Psych Hunter: Episode 12

This episode starts with Jiang Shuo waking up in a chair. A voice tells him that someone once said that they wold only see hell after death. Light appears and we see it’s Liu Zhi in his creepy mask.

He tells Jiang Shuo that others say that hell is just a fiction.

There are paintings behind that him that briefly light up when he says this. Liu Zhi tells Jiang Shuo that Guang Mu’s mother says pain and suffering is not readily shared with others. Over many years there’s just too much to tell. Liu Zhi points to a painting and a wooden bucket hangs down from a rope in front of it.

Liu Zhi continues saying that Buddhism says you run only out of time, you never get more time. Liu Zhi points to another painting and person falls down in front of hanging from a rope. Liu Zhi does this for another few paintings. The Liu Zhi points to one body and says accusations. He points to the wooden bucket and says theft. Liu Zhi points to the next body and says greed.

Liu Zhi points to the female body hanging in front of a painting and says Lust. Liu Zhi asks if these are enough then answers his own question saying that they are not enough. He repeats that they are not enough then another body drops down and Jiang Shuo can see that it’s Yi Heng. Liu Zhi says it’s still not enough and another body drops down this time it’s Mu Qing.

Liu Zhi says that nobody can run away from their mistakes. Liu Zhi then asks Jiang Shuo if he understands. All of a sudden chains come from nowhere and wrap around Jiang Shuo. Jiang Shuo struggles but can’t get free. Liu Zhi gets right up in his face and tells him that hell is not underground but in their hearts.

Liu Zhi then unrolls a paper with lots of drawings on it and holds it up for Jiang Shuo before dropping it. It’s now that Jiang Shuo realizes that this is Liu Zhi. Jiang Shuo asks what Liu Zhi what he’s up to. Liu Zhi asks him if hell is really that far away from him?

Liu Zhi points to the next painting and Jiang Shuo is pulled by the chains and placed in front of it. We get a quick flash of him in the chair, Liu Zhi and Jiang Shuo in front of the painting shouting “No!”

Jiang Shuo wakes up in his own bed drenched in sweat. He looks at the calendar and notices that it’s October 12th today. So there are three days until he dies according to the memorial tablet. Jiang Shuo hears some strange noises so he grabs his coins from the night stand, a really nice leather jacket and heads outside to investigate.

Jiang Shuo looks around the courtyard but no one is there. Outside the gate though we can see something is burning. Jiang Shuo opens the gate and finds someone was burning paper like the do at funerals. Only instead of the paper money, it’s pictures of the paintings he saw in his dream.

Jiang Shuo knows that Liu Zhi has been there so he walks back into the courtyard. He goes past the table area when he notices something and walks back.

Jiang Shuo notices that there is a letter bearing Liu Zhi’s seal on it. Jiang Shuo opens the letter. It’s an invitation to a banquet on October 14th.

Roll the opening credits!

After the credits we pick up where we left off with Mastr Hong performing a countdown using gunshots. Yuan Yi tells Mu Qing that no matter what happens later, she must run as fast as she can when he tells her to.

Yuan Yi asks if she heard him, then tells her which direction to in. He also tells Mu Qing not to look back. Mu Qing wonders what will happen to him? Yuan Yi tells her that he will be fine and not to worry about him. Yuan Yi says not to worry about him and to keep running and don’t ever look back.

Master Hong gets to the fourth gunshot. Then someone shoots one of the thugs and a gunfight starts. The soldiers start to rush in amidst the gunfire. Yuan Yi pulls Mu Qing away and tells her to run while she still can.

Yuan Yi says that they will meet at the usual place, Meng Xiong Bridge at three quarters past noon. Mu Qing refuses but Yuan Yi tells her to run and gives her a little push in the right direction. Mu Qing runs down the alley.

