Psych Hunter: Episode 15

The episode starts with a bunch of wooden dolls strung up in a pretty dead looking tree with the names of the people on the island attached to the dolls. One of the dolls is on fire.

Roll the opening credits!

Ms. Yan Hong opens the door to the room she was hiding in. Mr. Feng asks what happened to her as she didn’t respond when he was at the door. He was beginning to think that she was already dead. Ms. Yan Hong wonders what rubbish he’s talking about. Just then she notices that the other two aren’t there anymore and asks Mr. Feng where they are.

Mr. Feng says that he thinks the two of them went out. Ms. Yan Hong can’t believe he let them leave as Jiang Shuo is a murderer. She asks him what happens if Jiang Shuo kills again. Ms. Yan Hong says that Mr. Feng shouldn’t let that happen.

Mr. Feng tells Ms. Yan Hong that there’s only the two of them here, she can drop the act. Ms. Yan Hong asks him if she can’t be scared now. Mr. Feng says that acting like a damsel in distress in front of weak men is one thing, but trying to fool him is another.

Mr. Feng asks her if she thinks he doesn’t know that a woman like her would do anything for money? Mr. Feng grabs her and pulls her close asking if there is anything a body and face like hers haven’t experienced? He also tells her that Liu Zhi is right and a woman like her should go to the Hell of Scissors.

Ms. Yan Hong manages to pull away from him. She tells him that there is no need to remind her about that. She then tells him she’s getting a drink and pushes past him to get one.

Some time later it’s dark outside and we see Ms. Yan Hong with a cup of tea. She puts the tea on the dining table in front of Mr. Feng and asks him why he has to tease her at a crucial moment like this. Mr. Feng responds with a question of his own, asking if she thinks he doesn’t know about her hiding all the scissors in the house.

Ms. Yan Hong asks him if Mr. Feng thinks he’s the smartest one there, after all he almost got outwitted by Takeuchi. She also tells him not to forget that if it weren’t for her brilliant plan of befriending Qin Yi Heng and Takeuchi separately does Mr. Feng really believe he can make a move on his own? She hands him the tea cup and watches avidly to see if he takes a sip.

Mr. Feng says that Takeuchi is dead, Qin Yi Heng is missing so it’s town against two again. Ms. Yan Hong says that Jiang Shuo is always full of ideas while Mu Qing always does what he says. She asks Mr. Feng how is he going to defeat them without her?

Mr. Feng says someone will help him get rid of them. Ms. Yan Hong asks him who that might be. Mr. Feng goes on to say that they walked right into Liu Zhi’s game to be his prey the moment they left the villa. He says that in the meantime the two of them have their own game to play and he raises the tea cup but we don’t see if he drinks it.

The camera takes us back to Jiang Shuo and Mu Qing in the forest still looking for Yi Heng. Mu Qing says it’s weird that they obviously saw that person and now can’t find him. Jiang Shuo gets a brief flash of memory when they approach a certain tree. Jiang Shuo remembers being near that tree during the daytime. He also mentions that he has some memory of the tree.

Jiang Shuo begins to dig where his earlier memory of Yi Heng’s father burying the copper coins were. Mu Qing asks him why he’s digging just as Jiang Shuo pulls out a shoe. They look in the hole Jiang Shuo dug and find some other clothes. Mu Qing notes that the clothes and shoes belong to Yi Heng.

Jiang Shuo wonders if his memory is faulty as the copper coins were supposed to be there. He wonders why Qin’er’s clothes are there instead. Jiang Shuo stand up and call out for Qin’er a few times. Mu Qing points to the ground showing him the shoe prints. Jiang Shuo notes that only the prints near the tree are visible the others were washed away by the rain. He wonders what they should do now.

Jiang Shuo also wonder how they are supposed to find Qin’er now. Mu Qing tells him not to worry. She suggests that maybe Yi Heng is hiding from the rain, out of harm’s way. However if that’s the case then the clothes being there doesn’t make any sense. Jiang Shuo notices that the shoes they found and the shoe prints around the tree are from different people. Jiang Shuo wonders if Qin’er was captured by the masked man.

