A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 3 Part 4

This part starts off with Rang and Tian walking over to meet Khama. Rang says that the moon looks beautiful tonight. Tian says it’s been a long time since he’s looked at the moon at night. Rang says it must be because Tian can only see the lights of the building around him. Tian says that he can also see the traffic lights.

Tian says it’s not as pretty as the moonlight. Rang says it’s odd how urban people just want to see the moon, while rural people just want to see the city lights. Rang says it’s truly a case of the grass being greener on the other side.

Tian asks Rang if he knows why Khama wants to see him. Rang doesn’t know but says it must be important since Khama is the village chief. Seeing Tian’s worried look, Rang is quick to reassure Tian that he’s sure it’s nothing serious.

Rang says now that Tian lives in the village, he’s one of Khama’s people now too. Just then Rang remembers that he forgot to turn off the electric generator. He quickly gives Tian directions to where he needs to go. Tian tells Rang not to leave him alone, but Rang says if he doesn’t go back and turn off the generator Chief Phupha will kill him.

Tian has no choice but to keep walking alone. He has to be going the right way though because eventually he comes across a path lit by torches. He follows the path until he can see the villagers and Rang is standing next to other forest rangers.

Tian starts to smile as he approaches. The villagers and their children all smile back at him. Tian approaches Khama who puts a flower necklace on him. Khama says that everyone in the village for quite some time. So the village is holding a blessing event for Tian and to welcome him to the village.

Tian says that he caused problems though. Village Chief Khama says that the villagers know he did it because he cares about them. Khama also says that if Tian didn’t do it, the villagers may have been taken advantage for who knows how long. Chief Khama thanks Tian for his help and wishes him nothing but happiness, good health and prosperity from now on.

Everyone in the crows claps and it’s a very touching moment. Even Phupha smiles which is great. Tian thanks everyone in the village for the blessings and welcome. Yod says since the host is ready and they are all hungry but not for food, they want home brewed whiskey!

Tian can’t help but smile at Yod’s comment. It turns out the forest rangers are hosting the little party. Inside one of the huts Tian sits down in a place of honour. Khama tells Tian to hold out his hand. Tian asks which hand and Khama says the left hand is for receiving blessings. Tian promptly hold out his left hand for Khama to place a bracelet. Khama thanks Tian for coming to the village even when he knew it would be uncomfortable.

Next up to give his blessing is Rang. Rang hopes that Tian stays happy and healthy. Tian points out that Rang abandoned him on the path halfway to the party. Which causes everyone to laugh at Rang who looks a little embarrassed.

Next up is Yod and he wishes that Tian can adapt to the village quickly. Tian says that he has many more things to bother Yod with. Yod laughs and says he can help with anything. It’s Dr. Nam’s turn and he hopes Tian will help him to take care of the kids.

Dr. Nam says both the real kids and the big kid (Phupha) which prompts Tian to look at Phupha and ask Dr. Nam what is there to take care of.

With Dr. Nam’s blessing being done, Chief Khama says that the blessings are done as well. Chief Khama says it’s now time to party. Tian gets up to put his on shoes but before he can join the rest of the crowd, Phupha grabs his left hand. Tian hurriedly pulls his hand back only to have Phupha scold him by saying that Tian only has attitude with him. He grabs Tian’s left hand more firmly and pulls out the string blessing of his own.

Tian asks why Phupha is giving him this blessing. Phupha says he’s Tian’s guardian isn’t that reason enough? Tian says he thought Phupha was a son-in-law of someone in the village. Phupha denies this, saying he hasn’t found anyone that he’s fond of yet. Tian says that Phupha uses such an old term. Phupha replies by saying that he is old, that’s why he can give Tian a blessed string bracelet.

Phupha says that Tian should make this place his home and stay together for a long time. The two then watch the party for a little bit. Phupha says that for a long time he didn’t call any place home because all the forests were like his home. Until he came to this village and now he truly thinks of it as home.

Phupha tells Tian to look at the other’s smiles, to him that is much more important than a house that provides shelter. A home is where people feel safe and happy. Tian thinks back to his own expensive house with his family where he didn’t feel either. Tian tells Phupha that he finally understand what he means.

