Psych Hunter: Episode 14

The episode starts with flashes of the painting and the sins it depicts. Then we get flashes of the cast, ending with a view of the villa’s entrance.

Roll those opening credits

Takeuchi shoves Jiang Shuo into a room where Jiang Shuo pauses as another memory surfaces. In the memory it’s Yi Heng’s father that’s tied up in this room. Back in the present Yi Heng pushes Jiang Shuo farther into the room.

Jiang Shuo is being tied up by Yi Heng when Jiang Shuo calls him a quack. Jiang Shuo also tells him again that he didn’t kill Ren Qiang. Takeuchi says not to listen to him. Yi Heng says that he only believes in the evidence. Jiang Shuo then calls Takeuchi four-eyed and tells him that he’s walking right into the culprits trap by tying him up.

Takeuchi is pissed so he tells Jiang Shuo to shut up and shoves a rag into his mouth. Takeuchi leaves soon after that and Jiang Shuo with the rag in his mouth just gives Yi Heng a look before Yi Heng leaves. With both of them gone, Jiang Shuo reaches up and takes the gag out of his mouth then spits.

Outside the room, Takeuchi asks Yi Heng to wait a moment as Takeuchi locks Jiang Shuo in the room. Yi Heng asks Takeuchi if something is the matter but Takeuchi takes a while to respond. Yi Heng tells him that if he has anything to say, he better spit it out. Takeuchi says that he just wants to remind Yi Heng out of kindness that although Mr. Feng may look like an upright gentleman, Takeuchi heard there’s some kind of relationship between him and Ms. Yan Hong from way back.

Takeuchi says that when they left he saw Mr. Feng secretly give a gesture to Ms. Yan Hong. Yi Heng raises an eyebrow in sarcastic disbelief but Takeuchi says he saw it with his own eyes. Yi Heng thanks him for the warning and then leaves. Takeuchi has a weird little smile on his face after Yi Heng leaves.

Back in the dining room, Mr. Feng is pacing while Ms. Yan Hong and Mu Qing sit at the table. A few moments later Yi Heng and Takeuchi return to the dining room. Mr. Feng starts saying that the game has already begun. Mr. Feng asks if the gates of hell are now open. Ms. Yan Hong tells Mr. Feng to stop scaring them after all, the culprit has already been caught.

Mr. Feng says that even if Ren Qiang was killed by Jiang Shuo, it doesn’t rule out the fact that it could be part of Liu Zhi’s plan. Mr. Feng goes on to say that what Jiang Shuo said about a masked man waiting to make his move on them in this villa could be true.

Yi Heng says that Liu Zhi took great trouble to gather them all here even to paint the seven circles of hell. Liu Zhi did this to point out that all of them are sinners. Yi Heng says that other than Ren Qiang’s theft they may as well reveal what sins they’ve committed so it will be easier to protect themselves. Takeuchi is quick to agree with Yi Heng saying there’s no need to protect their reputation here.

When no one responds, Takeuchi says he will go first. As he’s Japanese he came to China to do business. Of course because of cultural and language barriers he is bound to say something untrue but he shouldn’t go to hell for those little lies. So he claims his sin in deception.

Mr. Feng says that business people can’t be honest in the business world, but he doesn’t think that he’s ever swindled money from the poor, so he’s guilty of lying just like Takeuchi. Ms. Yan Hong says that Mr. Feng speaks to lightly as if he had no choice in that matter but to lie.

Yi Heng says that based on that comment does Ms. Yan Hong have anything she wants to add to Mr. Feng’s statement. Ms. Yan Hong claims she wouldn’t dare to do that. So she goes on to tell them that she makes no claim to chastity, she was a streetwalker, married and even an escort.

Ms. Yan Hong goes on to say that she has had multiple secret affairs with Mr. Feng. Just a few years ago she was beaten up by Mr. Feng’s wife so the two broke up. Takeuchi says that she’s confessing to lechery. Ms. Yan Hong says that Mr. Feng’s sins are not just one or two. He can’t say he’s not greedy or lustful.

Ms. Yan Hong says that Yi Heng is different from them. He’s a talented young man with a great reputation. Yi Heng has learned great skills to save and treat patients. So Ms. Yan Hong wonders what Yi Heng did to end up there with them.