Master Hong send a thug off to get more ammo. The ammo is where Yuan Yi and Mu Qing were standing because the thug runs into Yuan Yi. The thug yells that Mu Qing has escaped. Yuan Yi quickly slams the thug’s head against the brick wall.

Master Hong comes around the corner and sees what Yuan Yi has done. Master Hong wants to know what Yuan Yi thinks he’s doing. Master Hong points the gun at Yuan Yi. Yuan Yi tells him once again that Mu Qing is innocent so he should let her go.

Master Hong says that Yuan Yi has already let her go. Master Hong asks Yuan Yi if he thinks they would survive?

Master Hong says that’s fine, Yuan Yi can go back and be the mighty Master Yuan. Master Hong says it’s his fault for trusting him as his brother. Master Hong tells Yuan Yi that he can go. Master Hong is just sorry for the comrades he’s lost. The gunfight between the soldiers and thugs continues while they have this conversation.

Yuan Yi grabs the gun and tells Master Hong that he has disappointed his friends and family. Yuan Yi says his only respite is to take his own life. Master Hong seems to snap out of his funk and asks Yuan Yi what he’s doing? Yuan Yi shoots himself in the head much to Master Hong’s surprise.

We see Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng in the background as they watched the whole thing unfold. The next memory we see is Liu Zhi asking Master Hong how he could just forget what happened back then. Liu Zhi asks if Master Hong’s 30 comrades will die in vain? Master Hong says how could they die so easily? They won’t die in vain.

Master Hong says he will avenge their deaths. Master Hong just says that he hasn’t found a way to defeat the General yet. Liu Zhi says that’s good he just has to follow Liu Zhi’s instructions and he will kill Yuan Zhen. Liu Zhi says that they will let Mu Qing kill her father.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng return to the real world. Jiang Shuo tells the General that he now knows how to save his daughter, trust him. The General tells him to wait, while pointing the gun at him.

The General says that he will trust Jiang Shuo this time. However, he must remember if anything happens to Mu Qing, the General will not let him go. Jiang Shuo assures the General that he can do it.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng leave to go help Mu Qing. Master Hong grabs a knife from his boot and goes to attack the General only to be shot multiple times by the soldiers and the General himself. We see Lady Shi San’s body on the ground, then the blood on Master Hong’s body from his gunshot wounds.

In the clinic room before they enter Mu Qing’s Psych, Jiang Shuo thinks to himself that the two will accompany Mu Qing to say goodbye to her brother.

Once in Mu Qing’s psych they are back at the wintery forest bridge. They walk up to Mu Qing and Jiang Shuo takes her hand to lead her away. We hear Yuan Yi’s voice as he says he has only loved Qing’er his entire life. However he lied to her. Yuan Yi goes on to say that he put her in danger and the only friend he can trust is Master Hong.

Yuan Yi says that he betrayed Master Hong too. He caused Master Hong to lose many comrades. He has disappointed both his friends and his family. His only respite is to end his own life. We see Yuan Yi about to use the gun when Mu Qing calls out to him.

Yuan Yi turns around and sees Mu Qing. Mu Qing asks him why he didn’t come look for her. Yuan Yi tells her not to cry, he didn’t make it to their meeting point at the agreed time. It’s his fault. Yuan Yi says it’s his biggest regret and he’s sorry.

Yuan Yi tells Mu Qing to go back as her family is waiting for her. Mu Qing refuses says she will leave with him. Yuan Yi asks Mu Qing to listen to him. There’s only two things he valued in his life, her and his friends. However, he betrayed both. He asks her if she understands but Mu Qing shakes her head.

Yuan Yi says he hopes she understands that death is not the depth of pain, it is a form of respite. Yuan Yi says that rather than live a life with so much regret, death is a better choice. (WRONG, you’re an idiot)

Yuan Yi says his death should not be a burden to her. He tells her that’s enough and that goodbyes are harder than hugs. Yuan Yi says it’s his choice and has nothing to do with her. He tells her that without him around, she must take care of herself. He calls her a silly girl and raises the gun to his head.

