A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 2 Part 3

It starts off at Tian’s house where Tian is getting ready to go to the school. He can hear some rather loud knocking which surprises him since Chief Phupha doesn’t knock. He yells at the person saying he’s coming. When Tian opens the door though it’s not Chief Phupha but Yod.

Tian asks if it can’t be Yod everyday but Yod tells him that normally it would be him as Chief Phupha is very busy. Yesterday he set aside his tasks to accompany Tian instead. Yod says everyone in the unit was surprised by the change. Yod tells Tian they better hurry as the students are waiting.

As they walk Yod tells Tian that the villagers mostly grow tea here. He doesn’t want to brag but the tea is extremely aromatic. Thinking Tian doesn’t believe him, Yod picks one of the tea leaves for Tian to smell. Tian agrees that the tea leaves smell really good.

Yod then tells him the other main occupation of the villagers is sewing. The rest of the villagers may collect mushrooms or herbs for selling. However the villagers can’t do much as the area is close to the border.

Tian asks Yod where Pha Pun Dao cliff is and Yod tells him that it’s actually on the hill they are walking on. However it can only be reached by foot and the walking path is quite confusing and tricky. Yod also mentions that people may get lost and end up on Ghost Hill and that’s the end of them.

Yod says that the villagers believe that Ghost Hill houses the guardian spirit of the forest. Yod says anyone going there without performing the ritual may die. Just then a voice yells at Yod for not waiting for him.

The forest ranger comes up to the two of them and Yod introduces him as Rang. Rang will look after Tian whenever Yod isn’t available. Rang asks Yod if he has introduced Tian to the villagers yet. Yod says that he hasn’t so Rang asks if he can do it instead. Yod agrees and Rang begins the introductions with the first villagers they see. Unfortunately this villager isn’t very friendly and just walks away.

Rang tells Tian not to worry as that villager has always been like that. He says that the villagers are friendly they just don’t Tian that well yet. Tian says that he heard the other students talk about a previous teacher named Torfun, what was she like?

Yod asks Tian exactly what he heard from the students. Tian says that he just knows that he came after her. Yod says that she taught until the end of her term, then wanted to renew her term to keep teaching there. Yod says everyone adored her as if she were part of the family. Yod says that unfortunately she died during her visit to Bangkok, she was hit by a car. Yod says it’s sad that such a good person died at such a young age.

Tian says the villager must be really sad about it then. Rang says that the villagers don’t know yet. He also says he doesn’t know when the villagers will find out as Chief Phupha told them not to say anything about it. Yod agrees that their lips are sealed. Yod then seeing the expression on Tian’s face tells him that they didn’t say it to put pressure on him. Yod says that they both believe Tian will win the villager’s hearts just like Torfun did.

In the school Tian decides to teach the kids the Thai alphabet. Unfortunately Torfun has already taught them this and Meejoo points out that Tian accidentally switched two of the letters. Tian is embarrassed, then asks if they have learned A-Z. The kids say that Torfun taught them that too. The kids say he isn’t as much fun as Torfun and ask when she will come back.

Tian doesn’t know how to answer this so he takes a moment to gather himself then asks if the kids have learned numbers. Again Torfun has already taught them this. The kids start to get up to leave when Tian asks if Torfun ever took them on a field trip. When Ayi asks what a field trip is, Tian smiles. Tian explains that a field trip is a study outside the classroom.

Yod asks Tian if that’s really a good idea. Tian says that it is and Yod turns to Rang to ask him to talk Tian out of it. Yod knows that Chief Phupha will chew them out if they do this. Rang wants to know why he has to do it, Yod says it’s because he’s the junior so he has to. Rang gets out of it by saying he has an errand to run apparently a pig has diarrhea and he has to go check on it. (HAHAHA)

Rang runs out of the school like his butt is on fire. Yod can’t believe he left him to deal with this and curses him. Meanwhile Tian is asking the kids if they want to visit the waterfall. The kids are ecstatic to go, so Tian starts leading them there before Yod can say anything. Tian tells Yod to hurry up.

Meanwhile back at the base Chief Phupha is getting an exam by Dr. Nam. Dr. Nam says that the Chief is recovering well and he wished his other patients could recover that fast.

Dr. Nam asks how Chief Phupha’s new volunteer teacher is doing. It’s the way he says it though implying something more. Chief Phupha asks Dr. Nam to clarify when Dr. Nam says he just meant the teacher under Chief Phupha’s care. (Sure, sure we believe you). Dr. Nam says that he heard Chief Phupha went to pick him up on the teacher’s first day of school.

Dr. Nam says the Chief usually doesn’t make an effort like this. (It’s clear Dr. Nam is already shipping the two of them together.) Chief Phupha insists that he was only worried about the kids. Dr. Nam asks about that “kid”, is there anything to worry about?

Chief Phupha says that it’s nothing Dr. Nam wouldn’t already know. Phupha says that the new “kid” is a picky eater and doesn’t adjust well. He bets Tian won’t last a week there. Dr. Nam says not everyone can be like Torfun who was ready to spend her whole life there.

Seeing Phupha’s face though, Dr. Nam knows he went over the line and apologizes. Dr. Nam didn’t mean it, he was only joking. Dr. Nam says not to worry about Torfun, he’s sure she has become an angel by now. Dr. Nam says Phupha should worry about Tian. Dr. Nam wonders why a delicate rich boy came up to the village to struggle.

Meanwhile Tian and the group are on their way to the waterfall with Yod complaining that Chief Phupha will kill him for bringing the kids on a walk there. Tian asks him who told Yod that they were just going for a walk? Tian says the children are also there to learn.

Tian then points out things asking the children if the know what colour things are and then he asks if the know it in English. When the kids don’t, Tian teaches them. It’s clear the kids are having a lot of fun with this.

When they finally reach the waterfall Tian teaches the kid how to say waterfall in English. However Yod gets a radio message that he has to return base. Yod tells the children that it’s time to go but they complain that they haven’t even gone in the water yet.

Tian gets an idea, then asks the children to promise that if he let’s them play in the water they won’t leave before class ends anymore. The children are eager to get in the water so of course they agree. Yod is beside himself, asking Tian if it’s really a good idea. Tian assures him that he will keep an eye the children and it will be fine.

Yod know Chief Phupha will be pissed about this. Tian tells Yod that he doesn’t have to tell the Chief about it. Tian reassures Yod that he can go without them, eventually Yod agrees even though it’s clear he’s not okay with it and leaves.

The children have fun splashing around, especially when they splash Tian. Meejoo asks Tian if he has an English name. Tian says no, and she asks him how the waterfall can have an English name but not him. Tian thinks about it for a bit then tells the kids his English name would be Tony.

Meejoo then asks about Chief Phupha’s English name. Tian says they should make his special. So Tian says that since he is always in his uniform, pulls a stern face and is strict they shall call him the Green Giant. He then tells the kids what it means in Thai so they understand, then gets them to repeat Green Giant in English.

Some time later and Tian is ready to take the kids back. The kids want to stay longer but Tian says no. He’s handing out their stuff and the kids ask if they can go to the forest next. Tian says he will take them everywhere. Just then one of the boys yells that Kalae is drowning.

Tian sends some of the kids to grab some help and runs to Kalae.

That’s the end of Episode 2 Part 3!