Yi Heng says that a year ago, his father might not have gone missing if it weren’t for him. His father received an invitation from Liu Zhi last year. His father thought it was an ordinary business invitation and hoped Yi Heng would go with him. However, Yi Heng was in the prime of his youth and wanted to study medicine to help people.

Yi Heng thought his father was doing it on purpose. Yi Heng didn’t want to meet his father’s business associates and especially didn’t want to succeed in the family business. Yi Heng says he was determined not to go. However once his father landed on the island they had no word from him for the past year. So Yi Heng’s sin is the sin of dishonouring his father. His punishment will be the pool of blood.

Ms. Yan Hong tells young master Qin not to be sad. She then asks Mu Qing about her sin. Yi Heng answers for her saying that her sin is to die in vain as she tried to take her own life because of what happened to her brother. People who die for not cherishing their own lives die in vain.

Mu Qing tells him to stop talking. Mr. Feng then starts listing the sins that they have admitted to until he comes up to the last one that no one has claimed, murder. Ms. Yan Hong says that one belongs Jiang Shuo for killing Ren Qiang. Takeuchi is quick to tell everyone to kill Jiang Shuo. (Give it a rest buddy)

Mu Qing asks the group which one of them witnessed Jiang Shuo committing murder? She then asks what a couple of paintings and pictures prove? Mr. Feng tells her they don’t want to believe that Jiang Shuo committed murder but all the evidence points to him.

Mu Qing says that Jiang Shuo saved her life, even though he had to risk his own life to do so. She says that he’s definitely not the murderer, she trusts him. Takeuchi says that a woman like her can’t be reasoned with.

Yi Heng tells the group that Ms. Yuan’s father is the General Yuan Zhen which seems to shut the group up. Mu Qing says they already locked Jiang Shuo up, he’s no longer a threat to them. Mu Qing then warns them with all the power of her family name that if anyone hurts him, she will come after them even after they leave the island. (Mu Qing for the win!)

The groups is surprised at how strong her ties are to Jiang Shuo. Mr. Feng tells everyone to calm down and since Ms. Yuan said so, they will trust her. Mu Qing says that she will definitely find proof, then runs from the room. After she leaves Mr. Feng says they should get along and not let this hurt their friendship.

Mu Qing walks back to the room with the dead body and slams the door.

Mu Qing starts to investigate the body using some water to soften the cement, she finds a knife wound on Rin Qiang’s abdomen. Mu Qing then goes to look at all the kitchen knives but no luck. However she remembers that when she split up with Jiang Shuo a knife was missing from the kitchen and it’s still missing. Mu Qing looks everywhere in the kitchen but can’t find it. She then uses her fingers to measure the length of it.

Jiang Shuo meanwhile is still tied up in the room. Realizing it is now morning, the morning of October 15th. Jiang Shuo wonders if today is really the day that he dies. A man in a mask shoes up with a dagger. Jiang Shuo says the man finally can’t wait and has decided to do it himself.

Instead of killing Jiang Shuo though the man cuts the ropes binding him and leaves. Jiang Shuo once free of the ropes runs after the masked man. Jiang Shuo is in the forest when another wave of memories hit him.

He remembers overhearing Yi Heng’s father and Bu Yan’s daughter in the forest. They were running around the forest aimlessly instead of staying at the villa to fight. Bu Yan’s daughter says the people on the island have lost their minds. She says that if they all keep going against each other, they will all die there. Yi Heng’s father hears something in the woods and shushes her. He hopes it isn’t the masked man.

We then flashback to the present and Jiang Shuo starts to head in the direction the two people in his memory were heading.

Back in the villa, Takeuchi opens the door to his room to find Mr. Feng already there staring out the window. Takeuchi asks what brings him to his room? Mr. Feng says that they are on the same side, so Takeuchi can save that kind of talk. Takeuchi pretends he doesn’t know what Mr. Feng means.

Mr. Feng asks Takeuchi if he thinks that Mr. Feng didn’t know that the Japanese had plundered hundreds of rare treasures from China while they were there? That they had entrusted an interpreter to escort to them to the ship. Mr. Feng says that no one would have thought that the interpreter would be tempted by the wealth and secretly hid swapped the treasure and shipped it off.

Mr. Feng says after the matter was exposed the interpreter, no Mr. Takeuchi made a deal with a thug from the port, Ren Qiang to take all the blame. Mr. Feng points out that Ren Qiang did commit the sin of deception as he lied for Takeuchi. The real thief was Takeuchi.

