A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 2 Part 2

Tian follows Chief Phupha to the Villlage Chief Khama’s place. Tian notices writing on a sign hanging above the doorway and remembers seeing similar writing in Torfun’s notebook but he doesn’t know what it means.

The Village Chief comes up from behind them and says “birth, old age, sickness and death are unavoidable.” Apparently that’s the translation of the sign in ancient Lana language.

Tian introduces himself as the new teacher only to have the chief ask about Torfun as he thought she would come back to teach the children. Chief Phupha lies through his teeth saying that she was caught up in some unfinished matters and couldn’t come back in time for the school.

The Village Chief says that it’s okay. Then checks out Tian. He thinks Tian looks well built and very strong. He then asks Tian how it has been so far? Has he met the students? Tian says it was his first day teaching at the school. Tian also says that the kids seem like a good bunch.

Village Chief KHama laughs and says that can’t be true since all the kids are pretty mischievous. Khama tells Tian not to worry about it though as he will get used to it.

They have lunch together but Tian is looking at the food with an odd expression. Probably because it’s stuff he wouldn’t be allowed to eat home after his surgery. Chief Khama says that his wife prepared everything specifically to welcome Tian.

Tian goes to try the first item of food offered to him and Chief Phupha gets a mischievous look of his own. Turns out it was a pig’s brain (Ew). Chief Khama asks how it tastes while Phupha laughs at Tian. Tian just says that it tastes different.

Tian smiles then we get a flashback to a conversation he had with his doctor. The doctor says that his body is accepting the new heart quite well. However his body still considers the heart as foreign so he has to take anti-rejection medicine to help control his body so it doesn’t reject the heart. He has to take the pills at the same time every day and not skip any doses.

The doctor also tells Tian that there are side effects tot he medication. The medicine will weaken his immune system. So he’s supposed to stay in hygienic places and only eat healthy food. Spicy and extreme flavoured food isn’t allowed…

Meanwhile Chief Khama is listing all the spicy things like curry, spicy sausage and stuff. When Village Chief Khama asks if Tian can eat these kinds of things, Tian lies and says that he can. Since Tian starts to eat a little carefully, Khama says that maybe they should make him an omelette instead. Chief Phupha says that of course Tian can eat the food already prepared since it’s delicious. Tian sees the challenge and starts eating a lot quicker.

A bit later when the food is mostly done, Khama asks if Tian has ever visited the village before. When Tian says no, Chief Khama says it’s odd because he feels very familiar with Tian. The Chief says it’s probably all in his head though. The Chief mentions that he believes Tian is around the same age as his son, Longtae. Longtae is studying at the university in the city.

Khama says that when Longtae comes home this weekend he will have him take Tian around the village. As there are many places to see. Khama asks if there is any place that Tian would like to check out. Khama asks if Tian likes waterfalls (haha). Tian says that someone actually already took him to the waterfall. Tian then asks if Pha Pun Dao cliff is far from here?

Khama says that it isn’t far or near but it’s a very dangerous path to get there. Khama says that Longtae is very familiar with the route though so he can take Tian there. However, if Tian wants to go there before Longtae comes home, he will have to go with Chief Phupha. Tian says that he doesn’t want to bother a Chief like him.

Khama tells Tian not to feel bad, he should feel free to bother Phupha the villagers here like to bother him. Khama says that the villagers always go to Phupha when they have a problem as he can help with anything. Khama says that he may be the village chief but he doesn’t feel he needs to be in the position anymore with Phupha there.

Phupha says that Khama is exaggerating although Khama swears that’s not the case.

Later that night Phupha is walking Tian home and Tian asks if the forest ranger must walk the volunteer teacher home? Phupha says that he’s not walking home, it just happens to be in the same direction of his base.

Phupha says that he thought this was Tian’s first time here so how does he know about Pha Pun Dao cliff? Tian says that since he came here to teach, shouldn’t he research the place beforehand? Phupha says that of all the places to go, why this village? Just as they reach Tian’s house. Tian says he’s home now and thanks for Phupha for walking with him.

Phupha tells him to wait a moment then shines the flashlight on Tian’s arm. Phupha asks him what’s he done to get red spots on his arm. Tian tells him that the village mosquitoes attacked him. Tian says that he realized there would be so many mosquitoes he would have brought repellent from Bangkok.

Phupha can’t believe it, he asks Tian if he was using the mosquito net. Tian asks if there was one in the house? Phupha says it’s in the corner of his room. Phupha then asks if Tian knows how to set up the net which of course he doesn’t.

This leads to Phupha being in his room showing him how to set up the mosquito net. Phupha asks if there is anything Tian can do. Phupha then gives Tian one of the strings to tie up himself. Tian grabs it but isn’t sure exactly how to tie it. Phupha reaches over top of him and helps him. When Tian turns around they are in quite the intimate position which makes Tian’s heart beat rather loudly.

It only lasts a few moments before Phupha continues to show him how to tuck the net under his mattress to prevent mosquitoes from getting in that way. Tian says doesn’t that also trap the mosquitoes inside the net but Phupha says he can just ward those off with his pillow.

Tian thanks him for being so helpful. Phupha tells him to be careful since they are not friends. Phupha also warns him not to take everything out there so lightly. Chief Phupha then takes down the mosquito net and tells Tian to set it up. Tian complains that it was already set up, why does he have to take it down? Phupha says it’s so Tian can do it himself.

Phupha also tells him to go to bed early or he may see a ghost. Tian tells him not to bother with trying to scare him as he’s not afraid. With that Chief Phupha leaves.

Tian then goes to the notebook and says that Torfun should have written to warn him that Chief Phupha is as fierce as a dog. He puts the notebook down when it looks he has stomach pain. Tian wonders why it has to act up now.

Tian remembers Torfun saying that in horror movies people tend to hears dogs howling when the character is alone at night. Torfun says that it’s so quiet here, she would rather dogs howling at least. Tian makes it to the outhouse to do his business when he hears strange nosies and he’s done, running out of there and back to the house.

Back at the base, Phupha is remembering Torfun giving him a gift for helping her tell the story to children the day before. It’s a Khlui, (looks like a flute) apparently Dr. Nam told her that he knew how to play it. In fact he even won a Khlui contest. The memory ends and we see Phupha in the base holding the Khlui before deciding to play it. As he plays it he is filled with memories of Torfun first then Tian and some of their more intimate moments. It’s clear he’s starting to crush on Tian.

That’s the end of Episode 2 Part 2 so roll those end credits!