wasn’t for the Yuan family’s military might, Jin Rong has no idea how many people would try to conquer the city. They drive through an area when people surround the car begging for donations. A bunch of soldiers manage to chase them off though so the car can continue on its way.

Jin Rong tells General Yuan that they may have military pay but they still need someone to help them. Otherwise they run the risk of being thwarted. Before he can continue the General interrupts him again this time asking about how Mr. Zhang is these days.

Jin Rong asks if he means General Zhang. General Yuan says that they are actually comrades. They have fought together on the battlefield so one could say they were blood brothers. Jin Rong is doubtful saying that General Zhang is unpredictable. Jin Rong is afraid working with General Zhang to restrain Liu Zhi won’t be that easy.

The General says that he heard General Zhang has a son that runs a business in the city. The son is still a bachelor and may be a good for Mu Qing (she belongs with Jiang Shuo, you idiot). Jin Rong says that may be true but his niece is very stubborn and no one will have the final say. The General says his word is final but the look Jin Rong gives him is full of disbelief.

Back at the compound the soldiers are stealing stuff. Xiao Quan asks a soldier why they are stealing stuff. The soldier tells him that Captain Li said Captain Yang stole the unidentified corpse case from him. So the soldiers had to come over to capture Jiang Shuo so they don’t lose out.

Just then the Captain comes looking for Sergeant Bai but apparently he’s gone to the backyard to make inquiries. Xiao Quan takes this opportunity while the soldiers are reporting to run to Bu Yan. Xiao Quan says there’s bad news but Bu Yan says it’s fine as Jiang Shuo has already escaped.

Of course the officers start searching and quickly intrude on the room Bu Yan is in with Xiao Quan. Xiao Quan jumps the gun by saying Jiang Shuo isn’t there only to have the officer notice the open window and order his soldiers to go after Jiang Shuo (thanks Xiao Quan..)

Jiang Shuo hasn’t gotten very far when the soldiers enter the street he’s in. Luckily he escapes before they see him.

Later that night the performers put on a late night show. It starts with them all coming out of a coffin in creepy masks. They eventually take off the masks to perform various acts in the courtyard of the compound.

Then they pick a person out of the crowd to perform their main trick, the trick of human transformation. One of the performs transforms into the volunteer so they look like twins. Everyone in the crowd is astounded and there is much applause. After the performance the performers start to count the money. Bu Yan reminds them to smooth out the crumpled bank notes.

Of course the young ones want the money to buy steamed buns. Jiang Shuo is in the group. It’s then that the others comment how they didn’t recognize him when he showed up thanks to the mask he was wearing. It looks like a skin mask and it can make Jiang Shuo look like anyone. Jiang Shuo says it wouldn’t have been possible without Bu Yan’s disguising technique.

Just then Yi Heng shows up and asks to talk Jiang Shuo. Jiang Shuo asks if something is wrong, then suggests going to talk outside. It’s then that they notice Xiao Quan is missing. He was there one moment and gone the next. Jiang Shuo wonders if something has happened to him.

We see Xiao Quan outside looking to see if there are any soldiers, finding none it looks like he was about to return to the group when three creepy masks appear in front of him. The mask hypnotize Xiao Quan.

We go back to the performers and Jiang Shuo about to leave to go look for Xiao Quan. Bu Yan tells Jiang Shuo to stay put while the others go take a look. Bu Yan and the rest leave and Jiang Shuo is just about to join them anyway when Yi Heng grabs his arm to ask where does he think he’s going? Jiang Shuo says that he wants to help look for Xiao Quan especially since Liu Zhi is still on the loose and he’s worried about Xiao Quan.

Yi Heng has to remind him that it’s better if he doesn’t go. After all, Jiang Shuo is a wanted criminal and would be caught long before they would find Xiao Quan. Jiang Shuo is about to argue the point when Xiao Quan bursts through the door looking a little creepy.

Jiang Shuo calls out his name, but there’s no response. Just as Jiang Shuo is about to go to Xiao Quan, Yi Heng grabs his arm. Yi Heng tells Jiang Shuo not to get close to Xiao Quan as there is something obviously wrong with him. Then Xiao Quan says in a really creepy voice that asks Jiang Shuo if he thought the games would be over just like that?