Takeuchi says that Ren Qiang was a gangster from the port and good at fighting. Takeuchi says that Ren Qiang couldn’t even be caught by the Japanese. Takeuchi says that they made a deal to split the treasure in half after thing quieted down. Ren Qiang however thought his portion was too little and has been harassing Takeuchi ever since.

Takeuchi says he never thought that Ren Qiang would end up in the Hell of Rockfall because of him. Takeuchi then wonders how Mr. Feng knows about all of it. Mr. Feng says that back then he was the one that sold the goods for him.

Mr. Feng says that he sold all those treasures for a good price. Takeuchi points out that it means Mr. Feng sold ill gotten goods yet pretended to be a philanthropist. Takeuchi calls Mr. Feng a blood sucker that makes money from people. Takeuchi also calls him a traitor with no principles.

Mr. Feng says that Takeuchi is right about that. Mr. Feng says the he knows all about Takeuchi, and now Takeuchi has something on him as well. Mr. Feng wants to make a deal with him. Mr. Feng says that they are both business men and there’s danger everywhere on the island.

Mr. Feng says that someone will continue killing on the island. Other than the women it’s between Mr. Jiang and Mr. Qing, which one is easier to deal with? So Mr. Feng wants to make a deal to help each other survive. Takeuchi is impressed with Mr. Feng’s planning an the two make a deal.

Ms. Yan Hong walks down the hallway to Qin Yi Heng’s room and knocks on the door. Yi Heng answers and asks what’s wrong. Ms. Yan Hong is surprised that he doesn’t invite her inside his room. Yi Heng claims it’s because his room is too messy. He tells her that she can say whatever she wants out there.

Ms. Yan Hong says that the island is scary, most of the people are men except for Ms. Yuan who is a police officer. Ms. Yan Hong says that she’s a powerless woman and doesn’t know what to do. Yi Heng tells her not to be afraid the men will protect her. Yi Heng tells her not be afraid and she responds that she won’t be afraid if Yi Heng protects her.

Yi Heng tells her it’s more important to protect one’s self. After all for all he knows she could be Liu Zhi. Ms. Yan Hong says that now Yi Heng is scaring her. She claims that she couldn’t sleep all night and she doesn’t know what will happen today. She insists that it’s too scary to sleep alone.

Yi Heng says he understands and tells her to wait a moment as he shuts the door in her face. He returns a moment later with some medicine that will help her to sleep tonight. (HAHA)

Yi Heng says there is no need to thank him. Just as she is leaving in a huff, Yi Heng calls out to her to ask her if she likes tea. She comes back asking if Yi Heng is inviting her to tea, though she prefers alcohol. Yi Heng says that’s not what he meant, he just wanted to warn her not to drink it with tea or she won’t wake up then tells her to go to her room and closes the door. The clock chimes and Ms. Yan Hong starts to run down the hallway.

Back in the dining room the group has gathered. Takeuchi asks what’s the meaning of this. Ms. Yan Hong points out that Ms. Yuan is not even scared standing next to a corpse. Ms. Yan Hong says Mu Qing is such a brave person.

Mr. Feng asks if Ms. Yuan has gathered them all there to show them something. Mu Qing pulls back the sheet on Ren Qiang’s corpse and tells them to look. Ren Qiang was put into the trunk and covered in cement after he was stabbed to death which resembles the Seven Circles of Hell. Mu Qing points out that they were all too shocked when they found the body to check it out or to find the murder weapon.

Mr. Feng asks her the location of the murder weapon. Mu Qing replies that the boning knife from the kitchen is missing and should be the murder weapon. Mu Qing says that the person in possession of the knife is the murderer.

Mu Qing also points out that if Jiang Shuo was the murderer he wouldn’t have hidden the body in his room. Also, there was no murder weapon in his room. Mu Qing says that this proves Jiang Shuo is innocent. Takeuchi says he understands now that the knife may be hidden on Jiang Shuo’s person, he will go check immediately.

Mr. Feng stops him before he can run off, saying that they are all here except Yi Heng, where is he? Ms. Yan Hong tells the group that he is in his room. Takeuchi starts to head to the storage room but the others follow close behind him.

