Weekly Roundup!

So this week I managed to mostly stay on track this week. I’ve averaged about 6 km a day according to Apple Health which is actually pretty good. I admit there were some days where I just didn’t want to move that much.

On the plus side I did manage to get the Women’s Day challenge medal to add my special challenge medals on my watch which is pretty cool. I won’t do weight stats until the end of each month though.

I managed to get some more recapping done on both Psych Hunter and A Tale of a Thousand Stars so I’m pretty proud of myself for that. Especially since I took a giant leap (for me) and contacted my local official Autsim community to see what resources they have that might help me out.

It was a big step because first I had to do the dreaded email which is always hard as I don’t know who will be reading it, what their expectations are, blah, blah, blah.. But once that was done they actually phoned me and we set up a Microsoft Teams meeting to discuss things. I did have to fill out a few forms though.

My cat thinks gym shoes are interesting.

I had problems with one of the PDF files because seriously a Microsoft Word document would have been too much to ask for I guess. PDF used to be great things but now they are very hard to fill out on a multi platform level. Especially if you’re left handed and would rather fill things out electronically with an Apple Pencil to save yourself the ink smudges all down your left hand.

I did manage to complete the forms with a lot more effort than should be required. I’ll let you all know how the meeting goes after it happens later this month. Stay Healthy!