Psych Hunter: Episode 11

This episode start off with Jiang Shuo getting his picture taken in some fancy looking clothes. While he was alone when the flash went off, the picture taken shows him sitting next to Mu Qing. Jiang Shuo smiles at the photo and then goes to another room. Apparently the photos were marriage photos because when he enters the room there is Mu Qing dressed like a bride. Jiang Shuo asks if he should call her Qing’er or his wife.

Mu Qing responds that he should call her his wife. Jiang Shuo takes off the wedding veil and tells his wife that she is beautiful.

Roll those opening credits!

After the credits we see Jiang Shuo’s family run into the courtyard to inform Bu Yan that they haven’t found Mu Qing yet. They ask if Jiang Shuo has. Bu Yan says that Jiang Shuo went to the police station with Dr. Qin to investigate the case of Chief Gao.

The camera takes us to the police station where an officer is sleeping on the table. Sergeant Bai walks in with Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng and asked the officer why he was asleep. The officer says he fell asleep while going through the files. Sergeant Bai says that’s fine, he can go get some rest then. Sergeant Bai then unlocks a safe and pulls out a file. He tells the two not to disclose anything about the case.

Sergeant Bai says that the abduction case back then was tied to someone named Chief Gao. However Chief Gao wasn’t a rescuer, he was shot for leaking confidential information. Sergeant Bai says that he doesn’t know what Chief Gao disclosed but his execution was carried out in secret. Sergeant Bai tells them once again that the file is confidential and that in the whole bureau only he knows about it.

Jiang Shuo says that Chief Gao looked like a thief and that he knew not to trust him, only Mu Qing would believe he was a good person. Sergeant Bai asks why they are investigating this case, have they seen him? Jiang Shuo is a bit surprised but covers and says that of course he’s seen him, right there in the photo.

Yi Heng goes on to explain that he’s doing research on people’s mental state after a trauma. Ms. Yuan told him about Chief Gao but it turns out that he’s been executed by a firing squad so Yi Heng is unable to continue his research. (Yi Heng lies to the rescue!) Jiang Shuo asks if Sergeant Bai has any questions. Sergeant Bai says that they should ask Chief Gao’s brother. Jiang Shuo asks where the brother is, does Sergeant Bai have an address? Sergeant Bai replies that it’s in the files.

The two leave the police station and Jiang Shuo notes that the sun is out now. He wonders how Mu Qing is doing. Yi Heng says that they should go check Chief Gao’s residence. As they are walking the Bai She runs up calling for Jiang Shuo. Jiang Shuo asks if something happened at the compound. She says no but, they did find Ms. Yuan.

It turns out that Lady Shi San (the nurse) brought Mu Qing there without a scratch. Jiang Shuo is so excited that Mu Qing has been found he’s ready to rush off and see her. Yi Heng tells him that he should go check on her while Yi Heng continues the investigation as it will help with her treatment. Jiang Shuo agrees and leaves.

Bai She

We then cut to Yi Heng knocking on the door of Chief Gao’s brother. A young man opens the door and Yi Heng asks if the house belongs to Chief Gao. The young man starts to close the door in Yi Heng’s face. Yi Heng asks him to wait, he just has a few questions for him. The young man says that he has nothing to say. Yi Heng guesses that he must be Chief Gao’s brother. Yi Heng starts to ask about the Yuan case when the brother asks if he’s one of the Yuans.

The brother than goes on to say how the Yuan family killed his brother, now Yi Heng sees the condition that he lives in are they happy now? Yi Heng says that there is a mistake, he’s not a Yuan. Yi Heng claims to be an old friend of Chief Gao that heard about his death, so he came to visit. The brother states that Chief Gao is already dead so there is nothing to see here.

The brother says Chief Gao died a wrongful death but there was nothing he could do about it. Yi Heng asks him what he means by a wrongful death. The brother says that General Yuan once saved his brother’s life on the battlefield thus, his brother was loyal to the Yuan family. The brother says that even with a knife to his neck, Chief Gao would never harm the Yuan family.