Yuan Yi asks Mu Qing to forgive him. Mu Qing nods her head and closes her eyes so she won’t have to watch him pull the trigger. She opens her eyes again to catch his body as it falls giving him a last hug.

Mu Qing wakes up back in the real world.

Some time passes and we see her father offering her some porridge. Mu Qing thanks him for the porridge. Her father tells her that he is very worried about her. Mu Qing asks him to go visit her brother’s grave.

They go to visit Yuan Yi’s grave. Mu Qing sits before the grave and tells her brother that she never blamed him. Mu Qing remembers when they were young, no matter what she did, Yuan Yi would always understand and support her. So, no matter what his choice is she will try to understand him.

Mu Qing tells her brother that she is all grown up and he doesn’t have to worry about her anymore. She tells her brother that he will always be her favourite best brother. Yuan Zhen calls Yuan Yi a brat then tells him that his father (Senior Lin Yi) is here. (They share a gravestone)

Yuan Zhen says that his father (Senior Lin Yi) fought together for many years. He says that they were like blood brothers. However, he broke the army rules, so he had no choice but to deal with it by the book. It’s always been a thorn in his heart.

Yuan Zhen says that initially took in Yuan Yi and treated him as his own son. He thought it would remove the thorn from his heart. He never thought that this thorn would only root deeper into Yuan Yi’s heart. The General then tells Yuan Yi that he must remember he will forever be his son. The soldiers then fire off a salute.

Elsewhere Yi Heng and Jiang Shuo are walking down a road. Jiang Shuo thanks Qin’er for helping him save Mu Qing. Jiang Shuo says there is something he has always wanted to ask Yi Heng.

Yi Heng tells him to go ahead and ask. Jiang Shuo asks Yi Heng if he trusts him. Yi Heng takes a moment to respond before saying yes. Jiang Shuo asks him why. Yi Heng says it’s because he’s Liu Zhi. Jiang Shuo stops in his tracks and looks at Yi Heng.

It’s tense for about a second before Jiang Shuo scoffs and Yi Heng smiles. Yi Heng points out that Liu Zhi has started targeting the people around them. Yi Heng says he can’t trust anybody right now except Jiang Shuo.

They continue walking and Yi Heng says the he knows a secret of Jiang Shuo’s. Jiang Shuo asks him what secret? After Jiang Shuo lies or pulls off a trick, he has a celebration ritual. Jiang Shuo says he’s never lied and Yi Heng looks at him asking him if he felt anything when he kissed Mu Qing.

Sure enough Jiang Shuo lies about it saying it was a gesture to save her. But only after he winks and then blows out a puff of air that moves his bangs a bit. (The ritual). Yi Heng says that’s his habit and then repeats the movement in front of Jiang Shuo before walking away.

Jiang Shuo says there’s no way Yi Heng could be Liu Zhi and then walks down the road alone.

Sometime later, Yi Heng is looking at books on hypnosis. Yi Heng thinks to himself that he knows this was an attack however Yi Heng still fell into the trap. Yi Heng no longer wishes to be Liu Zhi’s prey. Yi Heng wants to be the hunter instead.

Yi Heng puts his current book away on a shelf when a kid comes into room. The kid is looking for Yi Heng in a sneaky way. Yi. Heng however is lurking in a corner and surprises the kid by asking what he’s looking for.

The kid says he’s looking for a book and Yi Heng offers to help him. Yi Heng grabs a book giving it to the kid. Just as the kid is about to leave, Yi Heng asks if that’s the right book. The kid says it is, but Yi Heng gave him the wrong book and tells the kid he can’t even read the four words on the cover of the book.

Yi Heng demands the kid tells him who sent him to spy on Yi Heng. The kid tells him it was his boss at the new station that asked the kid to monitor Yi Heng’s movements. The kid must report Yi Heng’s movements to him.

