A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 2 Part 1

Episode 2 begins with Tian visiting the Sangthong Aid Foundation while holding Torfun’s volunteer teacher ID from the same foundation. Tian takes a deep breath and walks through the gate into the courtyard where he meets a man in the middle of gardening.

Tian Tells him that he wants to apply to be a volunteer teacher. The man tells Tian that they are closed today and asks if Tian can come back on Monday. Tian sighs and starts to walk away when the old man calls him back. The old man asks if Tian is in a rush if not, could he help carry the plant. Tian agrees to help.

Luckily they don’t have to take it far as it looks heavy to me. The man thanks Tian for his help then waters the plant. He also lets Tian rinse off his hands with the hose. The man apologizes for making Tian’s hands dirty but Tian just smiles telling him not to worry about it.

The old man asks Tian if he wants to be a teacher, when Tian confirms that’s what he wants to do the old man tells Tian to follow him. Apparently the old man is the director of the foundation. The director gives him an application form. Then asks where Tian graduated from.

Tian tells the Director that he is currently studying Engineering but he’s taking a break right now. Tian hands the Director a piece of paper that proves he’s on academic leave from his school. The Director looks over Tian’s paperwork and finds the last name is familiar to him.

The Director says that he seems to remember the last name from a newspaper he read recently. Tian says that his father used to be the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. The Director tells Tian that he shouldn’t bother with being a volunteer teacher then as his one month allowance would pay a volunteer teacher for a year.

Tian says that the money is his family money and not his. The Director then asks Tian where he would like to be. Tian says that he wants to go to Pha Pun Dao village. The Director can’t believe this and asks Tian if he has any idea how uncomfortable that place will be?

Tian replies that he’s heard about it. The Director goes on to ask Tian if he has lived in a place without a water supply and electricity before? Tian says no. The Director asks if Tian has ever cooked for himself? Tian says never. The Director then asks Tian if he has ever lived without a servant before? Tian can only answer never.

The Director says that to bring a teacher up there isn’t easy. There are expenses and people that have to sacrifice their time to look after the teacher. The Director tells Tian that if he just wants to go up there for a bit and come back down, it will be a waste of time for everyone involved. The Director also says that if Tian just wants a photo for his social media or his portfolio resume, he suggests that Tian find other jobs that are more comfortable.

Tian says that’s not the case, and the only place he wants to go is Pha Pun Dao village. The Director then asks Tian what the most difficult thing in his life is? Tian takes a moment to respond…

Roll the opening credits!

We go back to Tian’s house in the village where he is checking for a signal for his phone which of course there is none. He gives up, grabs a towel and some supplies and leaves the room. The Chief is waiting for him outside. Chief Phupha tells Tian that he is there to take him to the school.

Tian asks Chief Phupha if he knows where Tian can take a bath first. The Chief just smiles and walks away leaving Tian no choice but to catch up. Tian asks the Chief to at least let him have a bath first but the Chief just keeps on walking. Tian brushes his teeth as he walks.

The Chief leads him straight to Pha Pun Dao School where Yod informs them that the children are already there. Tian still has his toothbrush in his mouth, so he spits, wipes his mouth and walks inside. Chief Phupha is left to follow behind him.

Chief Phupha introduces him to the students who don’t look impressed with their new teacher. Chief Phupha having completed his mission tells Yod that he’s heading back.

After the Chief leaves one of the girls raises her hand to let Tian know that his mouth has toothpaste stains on it. Tian hurriedly wipes his mouth to the amusement of the children.

Tian repeats his name for the class. One of the girls asks what “Tian” means but before he can reply one of the boys says it’s “Seetian” like a crayon. (Oof!) Tian says it’s not like that since it’s not how his name is written. Tian then writes his name on the blackboard. The spelling of Tian means a philosopher.

A girl in the class asks what a philosopher is, again before Tian can reply a boy says it means someone who is really wise. That leads the girl to ask what wise means. Tian doesn’t even try to respond this time waiting for the boy’s answer. The boy replies it means “Seetian”. (Lol)

Tian knows when to give up so he says the students can call him Seetian. Tian says that know that they know his name, he has to learn theirs. The boy in the Snatch T-shirt is named Ayi.

Khaonueng and Ayi

Tian remembers reading about Ayi in Torfun’s notebook. Ayi is the oldest student, though he may be small he is also pretty gutsy among the students. The boy sitting next to him who kept answering the girl’s questions is Khaonueng. Again we get a flashback from Torfun’s notebook saying that Khaonueng always creates excitement in the group.

The next student is sleeping and the others call out his name, Kalae to wake him up. He wakes up wondering what’s going on, then asks if it’s time to eat yet. The others laugh and Torfun’s voice comments that he’s the biggest eater. We see in a flashback the students eating when a big bird flies by, while the others go to check it out, Kalae steals the rest of their food by putting it into his bowl.


In the flashback the kids come back from seeing the big bird and Ayi notices his omelette has disappeared. He knows Kalae did it and curses at him.

The next student is Inta, according to Torfun she likes to look pretty and loves to dress up. We get a flashback of Torfun braiding Inta’s hair.


The next girl is Meejoo and she’s Ayi’s little sister. She’s also the only other girl in class. Meejoo according to Torfun is very inquisitive, she asks a lot of questions.