While the brother was just a kid then, he remembers that Chief Gao would make bamboo dragonflies for the children. Chief Gao would also fly kites with them, he would never hurt them. His brother would never disclose General Yuan’s location to his enemy, let alone abduct the children.

Yi Heng asks if the brother ever heard about Master Hong from Chief Gao. The brother said he’s never heard of him, whoever he was. The brother swears that Chief Gao wasn’t involved with the gangsters, if Yi Heng doesn’t believe him, he can ask the neighbours.

His brother was a kind man. The brother than says that General Yuan would know how faithful Chief Gao was. According to the brother the General is hiding something. However they are just regular folk with no to turn to. Yi Heng thanks him for the information and tries to give him some money. The brother refuses to take it and shuts the door. Yi Heng leaves the money on the ground by the door.

Back in the clinic Mu Qing is being restrained on the bed by the Nurse Shi San and Jiang Shuo’s family. They are having trouble holding her, but what else can they do when Yi Heng isn’t back yet?

Bai She, Shi San and Mantou holding down Mu Qing

The sedatives no longer work and Mu Qing threatens to burn the place down. Jiang Shuo says he shouldn’t have let Yi Heng go. He tells Nurse Shi San that he will take care of it. He pulls out the coins and enters the Psych.

Jiang Shuo opens the door to the photo studio and runs in. All the photos in the studio have been changed from Mu Qing to Yuan Yi. Jiang Shuo sees one of the pictures moving. The movie shows a little boy being held by a soldier while his parents are shot in front of him.

In the real world General Yuan is having tea and chatting Madam Wan. Madam Wan has bought Mu Qing an expensive bracelet so, General Yuan teases her about spoiling his daughter. Mu Qing’s Mom died when Mu Qing was young but luckily she has other to spoil her.

Just then a servant runs up saying Mu Qing has been kidnapped. He hands General Yuan a note. The note reads that Master Hong is keeping Mu Qing hostage and she begs her father to save her. The note also says not to bring any troops as it will put her in danger. The note is signed by Mu Qing herself.

General Yuan is furious after all he let Hong live the last time and now he comes back and kidnaps Mu Qing. General Yuan tells the others he will go alone like the letter tells him to. His brother on the other hand tells Captain Yang to assemble the troops.

Yi Heng finally arrives back at the compound. He asks Mantou where Jiang Shuo is. She tells him there was an emergency and Jiang Shuo is treating Mu Qing. Yi Heng can’t believe that saying it’s ridiculous. He’s about to go to the clinic when he asks Mantou what the situation inside is like. Mantou says that it’s been quiet. Yi Heng then asks about Nurse Shi San and Mantou says that she left to pick up Ms. Yuan’s medication.

Yi Heng tells Mantou to go fetch Lady Shi San as he has something to ask her.

We see Lady Shi San talking to Master Hong saying that Jiang Shuo has already started the treatment. She also says that everyone else is currently asleep because of her sedative so he needs to hurry. Master Hong orders his thugs to tie up everyone inside the compound. Lady Shi San says that if Yi Heng discovers them, Master Hong knows what to do.

Mantou runs up to Lady Shi San telling her that Dr. Qin is looking for her. Mantou then asks her if the man beside her is her friend. Master Hong gets closer and knocks out Mantou. Master Hong tells his thugs to be careful with Mantou. Lady Shi San she’ll leave out the back. We then see the thugs carrying all the performers, although it takes 4 people to carry Tie Zhu.

We then go back to the clinic room where we see Mu Qing on the bed and Jiang Shuo silently calling out her name while he is in the Psych.

Yi Heng is waiting outside complaining about Jiang Shuo acting so impulsively, he then wonders what is taking Mantou so long. He calls her a slowpoke. He says that this won’t work and goes to leave the courtyard. Just then Master Hong and his thugs surround him. Yi Heng fights off the thugs only to have Master Hong point a gun at him.

