A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 3 Part 1

The episode starts with a flashback of Tian playing badminton with Tul. Tian says he’s getting tired really quickly lately. Tul tells him that he just sucks at playing the game. Tian manages to win, and Tul complains that Tian said he was exhausted.

The two reach for the towels when Tul asks Tian if he managed to check out the U.S. road trip plan he sent. Tian says that he’s seen it and he will go with Tul. Tul complains that his dad is putting a lot of pressure on him, wanting him to study in the U.S.

Tul complains that a lot of people that go to the U.S. to study come back only to be unemployed. Tian gives Tul a light whack with the racket reminding him that he’s not allowed to bring up studying on the court. Tian says they were talking about a road trip in the U.S. something that’s on his bucket list.

Tul says sure but reminds Tian to ask his mother about studying in the U.S. so they can do it together.

We cut to another flashback where the doctor informs Tian and his family that he has carditis (inflammation of heart muscle) caused by a virus.

Back at the badminton court, Tul asks if Tian is ready for another game. Only to turn around and find Tian on the ground unconscious. Tul runs over to him calling out his name. But even when he kneels beside Tian, Tian doesn’t move. Tul calls out to the other players for help.

We cut back to the Doctor informing Tian about his condition saying there’s not treatment for him except for a heart transplant. The parents of course want Tian to get the surgery right away. However the doctor tells them that before Tian can have the surgery he will need a donor. The heart has to be compatible with Tian.

The Mom asks how long they have to wait but the doctor doesn’t know the answer to that. All Tian can do for right now, is to keep his body strong. Tian shouldn’t do anything to overwork his heart. When a heart becomes available they will do the surgery right away. The doctor asks if they have any questions but Tian just looks overwhelmed.

Tian doesn’t even respond when his father calls his name twice. His father put his hand on Tian’s knee bringing Tian back to the situation. Tian asks the doctor how much time he has left.

The next scene is of Tian crying and being comforted by his family as they face the grim reality of Tian’s impending death.

Roll the opening credits

We’re brought back to the present with Chief Phupha leading Tian down the path. The Chief stops so he doesn’t step on a snail. The Chief warns Tian to be careful walking around the village as critters want to live too. Chief Phupha puts the snail down safely away from the path.

Chief Phupha says that Joma is performing a ritual. Tian hasn’t met this person yet, so he asks Phupha about him. Phupha just says cryptically that Tian will see soon enough.

Apparently Joma is a shaman and he is performing a ritual for Kalae. Chief Phupha introduces Tian to Joma. Joma requests for Tian to show his palm, since Tian can’t think of a reason to avoid it, he holds out his hand to Joma.

Joma says that Tian has tangled palm lines that are very complex. Joma says it’s like there are two people, like Tian had died but didn’t and had another person inside of him. Tian pulls back his hand as Joma tells him that he sees two opposing fortunes.

Tian is super creeped out at the accuracy of Joma’s reading. Luckily for him Joma leaves soon after the reading. The rest of the kids are there too and once Joma leaves they run over to Kalae. Dr. Nam is there as well to check up on his patient.

Tian asks Kalae how he’s feeling now. Kalae says that he feels fine now and can’t wait to go to the waterfall again which makes Tian smile. Tian then turns to Kalae’s parents and apologizes for putting their sun in jeopardy.

Dr. Nam says that Kalae is doing well but he will leave some pills in case he gets a fever during the night. Dr. Nam asks if Kalae can swallow pills but Kalae is quick to say he hates them. Unfortunately after Dr. Nam checks his bag he finds that he’s out of the liquid medicine.

Kalae throws a mini tantrum about not wanting to take pills and begs his mom to talk Dr. Nam. Poor Dr. Nam tries to cajole Kalae into taking pills by asking his friends if they take pills. When they say they can all swallow pills, Dr. Nam says it’s easy and Kalae will feel better.

Tian tells Kalae that he also has to take pills. He says that grown men have no problem swallowing pills. Tian then asks Kalae if he wants to be a kid or a grownup? When Kalae says that he wants to be a grownup, Tian says he must be able to swallow the pills then. Kalae nods and Tian smiles for being able to accomplish something the others couldn’t.

Dr. Nam then says he will leave the pills with Kalae’s parents and gives them instructions on when to give the pills. He then listens to Kalae’s heart to see if he’s doing well. Dr. Nam also offers to listen to the other kid’s hearts.

Later Dr. Nam, Phupha and Tian are walking together. Phupha introduces Tian to Dr. Wassan the village’s doctor. Doctor Wassan tells Tian that he can call him Dr. Nam. The doctor apologizes for the other day as he must have startled Tian. Tian says not to worry he didn’t take it to heart.