Yi Heng heads to the new station to interrogate the boss. The boss tells Yi Heng that he had no choice. The boss tells Yi Heng that it’s all a misunderstanding. Yi Heng says what misunderstanding could there be when the man asked a kid to tail him?

The boss tries to get wiggle out of that but Yi Heng interrupts him accusing him of being Liu Zhi. The boss says that Yi Heng shouldn’t just go around saying stuff like that. The boss says that if he had such powers what would he still be doing there reporting trivial matters?

If he’s not Liu Zhi, then why did the boss send someone to follow Yi Heng? The boss respects Yi Heng’s determination and asks him to wait a moment. The newsman brings out a paper that reports Liu Zhi can’t tell good from evil hypnosis.

The paper asks if hypnosis is used to punish or do evil? The lone successor is seeking descendants. The newsman asks if Yi Heng has found anything in the paper. When Yi Heng doesn’t respond the boss says that’s interesting. He then brings out an invitation and hands it to Yi Heng.

The invitation has the seal of Liu Zhi. Yi Heng opens the letter to find it inviting him to a banquet on October 14th. The newsman says it’s puzzling that the invitation was sent there, so he wanted to follow Yi Heng to help him collect some clues. It’s difficult to survive at the news station and he needs to write some new pieces so he withheld the information in the hopes of getting more clues from Yi Heng.

The news guy warns Yi Heng to be careful as the person who sent the letter doesn’t have good intentions. Yi Heng says not to worry, he may be unfamiliar with banquets but his partner will find out what’s necessary. Yi Heng gets up and leaves the news station.

The camera takes us to the Yuan Mansion where Xiao Yu is asking Mu Qing what she will wear to the charity banquet being held later. Xiao Yu says she has to make a decision soon so she can have it ironed.

Mu Qing tells her that she doesn’t care about the banquet as she is disgusted by those people. Xiao Yu doesn’t understand since the General said that the people were all prominent ones in the city. Supposedly they are rich and powerful with kind hearts. Xiao Yu also points out that there will be young men that are suitable for Mu Qing.

Mu Qing says that they don’t have kind hearts. After all the people at the food bank force down the price of rice when the harvest is good. When the harvest is poor they squeeze the farmers. Many farmers and their families died while the food bank people made a profit. Then they used a small portion of the profit to organize the charity banquet.

Mu Qing then asks Xiao Yu what she would do if she confessed to someone but that person remained clueless. Xiao Yu says that she would just keep telling him until he gets it. Mu Qing wonders if she really has to keep confessing her feelings? Then agrees that’s what she will do.

Later that night at the charity banquet, General Yuan is being thanked for is help last time by Mr. Feng. Mu Qing gets up but her Father tells her to wait a moment. The General tells Mr. Feng that he’s spoiled his daughter so she she is rude. Her Father tells her that Mr. Feng is a prominent youth talented in business, he also donated to help victims of the disaster.

Her father says Mr. Feng has a kind heart like Buddha so she should have a good chat with him. Mu Qing sits back down and tells Mr. Feng it’s nice to meet him. It’s clear Mu Qing would rather be anywhere else though.

The Host says that Ms. Yan Hong gave a performance for free as her contribution to the charity banquet. The victims of the disaster need help from the city’s compassionate gentlemen though. The host goes on to say that they should demonstrate the true Chinese spirit of giving and gifting on behalf of the displaced victims. The host concludes by thanking everyone for their kindness.

After the speech donors shout out how much money they will give. After a few donors speak up the host says that she hopes people will donate what they can give. After all, the fates of the victims displaced by the disaster all lie in their hands.

The host says that once the charity banquet is over they will hire a sculptor to display the donated amounts to the public. The carving will placed in front of the city’s East Gate for the public and future generations to see.

Mr. Feng says that General Yuan has so much love before his lover that if he doesn’t do something the Changshan people would be disheartened. Mr. Feng then shouts out a large sum of money. The host says that he never disappoints. The host says that big businessmen have big hearts and leads everyone to applaud him.