Master Hong says that Yi Heng is quite a fighter and then taunts him. Yi Heng is about to keep fighting anyway when Lady Shi San sticks him with a needle. Yi Heng falls to the ground unconscious. Lady Shi San says that it’s a tranquilizer and that Master Hong better keep the noise down if he doesn’t want to attract the attention of the cops.

The thugs tie up Yi Heng

We go back into Mu Qing’s psych as Jiang Shuo goes through the photo studio. He finds Yuan Yi and Mu Qing and leads them to the next room. In the next room, Yuan Yi says they can’t leve by the gate but if you keep to the right there’s a room where you can exit. Oddly there are now chains around Mu Qing’s legs inhibiting her ability to walk.

Jiang Shuo tells Yuan Yi to lead the way and he will carry Mu Qing. Master Hong and his thugs are hot on their heels though. As they go through the rooms into the hallway Yuan Yi tells Mu Qing that they will be free soon. They escape to the snowy forest and bridge.

Jiang Shuo puts Mu Qing down and tells her that they are safe now. The thugs won’t be able to catch them here. Jiang Shuo then asks to look at her feet. He asks her if they hurt and she assures them that they don’t. Mu Qing says he should stand up, then asks if she was heavy to carry.

Jiang Shuo is surprised by the question and asks what she means. She tells him that he is a fool. Jiang Shuo quickly defends himself saying that if it wasn’t for him, Mu Qing and Yuan Yi wouldn’t have escaped the thugs. Mu Qing doesn’t give up still calling him a fool but this time she explains that he’s a fool for not knowing her feelings towards him.

Mu Qing says that she feels the same towards him and she knows he has feelings for her. Jiang Shuo gets embarrassed asking what she means then tells her he will go stand somewhere else. Mu Qing grabs his arm, telling him that she said she likes him. Jiang Shuo asks if she is serious to which Mu Qing says yes.

Jiang Shuo asks if she is giving herself to him seriously because he rescued her just now, he’s not prepared for this. Mu Qing takes advantage and kisses him on the cheek. She tells him again that she likes him and not just because he rescued her just now. It’s because she has always like him. Mu Qing then asks him to marry her.

Jiang Shuo admits that he has feelings for her but this is happening too fast. After all, she is the eldest daughter of the Yuans and he doesn’t even know his own identity. Jiang Shuo says that he can’t marry her but she tells him it’s okay and that none of that other stuff matters to her. If he’s willing to marry her, he has to follow her.

Mu Qing asks him to follow her and holds out her hand. Jiang Shuo looks a little lost but takes her hand anyway.

We then see him sitting alone in the photo studio getting his picture taken alone. When he looks at the picture though, Mu Qing is sitting beside him. They are both dressed for a wedding. He goes to the next room where he sees his bride. He asks if he should call her Qing’er or his wife. Mu Qing responds that he should call her his wife.

Jiang Shuo then lifts the wedding veil to reveal Mu Qing and tells her that his wife is beautiful. Mu Qing calls him a sweet talker. She then asks why he is standing there and to get them some wine. Jiang Shuo pours the wine but is too busy stealing loving glances with his wife to notice he over filled the cup.

He notices a moment later and tries to clean it up, knocking over the cup to the floor in the process. Mu Qing tells him that he is clumsy but she still likes him. While Jiang Shuo is on the floor cleaning up, he notices that Mu Qing has red thread tied around her legs, the same spot the chains were when he rescued her.

Jiang Shuo remembers now that he is in the Psych and looks around. There are photos of Yuan Yi occupying the walls instead of pictures of Mu Qing. It all comes crashing down on him at once. He then tells the bride that she is not Yuan Mu Qing.

Mu Qing gets up off the bed, then changes into Yuan Yi. Yuan Yi gets close to Jiang Shuo and whispers in his ear in Mu Qing’s voice asking if Jiang Shuo likes him.