Liu Zhi’s voice comes from Xiao Quan saying that once the game has started it can never be stopped. Liu Zhi’s voice says that the Yin River runs free and a new gate to hell has opened. Liu Zhi says that unless Jiang Shuo can stop him, everything will be delivered to eternal damnation.

Jiang Shuo asks Liu Zhi what he wants, then demands that he let Xiao Quan go. Yi Heng asks Liu Zhi if he murdered Yi Heng’s father. Xiao Quan just throws up his hand at Jiang Shuo’s face and Jiang Shuo is transported to the Rubix Cube space.

In the space we can see both Xiao Quan and Liu Zhi. Xiao Quan begs Jiang Shuo to save him as he doesn’t want to die. Jiang Shuo attempts to get over to Xiao Quan but Liu Zhi uses his powers to force Jiang Shuo away. Jiang Shuo tells Liu Zhi that if he wants Jiang Shuo he can come and get him. Jiang Shuo yells at Liu Zhi to leave his friends alone.

Liu Zhi tells Jiang Shuo that there is a new regulation in this game. Liu Zhi says that from now on, Jiang Shuo no longer has the power to turn down every game. Liu Zhi says that this is only a warning, next time it won’t be Xiao Quan that will be hurt. Jiang Shuo says that as long Liu Zhi releases Xiao Quan he’ll do whatever Liu Zhi says. Liu Zhi reminds Jiang Shuo to solve his problem to get the answers Jiang Shuo needs. Under a blue rubix cube the words of a hotel flash up.

Jiang Shuo wakes up back in the real world. Xiao Quan still has head on the table fast asleep, until Jiang Shuo manages to wake him up. Xiao Quan is a bit confused so Jiang Shuo tells him that he was under Liu Zhi’s control just now. Jiang Shuo reassures Xiao Quan that he’s safe now though. Yi Heng asks them what happened.

Jiang Shuo tells him how Liu Zhi threatened them both in the Psych. Jiang Shuo also says that Liu Zhi warned him the new game had already begun. He says that the new clue is the city’s Grand Hotel. Jiang Shuo then tells Xiao Quan to go have a rest, then reminds him not to wander off again.

Jiang Shuo just then remembers that Yi Heng came to see him for something so he asks him about it after Xiao Quan leaves the room. Yi Heng tells Jiang Shuo that his father has been found. He then clarifies that it was his body that was found. Jiang Shuo is stunned and then asks if it could be the work of Liu Zhi.

Yi Heng says that actually Liu Zhi did remind him awhile ago that if he didn’t find Liu Zhi by October 15th, Yi Heng wouldn’t see his father again alive. Yi Heng says that he didn’t expect a body to turn up with a missing thumb in the city after they returned from the island. Yi Heng says that others claim it’s his father’s body, what does Jiang Shuo think?

Jiang Shuo says that he remembers escaping with Yi Heng’s father back then. Also that Liu Zhi is a sinister and cunning person. Jiang Shuo says that Liu Zhi wants them to examine themselves as they take every step. Jiang Shuo says that no matter what the truth about Yi Heng’s father is, they will get to the bottom of it together.

Yi Heng tells Jiang Shuo that he’s afraid that they will not be able to get to the truth with just two of them. Yi Heng says that Jiang Shuo must figure out what Liu Zhi’s next plan is. He then tells Jiang Shuo that he has to go meet someone and leaves the room.

Some time later and Jiang Shuo is waiting alone in the room. Bu Yan comes in and Jiang Shuo asks if he found out anything about the hotel. Bu Yan says that he managed to find out that General Yuan has reserved it for a few days. Apparently it’s to accommodate some visitors.

Jiang Shuo wonders if this time Liu Zhi is targeting the General. Jiang Shuo starts to panic as he realizes that means Mu Qing could be in danger as well. Bu Yan tells him to stop worrying as it may not have anything to do with her. Jiang Shuo however can’t shake the thought as the last time Mu Qing got hurt. He refuses to let Mu Qing face danger again.

Bu Yan tell him not to act hastily as General Yuan might find out. Bu Yan tells Jiang Shuo to forget about Ms. Yuan, as he might not be able to see tomorrow’s sunrise. Jiang Shuo is about to argue with him, when Bu Yan reminds him that staying alive is the way to continue the fight against Liu Zhi. Jiang Shuo gets an idea and asks Bu Yan, “what if I’m not Jiang Shuo?”