They hear the clock chime and fear for Ms. Yan Hong so they run back to the villa.

When they reach the dining room, Jiang Shuo leads the way while holding hands with Mu Qing. Not seeing anyone in the dining room they head over to the room where they last saw Ms. Yan Hong but not without Jiang Shuo grabbing a candelabra first as a weapon.

They head into the room not seeing anything at first. They investigate the room pulling back some curtains which are stained with blood. Mu Qing screams and looks like she’s about to puke. Jiang Shuo says that unfortunately they were too late to save Ms. Yan Hong.

Mu Qing leaves the room still gagging. Jiang Shuo comes out after her asking if she is okay. She tells him that she’s fine. Jiang Shuo takes her by the hand and tells her they should take a look around. They then begin taking a closer look at the dining room. Jiang Shuo finds the butt of a cigar on the ground near the teacup.

Mu Qing comments that it’s Mr. Feng’s and Jiang Shuo recalls Takeuchi calling Mr. Feng a traitor. They hear a voice saying “Don’t Kill me!” And the two run to check it out.

They find Mr. Feng slumped over in a room. Jiang Shuo asks Mr. Feng if he is okay while Mu Qing asks where the murderer is. Mr. Feng doesn’t answer either. He does get up and close the door in almost a zombie like way.

Mr. Feng then stands up straight and wipes his mouth. Jiang Shuo asks what his intentions are, while getting ready to fight. Mr. Feng says he thought he hid it quite well, he didn’t expect Jiang Shuo to be better than him. He then triggers a trap and a rope ties around Jiang Shuo’s leg and pulls him upside down into the air.

Mr. Feng goes to kick Mu Qing but she avoids it. Mr. Feng then grabs Jiang Shuo while he’s hanging upside down and puts a knife to his throat. Mu Qing asks Mr. Feng what he’s doing. Mr. Feng says that if she doesn’t want Jiang Shuo to die here, she has to use her handcuffs on herself.

Jiang Shuo tells her not to do it, he tells her to run away and leave him. Mu Qing of course says she’ll do it. She grabs her handcuffs and Mr. Feng tells her to handcuff both hands to the bed. Jiang Shuo shouts at her not to do it but she doesn’t listen to him.

Once Mu Qing is handcuffed to the bed, Mr. Feng kicks her in the leg. Jiang Shuo is helpless to do anything about it. Mr. Feng says that Ms. Yan Hong really put up a fight before she died. She even managed to scratch his face.

Mr. Feng gets really close to Mu Qing and Jiang Shuo shouts that if he touches her, Jiang Shuo will kill him. (You’re up in the air dude how are you going to stop him?) but Mr. Feng just grabs the keys to the cuffs and tosses it out the window.

Jiang Shuo says that Mr. Feng killed Ms. Yan Hong and Takeuchi so where is Qin Yi Heng? When Mr. Feng doesn’t answer, Jiang Shuo yells the question about Yi Heng’s whereabouts. Mr. Feng goes on to list the sins finishing with how everyone must die.

Ren Qiang is already dead. We then get a flashback of Ms. Yan Hong in bed with Mr. Feng telling him that Ren Qiang’s death looked like the painting. Mr. Feng says that they must make the first move to gain the upper hand. Ms. Yan Hong says that they are just scum, they can only survive by killing them all.

Ms. Yan Hong says it’s up to Mr. Feng if he wants to work with her. He can kill Takeuchi and she will take care of Qin Yi Heng. We then get another flashback of when Takeuchi and Mr. Feng were in the woods looking for Yi Heng. Mr. Feng suggested that they split up to search. Takeuchi of course believing at the time that they had an alliance.

We see that Mr. Feng didn’t really split up, instead he followed Takeuchi which was when he got his chance to kill him, while Takeuchi was strangling Jiang Shuo.