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He changes between Mu Qing and Yuan Yi telling Jiang Shuo that he wouldn’t let his sister marry a coward like him. Yuan Yi tells Jiang Shuo that if he hadn’t ruined Yuan Yi’s plan, Yuan Yi wouldn’t have played along. It’s unfortunate that Jiang Shuo caught on, anyway it’s just a reminder that it’s Yuan Yi’s territory now.

Yuan Yi says he’s the master of this place now. Jiang Shuo remembers when he first entered the photo studio this time and saw all the pictures of Yuan Yi hanging on the walls. Jiang Shuo calls him a lunatic and tells him how Mu Qing is stricken with guilt and remorse. He also tells Yuan Yi that Mu Qing treated him like a brother. How did Yuan Yi treat her?

Jiang Shuo warns Yuan Yi that he better give Mu Qing back. Yuan Yi yells at him that’s he’s not a lunatic. Yuan Yi says that Mu Qing has lived a good long life and now it’s his turn. Besides her father killed his parents, Mu Qing will repay that debt to him.

Yuan Yi asks Jiang Shuo if he is surprised by this. Yuan Yi then goes on to ask him what did his parents do wrong? His Dad didn’t want to join the General in the war choosing instead to run away with his wife. However General Yuan Zhen passed an order with the impending war that the military’s orders were sacrosanct. Those who defied the order would be killed.

Yuan Yi’s parents were killed right before his eyes. We get a flashback of the death of his parents, the same scene Jiang Shuo saw in the moving portrait. Yuan Yi says that Master Hong wants to get rid of Yuan Zhen so of course he was willing to help.

Jiang Shuo yells at him that he must realize it was General Yuan Zhen that killed his parents so blame him. Why involve Mu Qing? She admires him deeply. What has Mu Qing done to him? Yuan Yi admits that Mu Qing did nothing wrong. Unfortunately for her, she is General Yuan Zhen’s daughter.

Jiang Shuo demands to know where Mu Qing is. Jiang Shuo grabs Yuan Yi by the collar and yells where in the world is Qing’er? Yuan Yi just laughs at him refusing to tell him anything. Jiang Shuo leaves the bridal suite and Yuan Yi just stands there looking happy with himself.

Jiang Shuo runs to a studio room opens the door and sees Mu Qing there. He calls out to her but quickly realizes it’s a decoy and shuts the door to check elsewhere. Jiang Shuo goes through multiple rooms and multiple Mu Qing decoys. Until at last he finally finds the real Mu Qing.

He runs to her side, telling her how he’s finally found her. She’s not very responsive so he calls out her name again. She finally responds only to tell him that he should leave. Jiang Shuo tells her that he will get her out of there but she’s says she’s not going anywhere. Jiang Shuo tells her to look at him and snap out of it.

Jiang Shuo says that Yuan Yi has been controlling her. Jiang Shuo tells her that her brother isn’t who she thinks he is, he even wanted to keep Jiang Shuo trapped in there. Mu Qing says that at quarter to one meet me at the bridge was the last thing her brother said to her. However when the time came for them to meet he didn’t show up.

Then Mu Qing heard a gunshot. Jiang Shuo tells her to wake up, it’s all in the past. Mu Qing claims that it’s not in the past. Mu Qing says that she can feel her brother by her side. She claims that her brother isn’t dead and that he’s blaming her.

Jiang Shuo says that her brother would never blame her. Mu Qing insists that he is blaming her though. Jiang Shuo says that it’s not true, she’s blaming herself and all this is her illusion. It’s her emotions that are haunting her not her brother. Jiang Shuo says that her brother loved her and wouldn’t want to see her like this.

Jiang Shuo asks her if she knows that this is his third time there to rescue her. He tells her that no matter how many times it takes, he will get her out of there. If she’s unwilling to leave then he will simply stay there forever with her. He asks her to trust him.

Mu Qing notices the clock and it’s almost time. Jiang Shuo says he will take her there.

Back in the real world we see Master Hong drinking tea in the courtyard of the compound. General Yuan pulls up in his car to meet him alone.