Sergeant Bai is being questioned by General Yuan about why Jiang Shuo hasn’t been caught yet after so many days. Sergeant Bai says that he went with Captain Yang to the compound but Jiang Shuo wasn’t there. The General asks if Sergeant Bai simply can’t catch Jiang Shuo or is it because he doesn’t want to catch him.

Sergeant Bai says that he does want to catch Jiang Shuo. Sergeant Bai just finds something odd about this matter. Sergeant Bai tells the General that Jiang Shuo isn’t Liu Zhi is it possible there’s a misunderstanding? The General yells at Sergeant Bai saying that it’s none of his business and the General will investigate the matter himself. The General continues to yell that all Sergeant Bai has to do is capture Jiang Shuo.

Sergeant Bay agrees with a simple yes sir. The General calms down a little and says that he will give Sergeant Bai two more days to capture Jiang Shuo. If he doesn’t capture Jiang Shuo by then, he can say goodbye to his job.

A moment later Yi Heng walks in on the two of them. The General asks Yi Heng what brings him to the Yuan Mansion. Yi Heng says that he has come to ask the General if he can give Yi Heng authority to set up a special task force to hunt down Liu Zhi. Yi Heng says that no one in the city knows Liu Zhi better than him.

Yi Heng swears on his family name that he will capture Liu Zhi, clear Jiang Shuo’s name, and give the General an answer. The General thinks it over and decides to let Yi Heng have his chance. The General says this will show people that he knows right from wrong and isn’t some evil dictator that others claim he is. (He’s pretty tyrannical though) Yi Heng thanks the General.

We’re brought back to the forest road only this time the driver hiccups (possibly drunk) . We get a flashback to the young master assaulting the woman in the back seat. The flash of memory makes the driver turn around in his seat slightly spooked, nothing is there though.

The driver continues until he almost hits something. He gets out of the car to examine the narrow miss. He then tells the lamp that he’s going to get scolded again. He says that he always gets scolded. He goes on to say that he’s worth less than the car, then promptly kicks the car.

The car starts to honk intermittently in a creepy Stephen King novel kind of way. The drivers goes back to the car, opens the driver’s door and looks around. There’s no one there of course. However outside the driver’s door is a white cloth with some blood on it. This prompts the driver to look under the car.

There’s a creepy looking woman underneath the car. The driver yells “ghost” and looks like he’s about to run for his life when the woman grabs his leg. Just then another man comes out asking why the driver is yelling this late at night. The man is mad because it might disturb the young master’s rest. The driver doesn’t really notice though as he’s screaming “ghost! Don’t kill me!” So of course the man looks under the car to find absolutely nothing.

The driver keeps saying that it “wasn’t me”.

The next morning a person goes to the Yuan Mansion and tells the guards he heard they were hiring. The guard states that they aren’t hiring then asks the stranger who told him that they were? The other guard says that he heard the General is making arrangements for Ms. Yuan and Mr. Zhang’s weeding at the hotel they might be short handed.

Guard no.1 asks the other guard where he heard that from. He also asks the other guard if he’s going to take responsibility if a strange person get in? Guard no.1 tells the stranger to get lost.

At the Compound Mantou offers Sergeant Bai a steamed bun while Xiao Quan cleans the table. Sergeant Bai asks her what she will eat if he eats the steamed bun. Just then Yi Heng comes with a bunch of soldiers and yells about a surprise routine inspection. The others ask what he means. Yi Heng says that he’s there to capture Jiang Shuo on General Yuan’s orders.

Xiao Quan asks Yi Heng if he wants to capture Jiang Shuo too. Sergeant Bai just wants to know the meaning of this. Yi Heng says that he has the highest authority in this matter. He then orders the soldiers to search the compound.

Yi Heng bursts into the same room where Jiang Shuo was hiding the last time the soldiers searches. He tells the others there’s no need to look anywhere else and tells them to search the trick cupboard. Yi Heng even points out the secret compartment for them to search. Jiang Shuo isn’t there though (haha). Yi Heng goes back out to the courtyard where the soldiers report they haven’t found Jiang Shuo either.

Yi Heng then leads the soldiers out of the compound looking a little pissed off. Once they are gone, the others say it’s a good thing they didn’t stop Jiang Shuo from leaving the compound before Yi Heng showed up. Just then a soldier runs up pointing a gun at them telling them to be quiet just after Xiao Quan said that Jiang Shuo has already returned to the compound.