We then get a flashback to the conversation Mr. Feng had with Ms. Yan Hong earlier that evening about how Mu Qing and Jiang Shuo fell into Liu Zhi’s game. He did in fact drink the tea Ms. Yan Hong had given him. Mr. Feng says that every time the clock tolls, someone dies. Mr. Feng tells her to guess who’s going to die next.

Mr. Feng grabs her arm. Ms. Yan Hong says that he drew the others away on purpose just to kill her. Mr. Feng says that she had collected all the scissors in the house for him. As he puts her collection of scissors on the dining table. A flashback shows that he had found them after Ms. Yan Hong went to go get the tea.

We go back to them in the dining room where Mr. Feng tells Ms. Yan Hong that the only survivor can be him. We see Ms. Yan Hong scratch his face with her nails. Mr. Feng grabs the scissors and stabs her.

Back in the present Mr. Feng spits out some blood. Mr. Feng realizes that Ms. Yan Hong had poisoned him. We get a brief flashback of Ms. Yan Hong dosing the tea with the sedative that Yi Heng gave her. Mr. Feng says she made her move, before he made his.

While Mr. Feng laughs hysterically, Mu Qing tries to get out of her handcuffs. Mr. Feng says that since he’s going to die, he wants both of them to die with him. He then starts moving things around and goes to use a lighter to set the room on fire. Mu Qing manages to kick the lighter out of his hands but it was already lit.

However it does knock Mr. Feng closer to Jiang Shuo. Jiang Shuo manages to get the knife from Mr. Feng and cut his ropes. The flames are spreading though. Jiang Shuo uses his knife to try and get the handcuff off Mu Qing. Mr. Feng comes up from behind him, but Mu Qing sees him and warns Jiang Shuo who manages to give him a solid kick.

The smoke and fire are spreading even more and parts of the ceiling start to collapse. While Jiang Shuo dodges the falling debris, Mr. Feng dies.

Jiang Shuo heads back towards Mu Qing only to be hit in the back with falling debris. Mu Qing begs him to run away quickly and leave her there. Jiang Shuo insists he will rescue her. Only to have another piece of debris hit and trap him underneath it. He tries to get up and fails.

Jiang Shuo tells Mu Qing he might not be able to protect her this time.

Mu Qing says that he already saved her once and she doesn’t want to owe him another one. Mu Qing says that she’s happy to be able to die with him. Jiang Shuo says that she’s spotting nonsense and it’s all his fault for dragging her into this. Jiang Shuo tells her that he’s sorry.

Mu Qing says that he didn’t drag her into anything, she was willing to go. Mu Qing tells him that he must hold on as Jiang Shuo has been struggling to stay conscious . Mu Qing tells him that he is an extremely good person. She tells him that he is very loyal, brave and kind hearted to the people around him.

She says that although he has lost his memories, and is a mystery to himself. She is willing to trust him because she likes him. Even though it has come to this she is still willing to be with him.

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Jiang Shuo tells her that his past is no longer important as meeting her was the best thing that has ever happened to him. Jiang Shuo does his best to move closer to her and manages to tell her he loves her before finally passing out. Mu Qing yells his name and struggles against the handcuffs. The camera pans out to show the villa burning down.

Mu Qing calls Jiang Shuo’s name and he wakes up with a bit of cough. Of course the first thing he asks is if she is okay. She says that she’s fine but it’s clear Jiang Shuo isn’t really recovered as his breathing is a bit off.

Jiang Shuo asks where they are, but Mu Qing doesn’t know either. He’s still panting a bit but Mu Qing helps him to stand up. Once on his feet he gets a better look at the room. Their are glass mirrors around him depicting the deaths of the other people on the island. In one mirror he sees himself bowing and calling Liu Zhi master.

Jiang Shuo wonders why it’s him. Then he gets flashes of Yi Heng’s father tied up in the storeroom, burying the copper coins, even of him being in a similar bedroom fire.