General Yuan tells Master Hong to let his daughter go. Master Hong scoff at him asking if that’s an order. Master Hong reminds the General to remember why he came. Master Hong says that his patience is wearing thin. If the General offends him in any way, his daughter will die.

Master Hong can’t believe the General actually came alone and says that it’s pretty gutsy of him. Since Master Hong is a man of his word and the the General came alone, he will let Mu Qing go. However the General must stay and die.

The General laughs and says that Master Hong seems pretty confident. Master Hong says it doesn’t matter since the General is going to die here anyway. Master Hong says that the General has spilled so much blood yet in the end he couldn’t let his daughter die.

The General tells Master Hong that he is right, there is only person in all his life that he would protect and that’s his daughter. Master Hong says that’s the spirit, his 30 brothers that died back in the day shall be avenged today. Master Hong then tosses a gun towards the General.

Back in the Psych Jiang Shuo is leading Mu Qing out of the room when her brother walks in. Yuan Yi calls out to Qing’er and while Jiang Shuo tried to protect her, she pushes him aside and runs to her brother.

Jiang Shuo can’t move as he is suddenly tied up with ropes. Yuan Yi asks her why she left him alone there. Yuan Yi says that he misses her a lot. Jian Shuo asks Yuan Yi what he’s doing. Yuan Yi takes out a gun and points it at his own head. Mu Qing begs her brother to put the gun down. We hear a gunshot.

A moment later we see that he has shot himself in the head. Mu Qing cries out for her brother then he disappears from her arms to lie on the floor. Mu Qing goes to the body to cry over it when she sees the gun.

Jiang Shuo begs her not to believe any of this, he isn’t the real Yuan Yi it’s just an illusion. He continues to be her and the whole studio shakes. A moment later they are in an alleyway, with Yuan Yi still on the ground dead and Mu Qing crying over top of him. Jiang Shuo on the other hand has been freed from the ropes.

Since there’s nothing else he can do for her right now he promises her that he will find out and leaves the Psych.

Back in the real world General Yuan looks at the gun. He tells Master Hong that after so many years he’s still into that kind of junk. Master Hong says it’s not useless junk if it can kill the General. The General says he wasn’t referring to the gun but Master Hong himself.

The General says that after so many years, Master Hong still doesn’t get it. Master Hong tells the General to enlighten him then. The General says that even though Master Hong was a peerless leader back then and the General’s forces were weak, the General still beat him. The General points the gun at Master Hong and asks him if he know the reason that he lost.

Master Hong says it’s because he was careless. The General says it wasn’t because he was careless but because he was brainless. The General says that in a game of survival, brains are more important than bullets and favours are more useful than violence. The General says that it’s unfortunate that Master Hong still doesn’t understand this principle.

Master Hong declares that what the General said is nonsense and it doesn’t matter what principle is more important since the General is going to die today anyway. The General says that it’s okay he’ll prove it to him. The General than calls out to those inside the compound.

The General gives out addresses and details about those inside. He tells them that they may be willing to give up everything for this but he will hunt them down. The General tells them to be smart and give him back his daughter, then he will spare their lives otherwise he will do what he said. He then shoots the gun straight up in the air.

Master Hong says that the General is playing tricks on him. Master Hong asks if the General dares to shoot him. The General says there’s is nothing he wouldn’t dare to do. Then he points the gun at Master Hong but before he can fire it, they hear a gunshot.

The thugs come out carrying Lady Shi San and it looks like she’s been shot in the chest. The thugs then kneel towards the General. The General asks about his daughter and the thugs say that she is safe inside.

They tell the General that the killed Lady Shi San. The General then asks Master Hong if he finally understands what it means to use your brain. Before the General can shoot him, Jiang Shuo runs out into the courtyard telling him not to kill Master Hong. Yi Heng also runs out and grabs the gun from the General saying they need Master Hong alive to treat Ms. Yuan.

The General asks what they mean but Yi Heng says there’s no time to explain. Jiang Shuo uses the coins on Master Hong and enters his Psych.

