A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 3 Part 2

This part starts right where we left off, where Tian is arguing with the tea leaf buyers. Tian accuses the man of cheating, the man says that Tian is discrediting him.

Tian says that it clearly said 5 and the man wrote down four. Tian says that if that’s not cheating he doesn’t know what is. The thugs tell Tian to watch his mouth. They say they have been doing business there for a long time, so why does Tian have to butt in?

Tian says it’s obviously wrong, then he suggests that the re-weigh all the buckets and he’ll use his phone to take pictures of the scale as evidence. If the numbers don’t match those recorded on the paper, they can call go to the police station together. The man being caught in his lies tosses the tea leaves and yell that he won’t buy them anymore.

The man starts to stomp on the tea leaves and Tian has had enough and shoves him. The man stumbles then punches Tian. Tian falls to the ground and the other thugs surround him, kicking him.

Eventually they stop but Tian won’t let it go and punches of the man again. The other man asks if Tian wants to be hero and pulls out his knife. A moment later Chief Phupha comes with his gun drawn, saving Tian. The thugs are quick to get in their truck and leave rather than fight with the rangers.

After the thugs leave the villagers run to gather leaves. Yod asks if Tian is okay and gives him a quick check just to make sure. Tian yells at the Chief why he isn’t going after and capturing the thugs. They were trying to cheat the villagers. Chief Phupha says that’s another thing, it’s not Tian’s place to tackle the thugs by himself.

Chief Phupha asks Tian if he has considered what might have happened had the rangers not been there to save him. Tian asks Phupha if he was just supposed to stay still while the villagers were being cheated. Phupha points out that what Tian didn’t help them either.

Phupha sighs knowing he isn’t handling this well. He then says that a wise guy like Tian should be able to think of another way to help the villagers instead of resorting to violence. Tian goes to help the villagers pick up the tea leaves. It’s clear that Phupha was angry because Tian put himself in his job.

The villagers refused to talk Tian though because he cost them the sale of the tea leaves.

Later that night at Tian’s house, Tian sits in his room alone thinking. He pulls out Torfun’s notebook and reads about the tea leaves there. Torfun says that plucking tea leaves is not like what is shown in movies. She writes that it’s a very scenic place even if she can never stay there for longer than 3 hours.

Torfun continues to write that she can’t find the differences between Oolong or Assam tea trees. She says they all look the same to her but their leaves smell really nice. She attached some leaves to the notebook and Tian leans in to give them a sniff. Torfun found out that the leaves can also be used to make perfume. (Good quality tea leaves always smell great).

Chief Phupha shows up at Tian’s house and calls his name. Tian comes out only to ask if Phupha is here to yell at him again. Tian says the already apologized. Chief Phupha asks Tian if he was hurt, Tian is surprised by the change of attitude. Chief Phupha says he got some medication from Dr. Nam for Tian.

Tian tells the Chief to thank the doctor for him. Phupha asks Tian what about him then? Tian sulkily thanks him too. Chief Phupha says that he wished Tian could speak that softly when he is looking for trouble. Tian points out that Phupha is lecturing him again.

Chief Phupha gets out the medication and starts to put it on Tian’s lip wound. Tian backs away asking what the Chief is doing. Tian asks for the medication saying that he can do it for himself. The Chief just gives him a look and Tian finally lets him apply the medication.

Tian tells Phupha to be careful since it hurts. When the Chief is done he asks Tian if he is hurt anywhere else. Tian says that his head hurts but he can’t check to see if there is a cut. Phupha tells Tian to lean his head over so that he can check it for him. Tian asks if there are any cuts, Phupha says that he doesn’t see any.

Tian raises his head and they are awfully close together. Phupha then asks Tian to take off his shirt. Tian asks him why and Phupha says that he wants to make sure there are no other wounds. Tian tells him there are no other wound though and he’s okay. Phupha asks what he taught Tian, so Tian says thank you.

Phupha smiles and Tian tells him that he’s going to bed so Chief Phupha can leave now. Phupha says that he never said he would leave. Tian tells Phupha to quit joking, why would he want to sleep there? Phupha says that the thugs were quite vicious and might come back tonight to hurt Tian.

Phupha asks if Tian is sure he doesn’t want him to stay. Phupha says that if Tian’s sure, he’ll leave. Tian hadn’t considered the thugs might come back so he quickly grabs Phupha telling him he can stay. Tian wonders how they will sleep.

They sleep beside each other under the mosquito net. Phupha notices that Tian isn’t asleep yet. Phupha slaps at another mosquito and asks Tian if he set up the net the way Phupha showed him. Tian says he did and while Phupha is staying at someone else’s place he shouldn’t nag too much.

Tian says the net is old and worn out so there are many holes, didn’t Phupha notice that? Phupha asks what Tian ate for dinner? Tian says stir fried Kale and an omelette then asks Phupha why he wants to know. Phupha says that he just wanted to talk to him. Then he slaps at yet another mosquito.

Tian comments that he didn’t know that Phupha could talk that nicely to him. Phupha asks what Tian thinks of him then? Tian replies that he thinks Phupha is a strict man, that is only strict with Tian. Phupha says it’s because Tian is disobedient and that’s why he’s strict with him. Phupha says that if Tian is obedient, Phupha won’t be strict with him.

Tian rubs his arms a bit and Phupha asks him if he’s cold. Tian says only a little. Phupha takes a blanket and covers him up a bit more. Phupha tells Tian he is a liar and should say what he really feels. Phupha says that tian can have the blanket as he is used to cold nights. Tian thanks him then moves the blanket so it can cover them both. He tells Phupha that he could be freezing to death.

Phupha asks Tian if he is worried about him. Tian says he has no idea what he’s talking about and he’s going to sleep now. Tian says that if he wakes up late, then goes to class late tomorrow Phupha will scold him again.

Phupha points out that tomorrow is the weekend and Tian realizes that Phupha is right. Under the cover Chief Phupha’s hand gets awfully close to Tian’s hand. Phupha asks if Tian want to continue talking so Tian asks him what he had for dinner.

That’s the end of Episode 3 Part 2!