Tian smiles and Phupha says it’s the first time Tian has shown him a smile. Tian says that Phupha usually has a stern face with him. This prompts Phupha to ask Tian what kind of face would he like to see then? Before Tian can answer Yod comes over to tell them the food and more importantly the whiskey is ready. (Yod you completely ruined the moment!!)

Sometime later that night while Tian is sitting back where he received his blessed string bracelets, a stranger walks up to him. The stranger says he thought Tian would be bigger, but it turns out they are the same size. The stranger goes on to say that the shirt Tian is wearing is one his grandma gave him for getting into university. It takes Tian a moment to put the pieces together before asking the stranger if he is Longtae.

Longtae admits that it’s him. Then he pretends to take a few moments to guess who Tian is. Longtae says that his father told him a lot about Tian. Longtae says if there is anything Tian needs, all he has to do is ask. Tian smiles then asks Longtae if he knows that since Tian came to the village he’s probably heard that about 10 times.

Longtae says then how about they change it then. Longtae says that if he needs anything, he will ask Tian. Tian smiles and says fair enough.

Longtae says the others are having a blast. As if to prove his point Yod comes stumbling over saying that they are waiting for both Longtae and Tian. He tells them to hurry over to the table. They walk over and begin to drink with the others.

Once at the table the others urge Tian to drink shots. Tian is used to drinking games though, so he tells the others to just watch him as he downs a shot glass of whiskey. After that everyone is impressed though Phupha asks Tian if he is okay. Tian tells him that is feeling very okay.

Tian however can’t open up the jar of snacks (product placement Ad) so Phupha tells Tian to hand it over so Phupha can open it for him. Tian’s not sure how he feels about this nice gesture. Phupha tells him that one someone older than him does something nice, Tian shouldn’t waste their effort. This prompts giggles from Rang and Yod who are really drunk at the moment.

Yod says that they need to brighten up the party and goes to get the mic. He thanks Phupha and the forest ranger unit for hosting and providing the electric generator. Yod then invites Chief Phupha to the mic, to sing a song for Tian. Everyone at the table notes that Chief Phupha is smiling!

So begins the karaoke section of the night. Including a cute moment where they share a mic to sing together.

Chief Phupha ends up taking a very drunk Tian home that night. Chief Phupha tells Tian to stay still repeatedly. Tian says that Phupha is scolding him again. Tian says it must be because Phupha can’t scold anyone else so he must scold Tian. Phupha just smiles and shakes his head. Tian says that he knows he’s right and this is why Phupha doesn’t have a wife yet.

Phupha tells Tian to stop spouting nonsense he’s wasn’t scolding him, he’s smiling at him. Tian asks if Phupha is really smiling at him, why can’t he see it. Tian then drunkenly shows Phupha how to smile and asks him to do it. Phupha refuses. Tian tells Phupha that he will teach Phupha how to smile. Tian then grabs Phupha’s mouth with his hands and moves his lips into a smile.

Tian is having some drunken fun because after that he squishes Phupha’s face the way most people do to puppies. Phupha sighs and tells Tian to stop. He then leaves the room. Tian says that’s okay he’s going to sleep now.

Phupha comes back into the room after retrieving a cloth so he can wipe some of the vomit off Tian’s face. He then takes the cloth to clean Tian’s hands as well. It’s when he lifts Tian’s shirt to clean there that he sees Tian’s scars. Phupha bring the candle over to get a better look and ponders what happened to Tian to give him such scars.

Roll the End Credits because this is the end of Episode 3! However we do get a side story of how Tian got home so continue reading!


While Chief Phupha is taking a very drunk Tian home, Tian asks him why he’s so strict. Tian says that Phupha always pulls a stern face like a fierce dog. Tian also says that Phupha pulls an angry giant face too. Phupha asks Tian if he is a dog or a giant then. Tian tells him that he’s a giant dog!

Tian says that Phupha is a giant black dog. Phupha says if he is a giant black dog then what kind of dog is Tian? Tian says he’s a tiny Pomeranian. A cute dog. (HAHA).

It’s not long after this that Tian almost passes out completely. After Phupha calls his name, Tian snaps out of it a bit. Tian says that actually if Phupha didn’t pull a stern face all the time he might be more handsome than Tian himself. Phupha asks if Tian likes his face only to have Tian ruin the moment by puking.

That’s the real end of the episode 3!