We see Master Hong eating noodles when a familiar figure walks by and drops some papers at his feet intentionally while walking away.

Some time passes and we see Yuan Yi and Mu Qing being brought before Master Hong. Master Hong asks the thugs what’s up. The thugs tell him that there’s been a mistake. The man in Xiao Rong’s photo studio wasn’t Yuan Zhen (the General) but the two children.

Master Hong demands to know why his thugs tied up the children when it’s General Yuan that he wants. The one thug points out that while the children themselves are useless they could be used as hostages.

After all with the children being held by them, General Yuan is sure to walk into their trap. Master Hong tells his thugs to tell the other thugs to get to work.

The next memory is of the thugs pushing Yuan Yi in an alley towards Master Hong. Yuan Yi says that he brought Mu Qing to him. (TRAITOR). Master Hong tells Yuan Yi that he did a good job. A thug reports that General Yuan is surrounded. Master Hong says he understands and tells his thugs to keep a lookout and the thugs leave.

Master Hong asks Yuan Yi to tell him what happened. Yuan Yi says that he gave Master Hong the wrong information, he had persuaded Mu Qing to ask Yuan Zhen to join them at the studio. However something came up at the barracks, so Chief Gao had someone send them to the studio.

Master Hong says he understands what has happened but at least they on the offensive. Master Hong says that at least with a hostage, the General will not act rashly. Yuan Yi says that Master Hong doesn’t know Yuan Zhen. The General sent many of his men without any concern for their lives, he just wants to wipe out Master Hong.

Master Hong asks if the General is really that heartless. He says that no one is capable of hurting their own children. Master Hong tells Yuan Yi not to worry because he knows exactly what to do. Yuan Yi asks about his plan. Master Hong says he will lure out the General with his daughter than kill him and his daughter afterward.

Master Hong says that will be the end of it. He then instructs Yuan Yi to inspect the area once more. Master Hong says he’s retreating for now and that Yuan Yi will announce Yuan Zhen’s death later.

Yuan Yi asks Master Hong if he knows what Yuan Yi’s plan is? Master Hong doesn’t know so he asks Yuan Yi what it is. Yuan Yi says that before the General’s troops draw near, Master Hong should retreat with the rest of his men the plan is cancelled.

Master Hong can’t believe that Yuan Yi would cancel the plan. Master Hong has been plotting a long time for this day to come. Master Hong reminds him that by killing Yuan Zhen he will win and avenge his parents. Yuan Yi will also inherit his troops and land.

Yuan Yi says that while he longs to avenge his parents, Mu Qing is innocent. Master Hong asks Yuan Yi if he has lost his mind. Does Yuan Yi remembers what he told him? Yuan Yi said that he wanted to give Yuan Zhen a taste of what it’s like to lose family. Now he’s going to ruin Master Hong’s plan just for a girl?

Yuan Yi tells Master Hong it’s because he knows what it’s like to lose king that he doesn’t want to lose Qing’er. Yuan Yi says they should quit while they’re ahead. Master Hong tells him to shut up. In the background we can hear that Mu Qing tried to escape.

They bring Mu Qing out to Master Hong telling him that she tried to escape. Mu Qing goes to her brother and asks if he’s okay. Yuan Yi says that he;s fine. Master Hong calls Mu Qing a brat and says there’s no escape.

General Yuan’s voice carries over saying that there is no escape, resistance is futile, release his daughter.

Master Hong rounds the alleyway corner and tells the General that he has his kids and if he doesn’t behave they will die. Master Hong says the General has until the count of five gunshots to decide. The counting and gunshots start. Yuan Yi covers Mu Qing’s ears.

One of the soldiers asks the General what to do, another gunshot goes off. Just then another soldier runs up and tells the General that Chief Gao’s found a sniping spot on the roof and is ready to fire. The General tells the soldier to let Chief Gao know to fire a shot when the target is in range.

Yuan Yi tells Mu Qing not to worry as another gunshot goes off.

Roll the credits because that’s all for episode 11!