The soldier then smiles and pulls off his mask to reveal his true identity as Jiang Shuo!

Jiang Shuo then walks back into his room complaining about Qin’er and how he didn’t discuss this new tactic with him. Xiao Quan entered the room behind him and asks if Yi Heng did this on purpose. Jiang Shuo says that of course he did, it’s so obvious. Xiao Quan says that he was afraid Yi Heng was betraying Jiang Shuo.

Jiang Shuo goes on to complain why Qin’er just can’t tell him things, instead of making him guess. Jiang Shuo asks Xiao Quan how he’s supposed to know what Yi Heng is thinking? He then goes on to say how Mu Qing is getting married and he has no one to talk to. Xiao Quan asks who is marrying Mu Qing. Jiang Shuo says it’s some guy named Zhang Zong Bao.

Xiao Quan says that Zhang Zong Bao’s father, General Zhang is a very powerful man. Xiao Quan then goes on to list all the good things about the man Mu Qing is supposed to marry. Xiao Quan does note that people say he’s a really ruthless person though. Jiang Shuo scoffs saying that he’s probably a good-for-nothing who abuses his father’s reputation.

Jiang Shuo then wonders what the General could be thinking letting Mu Qing marry a jerk like that. Just after that Xiao Quan notices a red invitation letter addressed to Yi Heng. Xiao Quan wonders if it could be a wedding invitation. Sure enough when Jiang Shuo opens the invitation that’s exactly what it is. Jiang Shuo tells Xiao Quan that he has a plan.

Elsewhere in the city a servant brings some luggage to the young master. The young master asks where Mr. Wu (the driver) is. He’s told that Mr. Wu was delirious a few days ago and kept spouting nonsense. Mr. Wu also scratched the new car, and lost the keys. The man fired him out of anger. The Young Master Zhang (oh god poor Mu Qing!) grabs the servant asking if he fired Mr. Wu on his behalf. The servant quickly apologizes and Mr. Zhang lets go of his shoulder.

Mr. Zhang then asks if Mr. Wu said anything but the servant says that he didn’t say anything except nonsense like a mad man. Young Master Zhang sighs in relief thinking back to the time he assaulted that woman in the backseat of his car. Mr. Zhang orders his servant not to let Mr. Wu leave the mansion lest he get into trouble.

Before the servant can leave, Mr. Zhang asks him to tell Xiao Zhao to drive his old car back here. The servant says that Xiao Zhao returned to his hometown a few days ago. As for the old car, Mr. Zhang said it was bad luck so Mr. Zhang told the servant to get rid of it.

Mr. Zhang angrily grabs the servant calling him useless. Then a fancy car pulls up in front of the house. The new driver says that he was sent by the Yuan Mansion as the General didn’t want Mr. Zhang to wait, so he sent the car to fetch him. Mr. Zhang threatens his servant that he will be dealt with later.

The servant then hands the new driver over the luggage saying it’s full of Mr. Zhang’s tableware and daily necessities as the Young Master doesn’t like to use other people’s things. He asks the driver to take care of the stuff and leave them in the Young Master’s room. The driver puts the stuff in the car then we get a flashback.

In the flashback we can see someone from the Yuan mansion instructing a driver to pick up Mr. Zhang as something happened to Mr. Zhang’s previous driver. Not far away Jiang Shuo hears all of this then ties up the new driver and steals his clothes before entering the car and putting on the face mask.

We return to the present where Jiang Shuo finishes putting the luggage in the trunk of the car. While Jiang Shuo is driving he notices that Mr. Zhang looks a little sick, so he offers to roll down a window. It turns out that Mr. Zhang has a cloth to cover his nose because he hates the smell of other people’s cars (This coming from a rapist..) Jiang Shuo mumbles that that’s stupid.

Mr. Zhang asks what Jiang Shuo just said and Jiang Shuo lies through his teeth saying that he agreed with him. Mr. Zhang asks Jiang Shuo to drive carefully and slow down. Jiang Shuo then slams on the brakes which makes them both have whiplash. Jiang Shuo’s mask nose has gone a little funny. So when Mr. Zhang looks up and sees Jiang Shuo’s mask face in the mirror it looks really weird.

Roll the end credits!