When they get to the storage room, they notice Jiang Shuo is gone. While the others are cursing the fact that Jiang Shuo has run away, Mu Qing notices that the ropes have been cut and smiles to herself. Ms. Yan Hong says that Yi Heng is alone in his room, won’t he be in danger now?

Takeuchi suggests they should all go check on him. They open his door but Yi Heng isn’t there. Takeuchi wonders if Jiang Shuo could have kidnapped him but Mu Qing says that’s impossible. Mu Qing suggests that Yi Heng may have found some clues.

Ms. Yan Hong shoots this down though as she saw him before meeting the others and he was about to take a bath, it didn’t seem like was going out. Ms. Yan Hong also points out that it was Yi Heng that told them to stay put and not leave the villa. Ms. Yan Hong goes on to say that if Jiang Shuo really is the culprit their lives are in danger again.

Mu Qing tells her that’s impossible. Mr. Feng says that whatever the case may be, they still need to go out and search for him. Mr. Feng says that if the real culprit catches him out there alone, it will be their fault. Takeuchi says that the woods are huge and the group is pretty small. Mr. Feng says that they can only do their best and follow their fate.

Mr. Feng splits the group in two. The women will stay together and he will go with Takeuchi. Mr. Feng promises Takeuchi that nothing bad will happen to him if they stay together. Mu Qing wants to go with them. Takeuchi argues that she’s a woman and shouldn’t be involved in this.

Mu Qing points out that she’s also a police officer. She accuses him of only wanting to save himself and can’t wait to try and kill Jiang Shuo. Mu Qing says again that Jiang Shuo is not the murderer. Takeuchi accuses her of behaving irrationally because of love. He says that if Jiang Shuo is not the murderer, then why did he escape.

Mr. Feng tells them to stop fighting. Mr. Feng says that it’s very dangerous outside once you’re targeted by the culprit. Mu Qing tries to argue but Mr. Feng promises to bring Jiang Shuo back safely once he finds him. Ms. Yan Hong goes up to Mu Qing and tells her to let the men do the fighting, after all she’s scared to be in villa alone.

Ms. Yan Hong tells the men to be careful and hurry back. She also tells them that they must bring back both Dr. Qin and Jiang Shuo. The men leave before Mu Qing can stop or go with them.

In the forest Jiang Shuo is still getting some flashes of the forest from a year ago. In the present though Jiang Shuo runs into the masked man. The two fight and Jiang Shuo ends up on the ground when another wave of memory hits.

In the memory, he sees Yi Heng’s father and Bu Yan’s daughter burying the copper coins. Yi Heng’s father says that as long as the masked man doesn’t have the copper coins, it won’t be as dangerous for them. The masked man approaches them and tells them not to be afraid as he has a boat that will take them off the island. She asks why they should trust him? The masked man says they can only trust each other as they unite to defeat Liu Zhi.

The masked man says only by uniting and trusting and each other can they defeat Liu Zhi, he begs them to believe him. Yi Heng’s father will only agree if the masked man will disclose his relationship to Liu Zhi and why he is working for him.

The man in the mask says he doesn’t have time to explain all that right now. Which is when Bu Yan’s daughter asks who is behind the mask?

In the present it’s clear Jiang Shuo is still in the memory when the masked man crouches down beside him and gives him a light pat on the cheek. When Jiang Shuo doesn’t respond, the masked man runs away.

Not long after Jiang Shuo snaps out of it and realizes the tree in front of him is the same one the two had buried the copper coins under. Jiang Shuo starts to dig for the coins when Takeuchi tries to strangle him with a rope. During the fight, Jiang Shuo notices dried cement on Takeuchi’s clothes marking him as the murderer.

Jiang Shuo realizing he’s the murderer goes after him, put Takeuchi manages to kick him to the ground. Takeuchi manages to get his hands on Jiang Shuo’s throat. Takeuchi says Jiang Shuo should blame himself as he knows that he’s the survivor as he was eavesdropping on his room.

At first Takeuchi says he wanted to find clues to expose Jiang Shuo as the survivor but he didn’t expect Ren Qiang to already be there. Takeuchi says he took the chance to kill him while he was unaware. Takeuchi says it looked like Ren Qiang was planning to ambush Jiang Shuo. Takeuchi says that only he can live, all the other must die!