After the introductions are done Tian asks them what they want to learn today. The students just scratch their heads in silence. Tian wonders what he should do. Tian looks around and sees some drawings on the blackboard. He has the sudden idea for the students to draw a picture of their family.

The kids don’t seem to sure about this but they agree. So Tian begins to take out the supplies then watches them as they draw. Tian asks Ayi who some of the people in the picture are. Ayi says that they are Miss Torfun and Chief Phupha. Tian tells Ayi that he asked Ayi to draw his family. Ayi tells Tian that his father told him that Chief Phupha and Miss Torfun helped the village a great deal, so they are part of the family.

The other students all of a sudden want to draw the couple into their drawings as well. Ayi then tells Tian that he’s done with his drawing, what should he do now? Tian tells Ayi to wait a moment, then asks Yod what is the teaching program for the students. Yod tells him that his teaching starts after the national anthem and goes until noon. Then the students will have a lunch break. In the afternoon it’s time for recreational activities.

Yod says that if Tian doesn’t know what to teach the kids today, he can send them home. Yod says it’s his first day so it should be fine to let them go. Tian doesn’t really want to send them home though so instead he tells the kids when they are done drawing they will play a game. Tian will act like an animal and the children have to guess which animal it is.

Tian starts to play the game but Ayi just gets up and leaves soon followed by the rest of the students. Tian is confused and asks Yod where the children are going. Yod says it’s normal for the children especially Ayi as he is the leader of the group. If they don’t feel like learning they just get up and go home.

Yod the says he will check out his Jeep at the garage it should be fixed by now. Yod starts to leave then turns around and tells Tian that he can go home too. Then Yod runs off.

Tian starts to tidy up the classroom and drops some of the crayons on the ground. Of course that’s when the Chief shows up. Tian puts the supplies down on a table and asks what the Chief wants with him now. The Chief asks where the children are. Tian tells him that the children have gone home.

The Chief is angry that the children have gone home early. Tian is depressed about his first day at the school so he angrily asks the Chief if he wants to lecture him now. Tian points out that the Chief dragged him to the school and humiliated him in front of the children, isn’t that enough? Tian asks the Chief if he wants Tian to pack his stuff and leave?

The Chief tells Tian to pack his stuff but Tian says he can’t be serious. That’s when the Chief asks if Tian has had a bath yet. The Chief the. Leads to the Tian to a waterfall. The Chief says that the waterfall is where the villagers take a bath.

The Chief asks Tian if he is okay to take a bath there or does he have to take Tian to the city Center to have a bath. Tian says there’s no need for that, he’s good there. Tian asks the Chief to go back and do his stuff.

The Chief says it’s not like he wants to his time there guarding Tian. However, the other side of the stream is a vulnerable border with many clashes now and then. That’s why the foundation wants the Chief to guard Tian.

The Chief says he can leave if Tian wants him too but Tian grabs his arm and tells him to stay. Tian says that he doesn’t have to keep his eyes on him all the time though. The Chief turns his back to give Tian some privacy.

The Chief does manage to sneak a peek while Tian is in the water though. Tian calls out to the Chief and asks if he’s ever taken a female teacher there? The Chief says he’s brought some, why? Tian says that it means the Chief has taken all the volunteer teachers there, right?

The Chief says that he only brings those that are prone to cause trouble as he doesn’t want to be in trouble if they drown. The Chief then turns around to grab a drink from the back. The Chief tells Tian to hurry and get out of the water if he is done, Chied Phupha says he doesn’t have all day to wait for him.

Tian doesn’t respond so the Chief turns to face the water and calls out his name again. Not only is there no response but he doesn’t see Tian anywhere. The Chief goes into the water constantly calming out Tian’s name as he searches. When he still can’t find him he dunks his head under the water fearing Tian may have drowned.

Tian comes up behind the Chief asking him what’s up, was he calling for him? (Serves the Chief right). The Chief can’t believe Tian did that, Tian looking sheepish said he didn’t mean to worry the Chief, he just dived down for fun.

Tian says that the water is cool isn’t it? The Chief just shakes his head and gets out of the water. Since the Chief looks a bit mad, Tian pretends to have a keg cramp in an over the top kind of way. The Chief take off his wet t-shirt and takes a sip of his drink. Tian smiles when the Chief isn’t looking enjoying the view. When the Chief does look, Tian looks away.

They head back to Tian’s house where Yod is waiting. Yod has brought a food container for Tian. Yod asks if Tian went swimming, Tian tells him that he had a bath at the waterfall. Yod asks him why since Tian has his own bathroom in the back of his house. Yod just asked the villagers to fill the water jug for him.

Tian just gives the Chief a look after Yod says this. The Chief tells Tian that he will come for hi this evening to take Tian to meet Khama Bienglae, the village chief. Tian’s sarcastic reply of “ roger that” as he goes to enter his house. Unfortunately, the stairs are broken and his foot goes through the step. Yod says he’s sorry as the Chief told him to fix it but he forgot.

Tian says that it’s okay. The Cheif says that Yod had better fix it as Mr. Tian may run back home anytime now. Tian replies that it’s okay, he’ll fix it himself as he’s not really in a hurry to go back home. Tian then enters his house to go dry himself. As he’s drying his hair he looks in the mirror at his surgery scar.

That’s it for episodes 2 part 1!