Ms. Yan Hong comes to their table to thank Mr. Feng for his donation. She then greets the General and expresses how luck she is today to meet so many important people. The General says it’s their luck to hear Miss Yan Hong’s melodious voice.

Miss Yan Hong seems a bit put out that Mr. Feng hasn’t said anything yet so she asks him directly. Mr. Feng says that he only gets to listen to her voice today and not everyday that’s torture. Miss Yan Hong says that he’s good at making jokes, doesn’t he know who her target audience is? She says all this while wrapping her arm around his.

Mr. Feng asks the General and Ms. Yuan to excuse them as they leave together.

After the other two leave, Mu Qing tells her father that there is something she really has to attend to. Mu Qing says her friend is waiting for at the movie theatre and she can’t keep them waiting. She goes to leave and her father tells her to stop but she ignores him, making her escape.

Mu Qin arrives at the movie theatre while the show is about to begin but Jiang Shuo isn’t there yet. Mu Qing complains that she finally escaped the banquet and he’s the one that’s late. She plans to give him a good scolding later.

Time passes and still Jiang Shuo doesn’t show up. He’s missed the show completely. Mu Qing rips up her ticket and can’t believe that he stood her up. Mu Qing leaves the theatre and heads to the compound.

At the compound the performers are playing with gifts Ms. Yuan got for them. Mantou says that they should become a performing troop. Another member says that will be hard since the current trend is Beijing Opera. Apparently there’s a famous show going on right now called the Stove Man.

Bu Yan corrects them saying that anyone in a stove would burn to death, so it’s called Ash Man. The story is about Wu Zi Xu who was saved by a fisherman however, his suspicions lead him to kill the fisherman. Bai She says that is the one they meant.

Xiao Quan asks if Wu Zi Xu was a bad person. Bu Yan says that he used to be an open minded person but after he got into trouble his personality changed drastically and he never trusted anyone after that. Bu Yan asks them if they think Wu Zi Xu regretted his actions?

Just then Mu Qing comes running into the compound shouting for Jiang Shuo. Ms. Yuan asks Bu Yan if he knows where Jiang Shuo went. Bu Yan doesn’t know the answer. Mu Qing says that it’s weird. Bu Yan says they were just talking about her, thanking her for the gifts.

Bu Yan says they were thinking of setting up a troupe in order to make a living. Mu Qing wishes the group luck then asks where Jiang Shuo went. Xiao Quan asks if he wasn’t with her, since he hasn’t seen him. Mu Qing says she will go look inside.

Meanwhile Yi Heng is searching Jiang Shuo’s room when Mu Qing calls out for Jiang Shuo, he hurriedly closes the drawer he was looking in meets her in the main room. Mu Qing asks Yi Heng if he has seen Jiang Shuo?

Yi Heng tells her that he is also looking for him. Mu Qing tells him that they had agreed to watch a movie together but he never showed up. She can’t believe it. Yi Heng points out that October 15th is tomorrow and now Jiang Shuo is missing.

Mu Qing tells Yi Heng not to scare her. Did something happen to Jiang Shuo? Yi Heng tells her to calm down, he will keep looking for him. He then asks her to go get Sergeant Bai from the police station. Mu Qing agrees and runs off to the police station.

At the police station Sergeant Bai is scolding his officers for not catching the bank robber Ren Qiang. Mu Qing runs into the room telling Sergeant Bai that something has happened to Jiang Shuo. He asks what happened and she says that he’s missing. She then begs Sergeant Bai to help her find him.

An officer grabs Mu Qing and tells her to calm down but she just shakes him off. Sergeant Bai says that Jiang Shuo is a grown man and the city is no longer looking for strong men like him.

Mu Qing asks Sergeant Bai how he could say something like that. She tells him that they were going to watch a movie together, he wouldn’t have scheduled an appointment for today, something must have happened to him.