Jiang Shuo looks in a mirror and sees the masked man standing behind him. The masked man asks if he remembers it yet? The masked man takes off his mask and removes his hood and it turns out to be Yi Heng.

Yi Heng says that he’s the masked man now but Jiang Shuo was the masked man a year ago. Yi Heng throws the mask onto the ground and tells Jiang Shuo that only one of them can live today. A single tear rolls down Jiang Shuo’s cheek. Mu Qing tries to reason with Yi Heng only to get kicked. Which leads to a fight between the two.

Later Jiang Shuo wakes up in a pile of hay, with a chain around his neck. Jiang Shuo tries to go to the door only to be snapped back by the chain. That’s when he realizes he’s chained up. While he can’t reach the door, he can reach the little slot at the bottom of the door. He looks through it but can’t see much.

He goes back to the hay to search for stuff when a voice comes on PA and tells him not to bother searching for his personal items as they have been confiscated.

Jiang Shuo asks the voice who they are. The voice responds that it’s just a pitiful person trapped there like him. Jiang Shuo asks what the voice means by pitiful. The voice responds that they are already at the 18th level of hell. Does Jiang Shuo still think it’s not pitiful? The voice laughs.

Jiang Shuo ponders what the voice said and wonders if he died. The voice tells him that he’s not dead but very much alive. The voice says this is where lunatics that commit murder are held. Jiang Shuo says that’s impossible as he’s never killed anyone.

Jiang Shuo then remembers that Yi Heng said only of them would live. Jiang Shuo asks himself what’s going on. Then Jiang Shuo appears to have a flash of memory of holding a knife as Yi Heng dies in that weird mirror room. Jiang Shuo’s reflection in the mirror tells him that he should look around, he’s killed Yi Heng so he better confess his sins.

Back in the hell room, Jiang Shuo falls to his knees calling out Qin’er quietly. A guy in a while coat and some guards enter the room. The guard unlocks part of the chain so he can drag Jiang Shuo like a nasty looking leash. Jiang Shuo tells the guard to let him go, he can walk by himself. The guy in the white coat says that in this place he should whatever the white coat guy says. He then tells the guards to take Jiang Shuo away.

The guards lead Jiang Shuo down a few hallways past some other patients that are locked in a room. Jiang Shuo asks what’s wrong with them. Is this an asylum or a prison? The guy in the white coat says it’s a prison for lunatics. He then asks if Jiang Shuo has forgotten the murder he committed.

All of a sudden all the people on the other side of the cage call him murderer, one even says that he is “Mad Jiang Shuo”. While this happens Jiang Shuo happens to see Yi Heng being lead away by chain down another hallway. Jiang Shuo calls out to him but the guards get in the way and he can’t go to him. Jiang Shuo yells to Qin’er that he’s here.

The man in white says that Jiang Shuo finally remembers who Yi Heng is. The man asks Jiang Shuo if he remembers what he did to Yi Heng. Jiang Shuo asks the man what he means. The man says that regrettably there was nothing there and Jiang Shuo’s hallucinations are getting worse.

Jiang Shuo asks if the man is kidding because he just saw Yi Heng right there. Didn’t the man see him? While all the other people on the other side of the cage yell “mad man” repeatedly.

In the infirmary Jiang Shuo protests that he would never kill Qin’er. He says that he not only heard his voice but saw him as well. An idea occurs to Jiang Shuo and he asks the man if he is a follower of Liu Zhi.

The person just repeats the name in a questioning tone. He then says that Jiang Shuo is there because he’s gone quite mad and it’s very serious. The man says that Jiang even forgot that he murdered someone. The man says it’s okay because treating patients like him is the man’s expertise.

The man is filling up a needle. Jiang Shuo asks what the man means as he’s not mad. The man says that the brain is an amazing thing that will create a defence mechanism to help him forget his sufferings when he’s under distress. For example his brain will let him forget that he murdered someone. The guards hold Jiang Shuo down in the chair while the man in white pushes the need into Jiang Shuo. Before Jiang Shuo passes he out he notices the time on the clock.