Just after saying this, Mr. Feng hits him in the head with a rock. Jiang Shuo has to cough a few times as he catches his breath after being strangled. Takeuchi calls Mr. Feng a traitor just before he dies. Mr. Feng asks if Jiang Shuo is okay, and helps him get up. Jiang Shuo thanks Mr. Feng for his help.

Apparently Takeuchi has been keeping that rope with him the whole time trying make it look like Avici hell after killing Jiang Shuo. Mr. Feng says that Takeuchi was truly evil. In the distance we can see that the masked man saw the whole thing. Jiang Shuo spots him and tells Mr. Feng that they should go after him, Mr. Feng agrees and the two give chase.

Back in the villa, Mu Qing is still searching for the murder weapon. Ms. Yan Hong tells her that they have already searched this room. Mu Qing points out that after the killer killed Ren Qiang he wouldn’t take the risk of being found out by getting rid of the weapon outside. Therefore the murderer must have hidden the weapon inside the villa.

While Mu Qing is searching she opens a bag that contains scissors. Ms. Yan Hong notices when she is checking herself out in the mirror and gets nervous remembering one of the paintings of hell. Ms. Yan Hong suggests to Mu Qing that they check elsewhere. Mu Qing agrees and decides they will look in Takeuchi’s room next. when Mu Qing leaves the room, Ms. Yan Hong puts the scissors in her purse with all the others she has found.

Mu Qing is in the middle of searching the room when Ms. Yan Hong walks in and notices yet another pair of scissors. Knowing she can’t get Mu Qing to leave, she distracts her instead by saying the bed is such a mess it must be hiding something. Sure enough Mu Qing goes to check out the bed, which gives Ms. Yan Hong time to pocket the scissors. Or it would have if Mu Qing hadn’t looked up at her, Ms. Yan Hong hides the scissors behind her back quickly which knocks over the vase.

The vase breaks and we see the missing kitchen knife was hidden in there. Mu Qing states the obvious that it was Takeuchi who killed Ren Qiang and framed Jiang Shuo. Ms. Yan Hong says she knew the Japanese couldn’t be trusted as they are ruthless people.

Mu Qing realizes that Jiang Shuo is in danger and goes to run out of the room only to hear the chime of that annoying clock. Mu Qing tells Ms. Yan Hong to stay there but, Ms. Yan Hong doesn’t want to be left alone. Mu Qing says she won’t be gone long, only to have Ms. Yan Hong yell at her to stay.

Just as Mu Qing is about to leave anyway, Jiang Shuo calls out her name from downstairs saying that he’s back. Mu Qing runs down the stairs still holding the knife and gives Jiang Shuo a big hug.

They both ask each other if they are okay. Mu Qing says that as long as he’s okay, she’s fine. She then asks him about Yi Heng. They say that they couldn’t find him. Ms. Yan Hong asks about Takeuchi and Mr. Feng says that he’s dead.

Jiang Shuo says that it appears the clock sounded to announce Takeuchi’s death. Jiang Shuo tells them how he was after the masked man when Takeuchi attacked him. Jiang Shuo says he was just lucky that Mr. Feng came in time to rescue him.

Mr. Feng says that it was a desperate situation and he just picked up the rock. He says that in his whole life he has never tainted his hands with blood before and wonders why he hit Takeuchi so hard. Jiang Shuo tells Mr. Feng not to blame himself, Takeuchi was a vicious man. He also tells Mr. Feng that he didn’t have a choice.

Jiang Shuo then tells the others that he found a clue, that Takeuchi was the one that murdered Ren Qiang. Mu Qing says that they already found the murder weapon and holds up the knife.

They take the knife back to the dining room where Ren Qiang’s body is. Mu Qing sticks the knife into the body showing that it’s the same proving it’s the murder weapon. She tells them that she found the weapon in a vase in Takeuchi’s room. Jiang Shuo says that when he was struggling with Takeuchi he noticed cement stains on his pants.

Ms. Yan Hong says that Takeuchi must be the masked man and that everything here was his design. Jiang Shuo shakes his head saying that Takeuchi couldn’t be the masked man. Ms. Yan Hong asks if Takeuchi isn’t the masked man, does that mean there’s another culprit?

Mr. Feng says that they couldn’t find Yi Heng, could he be in danger? Jiang Shuo admits that he doesn’t know. Jiang Shuo says he will be trapped outside, so Jiang Shuo will go look for him before it gets dark out.