Sergeant Bai says his hands are tied as he hasn’t caught Ren Qiang yet. Mu Qing asks him if he’s not going to help her then? Sergeant Bai takes a few moments to calm himself before asking how long Jiang Shuo has been missing. When Mu Qing replies that it’s almost a day, Sergeant Bai says that’s terrible.

Sergeant Bai then says something must have happened to Mr. Zhu since he hasn’t seen him since yesterday. It’s clear he thinks she’s overreacting. Just then a cop runs in to tell him that Mr. Feng is missing and his family has lodged a report. Sergeant Bai tells Mu Qing his hands are full. Then leaves to meet Mr. Feng’s family. Mu Qing decides to look for Jiang Shuo herself then.

Yi Heng is back in his own room looking at his conspiracy board. Before leaving to meet Mu Qing at the gate of the Compound.

Yi Heng asks if she has found Jiang Shuo. She tells him no, that she’s searched everywhere with no luck. She even went to the gambling den but no luck there either. Yi Heng has an idea and tells Mu Qing to follow him. Mu Qing asks where they are going and Yi Heng tells her the news station.

They head into the news station which is completely dark except for one room where there’s a candlelight glow.

They open the door to that room to see the newsman that was talking to. Yi Heng hanging from the rafters. A note stuck to the man’s forehead says that punishment is given to those that break the rules.

They notice someone else is in the room and Mu Qing calls out asking who’s there. Jiang Shuo responds telling them that it’s him. Mu Qing is glad to see that he’s alright. She asks where has he been all day, she’s been looking everywhere for him!

Jiang Shuo tells Mu Qing to calm down, he doesn’t know why he fainted and woke up in this room. Jiang Shuo asks Qin’er to take a look at the not on the guy’s forehead. Yi Heng asks if this another one Liu Zhi’s stunts.

Mu Qing asks Jiang Shuo what all the stuff on the floor means. Jiang Shuo admits that he’s been thinking about it too. He steps inside the circle and points at the all the candles noting that something’s not right. He realizes it’s the west door and ends up pointing to a cabinet. Mu Qing immediately goes to check it out before the other two can stop her.

Mu Qing finds a letter with Liu Zhi’s seal on it. All of a sudden smoke appears and they all fall to the floor unconscious.

Jiang Shuo is the first to wake up on the boat. He looks and sees that the other two are with him on the boat. He then proceeds to wake them up. Mu Qing asks where they are and what’s happening?

Jiang Shuo says it must be Liu Zhi’s doing. Yi Heng wonders what Liu Zhi is doing putting them on this boat and where is he taking them? Mu Qing says that they are in the middle of nowhere and she can’t even see the shore. Just then Yi Heng spots something in the water and tells the others to look. Jiang Shuo says that doesn’t look like a fish.

Mu Qing holds on to Jiang Shuo scared, but he tells her it will be okay. Then he realizes that he doesn’t have his coins or his incense. Yi Heng says that it looks like Liu Zhi has come prepared, he’s always been meticulous.

Yi Heng says that they can’t just float there, they must get to shore. Jiang Shuo points out that they don’t have paddles. Mu Qing says the fog is too thick that they can’t see well, plus they don’t know the way to shore. Jiang Shuo realizes that the boat is sailing in a fixed direction.

So Liu Zhi is taking them somewhere. The moon comes out from behind the clouds and Jiang Shuo can see that there is an island up ahead. Mu Qing asks why the island looks like a skeleton but Jiang Shuo doesn’t respond. He looks like his mind is elsewhere, Mu Qing calls his name a few times and asks if he’s alright.

We see the camera go a bit funny and then we get a memory of Jiang Shuo being on a boat. Jiang Shuo snaps out of it, and tells Mu Qing that he is fine. Yi Heng just gives him an odd look.

That’s it for Episode 12 and we’re now 1/3 of the way through the show!