Jiang Shuo is back in the weird mirror room again and sees Qin’er calling out to him. The man in white is also there which confuses Jiang Shuo. Jiang Shuo asks the man in white how the man got there. The man in white tells Jiang Shuo to follow him and he will show Jiang Shuo the truth.

The man shows Jiang Shuo a mirror and inside we see a possible memory. Jiang Shuo is standing over Yi Heng telling Qin’er not blame him as only one of them can live. Jiang Shuo in the mirror tells Yi Heng that he’s sorry then stabs him.

Jiang Shuo asks if that was real and the man in white says that of course that was real. It’s Jiang Shuo’s memory that he’s forgotten. Jiang Shuo says that it’s immobile he would never Qin’er. Jiang Shuo shouts it out until he wakes up in the infirmary. He tells the man in white that what he saw can’t be real because even if he died he wouldn’t hurt Yi Heng.

Jiang Shuo also says that Yi Heng can’t be dead because he saw him in the hallway. The man in white says that’s just Jiang Shuo’s hallucinations as he’s mad. The man in white brings a paper towards Jiang Shuo. Jiang Shuo asks what it is and the man in white says that it’s a confession statement.

The man in white says that after Jiang Shuo signs it, he can begin treatment. Jiang Shuo asks the man if he thinks Jiang Shuo is stupid after all where’s the evidence, he’s not a murderer just because the man in white says so. Jiang Shuo says the man isn’t fooling him, he’s too inexperienced to fool Jiang Shuo.

Jiang Shuo throws the statement on the ground and says that he knows the man works for Liu Zhi. Jiang Shuo asks where Liu Zhi is then says that the man better tell Liu Zhi to show himself, so Jiang Shuo can challenge him face to face.

The man in white is pissed off and asks Jiang Shuo if he thinks that they don’t have other ways to deal with him if he doesn’t sign the paper? The man tells Jiang Shuo to just wait.

Back in his cell Jiang Shuo remembers when they arrived on the island and he told the others it was his fault Mu Qing and Qin’er got mixed up in all this. Yi Heng told him that Liu Zhi was targeting all of them and Yi Heng promised that he wouldn’t let anything bad happen to Jiang Shuo.

Jiang Shuo is still in his cell when he hears Yi Heng’s voice calling his name. Jiang Shuo wakes up with a start calling out for Qin’er. The voice asks whose name was calling out just now? Is he trying to lure evil ghosts there?

Jiang Shuo asks how there could be ghosts there in broad daylight. The voice says that the people there are scarier than ghosts. Jiang Shuo agrees with that as he’s met them. Jiang Shuo says that if this torment continues, he doesn’t know what would become of him.

The voice tells him that he better not anger the people here as they will use all sorts of ways to make him plead guilty. Jiang Shuo asks the voice what would happen if he pleaded guilty? Jiang Shuo asks the voice if it believes the doctors there are capable of making people hallucinate?

The voice doesn’t answer and Jiang Shuo calls out to it but with no response. Some time passes and Jiang Shuo starts to feel hunger pains. He grabs the bread that was thrown in sometime earlier but after seeing it’s gross refuses to eat it.

Jiang Shuo can hear the guards beating someone up outside and telling the person to behave. Jiang Shuo opens the little slot at the bottom of his door. Jiang Shuo asks the other person what crime did they commit? Why were the guards beating him up so mercilessly?

The voice coughs and says that simply being alive is a crime there. The voice tells him that he should never admit to the things you haven’t done. If Jiang Shuo doesn’t confess the staff still have to treat him. However once he pleads guilty, it means there’s no turning back.

Jiang Shuo says that of course he’ll never admit to crimes he didn’t commit. Jiang Shuo says the he will definitely be able to escape anyway. The voice asks if Jian Shuo really wants to escape. Jiang Shuo answers that of course he wants to escape, doesn’t the voice? The voice says it wants to, but would die before he was able to leave.

