A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 2 Part 4

So we start with Tian dragging Kalae out of the water. Kalae is unconscious and Tian tries to rouse him. A moment later Dr. Nam shows up and pushes Tian out of the way. Chief Phupha is right behind the doctor. Phupha yells at Yod to take care of the rest of the kids.

Dr. Nam does some chest compression and Kalae seems to respond so they take him quickly to the health center. Before Phupha leaves he tells the other kids to behave.

At the health center Dr. Nam tells Kalae’s relative that he’s going to okay, he just needs some rest right now. He then turns to Chief Phupha and tells Chief Phupha the same thing. Dr. Nam says the person Chief Phupha should be worried about is the volunteer teacher.

Dr. Nam says that Tian is probably still in shock. Phupha says that Tian deserves it, and he was kind enough already not to scold him right there and then. Dr. Nam scolds Phupha by telling him no one wants something like that to happen. Phupha seems to consider the doctor’s words.

Tian is sitting at home and looking pretty depressed. When Phupha shows up, Tian asks if he is there to curse him out. Phupha asks Tian if he feels he deserves it. Tian tries to explain that was only trying to get the kids interested in studying. Chief Phupha says he can’t do that by endangering the kids.

Chief Phupha says it’s bad enough that Tian can’t teach but now he can’t even look after his students’ safety. Phupha says Tian shouldn’t call himself a teacher if he thinks that coming to the village is already a great sacrifice.

Especially if he’s going to treat his job carelessly, without having a teaching plan prepared, Chief Phupha tells him that he better go home. Tian says fine he’ll leave, he doesn’t need Phupha to chase him away. He says it mostly out of anger as he is mentally beating himself up over the incident.

Tian goes upstairs to start packing up his things. Chief Phupha looks like he didn’t mean to be so harsh and mentally kicks himself for hurting someone that’s already feeling awful. So Phupha follows Tian upstairs.

Of course once there, he doesn’t know what to say so it takes him a few moments before he asks Tian if he’s going to run away just because he made a mistake. Tian says the he will go home since someone like him can’t be a teacher.

Phupha sighs, and Tian remembers the Director of the foundation asking him what the most difficult thing in his life has been. Tian replied that he’s never been alone before or lived without a water supply or electricity. Tian says that all through his life he has lived comfortably. We see flashes of memory of Tian doing things in the house by himself like setting up the mosquito net.

Tian tells the Director that he almost died once and now he has been given another opportunity as if he was born again. So he wants to use this opportunity to help others. The Director tells Tian to remember that feeling while he is up there because he may face a lot of things that make him feel discouraged, distressed and disappointed to the point where he may want to give up. If that happens, Tian should think of what he just said and not disappoint himself.

Tian thinks of all he went through and how much fun he had with the children at the waterfall before the incident. So Tian tells Phupha that he’s changed his mind and will stay. He says that he will complete the teaching here, completing the 3 month term. Chief Phupha says that’s good but he’ll wait and see.

The two stand there for facing each other.

Side Story:

Back when Chief Phupha walked Tian home after visiting Khama Chief Phupha gave Tian some instant noodles. He told Tian that he couldn’t rely on others to always cook for him. Phupha asks him if he knows how to start a fire and boil water.

Given that the next scene is Phupha in Tian’s house stoking a fire, I’m going to guess the answer was no. When Phupha puts the noodles in front of Tian, he says that he’s not hungry. Phupha says he’ll eat it then. Tian says the prefers his noodles uncooked. However Tian is teasing him with the noodles by making it look extra yummy. Tian tries to to pretend he’s not looking. When Phupha says he’s full and offers Tian the noodles, Tian insists that he’s full.

Phupha threatens to throw out the noodles but Tian grabs his hand, telling him not to waste food. Tian says that if Phupha is really full then Tian will finish off the noodles. Chief Phupha watches him avidly as he eats.

Tian asks him why he’s staring so intently at Tian. Phupha asks Tian what he does when accepting something from an older person. Tian promptly says thank you. Then he asks why Phupha is still staring at him but Phupha doesn’t respond.

End of the final part of Episode 2 so roll those end credits!