Ms. Yan Hong says that he musn’t go out alone. Ms. Yan Hong says she has figured something out. She says that Jiang Shuo is always there when someone dies. She says that even if Jiang Shuo isn’t the murderer he’s definitely a jinx!

Mr. Feng asks how Ms. Yan Hong could say something like that but, she tells him to shut up. She tells Mr. Feng to stop being. Hypocrite and shedding crocodile tears for Feng Miao Xuan. She asks him if he really needs her to tell him what kind of a man he is. She turns to Mu Qing and Jiang Shuo saying she wonders what kind of secrets the two of them re hiding.

Ms. Yan Hong then points to the painting saying that everyone of them committed a sin there and the worst one is murder. She says that one of three committed murder in the past. She then points to the dead bodies noting how they were killed according to the punishments of the painting. She says Yi Heng probably has blood drained somewhere.

Jiang Shuo tells her to calm down. He says that although they don’t know who Liu Zhi is, he’s certain that the deaths had nothing to do with the painting. Ms. Yan Hong doesn’t believe him and Mr. Feng says he’s certain that the deaths do involve the painting. The clock chimes and Ms. Yan Hong screams.

Mr. Feng notes that every time the clock chimes, someone dies. He wonders who it is this time. Ms. Yan Hong screams again and runs into a room closing the door behind her. Mr. Feng says he’ll look after her, and we see that Ms. Yan Hong has locked room’s door.

Mr. Feng knocks on the door scaring Ms. Yan Hong out of whatever wits she has left. Alone in the room she hides the scissors that she has found. Mr. Feng continues to call out her name and knock on the door.

In the dining room Jiang Shuo tells Mu Qing to stay with the others and not show any mercy no matter what happens. Mu Qing wonders about him, where is he going? Jiang Shuo says that Qin’er is weak and he has to settle it with Yi Heng for framing him. Besides Qin’er is all alone out there, if he bumps into the masked man he’ll be in danger.

Mu Qing asks if the masked man is really that formidable and Jiang Shuo says that Qin’er wouldn’t stand a chance. Jiang Shuo says the masked man can’t be more powerful than him though. Mu Qing insists on coming with him after all Mr. Feng will stay with Ms. Yan Hong so nothing will happen.

Mu Qing promises that if anything bad happens, she will run away and not take risks. Jiang Shuo says that no means no. Mu Qing tells him to stop talking and let’s go. She then grabs Jiang Shuo’s arm and drags him out of the room.

Once outside they search for Yi Heng. Jiang Shuo asks why Mu Qing insisted on coming with him when he said he would go alone? Mu Qing says that she will protect him. Jiang Shuo asks how can she protect him when the matter isn’t as simple as she thinks it is.

Jiang Shuo insists that he’s getting a bad feeling and things keep getting stranger by the moment. Jiang Shuo says that his copper coins were stolen so clearly the culprit came prepared. Jiang Shuo tells her that he’s worried if there’s any danger he won’t be able to protect her. Mu Qing says she doesn’t care, she would rather be him. Jiang Shuo walks away to sit on a tree.

Mu Qing follows him asking him what’s wrong. Jiang sighs telling her that it’s October 15th. It’s the day Liu Zhi said Jiang Shuo would die. Since there’s no one else here, he wants to tell her something. If this mess isn’t Liu Zhi’s doing that only means it was caused by one of the others.

Jiang Shuo tells her that Mr. Feng is a very cautious person and hasn’t revealed his true nature yet. Jiang Shuo says the more cautious Mr. Feng is, also means he’s more complicated. As for Ms. Yan Hong, Jiang Shuo says they can’t figure out her thoughts. Jiang Shuo then says that the one she should be most cautious of is him.

Jiang Shuo says that ever since he arrived on the island he has had bad memories and he doesn’t know if they are real or fake. Jiang Shuo says that Yi Heng said so many things that verify Jiang Shuo may be the culprit. Jiang Shuo says that although they don’t know what will happen next. If he turns into someone he doesn’t recognize, Mu Qing mustn’t show him any mercy.

Jiang Shuo goes on to say that in his heart the most important.. Mu Qing interrupts him by kissing him on the cheek. She says that no matter what happens she will always believe in him. She tells him that they will get off this island alive. Mu Qing then tells him look at the beautiful rainbow.

Roll the credits because Episode 14 is over!