However the voice offers to help Jiang Shuo escape. Jiang Shuo wants to know how the voice will help him.

The next scene is of a voice calling for help, that there’s been murder. A guard runs into the Voice’s room to find the icky bread and the person wrapped in a blanket. Jiang Shuo shouts from his room that he did it. So the guard heads over to his room. When the guard enters his room Jiang Shuo asks if the guard will hit him since he did it.

The guard says that Jiang Shuo must be itching for a beating and goes to attack him. Jiang Shuo slugs him and he goes down after one punch. Jiang Shuo grabs the keys from the guard and unlocks his collar. Jiang Shuo leaves his room through the door the guard left open.

He wanders down a few hallways going past the room with all the patients that called him a murderer. The room is empty and the door is open.

Jiang Shuo also goes past the infirmary and it’s empty too. He also hasn’t run into anyone since he left his cell. Jiang Shuo keeps walking around and starts to call out for Yi Heng since no one is around.

Jiang Shuo opens a set of double doors which leads him to a laundry room where there are people at least. Jiang Shuo hears Yi Heng’s voice calling his name again. So Jiang Shuo starts looking at the patients to see if he’s there, while still calling out Yi Heng’s name.

Jiang Shuo can’t find him and he notices the water in the laundry room is going backwards. Jiang Shuo goes to leave the room when a bunch of guards show up. (Where were they?) The man in white is right behind the guards and he tells them to capture Jiang Shuo.

For some reason even the patients listen to the man in white and go to try and capture Jiang Shuo. He tells them to back off, he doesn’t want to hurt them. They push Jiang Shuo to the floor and he sees Yi Heng being led away by a guard down a hallway.

Jiang Shuo shouts to Qin’er that he’s there but doesn’t know if Yi Heng heard him. Jiang Shuo gets taken back and tossed on the floor of the infirmary. The man in white asks Jiang Shuo if he thinks the man has a good temper.

Jiang Shuo tells the man that the man said he was crazy so is there anything Jiang Shuo won’t do? (Touché) The man in white says at least Jiang Shuo admits he’s crazy so why doesn’t he just sign the confession paper and the man in white will forgive the incident just now. The man says after Jiang Shuo signs it, he can get treatment.

Jiang Shuo says he may have admitted to being mad, but he never said that he killed anyone. Jiang Shuo says that if the man in white wants him to sign it, he better show some proof that Jiang Shuo killed Qin’er.

The man in white claims that he can show Jiang Shuo proof and leads him to a room with a glass window. On the other side of the window is Yi Heng’s brother that screams at Jiang Shuo saying he killed Yi Heng. (I fail to see how that’s proof)

Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng’s brother not to believe them and that Yi Heng is still alive. Jiang Shuo swears that he would never hurt Yi Heng. The brother says that Yi Heng was very kind to Jiang Shuo so why did Jiang Shuo have to kill him. The brother sears that he will avenge Dr. Qin by making Jiang Shuo’s life a living hell.

Back in Jiang Shuo’s cell he wonders why he can’t remember anything after Yi Heng took off the mask and claimed only one of them could live. He just can’t remember what happened between the two of them in the creepy mirror room. As he ponders this another piece of bread gets thrown into his cell to join the others on the floor that Jiang Shuo hasn’t eaten.

A voice says that the minister’s business is over and he had the gall to accept money. Now the minister can’t look the royals in the eye. Jiang Shuo ignores this and adjusts his collar a bit.

The voice calls him neighbour and says that it looks like Jiang Shuo didn’t find anything when he went out. Jiang Shuo asks the voice if it knows what Jiang Shuo is looking for. The voice says that every prisoner has their own case file. If Jiang Shuo wants to find out if Yi Heng is really there, he needs to find a way to sneak into the archive room.

Jiang Shuo ponders this then forces himself to eat the really gross looking bread before he shouts to the guards that he wants to confess.

Roll the end credits because that’s the end of Episode 15!