The look on Phupha’s face when Tian said that though is priceless. Dr. Nam asks if Tian thinks he can stay in village. Tian says that it’s unfamiliar but he’s getting used to it. Dr. Nam points out that even a physician like himself has to step aside for the shaman.

Dr. Nam says that it’s a belief, not right or wrong just a belief. Dr. Nam says that as long as Tian doesn’t go against the locals’ beliefs he’ll be fine.

Tian says that what the shaman said gave him goosebumps. Dr. Nam says not let what the shaman said get to him. If Tian needs any help he can go to Phupha for help. As Dr. Nam goes out of the village from time to time. Tian asks if Dr. Nam can buy him a phone signal. It’s clear these two are going to be great friends.

Dr. Nam laughs and tells Tian that he’s funny. Tian admits that he was just joking anyway. Dr. Nam says that if he really needs to use the phone there is one in the forest ranger’s unit. Phupha is quick to say that it’s only for important stuff, not calling home like a crybaby.

Tian is quick to joke that if he can’t call home, can he at least order a pizza? Dr. Nam is loving this but Phupha is getting annoyed quickly and asks if they can go back now as his job isn’t just to guard Tian.

Tian points at Phupha and tells Dr. Nam that he has to get going. Dr. Nam says Tian better hurry as he quite a strict guardian. Tian says he knows and hurries after Phupha.

Tian arrives at the school but there are no students there. He waits but no one shows up. Eventually Tian sits down on one of the benches. When Chief Phupha shows up, Tian tells him the kids don’t want to learn from him anymore.

Chief Phupha asks him what he wants to do. Does Tian want to go home? Tian just asks him if he really wants Tian to go home that badly. Phupha says no, someone told him, Tian was going to stay for 3 months. Tian asks him why it’s so hard to be a good teacher.

Phupha asks Tian to tell him what his definition of a good teacher is. Tian tells him it’s someone that can make the students understand. Phupha says that if the students understand what teaches but can’t put it into practice, does Tian still want to be a good teacher?

Tian thinks for a moment then asks Phupha what his definition of a good teacher would be. Phupha doesn’t even hesitate in answering that his definition of a good teacher is Tian. (Awww!)

Tian doesn’t know how to respond to that. Phupha clarifies that Tian can teach in his own style and doesn’t need to compare himself to someone else. The kids here don’t need the knowledge for an exam. He also says that knowledge isn’t always from A-Z. The kids just want to know about the outside world from Tian.

Phupha says that if the word teacher puts too much pressure on him, Tian can think of himself as a big brother instead.

Phupha says it’s up to him whether he wants to see the kids as family or not. Tian grabs hits stuff and when Phupha asks where he’s going, Tian tells him he’s going to see his family.

Tian heads to Khaonueng’s home and asks his parents if Khaoneung is home. Khaoneung is feeding the chickens. He greets Tian, and Tian mentions that he didn’t know his family ran a chicken farm. Khaoneung proudly tells him that his father said the restaurants in the city use eggs from their farm.

Tian offers to help feed the chickens. Khaoneung’s parents spy on the two of them. Tian then goes to the other houses in the village the next one being Inta’s house where she and her grandma are sewing.

The next house is Kalae’s and Tian bring some Vitamin C that he got from Dr. Nam for Kalae. Tian also brought notes from Kalae’s friends with him.

Next it’s off to the tea fields where he offers to help, but gets the brush off. Back when he was at Inta’s house he asks the grandma to teach him to sew too.

When he was at Khaoneung’s house he tried to hold a chicken but the chicken got away. While the parents laughed at the city dweller.

The note Tian brought was actually a get well soon card drawn and signed by the other students. They drew Tian as well. Sure enough all the kids start coming to class again. Tian continues learning from the villagers and Inta’s grandma gives him a scarf.

The tea farmers actually let him help pick some of the tea leaves and they are a lot more friendly then when he first met them. One student is still missing in class and that’s Meejoo. So of course that’s the next house he visits. Meejoo sees him and tells Tian that she missed him.

Tian says if she misses him, why doesn’t she come to school? She says that she doesn’t know but since Ayi doesn’t go, she doesn’t go either. Tian asks where Ayi is then. Meejoo tells Tian that Ayi is at the plantation and offers to take him there.

Tian and Meejoo meet Ayi and the other tea farmers at the plantation. Tian asks Ayi what’s going on. Ayi says the men are buying the village’s tea leaves. Tian asks Ayi how they sell the tea leaves but Ayi doesn’t know. Tian watches the men weight the buckets of leaves and asks Ayi if his father knows how much 1 kg is.

Ayi doesn’t understand the question. So Tian asks how they charge the men for the tea leaves. Ayi says that the guy writes the numbers down on paper. Tian is very suspicious now and goes to check the next bucket being weighed. When the man calls out 4 kg again, Tian says that’s not true it was 5.4 kg.

End of Episode 3 Part 1!