A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 3 Part 3

Tian wakes up alone in the house. He looks briefly for Phupha but notices some food left on the table. Tian realizes that he’s starving and starts munching happily away.

Phupha comes back to the house only to see Tian eating breakfast. Phupha asks if it’s as good as Tian’s American breakfast. Tian can’t help teasing him a little saying no, then after a moment saying how it’s actually much better.

Seeing Tian enjoy the meal he can’t help asking if Tian is going to leave him any. Tian says that a Chief must make a sacrifice right? Phupha points out that he’s not some hero in a movie. So Tian offers him a small bite of food. Phupha changes his mind saying that Tian can have his share.

So Tian finishes off the food and licks his fingers before letting the Chief know that’s he’s going for a bath. Tian heads upstairs and Phupha follows him just to watch Tian searching and sniffing his clothes. Phupha asks him what he’s searching for.

Tian has no choice but to admit that he’s out of clean clothes. So Phupha offers him a T-shirts from his bag. Tian notes that it’s a forest ranger T-shirt and it would be illegal for him to wear it. Phupha says it won’t be illegal since the officer’s wives wear them all the time.

Tian says angrily that he’s not Phupha’s wife which leads the Chief to laugh. He asks whether Tian wants a clean shirt or not. Phupha asks what he’s waiting for, Phupha will take him to go wash his laundry. Then Phupha leaves the room.

Tian ends up wearing the t-shirt and the two head off to Khama’s house so Tian can borrow some supplies. Khama asks if Tian really knows how to wash clothes, then suggests that his wife do it for Tian instead. Tian says that he can’t impose on Khama’s wife, he feels bad enough already borrowing stuff.

Phupha says he does his own laundry as well prompting the village chief to say that he only has to do because he doesn’t have a wife. Khama tells Phupha to get a wife. Phupha says that he lives in the forest, what girl would want that? Khama says he should ask Tian to fix him up with someone.

Tian says he can’t help Phupha with that since Tian doesn’t know his type ( Phupha’s type: Tian). Phupha says it’s time to go, and walks off in a bit of a huff. Tian says goodbye to Khama and hurries to catch up.

Tian is doing laundry at the waterfall but he’s doing it pretty delicately which annoys Phupha so he offers to help. Phupha is a lot more aggressive with the brush, Tian tells him to stop ruining his shirt. The shirt is expensive. Phupha says if the shirt is expensive but not durable why did Tian buy it?

Tian gives Phupha a look and tells him that he’s nagging again. Phupha gives up letting Tian do it his way.

Tian not thinking went to get something from his pack, while doing so his shirt starts to float away. Tian grabs a stick to try and get it back. Phupha offers his help by holding Tian’s arm to give him a longer reach and then decides to let go. Tian falls into the water. When Tian yells at Phupha for letting go, Phupha says that Tian looked hot, so the water should cool him off.

Phupha reminds Tian to bring the bucket and such back to Khama when he’s done as Phupha has head back to the unit now. So poor Tian has to return on his own soaked to the bone.

Tian runs into the tea farmers on the way back but they won’t talk to him anymore as they are still mad at him.

He reaches Khama’s place and returns to the borrowed items. Khama asks him what kind of laundry did he do as he’s soaking wet. Khama asks Tian if he has anything dry to wear but Tian says no. Khama says Phupha told him to prepare Tian some traditional clothes and now it makes sense.

Khama gives Tian some of Longtae’s clothes to wear as they should fit him. Tian also apologizes for what happened at the tea plantation. Khama says that he wanted to talk about that as well. Khama tells Tian to meet him in the village square that evening as they need to discuss something.

Tian says the village chief can just tell him right there. Khama laughs and says it’s a formal so Tian has to come tonight. Tian agrees but looks a little worried.

Later that night while Tian is looking at Longtae’s clothes that he borrowed he has a memory flash. In the flashback Tian is trying to decide between shirts and asking Tul’s opinion. Tul is no help since he’s says that both are nice. Thee’s a brief flash to the present before the flashback continues.

In the flashback Tian decides on a shirt and offers to sell Tul the other one for a really good price. He then puts on the hoodie he’s chosen. We flashback tot he present where Tian put on the village clothes.

Rang is outside and breaks Tian out of his thoughts when Rang yells his name. Tian goes outside to meet him, Rang says he’s there to take Tian to Khama. Then Rang notices the new clothes and compliments Tian saying that he looks like a local now. Tian asks if he looks good and Rang says he looks second to him, as he’s the hottest one in the village.

That’s the end of Episode 3 Part 3!